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#MintPrimer | Tamil Nadu has banned online #gambling, rekindling a campaign against #gaming firms in India that has raged for over a year-and-a-half.

Mint explains the controversy:… Image
#MintPrimer | After much back-and-forth the #TamilNadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Ordinance was passed on 10 April.

The bill seeks to prohibit online gambling, its promotion through advertising, and more.

Read here:… Image
#MintPrimer | Since India’s constitution says that a Supreme Court ruling becomes law of the land, gaming firms argue that the Tamil Nadu ordinance runs against the constitution.

Read here:… Image
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Here are some key takeaways that can help you better understand your relationship with #money from "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel @morganhousel #RichQUACK $QUACK #Psychologyofmoney

THREAD 🧵👇 Image
1. Wealth is what you don’t see: Wealth is the assets you accumulate that nobody else can see. It’s the cars not purchased, the clothes not bought, and the vacations not taken. #ThePsychologyofMoney #Wealth #Savings $QUACK
2. Compounding is the most powerful force in finance: Time and patience are the most important ingredients of compound interest. Understanding the power of compound interest is essential for building long-term wealth. #CompoundInterest #WealthBuilding $QUACK
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Here it is.. 🤯

This is my WAGMI HODL-list 🧾 for this upcoming next bull run 💎🐈🚀

It’s gonna be a long thread but I guarantee it’s gonna be well worth your precious time 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

I’ll add new Gems 💎 over time at the end so bookmark and revisit 📖

#WAGMI #HODL #100x #Gems

This HODL-list aims at crypto portfolios in the 6-figure range.

You can use this list as a starting point to DYOR 👨🏼‍🔬🧪 or just as confluence or simply pick coins you like and invest according to your risk management.

My goal with these picks is to average a 100x during the next bull run 🔮

Profits will be not taken before new ATHs on the coins itself and probably not before ETH is above 10.000$.

Will revisit and update the projects when ETH is at 10.000$.
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I'd like to talk more about the #cryptocurrency / #blockchain phenomenon, starting again with the way that the #crypto crowd once leaned very heavily into the pretence that their cryptographic thingummies had "intrinsic value" and that they were "mined" like #gold.

the big names in #cryptocurrency especially, like @Bitcoin / $BITC and @ethereum / $ETH, fuelled this nonsense by asserting that ordinary currencies, government-backed #money, was mere "fiat money" whereas the #cryptocurrencies had some nebulous "intrinsic value".

you'll still find a *lot* of #cryptocurrency gamblers and grifters who cling to the "fiat money" canard. search for "fiat money" on @Twitter and you'll find some amusing examples. this was part of a general #sales pitch for #cryptocurrencies as somehow being _independent_.

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I do feel there's something more to be said (while the iron is hot, so to speak) about #cryptocurrency and the question of how presumably intelligent #computer and #programming professionals (not to mention the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi crowd) could possibly have fallen for it.

the *allure* is obvious enough; it's the same allure that's in looking for legendary pirate treasure, or prospecting for gold. you're hoping for more than just some #money—you're hoping that for enough to *set you up for life*. all monetary worries, permanently erased.

that's one of the reason that it's so important to interrogate the #ElonMusk crowd about Musk's blood-emerald dealings, and what the *truth* was about Musk's family striking it rich—it's likely that Musk simply lost the ability thenceforth to think in realistic terms.

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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗗𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 (a thread) Image
Gambling has traditionally been considered a “vice,” along with prostitution, illegal drugs, and pornography. In law enforcement, the term “vice” is often considered an inherently immoral activity, often accompanied by depraved, harmful behavior (John Stemberger).
Asmodeus is the name of the demon behind betting. He is the prince of demons in hell. Asmodeus represents lusts. (Terrezo2002 on Nairaland). He incites gambling, and is the overseer of all the gambling houses in the court of Hell.
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Timing the #crypto narrative cycle.
Which #alts I bought, and when to accumulate again?

Narratives, #alpha & charts for my favorite #altcoins.

The final stage of the #BearMarket is where you build the foundation for future #wealth.

1/ 🧵


#bitcoin $BTCUSD Image
#AI narrative

The parabolic move already played out, we are in the final stage before major correction.

$FET, $AIRI (degen play)

2/ Image
#LSD narrative

The parabolic move already played out, a second wave will start with $ETH Restaking @eigenlayer

$FRX, $SD (degen play)

3/ ImageImage
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It's unfortunate, but today's post by @DNPthree comes as no surprise to me.

I started investigating @CluCoin in March, and over the following months I I heard anecdotal comments from a variety of sources that he was hard into #gambling.


