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13 Apr
1/ Why are thousands of people in #Italy still getting infected with #coronavirus every day? And hundreds still dying daily after more than a month of lockdown? I am not an expert. This THREAD contains some of the latest information I've learned from experts in Italy. #COVID19
2/ Because of limited testing, we do not know the total number of people who have been infected with & died of COVID-19 here in Italy. The data we do have seem to indicate a decline of infected & deceased people at a national level.
3/ Italy is entering its 6th week of national lockdown. While numbers seem to be on the decline, there are still 3,000-4,000 new official infections & some 500 new official deaths each day.
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2 Apr
#Covid19 lessons #Italy has learned that can be useful for other countries. I am not an expert; this thread is my own summary of what I have learned from Italian scientists, mayors & authorities. My @CBCNews article on the same topic:…
Italy lesson #1 – Don’t wait for the virus to invade your last line of defence -hospitals- when people are already very sick. Health professionals should go out into communities and 'chase' (test, track & treat) the virus before it becomes widespread.
Italy lesson #2 – When sick people need emergency care, direct them to an outside field hospital or physically distant, separate facility. Sick people should not enter regular hospitals. It risks spreading the virus to healthcare workers and other non-infected patients
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