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30 May
There's some talk about the incident at Speakers Corner at the centre of JK Rowling's accidental transphobic tweet to a 9-year-old.

Here's the timeline of the Speakers Corner assault case - a #Thread on the risks of protesting while #transgender.…
From the article:

1. Maria Maclachlan was "antagonising" transgender protesters before she was "thrown to the ground and kicked" in Hyde Park.
2. The protest had been organised ahead of a meeting on changes to the Gender Recognition Act, which would allow people to use the gender they identify with on identity documents without the input of a doctor.
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3 Nov 19
Much self-righteous outrage about bill C-16 and "transactivists" ruining the world today, pretending women are men and human rights are a finite resource.
It's not pie. You don't lose yours if I get some too.
It would be so refreshing to hear discussion about policy ideas that would keep everyone safe rather than lament that gender identity or expression are as equally protected as other rights - and for good reason.
Jon is now speaking. Meghan said nothing new "men are not women" and so on. Did @jonkay just say Meghan Murphy introduced him to trans-TERF issues?

If I got that wrong, please clarify Jon.

Fascinatingly would explains much.
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24 Oct 19
When #MeghanMurphy speaks at your facility @TorontoLib and @SFU, will it put you at risk of a human rights complaint for not living up to your own policies prohibiting discrimination or hate propaganda when she says this?
...a thread.

@Cinecraig @SFUGSWS
"I think that, I don't think everyone who supports transgender ideology is necessarily a misogynist but I think this movement began because of autogynephilic men.

So men who have fetishes around imagining themselves as women or wearing women's clothes.
They're using that "born this way" thing that was used by the LGBT...or LGB [pause] movement I can't even say it without the T any more [laughs] is misogynistic in itself because they are fetishizing femininity and fetishizing womanhood and turning it into a sexual thing.
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16 Oct 19
Hi @torontolibrary,

An event has been announced in your main branch that appears to intend to make the arguments that gender identity is fiction, our #HumanRights laws are bad policy, and #transgender women are not women:

@CheriDiNovo @StraightLGBT @VPL…
TPL policies were put in place that prohibit the rental of your facilities for events intended, or likely, to result in discrimination on prohibited grounds. I will delve further into this below.

You also have policies prohibiting discrimination "of any kind" on your premises.
In 2019, the BC Human Rights Tribunal ruled in "Oger v Whatcott BCHRT 2019 (7)" that displaying material advertising an intention to discriminate on explicitly-prohibited grounds or urging others to do so was prohibited discrimination.

The case ruling:
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15 Mar 19
City of Vancouver grants 2019 funding to Vancouver Rape Relief as termination funding. VRR is no longer eligible for funding until it makes changes to become aligned with the grant criteria.

#Transgender #LGBTQ2+
Those among us who are not transgender may not understand the enormous symbolic value of this decision. VRR's ongoing and very public refusal to treat transgender women equally has finally been refuted by a public agency as unacceptable.
The audio from the speakers that convinced the city to act...

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