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It is not end of school year quite yet but what I have to say keeps popping into my mind, percolating, burbling, so it’s clearly time to write about BC, the pandemic & #bced after one work year of traumatic hell. Piggybacking it on top of my previous threads for diary continuity.
It was listening to the power of this song that pushed me to reflect on this school year, though I am not yet through it. Stating that I’m digging deep to keep it all together doesn’t even cut it as phrase to describe level of exertion. #bced #bcpoli
Of course this is the time of year where teachers have high piles of marking & we feel the compulsory need to have sparkly cleaned homes before we can start on it. Amirite? And students normally going squirrelly in June need us even more this year as pillars to ground them. #bced
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For #bced #sd36learn looking for resources, a thread:

The discovery of the mass grave of 215 children at Kamloops Residential School has been really triggering in my home-my fiancé is an intergenerational survivor, his late grandmother attended Blue Quills Residential School.
Please use the following resources with care, and be cognizant that many can be triggering for Indigenous students and colleagues. There is a 24-hour Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419 for anyone who needs emotional support.
#sd36learn #bced
I have gathered some literature and teaching resources below to help you commemorate Orange Shirt Day (September 30) and/or teach your students about residential schools and their lasting impact. I will add to the list as others comment. #sd36AbEd #orangeshirtday #sd36learn #bced
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BC - We're just going to let variant infection 'run its course'? What is BC PHO, #bced & @bcndp leadership doing? We are close behind ON & AB.

Posted with permission from Dr. Russ Bader, Internist at North York General Hospital, Lecturer, Dept of Medicine, University of Toronto.
These are your lungs on COVID. The images on the left are a CT scan of a normal lung (from the internet). The images on the right are a CT scan of my patient’s lungs (the patient gave consent for me to share his story).
#bced #bcpoli @CDCofBC @BCNDPCaucus @BowinnMa @adriandix
He’s in his early 50s and is healthy. He has the variant of concern from the UK (the predominant strain in Ontario). He has been in hospital for almost 2 weeks and he requires high-flow oxygen to breathe.

#bced #bcpoli @mikefarnworthbc @JM_Whiteside @jjhorgan @geoffmeggs
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Dear @BCNDPCaucus,
✴️By now you may have heard that BC has not been following what peer reviewed science is saying.
✴️You may have also learned that the @CDCofBC is deliberately not contact tracing or collecting data in #bced so they can say that schools are safe.
#bced #bcpoli
✴️Review my twitter feed for past year & you will see all the scientific studies that show that BC is not following the science.
✴️Key facts we are ignoring: the virus is aerosolized and Health Care workers and essential workers need N95s to stay safe, particularly with VoCs.
✴️BC is also ignoring how the virus is largely spread. 50% of spread comes from people who have no symptoms. The @CDCofBC has ignored warnings from around the world and REFUSED to mass test asymptomatic people. This is negligent.
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We're repeatedly told that schools have to stay open because that's important for students' mental health but whose mental health is being prioritized by Minister Whiteside? 🧵 1/?
#bcpoli #bced
Certainly not the student who's terrified that their maskless peers are sitting right next to them in a windowless classroom in a school with inadequate ventilation.
Nor is it the Grade 6 student who texts their mom in the middle of the day to fetch them from school because they're worried about all the maskless students sitting around them in class. They are terrified of taking the variant home to their 40 year old parents.
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We haven’t been dealt a bad hand. What we did was loosen restrictions despite rising variant cases, allow out-of-province travel, stall in-school mask mandates, & did not enforce orders or tailor the message. The 3rd wave is the outcome of that inaction.1/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
Neither the methods nor the messaging is working. It cannot only be up to individuals to deal with this crisis. We need coordinated response from gov’t that shows they are taking threat of COVID & #LongCovid seriously for healthcare workers and people. 2/ #COVID19 #bcpoli
As #VariantsOfConcern rise, modelling predicts they will become the majority of cases in our immediate future. Some modelling predicts they currently make up 40% of cases in BC. #Ontario is at >60%. Instead of bracing for impact, let’s mitigate it now. 3/ #COVID19 #bcpoli #bced
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NEW - There are 1068 new cases of COVID-19 in BC. For a total of 105,129 total cases. #bcpoli
492 of the new cases are in Fraser Health. #bcpoli
NEW - There have been 3 new COVID deaths in BC, for a total of 1,489 deaths. There are 328 people in hospital, of which 96 are in ICU. #bcpoli
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From everything I've read, I truly believe that #covidisairborne, #safeschools and #vocs are all indelibly linked. I'm still putting the pieces all together, but maybe you can help. A LONG thread, please bear with me.
#bcpoli #bced 🧵
Let's get this out of the way: any debate of whether C-19 is airborne is stupid, because it has all the properties of an airborne pathogen. It rides on infectious airborne particles.

