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1)🔎 Kerkgenootschap waarbij het lijkt alsof de geloofsovertuiging overeenkomt,met de #WEF #SDGs van #Agenda2030, ofwel de doelen worden meegenomen/behandeld vanuit kerkelijk perspectief, of ze mengen opzettelijk de SDGs met het geloof. De Remonstranten. #D66 #VVD #uitpluizen
2)🔎 Thema's vd #TheGreatReset en volgens #Agenda2030. Ik zag #D66-ers, #VVD-ers en beleidsmedew in het ledenbestand en #Kaag was te gast. Ze werken naar 2030 toe en hebben daarvoor een werkgroep aangesteld. Ik ga de agendapunten en personen linken. (Christa Anbeek #MtF?)
3) Zo kwam ik hierop: In 2010 ontving het Remonstranten Broederschap de Bob Angelo Penning vh COC.
In 2013 werd de Penning uitgereikt aan Carolien vd Lagemaat, Transgenderbeweging. Zij had invloed op de inwerkingtreding vd Transgenderwet,zij zit bij de #VVD en de Remonstranten
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Now speaking is Xandra, a person who identifies as a "detransitioned woman." She does not live in South Carolina, and all of the trans-related medical treatment she received took place after she is 18. S.627 would not have impacted any of the care that she received. Image
This testifier who identifies as a "detransitioned woman" said the quiet part out loud by saying that she supports banning transgender-related medical care even for adults. This wave of anti-transgender attacks has *never* been about "protecting kids."
This parent testified in support of banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth and is being positioned as an expert on the topic – but her child never even accessed the medical care that would be banned by the law. Image
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🏳️‍⚧️❤️ The SC United team is here today in Columbia to #SupportTransYouthSC and defend everyone’s right to be their authentic self on their identification documents. Follow along as we testify against S627 and S623, two anti-transgender bills. 1/
This morning a panel of experts - including parents of trans youth, trans adults, medical professionals, and mental health providers - will testify against these bills (a second hearing will take place on 3/29 – RSVP to testify here: 2/
Here's what we're talking about: S627, which would prohibit trans youth from accessing medical care (and force teachers to “out” trans students) and deny public funding for transgender-related healthcare, and S623, which prohibits gender marker changes on birth certificates. 3/
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#BREAKING: We filed an amicus brief in support of anti-discrimination protections for #transgender individuals. People of all gender identities and expressions deserve equal access to the health care services they need.

Learn more about Lange v. Houston County ⬇️
The plaintiff, a Houston County sheriff’s deputy, filed a lawsuit against her employer in 2019 after discovering that her health insurance plan excluded coverage for medically-necessary transgender-related healthcare services.
However, the employer’s health insurance plan covers identical treatments when medically necessary for other reasons.

We believe this plan expressly discriminates against transgender individuals and violates their rights provided by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
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#TransWoman #TransGender #2Genders
@ezdubs_bot English Portuguese
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Ein Tag im Boomer-Leben: Jörg und Claudia haben heute frei. Zum Mittagessen "gönnen sie sich mal was": Es gibt leckere Schweineschnitzel. Jörg findet, dass "Fleisch einfach dazu gehört". Claudia legt Wert auf eine "natürliche Ernährung" und da gehören Fleisch und Milch nunmal
dazu. Beim Essen unterhalten sie sich über die Nachrichten. Claudia ärgert sich furchtbar darüber, dass "das Geld immer knapper wird", weil "die da oben den Ausländern alles in den Rachen werfen". Jörg meint, er sei ja "wirklich kein Rassist und habe auch nix gegen Ausländer",
aber es könne ja wohl nicht sein, dass "die deutschen Rentnerinnen noch putzen gehen müssten", während "Leute, die nie was einbezahlt hätten unser ganzes Geld kriegen". Nach dem Essen muss sich Jörg erstmal hinlegen. Er hat Übergewicht und Bluthochdruck. Der Arzt hatte ihm
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🧵Today a committee in the Texas Senate will take up bills to ban gender-affirming care for minors. This is the first time they'll debate this legislation this year.

