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Glanced through the #EconomicSurvey report. A very detailed report covering many parameters, a few of them from chapter 1:
1. Global Economic crises were severe but spaced out but since 2020 we have faced 3 of them. 2000s - Dotcom Bust, Great Recession; 2010s - taper tantrum;
Trade tension between China & US; 2020s - COVID 19, Russia-Ukraine conflict, Monetary Tightening & its just 2023 we still have 7 more years! so, interesting times

2. Commodity prices post the pandemic have risen and not gone back to pre pandemic levels so inflation is high
3. The rate hike by central banks have been very steep this time around which is expected to cause a lot of pain by destroying the demand.
The chart below gives you an idea. In 2010s you had 0% fed rates and now in 1 year the rates are up by 425 bps. Interesting times! Image
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Thread on major takeaways from #EconomicSurvey report tabled by FM @nsitharaman ji in simple language that explains why India 🇮🇳 under @narendramodi ji is emerging as a SILVER LINING amidst dark,gloomy global clouds of economic turmoil & pain

Here ⬇️
GDP Growth

India’s GDP growth to remain strong,robust in 2023-2024

FY23 GDP - 7%
FY24 GDP- 6-6.8%

Even the IMF report acknowledges that India will be the fastest growing largest economy

India is 3rd largest economy in PPP terms,5th largest in terms of exchange rate


Retail inflation is back within the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) target range of 6%

IMF predicts it will further fall to 5% in 2023 & 4% in 2024

This is a feat most developed nations couldn’t achieve! Let’s remember we were struck by Covid & Ukraine - Russia 2/n
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Top 30 Highlights of #EconomicSurvey A thread
1) India's GDP growth is expected to remain robust in FY24. GDP forecast for FY24 to be in the range of 6-6.8 %.
2) The credit growth to the MSME sector was over 30.6 per cent on average during Jan-Nov 2022.

3) Retail inflation is back within RBI's target range in November 2022.

4) Direct Tax collections for the period April-November 2022 remain buoyant.
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The #EconomicSurvey by CEA V. Anantha Nageswaran tracks past reforms, points out future ones, examines threats & opportunities, contextualises the India story, builds hope amid uncertainties. It looks within & outside, past & future, macroeconomics & policy.
Very useful document!
Real GDP growth to be between 6.0% and 6.8%; inflation rate (CPI-C and WPI) is below 6% and is on the descending slope of the surge that hit the economy in the first half of the current fiscal: #EconomicSurvey
Budgeted government capital expenditure rose 2.7 times in the last seven years. This has crowded-in private investment. Capacity utilisation is up, new manufacturing investment announced in Apr-Dec FY23 is five times higher than in corresponding level in FY20: #EconomicSurvey
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IMF, in its World Economic Outlook Update, has maintained India's GDP forecast for current FY at 6.8%, next FY at 6.1% and for 2024-25 at 6.8%

India's economy is poised to do better in the remainder of this decade

- Chief Economic Advisor V . Anantha Nageswaran #EconomicSurvey
Recovery of economy is complete; non-banking and corporate sectors now have healthy balance sheets, hence, we don't have to speak of pandemic recovery any more, we have to look ahead to the next phase

- Chief Economic Advisor #EconomicSurvey
Leverage ratio in corporate sector went very sharply in first decade of millenium, second decade was thus a payback time, excessive credit growth had to be adjusted for in second decade, balance sheets now have been repaired, & credit growth is picking up

- CEA #EconomicSurvey
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A thread on today's #EconomicSurvey. This survey shows how India's economy is coming back on track steadily after Covid-19.

- India's export surpasses Pre-Covid level.
Life lines of economy: National highways double themselves.
Geo-spatial data tells the truth of Indian growth story.
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🇮🇳 Economic Survey for 2021-22 released.

👇Detailed thread of 440 page survey.!🧵

Some very interesting data points 📚

RT for reach🗣️
> Indian economy is expected to witness real GDP
expansion of 9.2% in 2021-22.

> Agriculture and allied sectors have been the least impacted by the pandemic and the sector is expected to grow by 3.9%

> GVA of Industry (including mining and
construction) will rise by 11.8%.
> Indian economy is in a good position to witness GDP growth of 8.0-8.5% in 2022-23.