This article is old & dated now, but easily understood:…
Here's a great illustration of how airborne spread of C-19 happens, and how both close exposure and duration of exposure combined with ventilation matter.…
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For us to feel “we’re in this together” we need leadership that brings us together, shows respect & trust for people, & is willing to acknowledge mistakes are inevitable, but that they can be corrected. Humility, compassion, and empathy are needed right now. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
With rising case numbers and variants, and after yesterday’s press conference that left many feeling deeply frustrated. There are many actions @bcndp could take to build trust - but it largely comes down to transparency... 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC #bced
Share with the public all studies that are informing decisions made by the PHO and gov't. If there are studies being rejected, explain why. It’s not enough to tell the public what decisions are being made - show the evidence for making those decisions. 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
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If I were @jjhorgan, I would:
1. Create an ind panel of experts from across 🇨🇦 (Epidemiologist PhD, ICU MDs, Stats, Eng, Aerosol, etc).
2. Ask Fed Govt for Emerg support
3. Ramp up testing & Sequencing
4. Use Prov, & municipal govt employees for contact tracing. #bcpoli #bced
5. Install @DrVictoriaLeeFH as the new PHO.
6. Fire P. Daly, R. Gustafson and DBH for endangering the lives of BCians and dereliction of duty.
7. Develop standards that are clear and based on science.
8. Hire new a new comms team.
9. Adopt #COVIDzero
10. Revise #bced guidelines.
11. Legislate data transparency. Tell the truth at all times to win back trust.
12. Revise vaccination schedule so that those in LTC homes get their second shot within two months.
13. Vaccinate front line workers immediately.
14. Acknowledge virus is aerosolized & adapt mask plan
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1/Feeling a bit reflective today. Bunch of us have been advocating for better safety measures for #bced since last May. We were attacked by our own Prov union, our own locals refused to press for science, SDs hauled teachers in, & the media belittled us for asking to science.
2/ We haven’t changed our stance since last May.
We’ve been right about:
✅Schools ⬆️ transmission with ⬆️community spread
✅Asymptomatic spread
✅Virus being airborne
✅GBD in BC
3/ The Unions now realize they backed the wrong horse and hung members out to dry, the media seems to have realized how bad things really are, SDs are realizing about Long-Covid, and our govt is still MIA. They have let all BCians down. What are we going to do about them? #bcpoli
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1/ BC's response to the entirely foreseeable exponential growth of variant-Covid has included scoldings, platitudes, half-measures emphasizing 'personal choice', a comms breakdown re masks in schools, and the ill-timed closure of a ski resort with an outbreak AFTER spring break.
2/ Hmm, you may be thinking, those things sound kind of weak, tepid, highly disorganized and possibly negligent in the face of dangerously transmissible variants, growing hospital admissions and a largely unvaccinated population. You would be right.
3/ You might also be wondering how pausing indoor dining + gym classes for 3 weeks (along with stern warnings about travel) is going to impact BC's case numbers. You might wonder if those restrictions aren't nearly enough to make a difference. I suspect you would be right again.
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🧵 Teachers in #bced, in the absence of adequate protections from the @bcndp gov't, let's crowdsource best ideas to keep safe when there's no mask mandate.

