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A video has surfaced from a #Christmas concert, held in the #Vatican this past week.
Italian journalist @MarcoTosatti claims the indigenous woman explaining how those in the Amazon view the sacredness of “Mother Earth”, is once more referencing the #pachamama.
Here is referenced, @MarcoTosatti’s report:…
This seems to continue a trend of public events sponsored by the Vatican that include references to “Mother Earth”, and which have been reported by many outlets, since the opening ceremonies of the #AmazonSynod included this ritual in the #Vatican gardens, this past October.
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1. "The infinite Christ Consciousness - the unifying intelligent purpose manifest by Spirit in creation - embraces all beings, nations, races & faiths as one family, all equally loved by the Divine. Let us take time 2 remember that whatever differences may seem to divide us..."👇
2. ... in this realm of maya (delusion), they are superficial. Much deeper is the kinship we share as God's children. May our hearts be uplifted anew with the universal #Christmas message of 'peace on earth and goodwill to all'...
3 ... That is the inclusive spirit and unconditional love #Jesus expressed in His life; and it can be born again in each one of us. ...
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Thinking of families forced to endure the worst in their greatest time of need

Thinking of the vile betrayal & hostility for human rights & refugees by our own govt

Thinking of children I met last Dec & all forced to #remaininMX, vulnerable to abduction & torture
I constantly think about horrific Credible Fear cases I heard.

I think of this administration’s calculated negligence, abuse & their outright disregard for international law.

I think about the nativist, eugenic, disposable way our people are talked about & violence it’s wrought
Darlyn Cristabel Cordova-Valle was 10 when detained by US Border Patrol Mar 1 ‘18. She alerted of chest pains & 3 days later was transferred to HHS where she was kept for ~7 months

Her death in govt custody took 8 months to explicitly disclose #sayhername…
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Why exactly do the lesions in pityriasis rosea appear in the “Christmas Tree” pattern?

Well, in honor of today being #Christmas, let’s do a brief #dermatology/#dermtwitter #tweetorial on…


So what say you? What’s the reason for the Xmas Tree pattern?
PR presents in "Langer's Lines," aka the skin tension lines. This paper notes diseases in this pattern seem to have activated leukocytes in the pathophy, which could be explained by other papers looking at how skin stretch impacts immune response!…
This same paper points out a limited group of skin diseases that can have this distribution:

- PR
- Secondary syphilis
- Sign of Leser Trelat
- Mycosis Fungoides

Ultimately, the cause of this distribution might have to do with skin tension, but is best described as unknown.
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1. For me #Christmas is the story of a baby being hunted by evil in the desert. @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump was threaten by evil and stood aside allowing @RTErdogan to unleashed an ISIS/Al-Qaeda horde on people of N&E Syria including the last Christians. #MAGA Trump will be famous:
2. The American president who was complicit in a #Christian genocide. People who speak the same language Jesus spoke. At least Trump won't be alone. He'll be listed with the Evangelicals and Catholics who also stood, silent. @Pontifex @CatholicBishops
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I dread eating Turkey on #Christmas, so in an attempt to understand why we eat this overstuffed dry monstrosity, here's a short thread on the History of 🦃 and eating Turkey on #Xmas
Turkeys are originally from N America, and mitochondrial DNA of domesticated turkey has shown that they were first bred and domesticated in ancient Mexico by the pre-Aztec people around 800 BC. Alongside dogs, the turkey was the among the first animals domesticated there
The Puebloan people of the southwestern US also domesticated turkeys ~ 200 BC, but these were initially raised for feathers, which were used in rituals & ceremonies, as well as to make feather robes or blankets, but that strain vanished sometime after the arrival of the Spanish
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THREAD #Christmas 2019 – Christians in #Israel

• On the eve of Christmas 2019, approximately 177,000 Christians live in Israel;

• they comprise about 2% of the State of Israel's population;

• In 2018, the Christian population grew by 1.5%
• 77.5% of the Christians in #Israel are Arab Christians. They constitute 7.2% of the total Arab population.

• The localities with the largest Arab Christian populations are #Nazareth (21,900), #Haifa (16,100), #Jerusalem (12,700), and Shefar'am (10,300), as of the end of 2018
• Women constituted 74.4% of Christian students studying toward a second degree, compared to women constituting 63.1% of all students studying toward a second degree.

