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More #CleanAir revolution…

Oregon Health Authority is buying 3500 *2nd* air purifiers for classrooms! Yes, that’s right. Portland already has 1 HEPA purifier in each learning space. Now they are adding 2, for spaces that need to get closer to 5-6 ACH.

@Dave_Eby @adriandix?
2/ Let’s backtrack a bit for a history of #CleanAir in Portland Public Schools.

August 2021 (Delta wave, just prior to 2nd yr of in-person schooling): PPS receives engineering reports re: iAQ of each of their schools.

Sample of 1 school, Rosa Parks Elem:… Screenshot of cover page fo...
3/ Note that Portland Public Schools *already had 1 HEPA air purifier installed* in every room, BEFORE the Aug. ‘21 engineering report. Also note the certified engineering stamps on each report.

Check out the detail in charts & ACH values with & without HEPA! ⬇️ (see Alt text) Screenshot of just 1 page o...
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Why do you feel like now is the appropriate time to drop masking in healthcare settings and LTC, Assisted Living homes?
Cc: "In some parts of the country masking in healthcare settings is still mandatory, but in most provinces it's not or won't be for long. While many welcome the shift, human rights groups are concerned & some are asking this question, why do you feel now is the appropriate time?"
BC's PHO says "mandatory masking in hospitals is being dropped based on #Covid levels in the community as we've come through the respiratory season. We're seeing much less spread of virus, there's much less community illness."
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🧵re some new @VSB39 shenanigans that have a school community understandably up in arms. #vanpoli #vanre #bced
1. The VSB sent Ideal Mini School parents a letter yesterday telling them the school has to move to Churchill Secondary, since Laurier Elem is bursting at the seams. But wait, Laurier had an annex to accommodate more students but it was CLOSED in 2017 and leased out. ImageImage
2. Anyone who knows about the Ideal program understands that putting it in a very large high school will change so much about why it works for many students, who don’t thrive in a large environment. But let’s go back and ask why Laurier Annex was closed?
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Here's a thread with more thoughts about my nascent "missing ELLs" project (feel free to ignore this thread if you don't care about ESL education or Vancouver BC!) #bced:
47% of Metro Vancouver residents have a mother tongue other than English.

There are 219 schools in BC that allegedly have "zero" English language learners. Many are outside Metro Vancouver, but fully 100 are in Metro Van:
36 are in Vancouver
17 in Surrey
7 in Langley
7 in Burnaby
7 in North Van
7 in Richmond
6 in Abbotsford
5 in West Van
3 in Coquitlam
4 in Delta
1 in New West

in theory, neighbourhood demographics can vary, and having a non-English mother tongue doesn't "make" you an ELL...
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It’s obvious that #COVIDisAirborne (& many other viruses too like colds, flu, RSV), yet @CDCofBC @bcndp refuse to admit it & take immediate action. Upgrading 6% #bced schools per year doesn’t cut it.

@Dave_Eby The longer you wait, the more “flat earth” out-of-touch you’ll be.
2/ Illinois just passed legislation to put 60,000 HEPA purifiers in classrooms.

This SUPPLEMENTS mechanical ventilation by filtering air, providing additional air changes *on top* of what the HVAC system provides.

(Contrast w/ @bcndp, who erroneously think mech v is enough.)
3/ Boston Public Schools have an indoor air quality database, where people can check CO2 levels (& more) of their child’s classroom in real time.

@bcndp Would be an excellent way to prove whether your claims that iAQ in #bced schools are good enough. Screenshot of one classroom...
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#BCPoli apologists & die hard NDP types, if you think that similar discussions weren’t had bet'n Dr. Henry, @bcndp incl @jjhorgan @adriandix @dave_eby, you have to be among the most gullible human(s) on Earth.

They've been screaming thoughts like these w their actions since '20+
Doctor Patricia Daly, VCH, November 2020 via CBC:

"for young, healthy adults who are primarily impacted by lockdown; this is a very mild disease. We knew when we reopened there would be more transmission. We have to balance goals, understanding it will circulate." #BCEd #BCPoli+
How much longer are you all going to carry water for DBH and @BCNDP, BC Public Health?

