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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (48.1%)⬆️
XBB.1.9.1 (6.5%)⬆️
CH.1.1 (3.6%)
BQ.1.1 (2.6%)
EG.1 (2.4%)⬆️
CH.1.1.1 (2.1%)
XBB.1.16 (1.6%)👀

** includes Spike only seqs


Updt 03/26/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 03/06/2023 (25,590 sequences)

Contains many spike sequences from Austria Image
#USA, #UnitedKingdom & #Austria have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 03/06/2023 ...followed by #Canada, #Germany, #Denmark, #Australia, #Italy, #France, #Nertherlands, #India, #Poland Image
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Tracking XBB.1.16* (#Arcturus) over time - Globally

Total Sequences: 205

Spotted in #India, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Singapore, #Australia, #SouthKorea, #Denmark, #Italy, #Ireland, #Germany, #Canada, #Austria


Updated: 03/17/2023
XBB.1.5* & XBB.1.16* Mutational Profile
Early days & low sequence count, however everything points to the next top dog!

Likely scenario:
XBB.1.16* is poised to outcompete XBB.1.5* and other circulating lineages (including XBB.1.9.1*)
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-The Carroccio- 🧵

A carroccio was a large very decorated wagon, moved by oxes, bearing the city signs. It was highly regard by the italian communes, around it the militia of the city gathered and fought, and losing it in battle meant defeat. (1/6)
#svagaiature #italy #medieval
It is thought to have Lomgobards origins, used by the aristocracy of the kingdom as a charriot. By XI century its functions became mainly symbolic, because of the added weight of the Cross and the city banners. (2/6)
Documents dating 1158 and 1201 confirm the presence of the milanese carroccio in San Giorgio al Palazzo’s church, in time of peace. In the battle of #Legnano, 29th of May 1176, the carrocio played a crucial role in the final victory. (3/6)
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I've had the pleasure of being invited to review or respond to a range of excellent books in recent times, on a range of aspects of #constitutionallaw and #democracy worldwide.

A short thread on 7 reviews 🧵
Mark Tushnet @Mark_Tushnet, The New Fourth Branch: Institutions for Protecting Constitutional #Democracy
I see this is as a landmark book in the rapidly expanding literature on 4th branch/guarantor institutions and raise key qs
🔓 Open access @icon_journal…
Emilio Meyer @pelusoemilio, Constitutional Erosion in #Brazil (@hartpublishing)
Meets a crucial gap in the global literature on #democraticdecay, anatomising a highly complex context + considering ways forward
🔓 Open access on the Suprema journal…
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The #Italian edition of #Il_Foglio, citing an intelligence report, reports that former #Russian President #Dmitry_Medvedev ordered the #Wagner #PMC to assassinate #Italian Defense Minister #Guido_Crosetto for $15 million.

On March 13, #Guido_Crosetto accused the #Wagner_PMC of
transporting migrants from #Africa, especially from #Libya, in retaliation for supporting #Ukraine #Crosetto called it a "hybrid war" waged by #Russian mercenaries and accused #Russia of wanting to harm some countries, especially #Italy, and of trying to influence
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It's Wednesday, Day 385 of the war, #Ukraine's existential fight for its' existence.

Here's another daily thread documenting #Russia's ongoing invasion, war crimes and all the news, all the time, updated throughout the day.

If you can support my work, see the link in my bio💙💛
There was a lot of important news on Tuesday.
More awful shelling and missiles fired at #Ukraine citizens. An American drone downed by #Russia's air force, a car bomb attack in occupied #Melitopol and a new #Wagner cemetery.

Missed it? Click here:

Firstly reports of explosions in #Sloviansk - probably we will get more details in the morning.

But, while #Bakhmut holds, #Russia is creeping closer to Sloviansk and #Kramatorsk. Confirmed that the invaders have taken the village of #Zaliznyanske, north-west of Bakhmut.
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The boat in distress at sea was known to the authorities and ended deadly. While the Italian government obstructs civil sea rescue, and its own Coast Guard is visibly overwhelmed, distress calls go unanswered. #Italy watched 30 people drown!
A thread

(1/8) Photo of the boat in distress. Text: "Italy watched the
Saturday morning, 10.32 am: 9 hours after @alarm_phone reported the first distress call, our Airborne crew sights the boat with 47 people on board. 2 minutes later, #Seabird2 sends a Mayday Relay to all stations. The coordinates are given. A rescue is urgent.

@alarm_phone Immediately two emails are sent to the Italian rescue coordination center in #Rome. As the boat is in the Libyan search and rescue zone, #Italy wants nothing to do with the rescue and refers to the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.

