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Adhik Maas – Dos and Don’t

In my previous article (give link) I wrote about #AdhikMaas, now let us discuss a few things that you should do and a few things that you must avoid. The basic rule of Adhik Maas is, that there are no set rituals to follow in this month
and whatever you will do, will return you thousand times more, good or bad depending upon your actions and intentions.This year Adhik Maas will start from #September 18, 2020, and will be in effect till October 16, 2020.
There are four important tasks to be done, they are;
Fasting, donation, holy bath and chanting of mantra including #meditation.
Important: Perform these only if your health permits. Consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Dos during the month:
• Your actions and intentions should be pure.
• Adhere to a better daily routine.
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By far the best book I have read in a long long time.
One can simply begin from any page,for each note makes so much sense that we get lost in them , sometimes chuckling & often amazed .

Here are MY learnings from
" A Book of Simple Living" by Ruskin Bond.
The book is enriched with life lessons . Most profound of all for me being ,

#Life is simple despite all its hardships and complexities .
For the purpose of life is to live ....

Now, how we choose to live our life makes it simple or complicated.

Do we chase #happiness by climbing infinite mountains in the quest for fame & wealth or do we savour the goodness in the little things that often come our way but go unnoticed and unappreciated by us ?
For ultimately , " It is the little things that matter the most ".
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/02/2020…
Toward a machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions…

#MachineLearning #visions
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🧵A Mega-thread of #ADHD mega-threads

Includes resources from the best content creators on Twitter for:

📌Learning about ADHD
📌Practical Tips & Strategies by ADHD people for ADHD people
📌Finding the right ADHD specialist for you
📌Much, much more
#ADHD support mega-🧵

💪Finding the right professional support
👯What is Body Doubling?
⚡️Practical tips by ADHD people for ADHD people
✅Some of the best ADHD books, blogs, podcasts, & other resources to learn more about your ADHD & how to manage it
🧵Who are the best accounts to follow on #adhdtwitter for learning more about your ADHD, and just all around great ADHD content & community experience?

Check out this thread of #ADHD accounts to follow!
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Are you looking for a 💥🧠 science-based #app 🧠💥 that can help you⚡️manage your #ADHD ⚡️?
I got to meet with the creators of @get_inflow on July 17, 2020.

The app is still in development. It's looking VERY promising! 😀
Which platforms will @get_inflow be available on?
The app will initially be available on both
🍎 iPhones &
🤖 Android phones
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Ce soir, on commente en direct l'émission de @France2tv @PECH_F2 les pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain sur "le mal de dos" #lombalgie #rééducation #pech
Prémisse de l'émission @France2tv annonce que seuls 22% des patients atteints de #lombalgie sont satisfaits de leur prise en charge. Peut être parce que comme le montre cet article, moins de 20% d'entre eux reçoivent un traitement conformes aux recommandations @PECH_F2 #pech
En parlant de recommandations de la prise en charge de la #lombalgie, les françaises sont (très bien) faites par l'@HAS_sante et @baillyflo, datent de l'année dernière et nous profiterons de cette soirée pour les diffuser. @PECH_F2 @France2tv #pech…
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What is the difference between Prem (Love) and Moh (Ego)

Krishna Dronacharya Sanvad

(Happened on 15th day of #Mahabharata War just before the death of Drona when he got to know that Ashwathama had died and he sit in meditation on battlefield)
Krishna came in dream of Drona while he was sitting on #Meditation and told him that his son is not died n still alive. By knowing it Drona asked him to allow him to break his meditation n return back to war but Krishna asked him to not to do so
Krishna –
If your son is not dead today, he will die one day. U spend your entire life, all your learning for your son? Does your life has no other significance? What is the difference between you and king Dhritarashtra?
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Understand the Monkey Mind
(Usual mental state of regular individual)

Introduction to Meditation Methods

Restive Mind/ thoughts have CONTINUOUS (like commentary), RANDOM (Array of thoughts) movement with NO FIXED ORDER, PURPOSE or TRACEABILITY (cant recall previous, then previous-to-previous & so on..thoughts)
Hence Mind is akin to Monkey, continuously jumping from one branch to another.