But *why* he stole millions of dollars of investor money is really beside the point.

The fact of the matter is that that it was taken by him, to use in ways that were neither disclosed to investors, nor legal.

And I certainly hope @SECGov and the @FBI are paying attention.

I (and others) brought up "irregularities" and questions as to where funds from @CluCoin and @GoobersNFT went. In fact, I submitted nearly 30 questions to the #CluCoin AMA that was supposed to happen in June (and never did).

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While you're gambling, try your luck. This #gambling game is based on the idea of gambling, which may be a little "meta." So, if you follow our lead, you may effectively bet while gambling. This is due to the fact.…
That the Casino Mania slot machine contains all of the classic casino icons. There are casino chips, rolling dice, a spinning roulette wheel, and a couple of gamblers - one smoking hot lady and another lighting.…

A cigar with some of his money.
I mean, if he keeps doing that, he's not going to win any bets, is he? The game screen's general design is more Las Vegas flashy than Monte Carlo refined. With bright colors!…
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Australia: Depositing in the AUD is not hard at all, although laws have begun to get a lot stricter since the Interactive #Gambling Act was updated in mid 2017. At this point Australians can still deposit with credit.
And debit cards and any other methods they have previously, but we’ll update this with further information if it changes. New Zealand: Kiwis have got an exceptionally wide open range of online casinos available to them.…
While there are also very restrictions surrounding payment methods. Live casino games in New Zealand are probably no.1, but online slots are also very popular. Many of the best NZ online casinos have payment types like credit.…

Debit and web wallets.
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Of course, #gambling games play a minor role in this series, which follows a young prodigy whose ambition is to reshape the world to suit his own desires. He discovered a notebook labeled "Death Note."
But it was not alone; it was accompanied by Jabami Yumeko, an apple-loving ghost. Each character enters the game with big stakes and must manipulate the other to emerge victorious. This series' element.…
Has a lot in common with gambling, therefore don't miss out on seeing it. Do you want to watch a tasty anime as well? Shokugeki no Souma Animation is a game that will appeal to foodies. The story revolves.…
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The #gambling anime theme isn't the most popular for slots, but when it does exist, it's usually accompanied by interesting storylines. Kakegurui, a popular anime about privileged students at elite schools.
Who engage in high-stakes gambling, is one of the most popular shows on the subject. Even if this single is one of the best in the genre, that's not all. One Outs, a psychological thriller involving.…
High-stakes baseball bets, and Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, a drama about a man who is dragged into the world of underground games, are also available. Which of the following animes are you planning to watch?…

Kakegurui (Kakegurui) is a compulsive gambler.
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We've compiled a list of the best pirate-themed video slots. Hooks Heroes first launched on the online #gambling scene in 2015, and it quickly became a fan favorite. This game sticks out from the crowd because to.…
Its distinctive graphics, sound effects, and fantastic gameplay. The game also contains 7 free spins with random wilds on every turn, 10 free spins with reward multipliers, or 15 free spins with matching scatters and bonus symbols.…
There are a lot of dead pirates and their spirits in Ghost Pirates! It's a NetEnt slot game with medium to high volatility with incredibly exciting graphics and sound effects. It has 243 ways to win. The treasure chest.…
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Influencing social norms and attitudes on youth gambling, challenging current myths and misconceptions of Internet #gambling among youth and the general public, and promoting realistic and accurate knowledge about gambling. Governments, industry and the public… have a responsibility to protect children and adolescents from potentially harmful activities. This goal aims to protect youth from exposure to gambling products and promotion through effective institutional policy,… government legislation and through a reduction in the accessibility and availability of all forms of regulated gambling to underage youth.

Prevention can consist of increasing knowledge and awareness of the risk of gambling
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Some #casinos have decided that it would be okay to operate without the necessary licenses and regulatory supervision, turning them into rather dangerous places to stake your money on.

Even not factoring in the so-called “bad actors” and disreputable companies,… online #gambling has an appeal that can often prove a little too strong and a little too compelling than is reasonable. To help you better read how online gambling makes things a little riskier for you, we will highlight the main issues associated with it. Is it all bad? Not necessarily. After all, availability is what makes online gambling appealing, and it should not be interpreted as a negative trend entirely. We will talk about some of the upsides of having online casinos one click away
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One of the reasons that people like to gamble is for the thrill of winning, but with #gambling at #onlinecasinos, some people are leery to play because of the fear that online casinos don´t pay out the #winnings earned by their players.… You read pretty much everything from large winnings that were quickly paid out to problems with the payout or complete refusal on the casino side. So:

