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#Djibouti 🇩🇯 is a small which many probably would not be able to place on a map. Yet, it is quickly becoming the arena for 21st century great power competition.

China’s very first overseas base is located nearby a large American base. Image
This American base is set into the southern end of Djibouti’s main airport. Image
The US and it’s partners in the region operate a drone base at a smaller airport to the south of Camp Lemonier. Image
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Italy’s right-wing coalition government is seeking to #ban Italians from using #surrogacy to have children, even when done abroad. Those found guilty of using surrogates could be face #prison time and #fines according to a draft bill approved by parliament. Image
The divisive proposal was met with protests by the Italian public. Surrogacy and its promotion have already been banned in Italy since 2004. Italians have since been forced to find #surrogate mothers in other countries where it is legal. Image
Some proponents of the ban call it “procreational tourism”. They view it as a degrading practice that exploits women economically. Prime Minister Giorgia #Meloni supports the draft ban despite Italy’s declining #birthrate and the country’s looming demographic crisis.
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@doritoeubanks @ItsArtoir A thread on neo-#Nazis in #Russia and #Ukraine:

The Rise and Fall of Far-Right and Neo-Nazi Movements in Ukraine and Russia since 1990: A Comparative Perspective

@doritoeubanks @ItsArtoir Since USSR ended in 1991, the landscape of far-right & neo-Nazi movements in Russia & Ukraine has evolved in response to various political, social, & economic changes. Understanding this provides crucial insight into a broader resurgence of far-right movements across Europe.

@doritoeubanks @ItsArtoir In #Ukraine, the resurgence of far-right ideologies started to gain momentum in the late 2000s. The Svoboda party, originally known as the Social-National Party of Ukraine, emerged as a political force, winning seats in local governments and the national parliament.

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Thank you! I am watching now. Make my comments as I progress in watching this video about #RestoreNature: good intentions, bad design!

* Minute 4: With all due respect, you said that IA does not answer to a ❓about the impact of legislation on the cost of living. #thread
If there is need of additional information, #EP has the obligation to ask for additional impact assessment, there is even an obligation. You said the IA does not answer to the question about the impact on the economic cost. Here the answer simplified… 1/1
Minute 5: You cannot judge the importance of a legislation based on your personal assessment that this legislation is an invitation for court cases. A judge is focused on the common interpretation of rules, and not on quantifying targets. 1/2
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The desert is coming. The #Sahara desert is expanding towards Southern #Spain and #Italy, and experts predict that both regions will become deserts by 2100 or even sooner. Unfortunately, not much grows in the desert. Image
Natalie Thomas, author of the study that quantified the Sahara’s century of growth, asks: “Morally, how do we deal with the fact that developing countries are paying the price?”
“Only when problems begin to affect wealthier nations do these find impetus to act. The Sahara situation is similar: desertification could actually spread across the Mediterranean Sea into Europe within the next century, which would certainly stir up its member states.”
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#BavovnaToday 30.05.2023

BAVOVNA: Moscow (👀🔥), Melitopol (👀🔥), Tokmak (👀🔥), Shebekino

(👀🔥) - Multiple bavovna
Thank you for your support ♥️☺️👌🏻
🔹More than 30 UAVs were involved in the drone attack on Moscow
🔸The #USA 🇺🇸 will provide $300 million in additional aid to #Ukraine 🇺🇦 tomorrow (ammunition)
🔹"#Italy 🇮🇹 is preparing a new package of military aid to #Ukraine 🇺🇦 (SAMP-T)" - the Minister of Defense of Italy
🔸"#Ukraine 🇺🇦 received about 60 Leopard 2 tanks from the allies", - Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov
🔹"BAE System, which is one of the largest defense companies in the world, will open an office in Ukraine. In the future - repair bases and production" - Zelensky
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Why the mafia loves Germany

The massive international raids on the Italian 'Ndrangheta organization have again put the spotlight on #moneylaundering in Germany. Has organized crime found a haven in this country?

#Germany #Italy #OrganizedCrime…
"Coordinated raids against 'Ndrangheta organized crime syndicate across #Europe beginning of May attracted international headlines and generated explosive insider stories about the details of the investigation."
"What the raids didn't do was surprise seasoned mafia investigators." Image
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Cocaine Brokers: The 'Ndrangheta in South America

Italy’s ’Ndrangheta Mafia has capitalized on South America’s cocaine boom to secure its role as one of the most influential #drugtrafficking groups in the world.

#Italy #OrganizedCrime #SouthAmerica…
"Based in the southern Italian region of Calabria, this group has grown to become a multibillion-dollar enterprise with a presence that spans the globe."
"In this three-part series, InSight Crime explores the ‘Ndrangheta’s role in South America’s #cocaine trade."
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War on the Kinahan cartel: ‘Fear of financing terrorism spurred US to join forces with gardaí’

Former top garda John O’Driscoll reveals concerns that #moneylaundering by Daniel Kinahan’s gang could fund terror groups.

