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This article covers it all. It's so satisfying to hear the truth. Out loud. #bcpoli

Martyn Brown: As B.C.’s health system death spiral revs up, the only thing sicker is governments’ feckless response… via @georgiastraight
"Too many have been lulled by their blind faith in the likes of Dr. Henry and by the mostly unchallenged narratives that are amplified by the media." #bcpoli
"Some 70 percent of British Columbians apparently now disapprove of the Horgan government’s performance on health care, with 56 percent of NDP supporters giving it a thumbs down." #bcpoli
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1/ 🧵Well, it took me awhile to organize all this research info. So many rabbit holes. I finally decided the best way forward was to divide into parts. So the following is Part 1 summary of BC's vast research funding sources/initiatives. Hold on to your hats, it's a ride! #bcpoli
2/ 1st up, @HlthResearchBC. Did you know that the MSHR launched a Covid-19 Research Response Fund at outset of pandemic w/call out to BC researchers to have results available in time to inform public health responses thru fall/winter 2021? #bcpoli…
3/ Also, did you know that there's a Covid-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) that supports BC's coordinated research pandemic response? It's bridge btwn PHO, gov't & research community w/primary role to advise on priorities/funding/…
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Okay, so I checked the wastewater again, and it was vastly different. Excluding the latest data, I zoomed again on the same time frame. Upward trends last week are now downward? @GovCanHealth can you please explain?! ImageImageImage
I heard back (thanks @GovCanHealth for being speedy & thorough 💕).

Re: discrepancies TL:DR data error & correction Image
Samples collected by Metro Van & analysed by BCCDC &National Microbiology Laboratory
Winnipeg. BCCDC and NML have slightly different methods (🤔). Periodic checks to see how methods are tracking. Image
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1/7🧵Wow. This is nuts! But it reminded me about something I discovered during one of my rabbit-hole investigations. Did you know that the @bctf donated $ to the @BCCDCFoundation? (their “primary partner” is BC Centre for Disease Control):#bced #bcpoli
2/7 @BCCDCFoundation:“By supporting [us] you’re helping put evidence into action on some of BC’s most pressing PH issues. In partnership w/our donors, we focus on solutions that address root causes so we can help keep the [BC] population healthy.#bcpoli…
3/7 @BCCDCFoundation “PH Heros”page:“We want to extend a special acknowledgement to our Allies, Ambassadors, Champions & Visionaries–the individuals, businesses & orgs that have given ⬆️ $5,’s through your support that we achieve excellence.”#bcpoli
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1/5 There’s no question that like #abpoli, #DrHenry @adriandix @JM_Whiteside @BCSTA_News all KNEW #COVID19 would rip thru #bced. In fact, #DrHenry said herself that #COVID19 constitutes health hazard & masks are essential to protect students/staff: #bcpoli…
2/5 Right up until #DrHenry’s Face-coverings PH Order (above) was replaced with her Mar10th Repeal order, THIS was her official stance in writing about the importance of #bced masking:#bcpoli Image
3/5 & THESE were #DrHenry’s *thinly veiled politically motivated flimsy* “reasons” to rescind mask mandate on Mar10th (whereupon she gears up for her honorary degree & award circuit)…Anyway, from health hazard to “other possible seasonal factors”:#bcpoli… Image
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The only thing the @bcndp loves more than blaming others for their problems is patting themselves on the back.

With overlapping crises facing BC we keep getting recycled announcements of capital projects, while many sit empty with no staff. 1/ #bcpoli #BCHealth #healthcare
The @bcndp loves to talk about its capital budget, but when it comes to operations, we see big problems. Child care centres w/ no ECEs. Schools scrambling for teachers & EAs.

Our crumbling #healthcare system lacking the doctors and nurses who do the actual care. 2/ #bcpoli #bced
Urgent and Primary Care Centres in Kamloops are only offering appointments 14 days from now.

Emergency departments in Chetwynd, Clearwater, & Port McNeil were closed this weekend due to staff shortages, and where they were open, people were waiting hours to be seen. 3/ #bcpoli
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💊1/When you're in BC, it feels like The Amazing Race for Paxlovid if you test Cov+🦠and elig for this antiviral.😏Here's my experience. #BCpoli Yup, for those who hv seen my prev tweets, after my son caught Covid fr #BCed school 2 wks ago & ripped through all my fam, 🦠got me🤦🏻‍♀️
💊2/Tested 05/24, a faint T-line so once I saw Cov+ I knew had to act fast, due time sensitivity Paxlovid must be taken within 5-7d of symp (already helped dad get a box last wk)so I made calls to pharms to confirm who has ONE box(yes, seems many only gets 1 at a time) Found one
3/at Shoppers but within 5m they clbk that box is gone as just recvd a fax Rx for it. May hv 1 arrive 05/26. Next, get hold of a GP for prescription. My doc is overbooked, not avail til 26th. Called 1-888-Covid-19, person got my info, confirmed elig & said may take @Protect_BC
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Hi! This is my first tweet official tweet. I figured it was worth dusting off this as yet unused account (too much to do, too little time) for something this important.

