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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/22/2022
Tracking #BA4/#BA4 in #Asia and #Oceania

Hotspots: #Israel, #Hongkong, #NewSouthWales (#Australia), #Singapore
Emerging Hotspots: #India
#NewZealand (MIQ facility) ImageImage
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/21/2022
Tracking #BA4/#BA4 in #Asia and #Oceania

Hotspots: #Israel, #Hongkong, #NewSouthWales (#Australia), #Singapore
Emerging Hotspots: #India
#NewZealand (MIQ facility) ImageImage
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The 87th daily 🧵 of the #Russia-#Ukraine war.

Russia's illegal invasion had a big boost in the last 72 hours.
Finally they claimed a 2nd big city in #Mariupol' while advances in the Donbas mean there's a real chance they can cut off 1000s of #Ukraine troops in #Luhansk region
But British intelligence is that #Russia is running out of drones.

While both sides are suffering big losses of unmanned aircraft, #Ukraine is able to replace but Russians are struggling

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
#Finland's gas supply from #Russia has today been cut off fur refusing to pay in Rubles.

However it's reported #Germany and #Italy approve rouble accounts for Russian gas payments.

Germany and Italy told companies they could open rouble accounts to “without breaching” sanctions
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/20/2022
Tracking #BA4/#BA4 in #Asia and #Oceania

Hotspots: #Israel, #Hongkong, #NewSouthWales (#Australia), #Singapore
Emerging Hotspots: #India ImageImage
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#Italy now proposes basically same peace plan that I proposed before & after start of #RussiaUkraineWar. Italy's plan:
Ukraine's accession to EU & neutral status without joining NATO
#Ukraine - #Russia agreement on #Donbas & #Crimea
Peace & security treaty in Europe
Like my #Ukraine peace plan: "Rapid accession to the EU and abandonment of NATO. Italy has developed a plan to end the war in Ukraine and submitted it to the UN Secretary General. It involves the rapid entry of Ukraine into the EU but military neutrality"…
I proposed the same deal in my @CBCNews interview: "Ukraine could be offered EU membership as part of a peace deal where it agrees to renounce NATO membership and declares itself neutral," said Katchanovski."
#RussiaUkraineWar #UkraineRussiaConflict…
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Thread: 16 May 2022: Day 82 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Israel denies the reports that it had agreed to send Blue Spear anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine via Estonia…
#France's President Macron has ideas about how to approach #Russia that were self-evidently dangerous to European security half-a-decade ago.
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15 May 1919
Silent witnesses of #Greek atrocities!

The Greek Army,which set foot in Izmir,carried out terrible massacres against the Turkish people together with the #Greeks living in Izmir.

Until the end of the occupation,they killed 640 thousand children,women and the elderly
During the occupation days,Italian Painter Vitorio Pisani was 20 years old and lived in Izmir.

He saw his Turkish neighbors being killed by his #Greek neighbors.A few days later his own house was also raided and he moved to #Italy.

Their screams were reflected in the paintings. ImageImage
On the morning of May 15,1919,the occupation troops disembarked from the battleship Patris,which had docked at Izmir Port,were killing all Turks,the elderly,and their children who stood in their way with a sense of revenge.A devastating hatred under the heavy rain in Konak Square Image
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#Ukrainian #refugees Thread

Man killed in Warsaw, Poland, because he stood up for the girl they were molesting.
ALSO, why those young men are not SERVING in the Ukrainian front?

#Ukrainian #refugees Thread

EAST-Ukrainian man stabbed by a WEST-Ukrainian man after bizarre translation test at Brooklyn bar.