1. Wear an N95 mask or equivalent that fits tightly around your face or if you don't have these, double mask.

2. Follow the advice of Dr. Fauci and the mandatory rule of the Peel School District: wear goggles or a face shield. The virus is airborne. You need to keep it out of your eyes.
3. If you are lucky enough to have windows that open, keep them wide open. The virus is airborne. Don't give it opportunities to accumulate in your classroom.
If you're not, for the sake of survival, get a HEPA filter air purifier for your classroom. #bcpoli
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I am incredibly worried about BC’s spiking #COVID19 rates - and honestly confused by the mixed messaging we are getting from the BC government. It feels as though we are just watching the cases rise instead of rising to the fight. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC #bced
We gave up on bending the curve, then we gave up on flattening the curve. Now we seem to be giving up as the case numbers spike. There are immediate steps this government could take to get us back on track /2 #bcpoli #COVID19
Increase testing, resume daily briefings, provide case numbers on weekends. Answer every question being asked by the press, with multiple follow ups. It doesn’t always have to be Dr Henry & Minister Dix - but have officials who can answer questions every day /3 #bcpoli #COVID19
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Watching the BC COVID-19 Update for Mar 25, 2021. Noticing a few head-scratching things worth mentioning, so let's do a thread, shall we? Let's dive in! (youtube links will take you directly to that part of the video)

Oh, and a warning - this is a critique thread! There were lots of things I found positive, especially around early vaccine success, but that's not the purpose here.

If you don't want criticisms of BC's response or DBH's decision-making, please save yourself the pain ;)
1) Re variant screening, "there's a day or so delay, which is why we report it a bit separately." This is misleading.

Screening takes a day. Reporting takes 9+. The data reported Mar 23 ~matches totals from the wk ending Mar 13. It's not a "day or so".

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800 new #COVID19 case in BC (highest since Nov 29) with another 5 BCers dead, 1,446 total.

191 new variant cases - 152 (B117), 3 (B1351), 36 (P1)

7-day rolling ave - 674 (highest since Dec 17)
14-day rolling ave - 611 (highest since Dec 24)
5,856 active cases (14 day case count = 8,550)
9,964 not being tested, in voluntary self-isolation

303 in hospital and an additional 79 requiring ICU

1st doses given - 28,037
2nd doses given - 32 (lol)
#COVID19 #BCpoli
5 new deaths today
3 - FHA
2 - VCH

28 additional hospitalizations:
15 - FHA
6 - VCH
4 - NHA
2 - IHA
#COVID19 #BCpoli
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716 new #COVID19 cases
3 new deaths (all FHA), 1,441 total
17 additional hospitalizations (6 - FHA, 5 - IHA, 3 - NHA, 2 - VCH, 1 - VIHA)
303 in Hospital
85 in ICU

71 new variant cases
46 - B117 (UK)
1 - B1352 (SA)
30 - P1 (Brazil) <<<<<very alarming…

Today's 77 variant cases are not new. They belong in the March 14-21st period.
#COVID19 #BCpoli

25,126 - second doses given
12 - first doses given (lol)
#COVID19 #BCpoli
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So much wrong with this study. Mitigation is used 15 times, elimination is not used once.

Mitigation is the wrong strategy.

In-person schooling and COVID-19 transmission in Canada's three largest cities… #COVID19 #BCpoli #cdnpoli
This was the first red flag for me, the consensus they reached. I see no proof of this consensus, no research that short-term temporary school closures vs long-term mitigation leads to greater adverse mental health effects in children. #BCed

Second red flag.

This is wrong. Current research shows closing schools leads to lower community transmission, not mitigation (ie keeping schools open).

