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M.A. in International Commerce & Policy. Hatha & Kriya Yoga Practitioner. Join Me in Creating the Worlds Largest Movement - @Cpsavesoil. https://t.co/u40tXuD8Hs
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(1/n) Today Sadhguru will be addressing 195+ nation representatives at #UNCCDCOP15 regarding our Soil. Most people are unaware of @SadhguruJV's contribution towards ecology. Here's a 🧵 of some of @ishafoundation's work & recognitions over the past 15+ years. #SaveSoilAtCOP15 (2/n) Oct 17, 2006 - GUINNESS WORLD RECORD – Most Trees Planted in 3 days ( 852,587) in an event organized by Isha Foundation called Project GreenHands – Full Details can be found here - nbrienvis.nic.in/WriteReadData/…
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(1/n) @SadhguruJV defines Sanatana Dharma (Thread) (2/n) Sanatana means eternal…
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(1/n) Bharat - The Power of a Name (Thread) -@SadhguruJV #RepublicDayIndia #RepublicDay2022 (2/n) We have always seen land or earth as mother…
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(1/n) Everything You Need to Know About Forest Restoration 🌳 (Thread) @cpsavesoil #savesoil #consciousplanet (2/n) What is Forest Restoration?
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(1/n) Understanding Guru Nanak - Osho’s perspective 🧵 (2/n) Nanak drew his essentials from both the hindu and mohammedan religions…
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(1/n) How Meditation Boosts Immunity -🧵
"For the first time, the study offers clinical evidence that the immune system can be boosted naturally without pharmaceutical intervention through meditation," @ishafoundation
eatthis.com/news-meditatin… (2/n) Dr. Chandran explains that he and his colleagues "were astonished to find heightened activity in as many as 220 genes directly related to the immune response, including 68 genes associated with anti-virus and anti-cancer responses."
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In a day and age where most people have forgotten the possibility of leaving one’s body consciously, liberating oneself from the cycle of birth & death. Here is a 🧵 of a few well-known Yogis who Attained Mahasamadhi (Thread) Paramahansa Yogananda - March 7, 1952