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Former congressional staffer / campaign manager; Beyond Politics podcast and WKXL radio host, writer who focuses on diving under the surface
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Jun 24 11 tweets 4 min read
I don't think people are fully realizing how radical this Dobbs opinion is. America's laws are now ruled by a cult no different from any religious extremist sect. I ran through it on Beyond Politics, but the upshot is in this thread below.…
1/12 In Dobbs, Alito cites a *13th-century* treatise and the *17th century* English Lord Matthew Hale so that he can argue that abortion would have been considered illegal in the 1780s.
Jun 14 13 tweets 5 min read
What if Democrats could do something immediate and bold to stand up for women's equality, help protect the right to abortion, and go on offense against right-wingers who would drag women's status back to the 17th century?

They could.

1/13 As I wrote for @johnastoehr's publication The Editorial Board, the Biden Administration *could* treat the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution as enacted. Why? Because many legal scholars argue that in fact, it is already.

Jun 13 11 tweets 5 min read
I'm going to try something quaint but important: respond to Republican trolling about #inflation & the #StockMarket a dose of facts & expertise, courtesy of top economist @Markzandi on Beyond Politics:…
Because facts and expertise should still matter.
1/11 And important note, because everyone questions everyone's partisan motivations these days. @Markzandi is widely trusted with good reason: he's a Democrat who also advised the McCain campaign in 2008. He calls it straight.
May 16 18 tweets 10 min read
The mass shooting in #Buffalo, right wing extremism on guns, and the takeover of the judiciary by leveraging abortion (per last week's thread) are connected. The connection is money. It fuels the complex right-wing network that captured the Court and props up politicians.
1/18 The network is complex and confusing by design. It makes the "All the President's Men" mantra of "follow the money" really hard. But here are just a *few* of the threads we do know about, and how they connect to #RoeVWade, #GunViolence, #SCOTUS, and white nationalism.
May 10 18 tweets 5 min read
I want to offer a reminder of history - one that really matters now.Key point: the American religious right made abortion their big issue *not* out of moral conviction, but as a tactical choice to cover their broader agenda, especially protecting segregation.
1/16 This matters so much because we are very much living with the impacts of that decision right now. We will continue to for years to come. Let's look at what happened and why it is such an ongoing issue.
May 9 6 tweets 3 min read
The focus on #RoeVWade comes against an interesting backdrop: in many ways, American men and women are living in different mental worlds. And the gap is growing. I talked with @dcoxpolls on Great Ideas about his research on this. A few takeaways.…
We know that politically, women are migrating to the Dem Party. This is particularly true of college-educated women. The proportion of college educated women in the Dem Party has more than doubled in the last twenty years and is now almost 1/3 of Dems.
Apr 27 10 tweets 3 min read
What really grabs me about this sentence, the more I think about it (and @RepRaskin & @johnastoehr are right, this is the key sentence) is that given what we now know about the inside plan, including possible martial law, this could have been what Pence was worried about...
1/ 11 We can see from Mark Meadows' texts that Marjorie Taylor Greene is telling him that a number of Republicans in Congress wanted and supported martial law--this was clearly being talked about in the more extreme R circles.…
Apr 1 17 tweets 7 min read
Thread: Democrats must refocus what we're doing *right now* if we're going to save democracy.

Below, how specifically we can do that. This thread draws from my new article on @johnastoehr. The full details are here, which I hope you'll read:…
1/17 As @LOLGOP pointedly showed in The Editorial Board @johnastoehr last week, as a party, we get so angry about right-wing nutcases that we vastly overspend on candidates with no shot.…