> Foreign exchange reserves at US$ 634 bn on 31st Dec 2021. This is equivalent to 13.2 months of merchandise imports & is higher than the country’s external debt

> India’s CPI inflation at 5.6%
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Gita Gopinath says,India to become $4 trillion by 2024-25,which is excellent,despite a debilitating pandemic

#LargestVaccineDrive under #PMModi is working wonderfully well

My thread on #EconomicSurvey2022,which shows,Growth,under @narendramodi govt,is on track

Industrial growth estimated at 11.8% &Services at 8.2% in FY22 show how Economy under @narendramodi is ready to fire on all cylinders

Most Growth Parameters are back to pre-Pandemic levels,as India heads into #UnionBudget2022

#GDP&GVA growth 1.3%&1.9% over Pre #COVID19 levels
#EconomicSurvey shows,be it Operationalisation of Airports or Spread of Bank Branches, @narendramodi govt has truly transformed India,with financial inclusion getting top priority

India set to be Fastest growing for next 2yrs as per IMF,thx to bold reforms by #PMModi
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#EconomicSurvey2022 says

FY22 GDP growth estimated at 9.2%,highest since 1988-89

FY23 estimated at 8-8.5%

FY22 Investment/GDP ratio at 29.6%,highest in 7yrs

FY22 Gross Fixed Capital Formation,#GFCF to grow by 15%

India Fastest growing #economy globally,under @narendramodi💪
#EconomicSurvey2022 expects

Agri growth at 3.9%,after 3.6% growth in FY21

Overall Consumption to grow 7%,with Govt Consumption at 7.6%

Export Growth to be 16.5%

Import Growth to be 29.4%

Social Services Expenditure growth estimated at 9.8% at Rs 71.61 lakh Cr

In April-Nov 2021,Rs 89066Cr was raised via 75 IPO issues,versus 29 companies which raised Rs 14733Cr in April-Nov 2020

Share of individual investors in total NSE turnover increased to 44.7%

221 lakh individual Demat accounts added between April-November 2021💪
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𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 #𝗘𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗰𝗦𝘂𝗿𝘃𝗲𝘆 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭-𝟮𝟮

💠India to witness GDP growth of 8.0-8.5 percent in 2022-23

💠Investment is expected to see strong growth of 15% in 2021-22

Read here:…

Indian Economy to grow by 9.2% in real terms in 2021-22 supported by widespread vaccine coverage, gains from supply-side reforms & easing of regulations, robust export growth & availability of fiscal space to ramp up capital spending


World Bank’s and Asian Development Bank’s latest forecasts of real GDP growth of 8.7 percent and 7.5 percent respectively for 2022-23

Read here:…

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#EconomicSurvey2022 #UnionBudget2022

Changing mix of stimulus measures by government.
#EconomicSurvey2022 #UnionBudget

Direct and indirect tax revenue trends
#EconomicSurvey2022 #UnionBudget

GST average collection improves
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#LIVE now

Press Conference on #EconomicSurvey 2021-22, by Chief Economic Advisor V . Anantha Nageswaran

Economic Survey 2021-22 has been tabled in Parliament today


Catch LIVE Updates
Govt. has pursued 4 pronged approach to prepare economy for post-#Pandemic world
Short-term support to economy, especially to vulnerable sections

While keeping a firm eye on fiscal stability in medium term

Structural & supply-side reforms

Process reforms

From a descriptive document published as part of Union #Budget in 1950s, #EconomicSurvey evolved to be a lot more substantial and analytical over the years, presented as a separate document a day before the Budget

- Principal Economic Advisor

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The #EconomicSurvey2022 has just been presented in Parliament. It comes in 2 volumes- the first looks at overall macroeconomic and sectoral developments, and the second is a revamped statistical appendix #EconomicSurvey (1/16) @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @nsitharamanoffc
Indian Economy is estimated to have crossed the pre-pandemic level in 2021-22 with 9.2% growth (AE). Contact intensive services still impacted. #EconomicSurvey2022 #EconomicSurvey (2/16) @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @nsitharamanoffc
#EconomicSurvey2022 forecasts that GDP will grow by 8.0-8.5% in 2022-23. In the interest of transparency, all assumptions have been clearly laid out. This is more conservative than IMF's 9% but still world's fastest #EconomicSurvey (3/16) @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @nsitharamanoffc
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CEA KV Subramanian has said that the government must use its fiscal policy to support growth till pre-Covid levels are reached.

