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"Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain Wajid Shamsul Hassan had said in a recent interview with an Indian TV channel that investigations had revealed that the [26/11] attacks were not planned inside Pakistan."

"Diplomatic and other sources told PTI that the Pakistani security establishment and the senior American diplomats had been referring to a possible Bangladeshi connection to the Mumbai attacks in the past few days."

What role did US diplomats play in the aftermath of the 26/11? Image…

Here is the original article from @dawn_com which Pakistani and US investigators tried to pin Bangladeshi militants for the Mumbai attacks.

Dawn reveals @FBI and Pakistani agencies had been investigating the Bangladeshi angle. They had seen notes.
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#November26 or the 26/11 will always be a date that I wouldn't forget. I did not experience the terror attack but my extended family did. In fact that family broke!

It was my father's maama living in #Mumbai , he lost his life in the blast that ripped through the train
..and I saw the family suffer quite a lot post that, selling their only property, eldest son & daughter in law passing away and my father's maami having no place to go but to an old age home!
I'm sure many families would've gone through worser times post the #MumbaiTerrorAttack
What hit me hard was the absolute lack of will to exact revenge by the Central Govt of the day! - BTW I was apolitical at that time

What hit me harder was the Hindu terror angle trope that Congress played and #Bollywood supporting it!
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P Chidambaram was India's Home Minister when Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister. During an interview, Barkha Dutt (@BDUTT) asked a question that why India did not attack Pakistan after #MumbaiTerrorAttack? He replied, ‘We did not want to repeat Parakram’

What was Parakram?
Operation Parakram was a 10 month military stand off between India and Pak in 2001-02 in which 798 Indian soldiers without fighting Pakistan as a result of mishaps in minefields, mishandling of ammunition and traffic accidents due to ‘inexperience’ as per Indian war veterans.
About 10.5 lac mines were laid and subsequently cleared after the stand off which resulted in huge number of casualties.

This doesn't compare favourably with the Kargil conflict when India had lost 527 soldiers in intense fighting over 50 days albeit Indian forces had failed...
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Do people still believe the Congress Party's narrative of Saffron Hindu terror, alleging that the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai was carried out by the RSS? Do you still believe that RSS and Hindutva fanatics were the actual culprits?
#NeverForgiveNeverForget ImageImage
Honestly, there might be or might be not. I mean who knows?

All thanks to CONgress for setting up the narratives and driving that narrative with full metal down to date.
Same narratives, defaming and demeaning Hindus. Their target is very clear, beat BJP, so target Hindus.

Stupid CONgress not only failed but also try to defame Hindus globally by releasing a book called 26/11 rss ki sazish

Look at the smile on their faces, bloody imbeciles! Image
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One of the least known aspects of the #MumbaiTerrorAttack of 2008 was the religious profiling of victims & selective targeting of non-Muslims by Pakistani terrorists.

This reflects in the dossier sent by the then-UPA government to its Pakistani counterpart.

Thread (1/n):
Here are the details of conversation between an LeT terrorist and his Pakistani handler:


Check how the lives of two hostages were spared by virtue of their Faith (3/n)
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#MumbaiTerrorAttack #WeRemember
“Dad never came home early. That night, however, he did. When I asked him, he said, ‘I wanted to surprise you.’ I remember asking him to take me for a long drive and ice cream. My mother intervened, saying, ‘Let him eat, and then you can go.’ Image
She had made egg curry for him."⁠

