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🐟 Now on where I will continue to GTTO and shoot down bigots and greedy b'stards
Mar 26 10 tweets 4 min read
You would have thought that @LeeAndersonMP_
working for a 'news organisation' would have the nouse to check something he tweets, or at least use one of the staff that represent the large part of his expenses claims to check for him... but no...
Here's a little 🧵 What Lee sees:
“Her department’s “targeted approach” has removed a ban on sending luxury goods including “toys, diamonds and colour TV’s” to Nepal.”

What actually happened:
Jul 23, 2021 47 tweets 11 min read
right, @ScottBentonMP @GoodLawProject @mrjamesob anyone living in #blackpool anyone affected by #Gambling or anyone who thinks that corporate lobbying is not rife and divisive.
This may be a long thread..... Scott in Parliament yesterday (22/7/21): “It is a pleasure to lead this Adjournment debate on the review of the Gambling Act 2005. I refer Members to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.”

Scott accepted >£7,500 in ‘hospitality’ in the last 5 weeks.
Sep 17, 2020 20 tweets 3 min read
Right Dido Harding, I am going to let rip now and I hope you read every word.

At the moment I don’t know if I want you sacked or not. Maybe you should stay in position so that you can be taken to court on a charge of manslaughter through negligence 1/many or treason for wilfully destroying the nations economy.

I may just let my anger boil over and say some hurtful things. I don’t care, you deserve all of it and more. 2/many
Aug 19, 2020 23 tweets 6 min read
So, @MattHancock you want more private companies involved in the NHS do you? That "partnering up with corporate giants is "the best way through""…

Would you like to elaborate on these apparent successes?

#ToryCorruption #NHS #MattHancickhasfailedBritain Shall I start with some reasons not to?
Lets begin with you mate from the Jockey Club and wife of your MP mate.
Dido Harding: PPE from Oxford, did a bit of retail, went to talktalk and managed to oversee the theft of >150,000 customer details and the co getting a £400,000 fine.