How much longer are you going to allow yourselves and your *children* to be kept at risk, be an ostrich?

And for what? Hubris? The Urgency of Brunch?

Drink up.

#BCEd #BCPoli
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A @WorkSafeBC #covid19bc claim must demonstrate higher exposure at work vs daily life so you must list exposures from: gym, worship, friends &family. Effectively, by removing #maskmandate , #PHO has undermined *every* WS claim unless we forego ALL socials outside of work 1/
@WorkSafeBC ....Effectively a claim can be denied due to Public health removing public protections &workers who have ANY social life, who does not receive *meds* (paxlovid? few workers eligible) & who does not personally mask up consistently...oh AND family members 2/
@WorkSafeBC But note, this claim form is also telling us that sports, gyms & workplaces where non household people gather socially ( where? like restaurants? pubs?) are full of #covid19bc & you,the worker must show that you take precautions in that social realm ...reposting image 3/ worksafe screening questionnaire from   https://www.worksafe
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🧵1/ On Oct 13th, 2020, Reka Gustafson, in her new role as PHSA VP of PH/Wellness & Deputy PHO, delivered a keynote speech to all BCCDC staff.

Is it ideology or politics driving this train?
Is it an info session or an indoctrination?

I'll let you be the judge. #bcpoli
2/ While reading, here's some hot button topics to watch for:
-Focused protection (eugenics)
-Economy over lives
-Mild illness in youth & "healthy" adults
-Weaponization of mental health
-BC's own Pandemic
-Control of PH messaging
Okay, now for the key excerpts⬇️
3/ "Covid-19, of course, as we all know, is an established pathogen that we can expect to live w/ for the foreseeable future."
"BC has 1 of the lowest mortality rates in the world."
"'t early & deployed probably 1 of the things we can be most proud of"
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🧵1/ So, back on Feb 4th 2020, BCCDC had their 1st pandemic briefing & Mel Krajden said: “Children have less developed immune systems so they shed respiratory viruses longer. And they are less symptomatic than adults. So understanding that dynamic is important.” #bcpoli
2/ And yet, as we all know, these words were swiftly swept under the rug of ideology, politics & spin to ensure #bced kids stayed in school & parents went to work.

Here’s Krajden reading from his slide during his presentation: Photo of Mel Krajden speaking into a microphone reading from
3/ Krajden also emphasized the following ingredients for a successful pandemic response:

“- Eliminate hierarchies
- Listen to interdisciplinary experts, trust their expertise & let them shine
- Focus on fixing the process bottlenecks
- Protect people from burnout”
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As of today, @WorkSafeBC has allowed 15,027 #LongCovid claims. FIFTEEN THOUSAND.

This excludes more than 2,000 disallowed claims, and, of course, thousands of Long COVID cases, including in children, not linkable to workplace infection.

#bced #bcpoli Image
The Healthcare & Social Services and Education sectors are by far responsible for most of the claims.

Guess what? There is no way in hell workers are getting infected in healthcare & education workplaces, but the public- inc babies & kids, seniors, immunocompromised - are not 🤬 Image
Building eng'g controls, integrated w/ source control & PPE (i.e., masks!), would make workplaces more safe & reduce worker exposure to an airborne, RG3 biopathogen. Yet, despite being reg'd as Engineering Firm, no PEng worked on Worksafe COVID safety!

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Parents & educators should be getting angry with #bced #bcpoli & @CDCofBC for not protecting schoolchildren & educators during #Covid #Influenza #RSV They had 3 yrs to get it right. Ty @OhCasavant @kyenta_m @VanDPAC… via @VancouverSun
What happened this fall in BC should be proof enough that more needs to be done for schools to become safe learning spaces. Photo of empty classroom on the right. On the left COVID-19
To be clear, BC schools have never been safe during the #COVID19 pandemic.
#COVIDIsAirborne #CleantheAir #Ventilation #N95 #CO2 Photo of Dr. Henry on the right with a ripped printed email
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🧵1/ On Jan4th Penny Daflos interviewed Dr.Henry. Responses incl. gaslighting, mistruths & run-on sentences w/endings that contradict their beginnings.