#Ireland #OrganizedCrime…
Daniel Kinahan: The cartel boss is believed to have moved to #Iran - a place where 'organised crime groups are going to launder money'
Kinahan cartel used tiny Iranian island to launder dirty money and for holidays

It is understood that Christy Kinahan discovered Kish when he was first travelling in the Gulf.

#KinahanCartel #Iran…
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A flood event in Italy is not climate it's weather. There has been a decrease in floods in #Italy since 1950. #italyflood #italyfloods

Source:… Image
Fires in Canada are not climate they are weather. Fires in Canada have decreased since 1989. Source: #CanadaFires #AlbertaWildfires #climate Image
Stop catastrophizing every weather event you relentless fear-mongers... And learn the difference between a weather events and climatic trends. 🤦‍♂️
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#Nuked Themsleves: “They will blame #Russia as always”: a sociologist on the growth of the background #radiation in #Khmelnytsky (160 nS) | May 15
-the Russian army #destroyed the #ammunition depot -shells with #DepletedUranium were stored at the facility.…
#Finland's background #radiation normally varies between 0.05 and 0.30 #microsieverts per hour (µSv/h)
Tuomas Peltonen / Inspector general
tel. +358 975 988 508…
- #Loviisa NOW: 0.210 #microSieverts ImageImage
cc: @ ArthurM40330824
#Gamma radiation in #Khmelnytsky could actually indicate that a #DirtyBomb was stored in the warehouses.
Gamma radiation is characteristic of #enriched #uranium. Is it possible that were making "dirty bombs" at the Khmelnitsky #NPP
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Volodymyr Zelensky's evening address:

"Three long days - and our soldiers, our state are getting stronger. Much stronger.

#Italy 🇮🇹, #Germany 🇩🇪, #France 🇫🇷, #UK 🇬🇧... Returning home with new defense packages."
"More new and powerful weapons for the front, more protection for our people, more political support.

Our peace formula was discussed at all meetings, and now there is more willingness of partners to follow the Ukrainian formula." - Zelensky
There is more support for our accession to the #EU 🇪🇺, more understanding that Ukraine's accession to #NATO is inevitable. So, the main results for these days: new weapons for #Ukraine 🇺🇦, respect for Ukrainians, and we managed to make our victory closer. And we will add support!
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I liked #Italy. Ok? Kill me.
#finland is being appropriately weird. Thanks! #Eurovision2023
So far two singers of #Moroccan descent on the #Eurovision2023 La Zarra representing #France and #Loreen representing #Sweden.
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Hello again. It's Friday 12 May + Day 443 of the #UkraineRussiaWar

I'm back again. Another daily thread for all the news that matters in one place.

Two big developments y'day - #Ukraine's counter offensive prep + long range weapons arrive! Catch up here:
First a strange tale from the far east of #Russia where a private helicopter cut through power lines during a "hard landing"

The Mi-2's landing cut off power to the Transneft station in Primorsky Krai.
It's so remote it took 2 days to find the chopper & the pilot's disappeared! ImageImageImageImage
A big increase in #Russia's manpower losses in the last 24 hours. Still a lot of equipment being hit by #Ukraine too.

#RussiansGoHome Image
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@Europarl_EN #Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve #peace in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev TIME to #prepare for #war - to help #CRUSH #ETHNIC #Russians Dec 28, 2022
@Europarl_EN cc: @ TaranQ
German '#Merkel' (#Hitler's daughter) in an interview with the German newspaper #DieZeit:
- "The 2014 #MinskAgreement was an attempt to give Ukraine #time. They used that time to get stronger, which you can see today.
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The US Debunked a Myth about Russia's Prevalent in the West
West always used to mock Russia's economy by comparing it to Italy, showing that despite its large geography Russian economy could be slightly better than a small country like Italy only..!!!

#Russia #Italy #USA… ImageImage
1. But no more it is true. World's most heavily SANCTIONED country is one of the only handful of economies forecasted to have positive GP growth for 2023-24.
#Russia #Italy #USA #WEST #EU #EUROPE…
2. A common comparison of the economies of Russia and Italy in terms of nominal GDP is fundamentally flawed and shows the blindness of Western politicians and experts.
#Russia #Italy #USA #WEST #EU #EUROPE

"There is hardly a meme more ingrained or deceptive in all foreign policy……
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This is the start of Sunday's daily thread covering all the news, and all you need to know, about #Ukraine's battle for survival against the full invasion by #Russia.

Updated in real time, throughout the day, scroll, share, like and reply to help beat Twitter Ukraine bans!
If you can spare any loose change for a coffee to support my work, there's a Ko-Fi link in my bio, thanks.