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Just out: Scientific report with overview of highly pathogenic avian #influenza from December 2022 to March 2023, by @efsa, @ECDC_EU, and EURL AI. A thread on the situation in poultry, wild birds, wild mammals, and humans in Europe and worldwide. (1/11)…
In #Europe, highly pathogenic avian #influenza virus #H5N1, clade, was reported in 403 #poultry farms and 119 other captive bird holdings birds in 24 countries between 3 December 2022 and 1 March 2023. (2/11)
In Europe, an unexpected number of highly pathogenic avian #influenza virus #H5N1 detections in #seabirds were observed between 3 December 2022 and 1 March 2023, mainly in gull species and particularly in black-headed #gulls (Chroicocephalus ridibundus). (3/11)
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🆘! 47 lives at risk in the Central Med!

Alarm Phone is contact with 47 people in a boat adrift who fled from #Libya. Weather is extremely dangerous and immediate rescue is needed!! Image
The merchant vessel BASILIS L is on its way to the boat in distress in order to assist the 47 people. However, we fear that it will return the people to #Libya. They need to be brought to a place of safety, not to the torturous conditions of Libya! Image
Pullback in the making!!!

The merchant vessel #BasilisL reached the boat but is only monitoring it until the sc Libyan Coastguard arrives to force the people back to #Libya, where they had tried to escape from.
Stop this pullback! They need to be brought to a place of safety!
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After some cold weather at the end of February, how is the deficit in #snow water resources doing across #Italy? Snowfalls did not change much, as we still estimate a total deficit of -63% 👇 This means we have about 1/3 of recent-year snow for this date. @DPCgov
A thread 🧵👇
👆 Did you notice that?
We were in a much better spot at the end of January.
What has happened since then?
Well, we experienced a significant warm spell in February, which depleted about 1/3 of snow water resources.
We learned this: warm temperatures = less snow…
It is not only the Italian #Alps that are experiencing a significant, profound deficit. Most of the #Apennines are back to the deficit zone after a snowy January. Again, such high temperatures can only lead to faster than usual snowmelt and very short accumulation.
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Good evening and welcome to the #RaisinaDialogue2023!

We are delighted to have Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) and H.E. Ms. Giorgia Meloni (@GiorgiaMeloni) inaugurate #Raisina2023.

Follow this thread for live updates!

@orfonline @MEAIndia @PMOIndia
.@samirsaran: This edition of the Raisina Dialogue is special. It is the first Dialogue in India’s #AmritKaal, or 'Golden Age’—an epoch marking the 25 years leading up to a century of India’s independence.

#RaisinaDialogue2023 #Raisina2023
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Welcome to daily thread number 363 covering #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

All the news you need, plus analysis, in one handy thread, updated throughout the day.

Quite a busy day yesterday. Here's the link for Monday's 🧵

Over 30 countries have now signed a demand for the IOC to reconsider admitting athletes from #Russia and #Belarus to the Olympic Games.

The UK, US and most of #Ukraine's allies are among the signatories.
Another 760 Russians died on the battlefield in the last 24 hours according to #Ukraine's daily figures. The daily mean for February remains insanely high.

Meanwhile above average numbers of tanks destroyed too: 10

#StandWithUkraine #RussiansGoHome Image
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#Ukraine: Latest reports from #UkraineWar: 1. In a surprise but not totally unexpected move, #US Pres. Biden visited Kyiv today, travelling by train from #Poland. “I thought it critical that there not be any doubt, none whatsoever, about US support for UA”. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. Pres. Biden walked openly around Kyiv, though RU had been advised in advance. He also pledged a further $500 million package to UA, Javelins, howitzers, HIMARS & 155mm ammo +.
#Ukraine: 3. At #Kreminna, despite major offensive, RU forces not gaining ground. UA reported to have regained territory to S around #Yahidne. RU losses running at almost 900 a day over last 2 weeks. UA also reported to have retaken land nr #Vuhledar. #tweet100
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Let's Start a Thread of Train Derailments/Disasters involving Toxic Chemicals in the last 2 weeks. I'm sure it's all just a coincidence. 🤔 Starts with Ohio. #OhioChemicalDisaster #intentioanal
#2 Coincidence is Houston Trail Derailment.
#houston #trainderailment Image
#3 (Coincidence) is Kissamee Florida. Not a train this time, just a huge Chemical Fire.
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Hello and welcome to Daily thread number 356 covering #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

Monday was a long day for me, but I was very encouraged by the response and interest from people I met in Brussels at my film launch.

Catch up on the conflict news here:
A year ago I was about to leave #Ukraine, scrambling to fly after airlines cancelled routes out.

It was a little quieter than normal but no-one believed bombs would be raining down in just 10 days' time.

Millions of peaceful lives ruined.
#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
A spectacular edition of #RussiaOnFire to bring you this morning.

In north-east #Moscow flames quickly engulfed a repair warehouse. It's believed only cars were repaired..