The following is my attempt to wade thru & counter each w/evidence-based facts. #bpoli

Here's the Q & A gist of it…
2/ Q #1 "…XBB.1.5 is making alot of people nervous…what is your perspective…about the data you’re seeing?"

A: "We’re watching…we have quite a robust WGS..still small %, not seeing rapid take-off's concern…but at the end of the day it's still Omicron."

3/ You mean this Omicron, Dr. Henry?
“In fact, every Omicron *low* has been higher than Delta’s *peak.* This means a sustained pressure on an already exhausted HC system."
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🧵 1/ It’s become quite apparent re: complete lack of media coverage that likely only these 4 (& those they chose to share it with) were privy to this 2nd letter dated Apr12/22 from HRC Govender: Dr. Henry herself w/CCs to @adriandix & 2 DPHOs. #bcpoli…
2/ What happened? Well, on the newly updated HRC “Key Issues: Covid-19” Sec, it incl this link to “Discrimination Media Release” page that was last updated on Mar28/22. Which was the media release date of the Mar16/22 letter & comes before the 2nd letter.…
3/ So, I took a trip down memory lane to rehash the cascade of attention that this 1st HRC letter received after Henry’s Mar10/22 mask repeal.…
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To @keithbaldrey,
Actually, COVID-aware *are* in step w/ science; it’s “if we have to live w/ this virus, let’s be smart about it instead of #LetItRip nonsense.”

Let’s look at the science, shall we? And about public opinion…let’s look at that too.

A thread 🧵…

2/ First, who are these people you deride as “COVID zero”? Many have good reason to seek out info to keep ourselves & others safe:
- front line workers
- caring professions (schools, LTC, hospitals)
- immunocompromised or live w/ someone who is
- have #LongCovid
- have empathy
3/ So, with the above motivations, COVID-aware looked for evidence to understand what the world is facing w/ this virus.

No 1 basic fact: #COVIDIsAirborne, but unfortunately political forces (incl 🇨🇦PH) deny & obfuscate that.

It’s a massive failure. Mario Possemai says it best:
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🧵 1/ 🙏 @humanrights4BC for updating your Covid19 sec w/ @KasariGovender’s Mar16/22 letter to #DrHenry. Also, for incl this imp 2nd letter dated Apr12/22 that challenges BCPH narrative, Henry’s response & continues to advocate for masks. #bcpoli #bced…
2/ As per your Apr12/22 reply to #DrHenry, you state: “Although I understand reasoning…for ending temp mask mandate, I wish to offer some responses to points raised in you Mar31/22 letter.” Con’t…
3/ “While it’s encouraging pop-level threat of serous outcomes from Covid is reduced, it’s not the proportion of people at risk but the rights of marginalized that are relevant to HR...”
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🧵 1/ So, @CDCofBC remember the good old days before all this PR spin & politicization of viruses when you would w/o ambiguity & careful omission report weekly virus info incl *Influenza-like illness (ILI) outbreaks in schools*? Let’s dig in to this, shall we?#bcpoli
2/ So, here’s blast from past re:3 yrs ago via your 2019-20 weekly report when news out of Wuhan was just unraveling on pg 10 but you were still speaking truth on pg 9 that “Four school Influenza-like Illness (ILI) outbreaks have been reported.” #bced… BCCDC weekly influenza report dated week 1 of 2020. It inclu
3/ Okay & let’s travel back further to 4 yrs ago when BC kids were on cusp of Winter Break. Here’s your 2018 Influenza info for Dec 9-15 & on pg 10 you report that “24 Influenza-like Illness school outbreaks h/b reported.”This lines up w/pg 3 ⬆️#s in BCCH!… BCCDC weekly influenza report for Dec9-15th, 2018 that plain
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🧵1/ So, I wrote this letter to @KasariGovender:
"Dear Commissioner,
In your Mar16/22 letter to Dr. Henry, you stated that it's 'part of your statutory responsibility to act as an impartial advocate for the promotion & protection of HR in BC.'" #bcpoli
2/ "You also stated that lifting the mask mandate will do 'disproportionate harm to those already marginalized' & that 'parents who may be vulnerable w/b faced w/difficult decision to send their children to schools w/increased risk of transmission.'”#bced
3/ "Since then, situation has only worsened re: compounding impact of mask removal on vulnerable people, incl those parents & now their children. In fact, all children are high risk now, making those children w/underlying cond, med complex needs & disabilities even more at risk."
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Here's an interesting quote for you:

"At the very least, societal leaders in all sectors should be exercising the precautionary principle – if an action or policy may potentially cause harm to the public or to the environment…

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #onpoli #abpoli #COVID19

(in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful), the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action (Pinto-Bazurco, 2020)."