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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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آدھا آدمی آدھی چٹان (فلور س، اٹلی)
1600 c. Colossus
#Unbelievable Rock-Cut #architecture
اس مہاکاوی آدھا آدمی آدھی چٹان کولوس کوپندرھویں صدی کے آخر میں ماہر اطالوی مجسمہ ساز Giambolong
(1529- 1608) نےاٹلی کےناہموار Appennino پہاڑ پر تعمیر کیاتھا۔
ٹسکنی (Tuscany)
کے دارالخلافہ فلورنس میں واقع یہ دیو قامت مجسمہ سطح زمین سے 35 فیٹ بلند ھے۔
لیکن یہ محض مجسمہ کاری کاشاہکار نہیں بلکہ اس میں کافی راز ہیں جیسے اس مجسمہ میں کافی خفیہ کمرے بھی بنائے گئے ہیں جو مختلف امورانجام دیتے ہیں۔
یہ افواہ ھےلیکن سچ بھی ھے کہ اس کے سر میں چمنی کیلیےجگہ بنائی
گئی تھی جسے روشن کرنے پر اس کے نتھنوں (Nostrils) سے دھواں نکلتا تھا کیونکہ اس عفریت (Monster) کا بایاں ہاتھ زیر زمین ندی کے پانی سے منسلک ھے۔
ایک بار تو حقیقت سے قریب تریہ چٹانی آرٹ اپنے تخلیق کار کو داد دینے پر ضرور مجبور کرتاھے۔
@threadreaderapp unroll it.
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"The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised down its eurozone growth forecast for 2022 to 2.8 percent from 3.9 percent in its January estimate, with the region's biggest economy, #Germany, taking a heavy hit."… #Ukraine
"The shockwaves of the conflict hurt countries like #Italy and #Germany more than other European nations because they had 'relatively large manufacturing sectors and greater dependence on energy imports from Russia'" #Ukraine
"Sanctions never work," Geraci said. "To solve this issue, we have to use diplomacy with #Russia. We don't just need to go to #Kiev. We need to go to #Moscow."
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Thanks @cometoblame for this essential update on #Germany v #Italy II at the #ICJ. Can you shed any light on the timing of Germany's filing, given the fact that Italy's legislative fix was imminent? Surely Germany was not in the dark about this, so why bring the case?
I guess the answer (as Filippo suggests in this thread) is that the new Italian scheme still requires claimants to receive a judgment *against Germany* in the Italian Courts before they can access this new fund, so Germany's jurisdictional immunity remains infringed.
Seems like Italy instead needs an administrative process to consider wartime claims that doesn't involve Germany at all. And perhaps with such a remedy available, Italy could reinstate the law blocking its courts from exercising jurisdiction over these claims & CC would go along?
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🇪🇺energy ministers holding an emergency meeting today to discuss how to respond to Russia shutting off the gas taps to #Poland & #Bulgaria - and clarify whether paying for gas in rubles would violate the EU's #RussiaSanctions.

They'll also try to find agreement on a #OilEmbargo.
What we know for sure is any 🇪🇺 embargo on #RussianOil won't begin immediately. It would probably be phased out by end of the year.

In order to avoid an #Orban veto, #Hungary may have to be granted exemptions. #Italy & #Greece also need more convincing. But #Germany is on board.
Today's emergency meeting starts 3pm. If 🇪🇺 agrees oil embargo it will send shock waves through the world economy, analysts predicting it will lead to even higher inflation. There are fears of resulting social unrest.

#Brussels & #Washington in talks on how to cushion the blow.
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So, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was interviewed by #Italy's TV channel Rete 4 (owned by Berlusconi's Mediaset/Media for Europe)

It was the first time he was on Western media since the start of Russia's war against Ukraine.

Some highlights but first...

... be warned that, in keeping with Italian tradition of softball journalism, the interview was mostly polite prompts for Lavrov's monologues, without almost any attempt to confront him with facts.

"That's your point of view, but Zelenskiy has a different point of view," the interviewer said at one point -- when Lavrov said again that Russia only targets military structures, in Kyiv and in the rest of Ukraine.

But what did Lavrov say? Read on.

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Bereits am Mittag kam es zu ersten Konfrontationen zwischen der Polizei und der 1. Mai Demonstration in #Nantes. Die Polizei setzte Tränengas ein. Die Demonstration hat sich jedoch neu aufgestellt und zieht weiter.
#1erMai #1Mai #manif1ermai #Frankreich #France #PrimoMaggio
Aber auch in #Lyon kam es zu ersten Konfrontationen mit der Polizei, hier setzte die Polizei Wasserwerfer ein.
#1erMai #1Mai #manif1ermai #Frankreich #France #PrimoMaggio
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This is TOO EXCITING not to tweet.

#Germany started proceedings against #Italy at the #ICJ for alleged violations of its sovereign immunity.

It’s been a long time in the making. Many of us are probably not surprised. 🫢

It’s time for Germany v. Italy—Reloaded.

A thread 🪡
After the ICJ’s 2012 judgment in Germany v. Italy (link below), the Italian Parliament passed Law 5/2013. That law required Italian courts to decline jurisdiction in claims against Germany of the kind which had given rise to the ICJ litigation. 👩🏻‍💼…
Little did they know that the #ConstitutionalCourt would declare that law unconstitutional a year later, in the now-famous Sentenza 238/2014. 🙅🏻‍♂️

The Constitutional Court declared that the law was incompatible with the fundamental right…
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#Germany's leaders, especially Chancellor #Scholz seem reluctant to really help #Ukraine-especially by providing #heavyweapons.

