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6 Apr
Feds being asked about P1 - should ppl not being going to BC right now?
@CPHO_Canada says prov top docs met to talk about BC clusters, whistler and AB clusters. Key is contact tracing.
"Now is NOT the time to travel for recreational purposes" 1/
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cont @CPHO_Canada Still gathering info on effect of P1 - does it cause more severe illness? Any kind of covid can - do not be complactent. Looking at new messaging for younger demographic.
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P1/vax. signals of concern in lab settings that vax doesn't neturalize p1 as well - but there will be some level of protection. Also was a reinfection meaning it *might* be able to evade immune response. canada may be able to provide more data. 3/
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5 Apr
Health min @adriandix scrumming on tape today.
How will you prevent online platform crashing tomorrow?
Says adding 1950 birth year - will be a lot of interest - phone lines also available.
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Q-Anxiety younger ppl are having who are way down the list to get vaccinations?
@adriandix very positive ppl want to register & get vaccinated. Later on system
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Q vax supply?
AZ is being distributed to communites **around BC**
Moderna has been slow - @adriandix says. But vaccinations are keeping up -expect millionth dose this week.
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5 Apr
Health Min @adriandix did a scrum of sorts this afternoon about a few #covid19 issues.
One is this tweet (attached) from a north van doc at Lion's Gate hospl concerned about what he's seeing in the ICU & capacity
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.@adriandix says the number of people - younger people getting sick is about the same but the number who need critical care has gone/is going up. Avg age is in the 60s but more young ppl are getting serious ill but still oldest most vulnerable
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The primary covid hospitals feel pressure consistently, esp Surrey Memorial. Interior - the PG hospital takes the ICU pressure - @adriandix. Overall he says people now are more likely to get v sick with covid than before xmas.
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1 Apr
BC #covid19 Apr 1
832 new-total 100880
5 death-1463 total
Vaccine +31599 doses
(other data like active, variants coming in written statement)
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Dr Henry talking about vaccines approved/being used in Canada - including the one shot Janssen.
First dose primes, second boosts.
What learning in real world is that after single dose protections is upwards of 80% lasting for months
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If vaccinated why do you wear mask still after vaccination? DBH - it takes ti,e
two types of immunity
1. antibodies can be measured in blood. we don't know how much is needed for protection. And some ppl with certain cancers don't produce as much
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31 Mar
Some information about BC's #covid19 vaccinations:
The province has had 68,000 astrazeneca in BC so far.
Most used in priority vaccinations.
13,500 are being used this week.
43000 more are arriving Friday. 1/...
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Health Minister @adriandix says allocations to pharmacies that are giving these shots are according to what they did for the flu program.
He's heard ppl concerned some pharmacies gave preferential treatment but doesn't believe that happened.
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The only thing preventing more vaccinations happening @adriandix says is the amount of vaccine there is available.
As for the bumps in this rollout he says when NACI said AZ should pause under 55 they moved fast to get the doses in arms. 3/...
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1 Mar
NEW: BC #covid19 vaccine rollout
- front line/essential workers may move up in priority line
with Astra Zeneca suggested for ppl under 65
- 2nd doses now at 4 months not 42 days (frees up 75000 shots now)
- remains age based overall 90+ in community March 15
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
To ease pressure / bottlenecks other regions have seen, #covid19 vaccine booking will be done a week ahead of age group eligibility and prioritizing phone booking for those older and pushing younger to book online
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
With Astra Zeneca - looking at how those can best be used/targetted to front line workers. [fire, corrections, police, essential workers who can not work from home (food processing, mail distribution, manufacturing, poultry processing, agricultural wokers)]
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6 Nov 20
A BC #covid19 update added for tomorrow afternoon.
The next was supposed to be Monday.
We haven't had a Saturday update for months...
#bcpoli @news1130
Waiting for today's written #covid19 update, here's a reminder of where things were end of day Thursday.