Follow this thread for everything on the #EconomicSurvey ⬇️
The government may need to continue with an expansionary fiscal stance in order to sustain the recovery in aggregate demand, said the #EconomicSurvey.
The #EconomicSurvey 2021 has called for a fresh review of asset quality of banks after the #Covid19-related regulatory forbearances are removed.
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#EconomicSurvey Quick thread on interesting/important takeaways:

1) They are pegging nominal GDP growth in FY22 at 15.4%. That helps the budget math.…
2) Survey makes a case for continued fiscal support. Says restraint in FY21 leaves room for support in FY22.

Argues in different chapters that higher growth will ensure sustainability of debt.…
3) Survey makes a case for greater focus on core inflation. Comment comes ahead of a review of the FIT.…
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#EconomicSurvey 2021 | Chief Economic Adviser @SubramanianKri and his team brief the media. #BQLive

Read more:…
This year’s #EconomicSurvey dedicated to “Covid warriors”, who have worked together to uphold India: CEA

Read more:
Watch LIVE:
#EconomicSurvey 2021 | CEA @SubramanianKri says lockdown at onset of pandemic helped reduce its impact on human life and the economy.

Read more:
Watch LIVE:
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LIVE at⏰3:30 pm

Press Conference by Chief Economic Advisor @SubramanianKri on #EconomicSurvey 2020-21

Watch on #PIB's
LIVE now: Press Conference on #EconomicSurvey 2020-21, by Chief Economic Advisor @SubramanianKri

Watch on #PIB's

LIVE: CEA @SubramanianKri and his team launch the #EconomicSurvey which has been tabled in Parliament today

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tables the #EconomicSurvey 2020-21 in the Lok Sabha.
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tables the #EconomicSurvey 2020-21 in the Lok Sabha.

Live blog:
India's nominal GDP to grow by 15.4% in 2021-22: #EconomicSurvey

Live blog:
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Dawn’s Khaleeq Kiani asks Finance advisor Hafeez Shaikh about government’s projections of unemployment and no. of people pushed below the poverty line during the last fiscal year. Hafeez Sheikh says it’s hard to quantify. #economicsurvey
Geo’s Ashraf Malkham asks the finance advisor that doesn’t the current debt to GDP ratio violate the fiscal responsibility act? Hafeez Sheikh responds that no government has been able to keep the ratio below the legal limit. #economicsurvey
Finance advisor Hafeez Sheikh questions the bureau of statistics downward revision of the growth rate from over three per cent to under two per cent. Says there cannot be such a big difference, adding that there needs to be reform in how data is collected and analysed.
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#DelhiEducation #MythVsReality

आप ने जो घोषणापत्र जारी किया है, उसको 2 खंडो में विभाजित किया है-
1) जो काम उसने "मोदी सरकार" के तमाम रुकावटों के बावजूद किया है
2) जो पार्टी दिल्ली को पूर्ण राज्य का दर्जा मिलने के बाद करेगी

आईये समझते है #AAP के घोषणापत्र को. बात केवल शिक्षा की
#AAP- 2015 में #Delhi के स्कूलों में कुल 24,157 कक्षाएं थी. केंद्र सरकार की तमाम रुकावटों के बावजूद 8213 नए क्लासरूम बनाए हैं. Nov 2019 तक 12748 और नए क्लासरूम बनकर तैयार हो जायेंगे.

असलियत- आप 2017 से यही कह रही है कि उसने 8000 नए कमरे बनवाये. कितना बना, जाँच होना चाहिए.
7 मार्च 2017 को विधानसभा में दिए अपने बजट भाषण में @msisodia ने यही कहा था- 8000 कमरे बन गए. (पढ़े-… )

लेकिन आप द्वारा 7 Oct 2017 को जारी की गयी आधिकारिक जारी प्रेस रिलीज बताती है कि केवल 5695 ही कमरे बने. (पढ़े-…)

झूठ कौन बोल रहा?
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