"I cannot stand the smell of eggs, so I told him, ‘Call me once you are done eating; I’ll be in my bedroom.’ Little did I know that it would be the last memory I ever had of my father.
Just sitting by the dining table, smiling at me, eating his food", says Divya Salaskar, 21, on the dreadful night of 26/11.⁠
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#MumbaiTerrorAttack #WeRemember
During 26/11, Mumbai saw some extraordinary acts of bravery by security forces and civilians who risked their own lives to save others. Image
Few know about the ‘pawsome’ gang of 4, Max, Tiger, Sultan & Ceaser, all sniffer dogs from Mumbai Police’s Bomb Detection & Disposal Squad, whose nose for explosives not only saved countless lives but also salvaged Mumbai from what could have been a tragedy of enormous proportion
During the 26/11 attacks, Max sniffed 8 kg of RDX, 25 grenades, four detonators, ball bearings and shrapnel.
Sultan and Tiger both helped in the 26/11 investigations and bomb detection.
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14 years ago today, 166 innocent lives were ruthlessly murdered in India by Islamists jihadists & terrorists of LeT. 26/11 will never be forgotten ! #MumbaiAttacks #MumbaiTerrorAttacks #JaiHind
Let’s not forget the heroes and martyrs 🙏🏼

Sri Tukaram Ombleji took 40 rounds of AK47 from Ajmal Kasab, (the main attacker) but captured him alive !
Anjali Vijay Kulthe - a brave Nurse at Cama Hospital- who saved 20 pregnant women when 2 terrorists entered the hospital.
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Pic One - Congress & Bollywood ganged up to blamed RSS for the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack

Pic two - The Truth
Never Forget that 26/11 was a fixed match between UPA govt and ISI. The UPA govt let the massacre happen so they can later blame this on RSS.

The delaying of NSG was not coincidental
UPA govt was all set to blame the RSS for the 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack, Everything was ready, but Constable Tukaram Ombale screw up the plan by catching the dreaded terrorist Ajmal Kasab Alive.
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Former Mumbai Commissioner Rakesh Maria himself said that if Terrorist #AjmalKasab had not been caught alive, the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack would have been dubbed as the handiwork of “Hindu” terrorist.

( Source: Kasab statements before magistrate )

IPS officer Rakesh Maria was Mumbai crime branch - CID Chief who investigated 26/11 attacks - he says in detail that Kasab was given a Hindu identity and masquerade as a student from Benglaru to make it appear Hindu Terror.
The LeT wanted kasab to be killed as a Benglaru resident ‘ Samir Dinesh Chaudhari’, with a “red thread” thread (kalawa) around his wrist to portray the attack as a case of Hindu Terror but their plan apparently did not succeed as the police nabbed Kasab.
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On the night of the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, Marine Commandos of the Indian Navy (MARCOS) entered the Taj, one of the places held captive by LET. Their brief was simple—rescue the hostages and neutralize the attackers.

Praveen Kumar Teotia, ImageImageImageImage
the recipient of Shaurya Chakra was leading one of the MARCOS team..

He & his team saved more than 150 innocent lives but unfortunately, Four bullets ripped through his body; a lung was punctured; four ribs were shattered and splinters scattered all over his chest; doctors
attending to him declared that his life had been cut short, that he could never swim or run. But he proved everyone wrong.

Declared Unfit For Life, Praveen Fought Back & Became A Marathon Runner & the won the prestigious #IronMan Championship.

The First Bharatiya Divyang
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Carrying on from this tweet below, sharing some news / media from the dastardly #MumbaiTerrorAttack of 26 Nov 2008 perpetrated by Pakistan.
One man, unarmed, changed entire narrative of 26/11 by ensuring one Paaki gets caught alive
Else it would be 'RSS ki Saazish'
The other side of 26/11 ops.
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In UN #SecurityCouncil on counter-terrorism resolutions, I said:
➡️ Al-Qaida & #ISIL affiliated terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Jaish-i-Mohammed, Harakat-ul-Mujahidin continue cross-border attacks on India
➡️ Listed terrorist entities continue to raise funds
In #UNSC meeting, I added:
➡️ Perpetrators of #MumbaiTerrorAttack at large & enjoy state hospitality
➡️ Such States are guilty of double-speak & of supporting terrorism, providing financial assistance & safe havens
➡️ International community must hold such States accountable
In this meeting of #UNSC, I also said:
➡️ India’s resolution in First Committee of #UNGA on “Measures to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction” was adopted by consensus
➡️ India looks forward to assuming Chair of Counterterrorism Committee next year
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चौपाटी रोडवर नाकाबंदी करत असतानाच तेथे एक संशयास्पद वाटणारी गाडी थांबली. दोन पोलीस लाठी घेऊन गाडीकडे गेले असता, त्यांना दोन अतिरेकी दिसले, इस्माईल नामक एका अतिरेक्यास जागीच ठार मारण्यात आले. दुसरा अतिरेकी अजमल कसाब जखमी अवस्थेत दिसला.


