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Jul 9, 2023 21 tweets 4 min read
#bkdk Omegaverse AU

25 yo Izuku sadly dies from overworking himself and ends up reincarnated into a Otome game he used to play…. An Omegaverse one.

And he’s reincarnated as the side villain of the game. The omega protagonist’s twin brother, a beta who got jealous constantly whenever the protagonist or anyone got too close to an alpha lead.

The side villain, while not as bad as the main one, would heavily butt himself in between the protagonist and love interests. The alpha leads primarily ignored him though, much to his annoyance.
Mar 31, 2023 58 tweets 10 min read
#bkdk Yakuza Katsuki x Homeless Izuku

It’s a chance encounter where Katsuki bumps into skinny, green haired guy that looks like he hasn’t slept for days. The resulting collision results with both of their wallets and the contents to spill onto the ground. Katsuki curses while the skinny man apologizes profusely.

He ignores him, hoping his dragon and tiger tattoos would spook the man off as he gathers his stuff. Gladly they did, the green haired man hightails it away from the blond Yakuza member.
Jan 26, 2023 100 tweets 18 min read
A rewrite of one of my old threads. #bkdk Omegaverse

O! Izuku wants a pup so badly, but is given devastating news. Possibly due to the constant usage of OFA, he has been rendered infertile.

Heartbroken about not being able to conceive his own pup, he leaves the hospital. smells of lemons. He lathers it into her hair, being mindful to keep the suds out of her eyes.

She releases content purrs and chirps, the omega’s heart squeezing once again at this. He asks, “Do you have a name?”

The girl turns to look at him, her expression being that of in
Jan 13, 2023 70 tweets 13 min read
A sort of Cinderella #bkdk AU

Izuku is a kind stepfather to Eri and, after losing his husband/Eri’s father out at sea, raises her on his own with their dwindling fortune.

Today, he works several odd jobs just to keep the house he and Eri live in. Eri, wanting to find someone to make her stepfather happy, decides to attend a ball. The ball is for the King’s Nephew, who is now the heir to the throne and needs a bride.

Eri arrives at the ball and one of the few ladies without an escort. She completely ignores all men’s advancements, including the King’s
Jan 6, 2023 153 tweets 29 min read

On April 1st or known as April Fool’s Day, Katsuki receives a letter from his FwB, Alpha Izuku. In the letter, Izuku states that he is pregnant with Katsuki’s child. And with the letter, an ultrasound photo…

Katsuki doesn’t believe it. Tags: #omegaverse, #dynadeku, #BKDK, #togachako, #seroroki, #shinkami

CW/TW: mentions of mpreg, blackmail, lying/manipulation, restraining orders, supposed stillborn, revenge, violence, drugging, bad mom Inko

Rewrite of this old thread:
Nov 26, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Since my birthday is next Thursday, I’m trying to decide which figure to buy myself. I just need help deciding which one (poll down below ⬇️) .
Nov 16, 2022 13 tweets 3 min read

Three years ago, two strange men came to the village in the mountains. They appeared to have been soldiers of some kind or at least the green haired man appeared so. His blond haired companion appeared to be more like a mercenary. The scars that littered the blonde’s face and on the green haired man’s body deterred many people from approaching them. They mostly kept to themselves though.

They quickly moved into the abandoned cabin nestled far into the woods from the village and fixed it up.
Oct 26, 2022 15 tweets 4 min read
#bkdk Omegaverse AU based on a Reddit post

Basically, 8 months pregnant Izuku is craving a specific chocolate that can only be found at one specific store an hour away. It’s his most favorite flavor.

“Kacchan! Can you get me some of my chocolates?” His alpha nods. “Yeah, be right back.”

His alpha heads into the kitchen as Izuku hums while rubbing his belly. His alpha comes back with his favorite chocolate and Izuku gleefully eats them. After eating them, Izuku pulls Katsuki in for a kiss when he smells it.
Oct 1, 2022 23 tweets 5 min read
In celebration for the second Hocus Pocus movie that came out, here’s a little idea.

#bkdk where Izuku moves to a new town and hears the legend of Bakugou Katsuki, a warlock that was hung for the murder of a priest’s son.

But before he was hung, he spoke of a curse. That he would return when a virgin would light his black flame candle… And reclaim what was stolen from him along with exacting revenge on the priest.

So, with his new friend Ochako, Todoroki, Tenya, and his little sister Eri, they find the old cottage where Bakugou lived.
Sep 25, 2022 9 tweets 2 min read
Been seeing werewolf Kacchan on my timeline and felt inspired.

#bkdk Omegaverse A! Werewolf Katsuki x A! Human Izuku

CW: mentions of NSFW 🔞

People find it weird about Izuku and his boyfriend’s relationship and how they are still together. Because both of them being alphas and they haven’t killed each other yet?

Well… What people don’t know is how /special/ his boyfriend is.

Especially during a full moon and how he absolutely /ravishes/ Izuku in bed.

That cock and tongue have ruined Izuku plans of finding anyone else after their one night stand
Sep 20, 2022 37 tweets 7 min read
#bkdk Omegaverse AU A! Izuku x Enigma! Katsuki / Pro Hero Izuku, Winter AU Katsuki

CW: mentions of cheating (not Bkdk), mpreg (later on), single father Izuku

When Izuku was a child, he met a strange boy while on a trip to his grandparents’ house out in the country. It was during winter break and snow on the ground, Izuku playing in the forest behind his grandparents’ house. He ventured a little bit too far and got a lost.