I'll post the study next tweet in the thread. Image
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682 new #COVID19 cases in BC last 24 hrs.
144 new variant cases, 111 B117 (UK), 2 B1351 (SA), 25 P1 (Brazil)

1 new death (NHA)
12 additional hospitalizations (8 - FHA, 2 - VCH/NHA)

314 - hospitalized (highest since Jan 25th)
83 - ICU…
229 - VCH
333 - FHA
19 - VIHA
40 - IHA (+36 historical cases)
23 - NHA
2 - Outside Canada (tourist bringing P1)

5,409 active cases (14-day case count = 8,134)
9,488 not being tested, in voluntary self-isolation
314 - in hospital
83 - requiring ICU
Variant summary:

Most or all of the 657 new variant cases announced since March 15th will be in tomorrow's Weekly Situation Report.

Both B117 and P1 are spreading rapidly as expected, @CDCofBC
#COVID19 #BCpoli
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1,785 new #COVID19 cases in BC last 3 days.

16 new deaths:
10 - FHA
5 - NHA
1 - IHA

112 additional hospitalizations:
56 - FHA
24 - NHA
21 - VCH
6 - VIHA
5 - IHA

303 - Hospitalized (highest since Jan 27)
80 - ICU
166 new variant cases:

146 - B117 (UK)
20 - P1 (Brazil)
#BCpoli #COVID19

49,386 - 2nd doses
N/A - 1st doses


4 - LTC, Al & IL
7 - Acute Care (hospitals)
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Elementary teachers contracting COVID-19 at more than triple the rate of secondary teachers. #bcpoli

New WorksafeBC analysis shows #bced elementary teachers need more protections like a mask mandate in schools. Full news release and details at….
New WorkSafeBC data shows higher rates of occupational COVID19 infection claims among #bced elementary teachers compared to secondary teachers. As of March 11, 2021, 80 occupational COVID19 claims had been approved for K–7 teachers, compared to 25 for those teaching Grades 8–12.
Teri Mooring: “The discrepancy in infection rates truly underscores the importance of mask-wearing in classrooms. Elementary schools aren’t subject to any mask mandates for students, unlike our secondary schools." #bced #bcpoli
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THREAD: Dr. Bonnie Henry released the latest epidemiological modeling for B.C. Here's some key takeaways. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cityofpg @PGMatters
Here's B.C.'s vaccination update. A total of 343,381 doses have been administered. One dose = 256,443. Second dose is 86,938. Just 6 per cent of residents have been vaccinated. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cityofpg @PGMatters
You can see B.C.'s seven-day moving average from January 2020 to March 8, 2021. Up, down and up again. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cityofpg @PGMatters
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B.C. records another 531 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, per Dr. Bonnie Henry. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cdnpoli #cityofpg @PGMatters
Provincial total - 85,650
New Northern Health, region total - 32/4,985
Active B.C. - 4,861
Public monitoring B.C. - 9,051
Hospital B.C. - 244
ICU B.C. - 66
New deaths, total B.C. - 1/1,394
#bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cdnpoli #cityofpg
Variant of concern news: B.C. announces 51 newly confirmed cases. That's a total of 627 to date. ,There are 109 active. #bcpoli #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cdnpoli #cityofpg @PGMatters
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B.C. records another 550 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, as caseloads continue to remain high. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cdnpoli #cityofpg @PGMatters
Provincial total - 85,119
New Northern Health - 52
Active B.C. - 4,869
Public monitoring B.C. - 8,971
Hospital B.C. - 249
ICU B.C. - 68
New deaths, total B.C. - 2/1,393
#bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cdnpoli #cityofpg @PGMatters
More bad news about variants: 182 newly confirmed cases. There have now been a total of 576. There are now 113 active. These numbers are starting to take off, fast. A total of 530 are U.K. variant, 33 South Africa #bcpoli #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cdnpoli #cityofpg @PGMatters
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