6 Branches for Monkey to jump are:
1.Past recollection/ Memories
2.Present Calculation
3.Future Anticipation
4.Analysis/ Contemplation
6.Wandering/ digression
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May 10, 1/60 @naval's 60x60 routine. NOT EASY. Physical, mental limits stretched. Restless wait to get done is a hump to be crossed.
Mix of restlessness and calm. 60 mins nothingness make you appreciate the rest of waking minutes. Yoga before helps with physical stretch. 2/60
Mornings work better, environmental sounds in the evenings. Not many pockets of complete rest today. Getting easier to go through now. 3/60
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#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020

#WHO empfahl völlig unspezifische #Corona-#Virentests
"..Proben auch dann als „positiv“ zu befunden, wenn irgendein Virus der großen und sehr alten Corona-Familie bestätigt wurde. Sollte dieser Testmodus weltweit"…
#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Meditation
Vielen Dank @TeamKenFM!

Ignorance Meditation am 15. und 16. Mai 2020 in #Berlin…
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Kundalini is Sakti of Siva.
It's manifested in 3 ways.

1st is Supreme Kundalini (para Kundalini) (supreme visarga): It's the 1 which has created the universe & concealed the true nature of Siva.
Concealed Siva is Anuttara Siva.
Revealed Siva is Mahesvara Siva.

para Kundalini can only b experiences with the leaving of body.
It's called heart of Siva.
It's most intense form of Sakti.
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#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

2,5 Mio Patienten konnten nicht operiert werden, obwohl nötig.
Folge: nach Schätzungen 5.000 und bis zu 125.000 Patienten werden sterben oder sind schon tot infolge #Lockdown!…
#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

Gestern #Fake, heute Wahrheit: Der große #Corona-Lügen-Report
Selten wurden #FakeNews so schnell zur regierungsamtlichen Wahrheit wie in Zeiten von #Corona.…
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How to #meditate according to #BhagavadGita
#Meditation helps you elevate yourself by yourself. With meditation practices properly you can have control over the mind. Having a controlled mind, you live tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor.
Meditation enhances your knowledge, a better understanding of the self, equanimity, and control over the senses. You also become impartial towards your companions, friends, enemies, arbitrators, haters, relatives, friends, saints, and sinners.
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It is interesting to see how many images we create and live with. As a child, I have one image of myself. Then as an adolescent I cultivate another.
Probably imitating the images l admire, the matinee idols, the famous people,the brave adventurers, sometimes even terrorists.

Some grow out of adolescence, some grow up but are still psychologically adolescent. Generally a new image is created to work, to marry, to have children, to save for the future ‘ad infinitum’.

Then comes old age and the pains and aches and disappointments and unfulfilled desires. The image continues till death destroys all images.

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It may seem as if our thoughts go on continuously in a stream. Actually they don't. One thought comes and goes and another arises in its place.

The present thought, which is based on the one that has vanished into the past, then goes into the past, and a new thought arises.

All that is so fast that the minute gap between one thought going and the other coming up is not grasped.

If one watches with attention as the thoughts follow, one after the other, carefully, calmly, then one day, the gap between the thoughts is witnessed.

Once the awareness of the gap dawns, one has found the eternal root from which thoughts arise and vanish.

The ground of all existence.

The reality beyond all thoughts.

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Three yogis decided to go to the Himalayas to meditate. They found their way to the snowclad upper regions, sat on a flat stone and closed their eyes.


It was freezing cold. So they looked around, discovered an abandoned cave with wooden planks on the floor and sat down again.

Three days passed and one of them opened his eyes and said, “It’s damn cold here, isn't it?”

No one said anything. He went back into meditation. Three more days passed and the second yogi opened his eyes and said, “Yes you are right. It is indeed damn cold here.” No comments from anyone.

He went back into meditation.

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When I was staying with Babaji for the first time in the Arundhati cave, close to the Vasishta Gufa in #Rishikesh, I used to sit in, padmāsana, close my eyes and try to meditate.


Repeated attempts with no success.

One day Babaji smiled and said, “you can close your eyes but can you shut your mind up?”

I said, “no, trying hard.”

“Theek hai”, Babaji said, “now untangle your legs from the Padmasana. Sit comfortably in Sukhasana. Face the river. Open your eyes and look at the #Ganga.”

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Our latest work published in @PAINthejournal: Attention to Breath Sensations Reduces Pain Independent of Endogenous Opioids.

We dissected components of mindfulness meditation by randomizing folks to a #mindfulness #meditation, sham-mindfulness, + slow-paced breathing group 1/n
This was a double-blinded, randomized crossover designed study where subjects received IV naloxone or placebo-saline during noxious heat (49°C) to determine which aspect of mindfulness (if any) engages endogenous opioids to reduce pain. 2/n
We discovered that mindfulness and slow-paced breathing significantly reduced pain independent of endogenous opioids.

However: Sham-mindfulness meditation reduced pain during saline infusion but analgesia was reversed when we blocked endogenous #opioids 3/n
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I was meditating just now, working on a lesson by Sam Harris on sitting through extreme discomfort, exploring feelings and sensations of the mind as the discomforts happened. Man, it's hard. Less than a minute into the season, I fucking scratched my face.
More lessons and practice a needed to build the mental fortitude to endure discomfort - both psychological and physical. But I am rather determined to get through this and take more control of how my mind works.
I have feeling I am going to need my mind in it's peak performance for all the possible things that could go wrong at any time with the things I am involved in. #meditation
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It is 2020!
At the beginning of each #newyear, we make #new plans, new #resolutions, new #goals , want new #directions, forge new #paths and much more. This is wonderful. It sounds like we all want #CLARITY in our hearts about what to do and how to get it done. @PD_PneumaFaith
As I was thinking about this over the last couple of weeks, the scripture for #PneumaFaith kept coming to my mind. "The unfolding of your word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." (Psalms 119:130 NIV). @PD_PneumaFaith
The word #UNFOLDING is used in many translations of this verse (#entrance, #teaching, #revelation, #explanation #disclosure #opening #declaration) Whatever translation we read, it implies the #reading or #meditation of the #word brings #light, #illumination ...
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This thread is about steps/ideas that can be done to make healthcare more sustainable. Evidence for these will vary, but Im hoping this will increase awareness and start the dialogue. This will also help guide the direction of future shows.
Early goals of care discussions.
We shouldnt be having these conversations after putting our loved ones on life support. Lets have honest conversations with our loved ones. Lets respect their values.
Furthermore, the cost of taking of ICU pts is crazy.
-1% of GDP
-Population is aging
We really need to think about who is actually going to BENEFIT from an ICU admission
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Kamakshi was a miserly rich old lady and was living alone. Her main desire was to go to Heaven and enjoy, after death. She would never willingly part with even a rotten apple for a beggar.

One day a hungry old monk entered her house as the door was ajar, sat down outside her kitchen and refused to leave unless some food article was given to appease his hunger at least partly. She was helpless and finally got rid of him by donating a carrot half of which had rotted.
A few years passed and suddenly one day she saw Yama, the God of death standing before her and ready to take away her soul. Yama told her, “I have come to take you to hell as you have never done a single good deed in your life.”

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After much contemplation, I finally wrote about my experience with #Vipassana meditation.…

Sharing some quotes/excerpts/concepts in the thread below.
#Vipassanā in Pali means “#insight” or “seeing deeply”.

The practice of Vipassanā meditation, thus, revolves around training your mind to observe reality as it is, and not as you wish it to be. And in the process, overcome #suffering.
It is a #meditation technique that the #Buddha mastered over time and found to be the most effective in eradicating all kinds of suffering in the world.
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I complete 14 years of #entrepreneurship today. Lots of feelings - from being joyously inspired to dredging the depths of despair- often on the same day! Here's looking back at each year to identify the key state of business, and the state of my mind! 1/n
2005: Start up | Excitement
Set up a content services company. Co-founder is the brain behind it. I have no idea what'll happen, or how. I trust her to figure it out. Each proposal is a high, each small deal evidence to a biz model. 2/n
2006: Hard work | Fun
More work comes in, and we deliver, working late nights and super early mornings. We hire an office space and our first employees. Every project is challenging, but we overcome them. 3/n
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