Do Online Casinos really pay?… While there are certain circumstances that casinos reserve the right to refuse a payout, which are typically for the protection and security of their players when fraud is suspected, this is one myth about online casino gaming that just isn’t true.
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Many experts believe that the popularity of online gambling is driving the decline of brick-and-mortar casinos; in fact, research from #gambling policy expert Kahlil S. Philander shows that many European #casinos experienced declining revenues after online gambling was regulated… While online slots appear to have affected the industry to some degree, there appear to be other factors that are causing the decline of traditional casinos as well. Some of these challenges include stronger competition,… rising property costs, economic downturns and high overhead. Since many of their patrons travel long distances to visit them, casino revenues are suffering as disposable incomes decline and fuel prices rise.
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Bally was the king of gaming at the time with its footprint covering no less than 90% of the slot machine market in #NewJersey, after the #gambling was made legal in 1978. Safety and fairness remained biggest concerns, however, as Bally knowingly altered the mechanics and thus unknowingly inventing volatility – by decreasing your chance of winning while increasing the size of the payouts. Computer programmers were hired and tasked with making improvements to the game engine in order to make games more tempting… and alluring with higher jackpots, while maintaining the profit margin. This was achieved by (another unintentional) invention of Random Number Generator (RNG) which
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The fact that anyone who owns a mobile device can play them gives slots more appeal than any other #gambling game.… New technologies for online slots keep expanding and, since anyone can play online slots at any time, it’s only logical that they will become even more popular in the future.… All slots work on the same principle. A player spins the reels, hoping to hit multiple matching symbols to get the biggest prize. Ever since the first video slots in 1996, the game’s core hasn’t changed at all.
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Best #OnlineCasinos for Slots: Final Thoughts
Playing slots online is always better when we’re playing at the best online casinos for slots! These are legal to play in the US and have the best variety of games, the biggest bonuses and the best UX for American players.… All the casino sites in our list are great for slot games, but it’s also important that you do your own research before creating an account. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to gamble responsibly and we wish you the best of luck!
If you suffer from a #gambling problem or suspect somebody you know does, then we strongly suggest that you call Gambler’s Anonymous at 1-626-960-3500 to talk with an advisor for help and to make gambling safer for you or your loved ones.
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#Slotmachines and other electronic gambling machines (EGMs) are #gambling devices that offer a variety of games. They are inexpensive to run, which makes it possible for casinos to offer low-stakes betting to a large number of customers.… As a result, they have become the most profitable form of gambling. EGMs are found at casinos, on cruise boats, at racetracks, at local bars, and even at corner stores.… Slot machines and other EGMs seem to attract a lot of myths. This is partly because of a lack of accurate information on how the machines work and partly due to the design of the machines. In this paper, we will discuss how slot machines really work.
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Marvel dan Playtech tidak lagi bekerja sama. Selama beberapa tahun, Playtech dan Marvel Studios memiliki hubungan kerja yang baik. Pada slot bertema Marvel, kedua belah pihak bekerja sama dengan baik. #gambling…
Bahkan setelah Disney membeli Marvel Studios seharga $4 miliar pada 2009, status quo tetap ada. Disney awalnya merasa nyaman dengan hubungannya dengan perusahaan perjudian online.

Namun, pada 2017, mereka mengubah nada mereka.
Pada saat ini, raksasa hiburan yang berbasis di California ini melepaskan diri dari bisnis game. Keputusan ini mengakibatkan kolaborasi Playtech/Marvel dibatalkan.…

Slot Marvel ditarik dari portofolio Playtech.
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If you’re new to #gambling, or if you’ve been gambling for a while but are just now reading about game strategy, the concept of hit frequency may be a little confusing.… Gambling writers throw a lot of language around, some industry terms and some made up by the masses, and understanding what they are and how they work can provide great insight into the games you already know and love to play.… Let’s start by defining hit frequency and talking about it in terms of a few other common pieces of gambling jargon.

What’s Hit Frequency?
This is an industry term that describes how often a game produces a win. In this sense, a “hit” is any payout.
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Last year, we were compelled to stay inside due to the escalating pandemic crisis in order to comply with new health standards and social distancing measures. As a result, #onlinegambling has become an appealing option for both casual and hardcore players all over the world.… The opportunity of playing casino classics like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, placing wagers on major sporting events around the globe, and even playing online instant win games lured online players worldwide…, and the business grew significantly during this time period. When #onlinecasinos, sportsbooks and other gambling websites first appeared in the mid-1990s, following the rise and popularization of the internet, there were few trustworthy options,
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