And if you need a catch up on yesterday's news, here's the link for the start of Saturday's thread.

So it's Day 417 of the war, and I have to say "Khrystos Voskres" (Christ Is Risen) or "Happy Easter" to all my readers from #Ukraine - and indeed #Russia if they are in the minority which opposes war.
The same wishes to all Orthodox believers celebrating Easter today.
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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (46.4%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.1 (10.1%)⬆️
XBB.1.16 (4.9%)⬆️
EG.1 (3.7%)⬆️
CH.1.1 (2.3%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.2 (2.3%)
XBB.2.3 (1.3%)⬆️


Updated 04/15/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to @GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 03/26/2023 (15,505 sequences) Image
#USA, #Austria, #UnitedKingdom & #Canada have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 03/26/2023 ...followed by #Germany, #France, #India, #Italy, #Australia, #Sweden, #Denmark, #Singapore, #SouthKorea, #Spain, #Netherlands Image
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Have a great weekend! Below everything you want to know about #ChatGPT. Thank you Vered! I will add my #thread, with some information about #EU's reaction to ChatGPT.
#ChatGPT created by #OpenAI can carry out conversations, write texts on many topics, perform complex tasks: writing code &planning an event. #Italy's privacy watchdog asked to temporarily ban ChatGPT since the information collected & sent to #chatbot is in violation of #GDPR. 1/1
#ChatGPT unlawfully "fed" the personal data of millions of users to process its replies. @GPDP_IT opened an investigation against #OpenAI: the lack of information to users whose data are collected,absence of a legal basis justifying the massive collection/storage of #data 1/2
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1. today we run an investigation on #ClusterMunitions(CM),after @JonathanLanday revealed #Ukraine seeks #US CM.
Will #Italy play a role?
We've asked Qs to @ISUCCM,@USDOD, @MinisteroDifesa,@MFAItalia+used data from @wikileaks & @banclusterbombs (ENG)…
2. we at @fattoquotidiano publish our investigation in #English free from paywall so we can share info with journalists and civil society orgs which have worked to @banclusterbombs:…
3. Italy is a state party of the @ISUCCM, before we became state party, our #ClusterMunitionsArsenal amounted to 2,618,909 submunitions. Below you can see the official Italian report on Italian #ClusterMunitions before @ISUCCM came into force
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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (48.1%)⬆️
XBB.1.9.1 (6.5%)⬆️
CH.1.1 (3.6%)
BQ.1.1 (2.6%)
EG.1 (2.4%)⬆️
CH.1.1.1 (2.1%)
XBB.1.16 (1.6%)👀

** includes Spike only seqs


Updt 03/26/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 03/06/2023 (25,590 sequences)

Contains many spike sequences from Austria Image
#USA, #UnitedKingdom & #Austria have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 03/06/2023 ...followed by #Canada, #Germany, #Denmark, #Australia, #Italy, #France, #Nertherlands, #India, #Poland Image
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Tracking XBB.1.16* (#Arcturus) over time - Globally

Total Sequences: 205

Spotted in #India, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Singapore, #Australia, #SouthKorea, #Denmark, #Italy, #Ireland, #Germany, #Canada, #Austria


Updated: 03/17/2023
XBB.1.5* & XBB.1.16* Mutational Profile
Early days & low sequence count, however everything points to the next top dog!

Likely scenario:
XBB.1.16* is poised to outcompete XBB.1.5* and other circulating lineages (including XBB.1.9.1*)
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-The Carroccio- 🧵

A carroccio was a large very decorated wagon, moved by oxes, bearing the city signs. It was highly regard by the italian communes, around it the militia of the city gathered and fought, and losing it in battle meant defeat. (1/6)
#svagaiature #italy #medieval
It is thought to have Lomgobards origins, used by the aristocracy of the kingdom as a charriot. By XI century its functions became mainly symbolic, because of the added weight of the Cross and the city banners. (2/6)
Documents dating 1158 and 1201 confirm the presence of the milanese carroccio in San Giorgio al Palazzo’s church, in time of peace. In the battle of #Legnano, 29th of May 1176, the carrocio played a crucial role in the final victory. (3/6)
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I've had the pleasure of being invited to review or respond to a range of excellent books in recent times, on a range of aspects of #constitutionallaw and #democracy worldwide.

A short thread on 7 reviews 🧵
Mark Tushnet @Mark_Tushnet, The New Fourth Branch: Institutions for Protecting Constitutional #Democracy
I see this is as a landmark book in the rapidly expanding literature on 4th branch/guarantor institutions and raise key qs
🔓 Open access @icon_journal…
Emilio Meyer @pelusoemilio, Constitutional Erosion in #Brazil (@hartpublishing)
Meets a crucial gap in the global literature on #democraticdecay, anatomising a highly complex context + considering ways forward
🔓 Open access on the Suprema journal…
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