• For third degrees, the percentages were 62.8% and 53.2%, respectively.
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For #Christmas this year my wee boy - who is 5, and an absolute star - asked for a "Fairy House". Not an iPad or PS4 games or anything like that. A Fairy House.

What is a Fairy House, you ask?

Well, exactly.
He was, however, absolutely set on it. A Fairy House was pretty much the only big thing he wanted, and he was sure Santa would bring him one because he has been so good (which, to be fair, is true).
But what the hell is a Fairy House? And where do you source such a thing?

Worry not, dear readers, because riding to the rescue came my mum - but to explain how we need to go back nearly 30 years.
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#MerryChristmas to all my friends of the Christian faith & those celebrating the birth of #JesusChrist.
I'm sure #Iran will be free in 2020 and we can celebrate a special #Christmas in Iran for all Iranians, including our dear Christian community.
God Bless you All.
During this holiday season, please don’t forget #Iran’s #Christian community. #Christmas #HumanRights… via @HeshmatAlavi
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What percentage of my #Christmas catalogues say Christmas ?
0 of 2
What percentage of my #Christmas catalogues say Christmas ?
0 of 4
What percentage of my #Christmas catalogues say Christmas ?
0 of 6
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Trumps Attend Church Service in West Palm Beach on Christmas Eve
Reporter: "Did you pray for Speaker Pelosi in church?"

President Trump: "Merry #Christmas, everybody. #MerryChristmas."

Reporter: "Did you pray for Speaker Pelosi today?"

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Of course I’m in the south and it’s now 65 degrees so yes... extra warm wishes indeed.

In all cerealness, I know the holidays can be hard on some of you—you are not alone—so I’m sending you all love and hugs this Christmas Eve.
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Some rare tidings of comfort and/or joy! Proud to share that my law partner @NicoleMicheroni won (despite ICE's best efforts) a tough asylum case in court yesterday & that a single mother & her young children will be celebrating this #Christmas as asylees.

@NicoleMicheroni (Not to say that we don't often win our asylum claims, but we've been having that kind of month and every victory matters more than ever rn)
@NicoleMicheroni ICE's main argument in a hearing held within 48 hours of #Christmas was (among other things) that our client was not eligible for asylum because the unspeakable persecution and trauma that she had suffered had not been inflicted for the "right" reason
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2,500 migrants stranded this #Christmas across the border at a makeshift camp.

One physician trying tirelessly to keep them healthy and alive.

The doctor hasn't had a day off since October.

He's stranded, too.… @mirjordan
@mirjordan The pope, today: "It is injustice that makes them cross deserts and seas that become cemeteries. It is injustice that turns them away from places where they might have hope for a dignified life, but instead find themselves before walls of indifference."…
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مبروك عليكم مولد المسيح عيسى بن مريم عليه السلام، رسول الرحمة والتحرر #إيران #Christmas…
رسول الثورة والعدالة وأول ثائر ضد الطغاة والفريسيين ورجال الكهنوت المنافقين، حيث كان يقول: «احذروا أولئك الذين يلتهمون بيوت الأرامل ويطيلون الصلوات نفاقًا. سيجدون عذابًا أكبر ». #إيران #Christmas
سلام على مريم العذراء، المرأة الموحّدة والمحرّرة، التي ثارت على النظام الرجعي في عهدها بدفع ثمن باهظ. وكانت أول من رافقت المسيح على طريق التضحية لتحقيق تطلعات المسيح المقدسة #إيران #Christmas…
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Dear santa,
I feel like I'm on the naughty list with now the last few years have gone. I'm homeless again through no fault of my own. I wish for a motel all warm and filled with light. That I may not be cold on christmas eve and night. either way thank you and happy x-mas.
Haha hey everyone. I'm so grateful for ya'll showing up for me everytime this is my last wish of the year. We made it to baes hometown for chrisrmas eve. Got blessed with a room last night. (Thank you!) Its a little more expensive now but this one is available down the street
With 1 room left that's 10$ cheaper. So that's my christmas wish . I know the holidays are hard for everyone honestly I wish we could just crash with family. But they are at capacity because times are hard for everyone this time of year. And sleeping in the Walmart parking lot
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It's #ChristmasEve and at this time last year I did not think I would live to see another #Christmas.
It has been a really hard year for me and The Wife. I have had some major health setbacks and a lot of suffering, but I am still alive and what a gift that is.
I want to thank all my Twitter friends and followers for helping me through this year. Thank you for reading and supporting my work. Thank you for buoying my spirits when I have been at my lowest points. Thank you for being a community of activists and resisters and fighters.
It can be deeply isolating to be a journalist in this climate. It can be deeply isolating to be sick and #disabled in this very ableist society. When I've needed the solace of community, I've been able to find it here. Thank you so much.

