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Co-ordinating and organising grassroots events supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in Melbourne. #DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeNOW #BringAssangeHome
Dec 29, 2022 9 tweets 4 min read
When you understand the facts of the #Assange case and the lies and deception; the daily dose of hypocrisy and finger-pointing becomes insufferable. The injustice keeps you up at night. The atrocities turn into nightmares.


A thread. 🧵

#ItsTime to #FreeAssange 11 April 2019 | A SHAMEFUL DAY and photo of Julian Assange a The terror and terrible treatment of others, stays with you.

The truth is a burden.

It is hard then to imagine what it must be like for #JulianAssange with all that he knows and no voice or ability to right the wrongs or to defend himself. To be silenced—

Dec 26, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
'Imagine a dark room. Suddenly, someone shines a light on the elephant in the room; on war criminals, on corruption. Assange is the man with the spotlight. The governments are briefly in shock— @NilsMelzer


1/ —but then they turn the spotlight around with accusations of rape. It is a classic manoeuvre when it comes to manipulating public opinion. The elephant once again disappears into the darkness, behind the spotlight. And Assange becomes the focus of attention instead—

Aug 28, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
He's right.

And we may only have a matter of weeks before Julian Assange is extradited to the United States.

Never to be seen again.

The matter is currently in its final stages with an appeal submitted by his legal team to the UK's High Court on 26 August. 1/

🧵 The last bastion, is an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. However, we know through past experience and from Nils Melzer's book and two-year investigation, that the US, UK and Australia, care little (outside of virtue-signalling) for human rights. 2/