कसाबने प्रथम शरणागती पत्करल्याचे नाटक केले, व जसे ओंबळे गाडीजवळ गेले, तसे त्याने "ए के ४७" बंदुकीने सर्व पोलिसांवर निशाणा साधला. हे लक्षात येताच ओंबळेंनी जिवाची पर्वा न करता बंदुकीवर झडप घातली, त्यामुळे बाकीच्या पोलिसांचे प्राण वाचले पण ...

त्या दरम्यान ओंबळेंच्या शरीरात २० गोळ्या गेल्या होत्या, ते बेशुद्ध पडेपर्यंत बंदुकीसमोर होते, त्यामुळे बाकीच्या पोलिसांनी कसाबला जागेवर थोड्या झटापटीनंतर पकडले.

तुकाराम ओंबळ्यामुळे मुंबईवरील हल्ल्यातील मुख्य आरोपी अजमल कसाब पकडला गेला, पण ...

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1. 26/11 is a dark day in the history of our country. Not only is it a terrifying reminder of the 3day long siege of #India ‘s economic centre with the loss of 450 innocent lives but also a grim reminder of the impotency of the UPA as 5 terrorists wrecked havoc on #Mumbai
2. It’s a reminder of the pusillanimity of the UPA as they sent dossier after dossier instead of a crack down on #PakistanFundedTerror in the face of the most gruesome terror attack on Indian soil in the 21st century. This while the world stood by us in our horror.
3. It’s a reminder of the treachery of the #Congress as it tried to shift the blame of #IslamistTerror on the #RSS and pass it off as something it was not. A reminder of their effort to incriminate the docile & silent majority of this nation & let #TerrorStatePakistan get away.
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26/11 Mumbai attacks
#NeverForgetNeverForgive 174 died, 300+ injured!
More stories!
None of them deserved to die.
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Mr. RVS Mani who was present in the control room confirms CONGRESS involvement in the #MumbaiTerrorAttack and will leave your blood boiling until you get answers to the “WHYs” and “HOWs”. Congress has no levels and won’t blink an eye if they have to massacre for their benefit.
- Why the NSG arrived 5 hrs late when the flignt from Del-Mum is just 2 hrs
- Why Shivraj Patil the then Union Minister of Home affairs needed to accompany NSG at all ??? and arrived late to the aircraft in Delhi.
- Even after landing in Mumbai why Shivraj Patil insisted on following proper document protocols before deploying NSG which bought time for terrorists.
- Why was the coast guard wasn’t allowed to take action when they had the intelligence of this attack in 2008
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Today was the day #MumbaiTerrorAttack had happened. It was the final culmination of a few years of planning done by people in both the cοuntries. This had started after 2004 when a party came to pοwer. Their agenda was to tαrnish the reputation & image of a religiοn and to bring
it on par with a peaceful religiοn. Hence the investigations in Samjhauta Express & Mecca Masjid incidents were overturned and were done with a fresh angle. #MumbaiAttacks were the final showpiece of this strategy. Proper planning had been done. People were trained, back stories
were created to fool people. The high & mighty here, were in touch with people across the Border. Aman ki Asha played a significant role in facilitating the planning & meetings by offering a charade. It wasn't a coincidence that Jeωs were also targeted in #2611Attack too.
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THREAD: Do you know how did Urdu media peddle conspiracy theories on #MumbaiAttacks?