Tyres burning and oil barrels exploding hampered emergency services but 3 people were rescued.
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Focus on the #Japanese Realism Diplomacy for a new Era. We need some inspiration in #EU since Putin is striking strategic relationship with #China, #SouthAfrica & #Brazil. No time to waste on Franco-Italian tensions triggered by a diplomatic dinner. #Hiroshima #Thread Image
#Chinese FM Wang Yi will visit #Russia as part of a diplomatic tour in Europe. His 9-day trip will also include stops in #France, #Italy, #Hungary and #Germany, where he will speak at the #Munich Security Conference. #CNN 1/1
#EU ambassadors were briefed in small groups over the weekend by Ursula von der Leyen’s chief of staff Björn Seibert about the plans for the 10th sanctions package against #Russia. #Politico 1/2
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#Italy 🇮🇹, the first European country to send aid to #Syria 🇸🇾

A humanitarian aid sent by Italy to the Syrian Red Crescent Organization (MLRS) arrived in Damascus today, through the Beirut International Airport.
The aid includes 4 ambulances and 30 tons of rescue and medical supplies.

An Italian medical team made up of 4 orthopedic specialists, led by Tamam Yousef, also arrived to support the volunteers in treating the injured.
MLRS chief Khaled Habbouti claimed that Italy is the first European country to send aid to Syria during its current crisis.

Habbouti thanked the support of the Italian government & called on all European countries & the US to send humanitarian aid.
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From #Italy @SYRedCrescent receives two Italian military planes loaded with 30 tones includes ambulances, medicines and medical items, which will arrive in #Syria through #Lebanon.
Today, February 11, 2023, the #SyrianArabRedCrescent organization received 2 military planes loaded with 4 ambulances and 6 pallets of medical supplies, in addition to the necessary rescue equipment, at Beirut International Airport.
Along with an Italian medical team consisting of 4 doctors specializing in orthopedics, headed by the Syrian Professor Tamam Youssef, to support the volunteers during their work in treating injured people .
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How ISLAMIZATION occurs when
there are sufficient MUSLIMS in a country.... #Thread

When culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable'
Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under
the table. Here's how it works...👇🏻👇🏻
📍 As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will
be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone.

(#UnitedStates --1.0%; #Australia --1.5%; #Canada --1.9%; #China --1%-2%; #Italy --1.5%;
#Norway --1.8%)
📍 At 2% and 3% Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected
groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

(#Denmark --2%;
#Germany --3.7%; #UnitedKingdom --2.7%; #Spain --4%; #Thailand --4.6%)
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#OpenAccess paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science applying digital and statistical methods to analyse polygonal masonry in South Central #Italy 1/5
Dry-set masonry of "polygonal" blocks (here, Alatri in Lazio) is v. common in pre-Roman Italy and across Iron Age Mediterranean.

But perceived as irregular and hard to quantify, this technique is overlooked in current debates about societal and economic impacts of building 2/5 Image
Our paper uses digital recording tools employed by @Giacomo_Arch's Ancient Hillforts Survey (see paper linked here) to create formal mode of assessing worked surface and volume of blocks, facilitating quantitative modeling of labor costs. 3/5…
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This is the start of Friday's daily thread covering all events related to #Russia and #Ukraine in the prolonged illegal war.

Day 345 - just three weeks until the anniversary of Putin's crazy and hellishly costly decision.

Updated in real time, keep checking back during the day
To support my work you can send tip offs in DMs, words of encouragement or buy me a coffee (see link in bio) - all are appreciated.

These threads take around 12 hrs a day to compile, collating, translating, verifying, editing etc.

Catch up on Thurs here:
#Russia's losses in the last 24 hours (estimated by Kyiv) show very little equipment destroyed but still insane amounts of conscripts and mobilised soldiers killed.

840 in a single day dying for the new Fuhrer.

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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

BQ.1.1 (18.9%)
XBB.1.5 (18.7%)👀^
CH.1.1 (5.3%)👀
BQ.1 (3.7%)
XBB.1 (2.7%)
BA.5.2.48 (2.3%)
XBF (1.7%)

^more sequences from USA in this period


Updated 02/02/2023
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 01/12/2023
USA has submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 01/12/2023 ...followed by #Canada, #UnitedKingdom, #Austria, #Japan, #Denmark, #Germany, #France, #China, #Australia, #Italy
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Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing legal and normative frameworks

#Mexico emphasizes principles in Article 1 of the #OST.

#PAROS and primacy of peaceful use are key. Rejects placement of weapons in outer space and celestial bodies. esp. those with indiscriminate effects.
#Mexico supports giving legal principles greater precision, and the adoption of norms as interim step to legal instrument to ban weapons in space and use of force and prohibit war

#IHL. Public exchange of info. Supports DA ASAT test moratorium as interim step to legal agreement.
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#Funnelplots: a cheap, graphically insightful and rigorous tool for early detection of #COVID19 variants. What are funnel plots? Their link with statistical quality control. Their previous uses in health care. @SpringerNature @SciReports 1/N
The introduction of funnel plots in healthcare surveillance dates back to the early 2000s when in UK the Shipman case and the Bristol Heart scandal triggered the development of statistical methods for monitoring healthcare institutions. 2/N
In the first decade of the 2000's several contributions supported performance monitoring by control charts, a tool borrowed from Statistical Quality Control (developed by W.A. Shewart in the 1920's). 3/N
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