He started sniffling, the little alpha scared and wanting his mama. Izuku had no idea where to go.
Aug 20, 2022 17 tweets 4 min read
A small #bkdk idea loosely based on a Reddit post I saw (but I sadly can’t find it again)

CW/TW: MCD?, murder, guilt, fake friends, strangulation

Izuku and Katsuki were the definition of a happy couple.

Whereas so many of their friends went through the ups and downs of marriage, some even ending in divorce, they remained the same.

Even adopted two little kids and spoiled them to bits.

Then one day, Izuku says he’s going out to do some errands. Katsuki gives him a kiss goodbye and a “stay safe”.

Izuku smiles and heads off.
Aug 18, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
#MHASpoilers #mha363

Sorry to be a bummer, but I do believe Bakugou is dead… Jeanist is most likely in shock that a student he saw alive and kicking now lays lifeless on the ground…

But that could also mean he will try everything in his power to revive Bakugou. His quirk is literally the manipulation of Fiber, clothes made out of cotton being the easiest to manipulate. So he will most likely try to do it on Bakugou’s heart while TomuraAFO is distracted by Mirko and the others.

His objective to kill Bakugou was fulfilled, so he won’t be paying much
Aug 1, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Okay, I got an email from @/Lyft stating I received a low star rating from a recent ride… But won’t say for what reason. I can’t think of anything that I may have done.

I use Lyft at night to get home and all I really do is just sit in the back silently while being on my phone. I don’t engage with the driver unless I really want to or just give short answers to their questions.

The only time I really speak to them in longer sentences is giving them the right location for my apartment building entrance.

Other than that, I’m usually quiet and, when I
Jul 22, 2022 693 tweets >60 min read
#dkbk #bkdk where Izuku, a renowned doctor and surgeon, dies from an unknown heart condition he had. And ends up waking up in his past life the day after he entered a loveless marriage with King Bakugou Katsuki.

A marriage that a bratty prince Izuku forced upon the king after getting rid of so many suitors vying for Katsuki’s attention and the empty throne beside him. Eventually even scaring off Katsuki’s fiancé that Katsuki had actually loved and cherished.

But Izuku is no longer the same person he used to be.

A prince once more, but the heart of a
Jul 21, 2022 24 tweets 5 min read
#bkdk Omegaverse where vampires and humans live side by side. Obviously, vampires rule the streets at night, so humans have to be extra cautious.

(CW: Mentions of dub-con)

Especially if a vampire is either in rut or heat.

And a bite from a vampire in rut or heat acts as an Aphrodisiac, making the human or vampire feel immense pleasure.

Accidental matings have happened between vampires and humans when this occurs.

But nothing further than that and the mating is usually annulled and fades.

Yet, alpha Midoriya Izuku is not one of those lucky
Jul 17, 2022 41 tweets 9 min read
Just a #bkdk idea that came to my mind

CW: internalized homophobia

Back in college, Bakugou Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku were in a secret relationship. But Izuku wanted to make their love known, but back then, coming out was like a death sentence. Katsuki panicked because his family was highly religious and looked down on same sex relationships. His own internalized homophobia came out and harshly broke not only the relationship, but Izuku’s heart.

They separated, Katsuki going to another college far away.
Jul 15, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
#bkdk #HappyBirthdayIzuku thread based possibly a few months after my April Fool’s pregnancy thread.

“Daddy! Is Papa’s cakes ready yet?” Aiko tries to peek above the counter at her daddy making homemade cake. “Papa will wake soon…!”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, playfully ruffling her hair. She whines cutely, trying to fix her blond curls. The blond haired enigma places the last pancake on the plate. “There. I’m finished now.”

Aiko yips in excitement, Katsuki hushing her to keep from waking Izuku. “Aiko, can you help daddy with getting the food upstairs?”
Jul 11, 2022 38 tweets 7 min read
Some angst hours my friends

#bkdk Omegaverse, QL O! Izuku, PH A! Katsuki

CW: mpreg mentions of disease, mentions of eating disorder (but not really one), break up

Omega Izuku left his mate of 5 years, Bakugou Katsuki.

Or, to better describe it, running away from him while breaking up with the alpha through text. Izuku couldn’t do it person or he would crack.

He has since blocked Katsuki and turned off his phone.

Izuku sits on the bus, weakness claiming his limbs and is so thankful that he’s sitting down. His joints ached as the bus went down the
Jul 8, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
[A/N: so sorry for the long wait for an update on this thread. I just wasn’t into it for the time being and… I honestly forgot about it until someone liked it. But I do hope y’all like it. ^^] Izuku shakes his head slightly, ridding himself of those thoughts for now as he gazes around the greenhouse.

It’s fairly large, plants of all sorts surrounding him. Many are colorful and beautiful. But Izuku knows better.

Sometimes beautiful things can be poisonous.
Jul 7, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
I’m a bit bored, so y’all get to decide which of my older threads gets a much needed update! ^^

Here are the options below Option I: