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24 Dec 19
The Santa Trap.
#cyoa #Xmas #Christmas
Sofia, the evil, as she referred to herself, thought out her plan to catch Santa Claus and ransom him for more gifts. The fire place had been replaced with a stove, No way he'd come through there.
The Santa Trap.
Sofia's mother was very much against open windows in the middle of winter, she'd never heard any stories of him coming through the toilet and if he did, there definitely would have been stories!
Has to be the letter box!
Now do I set a trap:
The Santan Trap
Sofia's was working out Santas route from the letterbox
to the tree when her scheming was rudely interrupted by her parents, giving her hot chocolate, cuddles and causally mentioning getting her hot water bottle ready.
A scheme to get her to go to bed early!
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7 Dec 19
Satlick: Centaur Detective #7
I'm giving up on the story in picture format, it's a pain in the ass for me and elongates the whole process.
So it's back to extra long threads for now.
I'll use @threadreaderapp at the end for those who find it a bit much.
Now where were we...
"I dislike small talk Commander as well you know, the Darwinists, while a problem, are not our current problem" Saltlick replied in a professorial tone "Honestly I don't know how you people get anything done!"
"You people?" the other three people said at once, leaping at a golden
opportunity to flummox the centaur.
"Are you a speciest now Saltlick?" asked the commander* *Like a racist except for other species rather than other people of the same biological class, seen as terrible character flaw and indicator of stupidity by most people in the city.**
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28 Feb 19
#DnD #rpg #coya
"Oh put them in the armor first" calls Sir Thorns "I know I needed a change of pants after my knighting!"
There's general chuckling from the crowd
"Mrs S if you wouldn't mind showing them to somewhere they can get changed" the Lady asks her.
"Certainly me
Lady, this way big un" she grasps your arm and steers you off to a small room just off the main hall.
Inside there's a chair and a table with some garments on it, a jacket, pants, and a vest
They seem to be some sort of black leather, you're sure you've seen them somewhere before
Mrs S puts a jar of some chalky powder on the table.
"Rub this on your legs before you put those pants on, they can get a bit tight after a while, this will make taking them off again easier"
You look at her in confusion
"What in the hells is happening to me now?" you ask
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8 Nov 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
The crowd is applauding,
You want to clap too!
How do you...
Hands! I had them! What did they look like?
Spectral hands appear in the air in front of you
No one seems to notice them
Must be yours
Yes that's them! Now arms I had big ones!
I was a big one!
You piece together the memory of the you that was and as it completes you realise that it's what you're supposed to be!
Makes sense now, you were a terrible wolf
You step toward the spectra; shape and as you do, you mentally envision pouring yourself into it
You fill the shape!
You remember it all now!
You are Peu Pue Flintwalker, Goliath of the Thugaga clan, Druid of the Twilight Circle, known as Howls from Wrong End in the Fae courts, guardian of George the shiny pebble and you owe some people a right kicking!
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1 Oct 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
Result On hold
I'm back! I was running a combi-comic/anime/gaming.cons confor a few days so I figure I'd better do a recap of the story so far. Eh, you might want to get comfortable for this Ready? No? Tough.
You are playing Peu Pue Flintwalker, a gender neutral
Goliath, 7' 2", 350lb, druid, who left their clan to see the world and map a way to Chult for your chief.
Day one off the mountain range, you met a human father and child with a broken cart wheel you helped them fix it and accompanied them to a nearby village to get the lay of
the land, there was a monster terrorizing the locals and you promised to help them hunt it the next day, you bought a map of the world from a dark gnome book store owner called Bobkins, discovered an ancient temple at the bottom of an old well, underwent the trial of elements by
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23 Sep 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
You suddenly wake on some sort on bed, a strange white light comes from a globe the ceiling. You attempt to sit up but find you're tied down and there's some sort of ring around your head.
Above you a humanoid looms over you, in an odd coloured green robe
and hat, its mouth covered by a white cloth mask.
You hear the voice of your accuser from earlies ask
"Is it safe?" as it brings an already spinning drill into view...
..Then your flying through the air, faster than you've ever travelled, ahead a metal board held up by tow poles
is coming towards you, fast.
Little buzzing insects fly through it ahead of you leaving red hot holes in it, you duck your head trying to hit it with your back rather than your head for a change.
You overshoot a little and hit it with your arse instead, luckily the sign gives way
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20 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
You watch the servants keenly, Father Tree and Sir Thorns seem to be looking as well, you notice there seems to be gaps among the battalion of servants, the mists aren't to be seen, neither is wolf or the mystery servant.
Sally, Mrs S's aide de camp comes
scurrying out of what you assume is the kitchen area and whisper something to Mrs S's eyes go wide, she slams her hand on the table and starts to stand up.
Then seems to think better of it.
There's muttering among the guests as they notice others below them being served first.
New one is up
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19 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
Knowing the sort of hilarity your name draw sin mortal circles you decide not to subject yourself to the Fey version of the same and look back at the flea ridden druid.
Perhaps you missed something
-Perception check: Nat :20-
He is still making odd jerky
movements, not consciously, it looks like he's making an unconscious effort to scrape his own shadow off his shoe. His shadow looks wrong too,
It looks like there's more than one person casting it....
The third course is being brought out, your view is blocked by a battalion of
servants carrying the third course.
Your companions have gone quiet again but you have noticed they do that just before each course, your not sure if it's etiquette or something else.
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18 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
"Does the name Norman mean anything to you?"
They look thoughtful
"Nor man" says Father Tree sounding like he was physically tasting the word "No"
Sir Thorns brightens up
"Could it be the name of that god we were trying to remember?"
"Hmm it could be "
"Mrs S" calls Sir Thorns, "could that Gods name have been Norman?"
"Not likely I think I'd have remembered a name as odd as that"
"It is a weird one" agrees Father Tree
"Mortals do have the silliest names" says Sir Thorns "I met on once called Beauregard!"
They laugh
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17 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
With Wolf's voice calmly guiding you the memory comes into focus but it's not of the servant rather it's some sort of room, there's scattered furniture, before you stands a child with a dagger, you babble a description of him to Wolf. There's chanting in
the background, two words being repeated constantly, a rat scurries past behind the child, you feel your attention following it into the fuzzy mass of forgetfulness around the memory, you fight to turn back but it's too late, your mind tries to snatch any last bit of information
as you emerge back to reality you drag a name out of the memory.
"Norman" you say it out loud as your eyes open on the feast again
"Is that it's name?" asks Wolf
"I think so you" reply "It's gone al fuzzy again"
"I can do things with a name" says Wolf "Leave it to me for a bit"
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16 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
You scrunch up your face, tensing your body, physically trying to break the mental block. You fail, your shoulders slump in defeat.
"Easy there cub" says wolf "You'll pop something"
"The memory is there, I just can't pull it into focus" you tell him
your doing a lot of physical things trying to achieve a mental thing, you need to get to the same state you achieve when you commune with nature. Sit up straight"
You sit up
"Now close your eyes and regulate your breathing, slow in, slow out emptying your mind of other images"
Okay lets try a mechanic for assisted rolls
Only RT's and likes of the 2 tweets above count
Every RT gets a roll to see the memory. DC 20
+3 mod
Every like adds a +1 to the results
Majority passes = character passes
Majority fails = character fails
Ends 5pm Irish time June 17th
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15 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
Wolf comes to clear your dishes
"See anything out of the ordinary?" he asks quietly
"I noticed another childlike servant, looked like a one of the mists but I thought there was only two of them?"
"There are, thank goodness two is trouble enough, I didn't
spot a third but I'll keep an eye out, it may be one of the other servants playing about, they are a rambunctious lot at the best of times and without Mrs S lording over them its chaos!" he looks side to side and says conspiratorially
"I am quite enjoying it though!"
You smile
but wonderto yourself would he enjoy it so much on a normal day.
"Can you tell me what it looks like?"
You find your memory fuzzy once more if only you could break through this mental interference!
Roll: Will
Testing a new mechanic type.
Every RT: I roll a dice
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13 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
"It was pretty" you agree.
Sir Thorns is muttering into his wine, he is apparently unimpressed with being called a prude by the person who banned coupling at the feast.
Father Tree is oblivious to his muttering
"Thank you indeed. Millennia of practice
you understand"
"I'd prefer that method to the humanoid one, plugging things into things and all that grunting and groaning, things getting knocked over! It all lacks a certain finesse to my mind"
There's a bit of a lull in the conversation as everyone else considers whether
or not to engage Mrs S on this particular topic. You briefly consider blinding yourself again just to change the subject.
Fortunately the servants come out to begin clearing the plates ahead of the next course and that distracts her
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12 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
You copy the other guests covering your face and and drink.
Father Tree exhales wave of glittering pollen floats through the air towards what must be Mother Tree.
She stands and twirls as the cloud arrives to her, forming a beautiful spiral of sparkles
that flow around her like a galaxy. Flowers bloom on all her branches, the sparkles seem to be absorbed into them as they pass. The flowers close as the last sparkle fades and they seem to turn into various nuts.
