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We are a U.K. registered charity that is made up of British Muslims who believe that antisemitism in all of its guises, needs to be challenged.
Oct 17, 2019 11 tweets 11 min read
At @MAAS_UK we are not party political.

We work with people from all political parties and none including @UKLabour, but we can't remain silent when it comes to #Antisemitism.

It is an absolutely awful to see @LouiseEllman being chased out of @UKLabour due to being Jewish. /1 @LouiseEllman dedicated a stellar Parliamentary career to her constituents and gave so much to the Labour Party.

Since 2015 she has faced a relentless campaign against her often showing itself in Antisemitic and misogynist abuse online. /2
Oct 12, 2019 17 tweets 6 min read… Opinion: The deadly danger of being a Jew in Germany.

That an article is headlined like this without hyperbole 80 years after World War 2 and 74 years after the end of the Holocaust should shock us all.
/1 The piece highlights antisemitism from the far right, far left and Islamists in Germany as across Europe has been on the rise for a number of years.

What happened in #Halle was awful where two people were murdered, but it wasn't the first time a synagogue had been targeted. /2
Sep 27, 2019 16 tweets 6 min read
One of the key things we at Muslims Against Antisemitism aim to do is educate people and more widely civil society about what Judaism actually is, rather than what antisemites hateful views say Judaism is. /1 With that in mind and with the high holy days upon us starting with #RoshHashanah(Jewish New Year) on Sunday evening please see our thread providing some facts (feel free to fact-check!) on what makes #RoshHashanah so special. /2