Tl:dr - I'm asking you to please support this #bced cause:
So, like many parents (& grandparents & teachers & so many others), I've been calling repeatedly for scientifically-sound COVID mitigation measures in BC schools. As a former practicing engineer, I'm stunned at the exclusion of Professional Engineers from school safety plans.
It seems straightforward. The application of ASHRAE guidance requires the skills & responsibility of Professional Engineers (mechanical / building). I spoke with consulting engineering colleagues. They have many commercial clients who are indeed retaining them to
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Today I write this thread to call in @girlguidesofCan; last week, after six years, I resigned as a leader with GGC, and have decided not to register my daughters in GGC programming for the foreseeable future, due to the lack of COVID safety at GGC meetings and events. 1/28
At the beginning of the pandemic, GGC took a very safety-conscious stance regarding COVID, and GGC activities were the one place my daughter and I felt safest because of that stance, including some in-person events; we were so grateful. 2/28
Unfortunately, as government messaging shifted toward "personal responsibility" to protect oneself from COVID, and protections were loosened, so, too, did the messaging from @girlguidesofcan change. 3/28
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1/9🧵So, remember back when #DrHenry said she wanted to get out of the “order business?” Well, in her Mar10/22 Repeal of Face Coverings Order-like many of her PH orders-she left the door open for Regional MHOs to reinstate masks where they see fit…#bcpoli…
2/9 #DrHenry: “Recognizing that the risk differs in different regions of the prov & that MHOs are in the best position to assess local circumstances & to determine whether steps need to be taken to reduce the risk of the transmission of #COVID19…” #bcpoli…
3/9 “…this Notice does not affect the authority of a MHO to make an order requiring the wearing of face coverings in the whole or part of the geographic area of the Province for which the medical health officer is designated.”#bcpoli…
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BC CDC - Centre for Disease Collusion / Death Creation
May 4, 2022…

Are you fucking kidding me?!!!!

#COVIDisAirborne #bcpoli
Uh, BC Centre for Disease Collusion / Death Creation says you are infectious for 10 (TEN) days after onset of symptoms.

So we have a bunch of infectious people running around school & work. I mean, we do anyway, because no one can get tested 🙃…
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#BCCovid #BCEd #bcpoli
BC Covid Update
May 10, 2022

Dix is saying stuff.
Some numbers were said.
Here comes Henry! He is honoured to introduce her!

She is wearing a purple, orange, and pink shirt with flowers. Making her look extra soft.

She says the vaccines have continued to "change the game" for us.
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"Dr Henry - there have been numerous research reports lately flagging very serious outcomes from COVID infection in children & pregnant people. Can you comment on the following studies?"
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🧵1/ Well, let’s just peer into the only real window of truth to find out how BC kids are really doing so far at start of this long weekend, shall we? As of 7:45pm on Fri April 15th, the Emergency wait time at @BCChildrensHosp is 5hrs5mins. #bced #bcpoli
2/ And to put that in perspective, on this same day, Apr 15th, at this same time of 7:45pm, Ontario’s @CHEO has a current wait time of 4hrs48mins & describes it as seeing “heavy volumes” h/t @beansprouts_mom #bcpoli…
3/ Unlike @BCChildrensHosp, @CHEO incl #s waiting, specifying that #s don’t incl kids in line for triage & also clarifies some may even wait longer. With @BCChildrensHosp at an even longer wait time, the only logical conclusion is that things are just as bad or worse. #bcpoli
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Today is the day that it really sunk in that all levels of Govt in 🇨🇦 are prepared to let the masses get infected.

They haven’t educated citizens or Health Care Workers about long COVID either. Our govts are knowingly doing nothing to stop a Health Hazard. 💔 This is not my 🇨🇦.
Please educate someone about Long COVID.…
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Looking forward to Apr 12 @ashraenews webinar with @WBahnfleth & moderator @healthyheating. We know that #COVIDisAirborne, and BC schools (all buildings really) can do more to keep us safe. Ask your district to register facilities, OH&S, legal, HR & other staff! #bced #bcpoli
To help @WBahnfleth & @healthyheating, a small 🧵on current #COVIDisAirborne knowledge & practice in #bcpoli. Maybe some examples can be incorporated?

I'll look at BC Legislature, BC CDC, Vancouver Coastal Health, UBC, and Vancouver & Surrey School Districts.