(Too) many reasons are given for this, even avoiding #nuclear war, but there's a problem with these excuses for🇺🇦- AND for🇩🇪& its #NATO allies
Here's the latest interview with #Scholz in @derspiegel He steers a question about supplying proper weapons to
1) #Germany becoming a party to the war in #Ukraine
2) The danger of a direct confrontation between NATO & Russia
3) WW3 & Nuclear war…
As you can see from the quotes below
- and despite the best efforts of the journalists -
there's a lot of diversion, deflection & flim-flam going on here ...
The key point seems to be to keep stoking and manipulating fear among #Germany's population
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#Deforestation: "#Consumption patterns of G7 countries drive an average loss of 3.9 #trees per person per year. Some of the hotspots of deforestation embodied in international trade are also #biodiversity hotspots"… #BiodiversityCrisis #WorldSystem
"#USA, #Japan, #Germany, #France, the #UK, and Italy, and several developing countries, such as #China and #India, have obtained net domestic forest gains. The net forest gains made in these countries were partially offset by importing embodied deforestation from elsewhere"
"Our analysis addresses two main questions: (i) Which #deforestation hotspots are driven by which consumer countries? and (ii) Which forest ecosystems, tropical rain forests or other forest types are the top targets of global supply chains?"
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Gloves off
Pentagon: #Ukraine has received fighter planes & aircraft parts to bolster its air force. This indicates a change in #US attitude, which had initially refused to provide Ukraine w/ heavy armaments to avoid action #Russia cld consider direct involvement in the conflict.
The announcement comes a week after #US President @JoeBiden unveiled an $800 million military aid package for #Kyiv, including heavier equipment such as Helicopters, and howitzers (US army training the Ukrainians on their use), as fighting escalates in eastern #Ukraine.
It is unclear how #Ukraine manages to bring into the country jets, Helicopters, Howitzers and tons of military types of equipment if #Russia has the air dominance over the Ukrainian air space and adequate intelligence overseeing the ongoing war.
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People's Deputies of #Ukraine met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of #Italy. He expressed his full support for Ukraine! Since Feb 28th, €110 mln was allocated to support the budget of Ukraine, with 86 aircraft with military assistance.👇
▪️We have a clear signal that the weapons on the transferred list will soon be in #Ukraine.

▪️An immutable position on oil and gas sanctions! No payments in rubles. #Italy plans to diversify supplies through #Azerbaijan, #Algeria, and #Libya.
▪️We also heard about the support of Ukraine's accession to the EU🇪🇺

▪️Thank you for working at the International Criminal Court: Italy is suitable to be proud of its judge and expert assistance to Ukraine.

▪️And Italy is ready to be a guarantor of security.
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Thread: 18 April 2022: Day 54 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
"'I screamed at the [#Russian] guards: "He is dying, he is dying." I tried with my bound feet to push a bottle of water towards him,' says Dima, visibly distressed. 'All they did was laugh and say: "If he dies, he dies. All Ukrainians must die".'"…
#pt: "For 10 days, survivors of this room – all civilians – say they were starved, tortured, subjected to multiple mock executions [by #Russian soldiers], threatened with rape and forced to sit in their own excrement by soldiers under Trostyanets station [in Sumy]."
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Day 52 since #Russia decided it would be fun to obliterate its neighbour. They're still trying.

No matter the human cost, Putin doesn't want peace; he never did.

#Ukraine army losses announced, another airport damaged overnight + top trolling from🇺🇦Defence, all in the daily🧵⬇️
I'll start with the news that President @ZelenskyyUa admitted #Ukraine's losses in the war for the first time.
He told CNN that 2,500-3,000 members of his armed forces had lost their lives and about 10,000 more injured.
Russia claimed 36,000 🇺🇦soldiers have been killed.
Intriguing news from #Mariupol where some more #Ukraine fighters have managed to break through a Russian line to hook up with the bulk of the remaining Resistance in the Azovstal complex.

Russia says almost all were killed, but I think over 100 made it: awaiting confirmation.
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It's #GoodFriday, commemorating the #crucifixion of #Jesus which, according Christian tradition, took place in 1st ct. AD Judea (then a #Roman province).

While there are historic sources about this punishment method, archaeological evidence is scarce.

Some #EasterArchaeology:
(Content warning: Images of human remains and some possibly rather explicit details of death and torture.)
#Crucifixion as punishment is predating Roman times and goes back as far as to the Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Persians.

In ancient Rome it was mostly imposed on slaves or exercised as political punishment e.g. for insurrectionist - but usually not against Roman citizens.
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