#bcpoli #bced #COVID19 #cdnpoli #onpoli

Precautionary Principle—Applications Relevant to Public Health Emergency Preparedness…
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Some damage control from @VCHhealthcare. It would be cute if not so dangerous. So, now there are grudging mentions of air filtration and CO2 monitors. Let's take a look. #bced #bcpoli #COVIDisAirborne

h/t @kyenta_m…
Oh, ffs. I try not to swear here, but honestly. Children are capable of using a CO2 meter.

@amandalhu @LadyScorcher
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Dr. Henry is lying when saying illness rates in BC schools is “in line with what we normally see…”

ABSOLUTELY FALSE. Never has #bced seen 30-40%+ students absent in this many BC classes. Never had this many staff shortages.

BC has the data in MyEdBC database. Publish it!
2/ A sampling of what MANY #bced parents & staff are reporting; and this is happening all over…
3/ @BCschoolCovid fields emails & texts from parents & teachers from all over BC. Here is what they are seeing (in a reply to @realreporter’s tweet above):
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Huge scandal which should be covered by #BCmedia…Dr. Bonnie Henry & Dr. Reka Gustafson received knowledge about #LongCovid from PHAC yet they NEVER INFORMED THE PUBLIC of risks, even *removing protections & characterizing COVID as a simple respiratory illness instead. Even now.
How do I know that Dr. Henry & Dr. Gustafson received the PHAC PowerPoint on Long COVID in July 2020?

Open up the list in the tweet below, you’ll see their names listed among the other provincial health officers from across the country.

And before @CDCofBC says, “Oh, but with vaccines, we are in a different situation now”, I’d respond w/ the fact that I know of teachers & students *who were fully vaccinated*, caught 🦠 at school, & developed #LongCovid during the #Omicron era (supposed to be “mild”?!?). #bced 😢
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Egregious that Dr. Henry & @CDCofBC deliberately denied school safety by saying, “We aren’t SEEING widespread transmission” in #bced.

Of course-They had poor data & tried to manufacture it.

@Dave_Eby-Dix & DBH are liabilities.

And 😷& 🌬in schools now!

SSCBC endorses ⬇️:
2/ “Protect our Province BC calls for the immediate resignation of Dr. Henry and a review of the entire leadership of BC Public Health, who have participated either directly or indirectly in the deception with regards to Covid infection risks in schools.”
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Today I asked @AdrianDix to explain how we can trust his or the PHO’s word after this @CapitalDailyVic & @bbybeacon story.

BCers have been misled about #COVID19 transmissions in schools.

There needs to be accountability. 1/ #bcpoli #bced #COVID19BC…
Before a press conference in 2020, Dr Henry wrote to staff “We need to be able to give some data that supports what we keep saying - transmission in schools is low,” 2/ #bcpoli #bced #COVID19BC
The PHO and this government were trying to find data to support the narrative that Covid was not spreading among children in schools.

At the same time as telling teachers and parents that the reality they were experiencing was false. 3/ #bcpoli #bced #COVID19BC
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Yet another disturbing report on BC’s handling of #COVID19.

"During what officials called a ‘daunting’ spike in school exposures, the PHO maintained that spring break drove infections, not in-school transmission."

1/ #bcpoli #bced #COVID19BC…
Lack of transparency, inaccessible data, misleading information, downplaying risks - these have been trends we have seen over and over again.

In fact studies found "BC’s COVID death toll could be double what was reported"
2/ #bcpoli #Covid19BC…
As cases rise, an increasingly cumbersome system has left people struggling to get access to vaccine boosters, essentially the only public health tool that this government is still providing.

3/ #bcpoli #bced #Covid19BC…
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