#bcpoli @news1130
BC's #covid19 update Nov 6
2 death-275 total
589 New-17149 total
13035 Recovered
Active 3741(3389) +269
VCH (5223) +146
FH (9707) +302
Int (821) +24
Island (281) +5
North (439)+12
Non-res (90)
Hosp/icu 104/28(97/24)+7/+4
Monitor 7887(7519)+368
LTC (31/4 29/2)
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5 Nov 20
BC's #covid19 update Nov 5
0 death - 273
425 New, 16560 total (record high)
12806 Recovered
Active 3389(3120) +269
VCH (5097) +126
FH (9439) +268
Int (803) +8
Island (274)+7
North (432)+6
Non-res (90)*
Hosp/icu 97/24(92/25)
Monitor 7519(7133) +386
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Long term care LTC 28/2 (29/2)
(total affected - 1118 648 res, 482 staff)
Taber home, Pine Grove are new
3.8% provincial positive
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Dr Henry: 1st school outbreak in Kelowna now over. Says it showed response works.
She's reminding people it is important for children to be in school - and it's time to pull back on other things like sleepovers, playdates, extra curriculars.
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5 Nov 20
Trying to find out where the buck stops with enforcing #covid19 safety plans at BC schools - seems like a bit of a hot potato.
Hearing from parents, staff & @bctf president @TeriMooring plans are not being carried out the same across the province...
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 1.../
This includes things enforcing guidance on mask wearing, regular cleaning, minimum distance between students. I asked Education Minister @rob_fleming about this - he says it's up to the schools to ensure things are being done properly...
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 2.../
And @rob_fleming says there are processes in place for staff & teachers if things are falling through the cracks. But @bctf says relying on school Occupational Health & Safety Cmtes and @WorkSafeBC are falling short..
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5 Nov 20
CEO @Fraserhealth giving an update on the dance studio outbreak in Chilliwack - asking people to support the business and those affected not stigmatize them
38 cases associated now.
13 school exposure notices but NO transmissions.
#bcpoli #covid19
Re timing of notification of cases at the dance school, @Fraserhealth says first once came Oct 29, day of first case being known. Then tracers contacted people considered most at risk.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Regarding some people waiting days for contact - @Fraserhealth says - from time case becomes symptomatic to test to result is a # of days then interview case then identify the contacts...
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10 Aug 20
Update in a couple minutes with Dr Henry and Health Min @adriandix. Will have three days case numbers.
Here's where we ended last week.
High new cases.
Low hospitalizations.
Seven days without a death from the virus.
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Dr Bonnie Henry
No add'l deaths
Fr/sa 50, Sa/Su 37, Su/Mo 44
131 in days - 4065
VCH 1220(1167)
FH 2139(2069)
Island 148(147)
Interior 391(389)
North 96(93)
Non-residents 71(69)
Active 445(386)
Hosp/icu 9/3 (11/4)
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Dr Henry:
1765 are in isolation being watched by public health
2 new care centre 7/1 (5/1) 673 cases 406 res 267 staff
George Derby LTC (separate from Derby center)
New Vista Care Centre
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
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22 Jul 20
#covid19 update (was supposed to be tomorrow)
Dr Bonnie Henry:
NO deaths
New 34 total 3362
VCH 1049 (1043)
FH 1742 (1731)
Island 141 (140)
Interior 304 (291)
North 69 (69)
Non-residents 57 (54)
285 active (was 266)
1 LTC, 2 acute care
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
"We all need to take a step bacK" Dr Henry says & bend curve back down
Contact tracing 3-4 people is much easier than 20-30 per case which is where they are in past week. Taking longer put more people at risk.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19
There are close to 1000 ppl in each health authority isolating because of Kelowna event. Dr Henry.
Just being outside isn't enough - you can spread this face to face outside.
Going to dinner don't exceed 6, don't table hop - puts others at risk
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15 May 20
Premier @jjhorgan, Ed min @Rob_Fleming & MCFD Min @KatrinaCBurnaby speaking about what's next with schools and childcare in a few min.
While I wait, what are you going to do with your kids?
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Premier @jjhorgan saying they are starting June 1 for students to have option to return to school on a part-time basis.
This he says will allow smoother full return in Sept.