I've been covering transgender youth in Texas for years. Here's some of what I've learned.
#txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ
2/ In 2017, the focus in Texas was on the "bathroom bill." Parents of trans kids mobilized to fight it.

"You don’t know my kid. You don't know what he's gone through just to be himself," one Dallas mom told me at the time.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/ The bathroom bill failed, and 2019 was a bit quieter on the legislative front when it came to transgender legislation.

In 2021, state legislators passed a law requiring high school athletes to play sports according to their sex at birth.… #txlege
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1) Het #COC is ontstaan door een hitstige verzetsheld uit de #WWII. Hij ging de homo-acceptatie in #NL bevorderen, met behulp van andere hitstige helden. En daar zitten we nu, verplicht opgescheept met #ltbtqiaap #ltbtqia+ #ltbttq #transitie #queer enz.
Eerst ff dit vooraf:
2) In 2012 heeft #CDA-minister #Bijsterveldt voorlichting over homo en transseksualiteit VERPLICHT gesteld op ALLE scholen in Nederland. (Nog bedankt bitch).
Veel leden uit het kabinet zijn verbonden aan het #COC. En er worden prijzen uitgedeeld (t is niet waar..) 🎖🏆#Bergkamp
3) Eén van die #COC-prijzen viel mij op: 🎖De Bob Angelo Penning🎖
De #ltbtq-priester Wielie Elhorst ontving deze ook. En #Halsema gaf hem de titel 'Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau'.
Wie is die Bob Angelo, en wat maakt die prijs zo belangrijk? Wie winnen die dan? Dacht ik.
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Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire says at CPAC that “transgendersim” should be “eradicated,” to thunderous applause.
@michaeljknowles @dailywireplus #CPAC #trans #transgender
@MichaelJKnowles’ insistence that there is no such thing as being transgender and his insistence that any acknowledgment of transgender people’s humanity or existence should be “eradicated from public life” lays bare conservatives’ intentions to ban trans care for all ages.
Many say that if @michaeljknowles of @dailywireplus had demanded at CPAC that homosexuality or Judaism be “eradicated”, this would be akin to Hitler’s Final Solution for Jews and gay people in Nazi Germany. They hear in his call to eradicate transgenderism a call for mass murder.
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A bombshell article by @writingblock challenges claims by activists that the science supporting the treatment of gender dysphoria in minors is "settled" and that the use of puberty blockers and hormones in transgender kids is "evidence based." 🧵⬇️… Image
Many argue that giving puberty blockers and hormones to trans minors is uncontroversial & backed by high-quality science. Block's reporting disputes this. Swedish health authorities, for example, say the risks "currently outweigh the possible benefits". 2/… Image
@glaad, in its recent protest before the @nytimes building, echoed a common refrain: that "the science is settled" regarding giving puberty blockers and hormones to trans-identifying minors. @writingblock's peer-reviewed reporting challenges this claim. 3/… Image
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Correct me if I am wrong but I'm trying to put together some pieces... Anti-trans youth legislation comes to @wvlegislature. Fairness responds by hiring pro-life but gay MAGA Republican to lobby supermajority to vote down legislation. We actually LOST votes in the house. A 🧵 1/
Unexpected votes in favor of the trans youth genocide result in @WVCantWait and @mountainpartywv revoking endorsement. Fairness doubles down on lobbyist, and more anti LGBTQIA2+ legislation has been introduced this year than ever before. 2/
I mean if actions have consequences, is it no surprise that we are pulling our endorsement of what by all definitions is an organization failing to meet it's objectives and losing the trust of the community they claim to serve? 3/
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Volkmar #Sigusch ist tot. Er starb bereits am 7. Februar.

Wer ihn nicht kennt:
Er war Kollege von u.a. John Money & hat in den 1990ern den Begriff "cisgender" als Gegenstück zu "#transgender" erfunden.