There is a smattering of polite applause from the other guests, you
had been so entranced by Mother Trees performance you hadn't noticed Father Tree had developed acorns.
"You done?" asks Sir Thorns
"Yes" says Father Tree "The future of trees is assured for another season"
"I'm surprised you still allow that at the table" Sir Thorns
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10 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
"The hell!" you exclaim looking at your liquid formerly known as wine.
"Ah" says Father Tree "Your glass thinks you have had enough"
"About damn time" adds Sir Thorns in a friendly tone
"What are you on about?" you demand
"The goblet senses when you
are passing from tipsy to drunk and serves only water till you sober up a bit"
"But I'm fine I have the constitution of a Goliath!" you insist
"Uh huh, you insulted Mrs S and blinded yourself with your own spell, sure looks like your sober!" retorts Sir Thorns.
You :
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7 Jun 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
You realise you have been ignoring the druid in the alcove since he arrived or rather thrown on the floor by the lord of the hunt as he passed.
His robes are dull brown, no sign of any kind of sigil,
He twitches and rolls his shoulders, occasionally.
muttering to himself
[Insight roll:1]
Fleas! He's clearly got fleas no wonder they sat him away from everyone!
The Lord and Lady begin eating apparently as the guests around you suddenly start eating.
Response will be delayed I just had an awesome/ terrifying idea depending on your perspective need to do a little research first
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31 May 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
"What is the second course?" you ask "the Bard told me but I'm not sure I trust my memory right now"
"Ah, the bard probably embellished it knowing him, he once called apple pie a wondrous cacophony of summer fruit cased in a glorious golden crust" says Sir
Thorns "Bards! Anyway as far as I recall it should be:
Tears of a mother for her child that is not hers,
mixed with young lovers first fumbles,
in a crust of sleep stolen from infant eyes,
sprinkled with the shouts of stars"
"Simple but delicious" adds Father Tree.
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29 May 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
"Hi! Hey...............you?"
You wave your hand half heartedly the way one does when not a 100% sure the person they're waving to is actually who they think it is.
The child's eyes go wide and he scurries away with a pile of dirty dishes
"Do you require
something?" asks a nearby servant
"No, I just recognised him from somewhere?" you respond
"Who?" asks the servant scanning the remaining servants
"Uh...He's gone with some dishes"
"I'm sure who ever it was will be back with the next course responds the servant and moves off
You notice your companions have gone quiet and that they have shifted the position of their weapons
"Who did you think you saw?" inquires Sir Thorns after a moment
"I'm not sure, a child servant, he's not one of the mists I know him from somewhere, can't quite place him...."
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28 May 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
You return to your seat seize the wine goblet and drain it, while the physical pain is gone it was an unpleasant experience and the wine helps you recover.
As you place the empty wine goblet back on the table it refills itself.
You're not surprised.
"Feel better?"asks Sir Thorns
"Much" you reply, lifting your fresh goblet off the table
"Then a word o the wise, don't go casting things unannounced like that, we trust the rules of hospitality but in any other place we'd have killed you before you got it off"
"True" adds Father
"Understood" you say. You really need to think things through before acting you chide yourself.
Observing the servant as you sip your wine you notice something you missed before.
Besides the mists there's a third child server, he looks familiar but you can't quite place him
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27 May 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
"There was some enchantment magic" you reply blinking experimentally, your eyes adjust to your usual vision, you can see properly again.
Though the sight of the guests here do give you cause to check again
"That's not as helpful as you may think" says Wolf
"A lot of the guests are carrying enchanted items or wearing some on themselves"
"Your bath oils were a kind of enchantment" says Mrs S, you appear to have been downgraded from deliberately offensive mortal to idiot child in her eyes.
Hopefully that will save you from a beating
after the feast.
"Still it's a minor nuisance at the moment so it can wait, this course should have been cleared by now!" Mrs S claps her hands and the servants including Wolf clear the table.
Mrs S leaps back to her side of he table with a single movement of surprising grace
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26 May 18
#DnD #rpg #coya
Mrs S speaks, beside you, her tone like a mother dealing with a small child that fell over
"What did you do do to yourself? Poor thing let me have a look"
You try to open you eyes but it's still very bright and you shut them again fast.
A giant hand covers
your eyes and you feel the spell and its affects dissipate.
You open your eyes again blinking, definitely better (+1 hp)
"Now what did you do to yourself?" she asks again
"I thought I'd check if someone had cast a spell that was affecting our memories"
"Idiot! You find anything?"
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