Says this is by *choice* no pressure to attend.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Objective and top priority to make sure schools are safe- @jjhorgan
It is voluntary he says but believes it will be positive.
This, as all aspects of easing restrictions, he says is not the flick of a switch but gradual, safe and based on science
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13 May 20
Just catching up with Dr Henry & @adriandix update today.
Latest numbers added to the simple spreadsheet
They are asking ppl to avoid non-essential travel even if it's something you've done every long weekend.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Q this weekend can you open your circle to see your family.
Dr Henry says there will be circumstances that will be more urgent that others - mentions a friend whose uncle passed away leaving his aunt alone for weeks.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Q re meat processing plant in abby but workers didn't hear about co worker testing postive until weeks later.
Henry - says every case has investigation.many rumour perhaps where ppl don't have details. If there is a risk to others you will be informed.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
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4 May 20
Dr Bonnie Henry update:
3 new deaths - 117 deaths
53 new cases
2224 total
845 vch
1027 fh
124 island
177 interior
51 north
23 LT and acute - 13 new cases -- 266 res 168 staff
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Dr Henry.
community outbreaks
superior 54
united 35
Specialty 7
mission 134
Kearl lake - 15 direct and also more add'l family members affected
77 in hosp
20 critical care
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Looking at modelling numbers now, Dr. Henry says BC has seen a sustained decline in cases. There have been community spread though presenting challenges.
Every area of BC - whether lab confirmed or cases from people returning to BC.
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
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28 Apr 20
Ed Min @Rob_Fleming talking about schools clear it is NOT an announcement about schools opening.
Thanking teachers, parents & students.
Schools are open for essential worker children and those needing extra support.
#covid19 #bcpoli @NEWS1130
Says while everyone is dealing with this unprecedented situation, @Rob_Fleming they are keeping four priorities...
1/health, safe environment
2/supporting essential worker's kids
3/supporting vulnerable kids
4/continuity of education
#covid19 #bcpoli @NEWS1130
Student who don't have wifi are being supported some given internet access, others being given flashdrives or paperbased work, in some rural areas kids coming into schools for ccess
75000 meals to 16000 kids around BC each week.
Grocery hampers too.
#covid19 #bcpoli @NEWS1130
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20 Apr 20
PHO Dr. Bonnie Henry & health min @adriandix giving update in a few min.
Here's where we were at on Saturday.
Today's numbers - like all Mondays - will be for two days
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Health min @adriandix giving condolences to ppl and families in Nova Scotia.
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Dr Bonnie Henry
new 18th - 29 & 19th - 23 (52 new)
total 1699
VCH 700 (686 on sat)
FH 705 (661 on sat)
Island 102 (97 on sat)
Interior 153 (150 on sat)
North 39 (34 on sat)
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
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25 Mar 20
Provincial update from Prov Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry
total 659
new 42
1 new death (14 total)
VGH 339
FH 218
Int 46
Island 47
64 hosp,
183 recovered
Another care centre Broadway pentacostal in
No new at Lynn Valley but new death
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Re dentist who passed away this weekend Dr Henry says the investigation by Coroner is ongoing and that his family is very affected but this situation
55 health care workers affect by LT care outbreaks
Other health workers - like dentists different
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Henry says difference of dentist cases vs health care workers in the field of work is because they were transmitted via the conference not via health work.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
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7 Mar 20
Six new #COVIDー19 in bc
2 related to Iran travel
2 in 60s from princess cruise 11-21 feb trip - Fraser health region - stable but in hosp for observation
More may test positive who were on that cruise
2 most concerning - residents of Lynn valley care centre
Dr Bonnie Henry says the two positive tests in the care home leading to large investigation into residents and workers and what contact they’ve had.
And there are restrictions on that facility now for who is in and out.
#bcpoli #COVIDー19
Four recovered
The icu patient stable
2 I
All others in isolation
Also those with contact in isolation
“We are in an extraordinary situation” - Henry says - if you are sick stay home, keep your kids home.
But know that not everyone who is sick has #COVIDー19
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