Prof Rakesh Sinha and his team did an analysis. I’m sharing their takeaways here.

@roznamasahara called it as Mossad and CIA conspiracy like 9/11. #MumbaiTerrorAttack (1/n)
Nisheman and Rahmaan-e-Mulk gave a new conspiracy theory.

These #MumbaiTerrorAttacks, according to them, were done by Hindu fundamentalists and Mossad. (2/n)
According to Inquilab Urdu Times, "Hindu Terrorists" joined hands with Pakistan Terrorists to neutralise #Karkare.

Imagine the level of hatred. (3/n)
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UPA was going to blame the RSS for 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack , Everything was ready, but Constable Tukaram Ombale screw up the plan by catching dreaded terrorist Ajmal Kasab Alive.
Pic One - Congress blamed RSS for 26/11
Pic two - The Truth

A party which can stoop so low for politics that it sides with Pakistani terrorists just to destroy reputation of RSS and consequently BJP,

Always Remember ,

Sonia Gandhi's NAC members tried to save 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack killer Ajmal Kasab.

Name includes Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander , Vrinda Grover
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हुतात्मा पोलीस कॉन्स्टेबल तुकाराम ओंबाळे !

२६/११ म्हणलं की शरीर एकदम थरथरायला होतं. रात्री तुळजापूरहुन येताना अचानक वडिलांना फोन आला, मुंबई मध्ये दहशतवादी हल्ला झाला. पहिल्यांदा ते सगळ्यांना बॉम्बब्लास्ट वाटला. संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्रात चेकिंग सुरू झाले.
पुण्याला रात्री १२ ला पोचलो आणि संपूर्ण पुणे शहरात कडेकोट बंदोबस्त. घरी जाऊन टीव्हीवर बघितले आणि सगळेच घाबरले. पूर्ण ३ दिवस हे नाटक चालले आणि शेवटी आपल्या सुरक्षाकर्त्यांनी दहशतवाद्यांना कंठस्नान घातले..

तुकाराम ओंबाळे यांचे आभार आपण कोणत्याच शब्दात मानू शकत नाही. शक्यच नाही ते. जिवंत कसाब सारख्या अतिरेक्याला त्याच्या हातात एके 47 असताना पकडणे म्हणजे येरागबाळ्याचे काम नव्हे !

तुकाराम ओंबाळे होते म्हणून आज भारतातील हिंदू ताठ मानेने जगतोय.

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#MumbaiTerrorAttack Never forgive. Never Forget.
A #thread abt my involvement in the response to these attacks

1/n As the terror attacks were unfolding on land, a frantic search at sea was underway for a "mothership" which may have ferried these terrorists. TOI report 28/11👇
2/n The Navy which intercepted and boarded the MV Alpha, a Vietnamese registered ship, let off the ship after questioning the crew and checking the ship's papers, which were found to be in order.…
3/n As the Captain of the Naval Ship carrying out the interception n boarding of suspect ship, I was satisfied we did well in a fast moving situation in which speed of response was of essence. Heading back to Mumbai, we were greeted with a shocking scene
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What has always baffled me is why did India not respond at all after #MumbaiTerrorAttack on 26/11 in 2008?

Even minor countries respond in at least some military way after a terror attack. But consider what India faced in just 2008 alone (attached chart) and yet no response? 1/5
More than 450 Indians had been murdered in terrorists attacks in 2008 alone. 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 had not been any less brutal years.

And yet, despite all of this carnage kind of culminating into the #MumbaiTerrorAttacks on 26/11, the Congress government kept silent. Why? 2/5
One plausible explanation could be that the decision makers inside government were compromised.

For example, we now know, through his own views, that Shiv Shankar Menon (FS in 2008) feels that it is legitimate for USA to decide India's policies. Was he compromised then? 3/5
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I, of Indian stock, inured to unknown people dying or getting killed somewhere in this large country held the remote ready to switch off the television.

… However, 26/11 changed me forever……
In which country would there be no consequences for this …?
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