Auch zum Thema Pädophilie äußerte er sich - mMn - widerwärtig (Screen 3+4).
Link zum Pädo-Kommentar im Deutschen Ärzteblatt mit Bezugsquellenangabe:…
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⭐️#Spain Approves Menstrual Leave, Teen Abortion, Trans Laws #Thread
1. The Spanish parliament approved legislation expanding abortion and #transgender rights for teenagers while making Spain the first country in Europe that will entitle workers to paid menstrual leave.
2 The driving force behind the two laws was Equality Minister Irene Montero, who belongs to the junior member in Spain’s left-wing coalition government, the “United We Can” Party.
3. The changes to sexual and reproductive rights mean that 16- and 17-year-olds in Spain can now undergo an abortion without parental consent.
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UK: "a former social worker at a GIDS satellite clinic in Leeds estimated that “only 2-3%” of the children seen by staff would have continued to identify as transgender for life if they had not been referred for medical intervention."
"Her estimate is broadly in line with the beliefs of Domenico Di Ceglie, who founded Gids in 1989, who said only 5% of patients would transition and 60-70% would be gay.
"Studies elsewhere had shown that for the majority of young people who experienced gender dysphoria as children, their desire to change sex would disappear during puberty."
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🔆Justin Trudeau's Canada
Josh Alexander A high school student in a Catholic school in Renfrew was suspended and school authorities had him arrested for saying there are only two genders.
#Canada #Trudeau #trans #USA #EUROPE #LibsofTikTok
On Monday 6th Feb 2023, Alexander returned to class and was promptly met by the vice-principal, arrested by two local police officers and charged with trespassing.
#Canada #Trudeau #Transgender #LibsofTikTok
A lawyer representing Alexander said that the school won’t let him attend classes again until he agrees “not to use the ‘dead name’ of any transgender student religious beliefs.”
#Canada #Trudeau #Transgender #LibsofTikTok
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Il pezzo di @LiaCeli su La Stampa di oggi è uno dei migliori che ricordi sul tema #transgender scritto da un persona cisgender e da una genitrice di persona #trans Non è indulgente con sé stessa nel parlare del tempo perso né chiede medaglie per essere stata eroica nell’amore⤵️
Mi piace il passaggio sui membri di una famiglia che a loro modo fanno un percorso di transizione (meglio affermazione di genere ma sta studiando, mamma Lia, e davvero si sente) e l’ammissione che Roman è sempre stato Roman, non ci sta diventando. Due punti mi premono⤵️
1 i corpi sbagliati non esistono, esiste la sovra determinazione delle nostre esistenze quella sì sbagliata che ci intrappola in avatar e stereotipi di genere, in espressioni di genere usate spesso come correttivi. Poi magari cresciamo ci affermiamo come uomini e quei capelli⤵️
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#Monkeypox/#mpox had a disproportionate effect on #transgender & gender variant people. Both trans men & trans women are part of, or connected to, sexual networks of gay, bi & other men who have sex with men. @CDCgov @CDCMMWR…
Another recent study by @profchloeorkin et al found that mpox risk factors differed for cis & trans women, with the latter being more likely to be exposed via sex & having more sex partners & a higher STI rate. 2/…
In Orkin's study, 8% of cisgender women & 50% of trans women were #HIV positive. The CDC study, too, saw high HIV rates: 60% for transgender women, 29% for trans men & 44% for gender-diverse people. 3/
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Im #volksverpetzer gibt es einen anonymen Hetzartikel zum drohenden #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz. Geschrieben von “Florence Trübinger“, über den/die es keine Infos im Netz gibt.
In Anlehnung an #Böhmermann werden frauenhasserfüllt Fakeargumente ausgespotzt.
Zum einen wird der Öffentlichkeit weiter Sand in die Augen gestreut mit dem Begriff #Trans-Person. Dabei denkt jeder an einen Transsexuellen, also eine Person, bei der eine Körperwahrnehmungsstörung so tief sitzt, das sie nicht therapiert werden kann und Leid durch eine…
…körperliche & soziale Geschlechtsanpassung gemildert werden kann. Die Kurzform Trans bedeutet aber #Transgender und umfasst viel mehr. Eine große Gruppe sind autogynophile Männer, die bei der Vorstellung, eine Frau zu sein, sexuelle Erregung erfahren & andere Fetischisten.
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I finally rec'd my Voter Card with my Changed Name and Gender. And with it a guide by Election Commission. Happy to see they want to make it inclusive for #Transgender Community. This is what needs change, though-
1. The half man half woman logo is not acceptable to Trans folx...
It may be better to change it to Capital T (used by Delhi Govt for Toilets) or to Trans Flag or the logo in image.
2. The #Toilets are shown as Binary - Men's & Women's washrooms. It may be good to also show Accessible washrooms for #PwD and All Gender Toilets @drsitu @ECISVEEP
The guide shows this graphic for separate queues suggesting separate queues for Men & Women. What about Trans and Disability community?
Also, it may be good to make graphics intersectional - as a Trans person can also be disabled. Also, showing election officers from community
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If this bill passes, "any trans person performing" in Texas means no minors can enter the room when we are:
▫️on a panel at a con
▫️in a cosplay contest
▫️performing karaoke/lip sync
▫️basically doing ANYTHING on stage in public