Wishing you the very best holidays.❤
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Our leader @AlysonDBarnes has released a Christmas message before the big day wishing everyone a merry time. In it, she reflects on some of the good news the borough has had this year
Of course, it's also been a tough year in many ways but there has been a lot to get excited about. For example, Rawtenstall bus station has been completed.
@AlysonDBarnes @InvestInRoss @RawtenstallMkt has been going from strength to strength, thanks to an innovative partnership between the Council and @ClogMarket
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Remember as you burn the candle at both ends because you would do anything to make life and Christmas special for your kids, there are thousands of children whose parents crossed oceans and deserts to give a better life.
They will probably never see their parents again
As you read the fairy tales about magical elves in the North Pole, remember there are real life magical creatures watching the ice melt right beneath their feet that wished you cared about them as much as elves.
As you tell the story of a blessed baby brought into the world among the animals, remember there are over 1 million Uyghur Muslims being held in "education camps" treated lower than animals, murdered, and children being beaten while guards laugh.
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1. As we celebrate #Christmas in the US remember, Trump betrayed Syriac Christians. IMO for money. From Oct. #Christians Killed on Syria’s Front Lines… via @CTmagazine
@CTmagazine 2. Because these Evangelical are okay with Trump they must be okay with Christian genocide too. I wonder if the folks in the pews know that? @Franklin_Graham
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Some things that REALLY need to be cleared up about #TheNativity #Nativity #NativityScene and the #Christmas story


1. #Mary was a consecrated virgin to the Lord. She was a handmaid (Psalm 116:16) who served in the Temple while young.
2. She had finished her service there, and #Joseph and she married, but were never going to consummate the marriage. She was dedicated/consecrated to God. It was a Josephite marriage for their mutual benefit and protection.
3. This is why Mary is confused at the #Annunciaton, when the angel told her she would conceive a son. She was a young, healthy married woman about to enter her husband's home. Mary wasn't dumb. She knew how babies are made. Yet she's confused about how she'll have a baby.
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1/ What does the #Quran have to say about #Christmas, and what does this ruined church located between #Jerusalem and #Bethlehem have to do with it?
2/ The Quran contains its own version of the Nativity story (Q. 19:22-27), in which Mary is said to withdraw to a remote place and to be overcome by the pains of labor. She then finds shelter under a date palm tree
3/ In agony, Mary cries out for help, and a voice tells her that God has placed a brook beneath her for her relief. The voice then instructs her to eat the dates of the tree and drink the water of the brook. She does so, and shortly after, gives birth to Jesus
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Common sense seems to have been totally lost on the #Morrison government. Who in their right mind sends a letter to a family 2 days before #Christmas to say your visa is denied? Morrison and Dutton just have to kick you when your down... to make sure you stay there! #auspol
A mother and her children have been told to go home, back to the US after making #Allora Queensland their home for 7 years... and the decision is based purely on an administrative matter... not because their found to be unfit for residency. #heartless #morrison #auspol
#HomeToBilo was what we thought to be an exceptional case... but #KeepThemInAllora needs to be another version. #auspol
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One of the best #Christmas presenta you could ever get was View-Master! It sold over one billion reels across the world, but it's based on Victorian technology. How did one simple gadget get to be so popular?

Let's look at the toy that took over the world... #FridayFeeling
Stereographs are cards with two nearly identical photographs mounted side by side. Viewed through a binocular device they give an illusion of depth. By 1858 the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company had published over 100,000 of them.
Sawyer's Photo Finishing Service began in 1919 in Portland, Oregon. By 1936 they had teamed up with William Gruber, who had been experimenting with stereoscope photography using the new Kodachrome colour film.
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