Let's investigate!
How will BC measure up wrt understanding and implementing @ashraenews COVID guidance?

BC Legislature: "The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads in several ways, but most commonly through airborne transmission" Wow! It says airborne. Measures are poor.…
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Making #bced Schools Safer for Occupancy: Understanding & Applying ASHRAE’s Core Recommendations for Mitigating Aerosol Infection Risk

Special @ashraenews webinar with @WBahnfleth, Chair of ASHRAE's Epidemic Task Force.

@WBahnfleth will present key elements of ASHRAE’s COVID-19 risk mitigation guidance.

BC parents, students, teachers, trustees, association and facility managers, have been under the influence of misinformation wrt mitigating aerosol infection risks in educational facilities.
Please make sure your PAC, trustees, medical officers of health, MLA are invited to this special webinar Apr 12 w/ @WBahnfleth - Making BC Schools Safer for Occupancy

Email text available here:…
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A small thread: How @WorksafeBC Is Not Making Work Safe: Yet One More Ass-Backwards, Probably Corrupt, Definitely Incompetent BC Agency

An interesting little bit of history on @WorkSafeBC…
@WorksfeBC was prepared for a pandemic. Oh, but not a REAL pandemic. More like a Vancouver Stock Exchange Pump-n-Dump Classic Pandemic. Or a Flip-This-House Pandemic. Yay us - #bcpoli can launder your money, your science, and your pandemic preparedness.

Ok, so our preparedness sucked. It's clear our ethics are lacking. So, can we at least CHEAT? Copy off the smart kid in class?

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Two years ago I started this stacked little thread as way to document the strange, unsettling, gaslighting groupthink that has unfolded within #bced, #bcpoli leadership & most #bcmedia.

BC started pandemic in 2020 being NYT lauded & has currently plummeted to backwater status.
Like many teachers, I started Sept 2020 fully aware I could not keep students safe in school & that anyone who thought we could was either ignorant of way schools function or they prioritized economy over student & #bced staff health, willing to ridicule legitimate concerns.
What I didn’t expect was resistance to science to come from intelligent voices at every level.

In fact, few #bced, #bcpoli, union leaders have been willing to have courage to speak up & say some simple words that would have undoubtedly prevented infection & #LongCovid in many.
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So pls forgive me if this h/b discussed lately but why is there still such glaring hypocrisy btwn Dr.Henry’s #COVID19 downplaying on camera & the legally binding PH orders that she simultaneously signs behind closed doors detailing serious ongoing health risks? 🧵 1/12
Actually, maybe what I’m really asking is how is it even *allowed*? Why is she never held to task for it? I mean, on Mar 10th/22, when DBH was on-camera proclaiming we are “in a good place now”(& multiple times prior) as @frozen perfectly captures here…2/12 is it that on that *SAME DAY* she can officially sign a PH order stating “Our PH & HC systems are currently experiencing severe stress & stretched beyond capacity in efforts to prevent & respond to illness resulting from #COVID19 transmission…”3/12…
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NEW - As of 12:01 am tomorrow (Friday) masks will no longer be required in public indoor spaces in British Columbia. #bcpoli
NEW - The BC Vaccine card will remain until April 8 in British Columbia. #bcpoli
NEW - Masks will no longer be required in schools after March Break. #bcpoli
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1/🧵Important Thread

For those working in unsafe conditions, this thread highlights which sections of the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act may apply to your situation. You can highlight them in an unsafe work claim. It’s BC specific but may apply elsewhere. #bced #bcpoli
2/ BCCDC creates guidance for employers, and employers can choose which aspects of the guidance they want to use in their safety plan.

Guidance is not law, it’s a suggestion.

The OHS Act is law and it TRUMPS any BC CDC guidance. Important distinction.

#bced #bcpoli #cdnpoli
3/ The PHO must also follow the principles in the OHS Act when creating orders, as must @WorkSafeBC when ruling on unsafe work claims.

Act clearly states that ALL work must be carried out without undue risk of occupational disease to ANY person. OHS Act prevails. #bced #bcpoli
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Building BC Community with @SoniaFurstenau. We discuss the need for evidence-informed decisions within BC.

Having this conversation brought me hope for BC. Something I haven't had in a long time. She's a human.

#BCPoli #BCEd…
@SoniaFurstenau Thank you to @SoniaFurstenau for the conversation. I have translated it into the common languages of BC, so that all can read. You are a leader. I can't wait to see what you do. #BCPoli #BCEd @bcgreencaucus @JoeyMerrin…
@BCschoolCovid can you DM and I’ll send a blurb for the website? I know you get a lot and want to make sure it doesn’t get lost haha.
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Point still stands. None of this is surprising, I refuse to pretend it is. #BCPoli #BCEd
September 2020.
August 2020.
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