This is FUCKED. UP.
#TransRightsAreHumanRights 🏳️‍⚧️
And this is my #TransAwarenessWeek post for today.

Please RT, share, and help me fuck back against these shitty algorithms.
The people saying THIS WILL ONLY APPLY TO NIGHT CLUBS really have absolutely ZERO fucking idea how systematic genocide starts, do they?

For the love of gods, please open your mind for five minutes and realize this is designed to be BROADLY INTERPRETED as widely as possible.
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🧵1 #TransRightsAreHumanRights
#Transsexualität ja
#Transgender nein
Menschen, die sich in ihrem Körper falsch fühlen und als einzige Möglichkeit dagegen eine Geschlechtsangleichung wünschen und umsetzen haben meine volle Solidarität. Denn der Schritt zeigt, dass sie zum anderen
2 Geschlecht werden wollen. Genaue Diagnose sollte dem vorausgehen, um aus falschen Gründen getroffene Entscheidungen und ein mögliches Bereuen irreversibler Schäden zu verhindern.
Aber: Männer, die ihren voll funktionsfähigen Penis behalten wollen, mir aber erzählen wollen,
sie FÜHLEN sich als Frau, weil sie sich gern so anziehen, sich schminken und (für mich der wahrscheinlichste Grund) so begehrt fühlen wollen, wie Frauen werde ich nie als Frauen anerkennen. Sie sind keine Frauen.
Ich habe keine Ahnung, was diese Männer fühlen, aber Frausein
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1. Hallo ihr Cuties,

sorry, dass ich in den letzten Tagen nicht wirklich etwas gepostet habe. Ich habe mir eine Erkältung eingefangen und bin immer noch nicht ganz fit. Es gibt aber eine Sache, die ich ansprechen muss, auch wenn ich damit etwas spät dran bin.

!B Das Thumbnail des Funk-YouTube Channels von "Leeroy wil
2. Nämlich das Video “AFD-POLITIKER trifft TRANS FRAU | Das Treffen” von Leeroy Matata, der für funk unterwegs ist.
3. Völlig unmoderiert, weil Leeroy einfach nicht dazu fähig und zusätzlich noch völlig unvorbereitet ist, letzteres gibt er übrigens ganz offen zu, wird das einem Millionenpublikum präsentiert.
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Ich werde unter dem Hashtag #EinFalschesWort regelmässig Erkenntnisse aus dem wichtigen und brandaktuellen Sachbuch von @rene_pfister posten. Ich freue mich auf eine spannende Lektüre… #Demokratie #Meinungsfreiheit Image
„Es ist verhängnisvoll, wenn nicht mehr das Gewicht eines Argumentes zählt, sondern die Hautfarbe oder das Geschlecht der Person, die es ausspricht.“

#EinFalschesWort #Demokratie #Meinungsfreiheit
Die Idee der „kulturellen Aneignung“ war schon immer eine abschüssige Bahn. Denkt man das Konzept konsequent zu Ende, stellen sich schnell komplizierte Fragen: Wer darf noch Bach spielen, Curry zubereiten, Lederhosen anziehen…? 🤷🏻‍♂️

#EinFalschesWort #Demokratie #Meinungsfreiheit
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