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Because we covered #transpretender yesterday today's word:


The imaginary word created to describe dislike / hatred of trans people based upon the term phobia which means an irrational fear of something, thus transphobia is a fake word.
As we all know there is a group of people within the #transgender movement that are transpretenders. These people have taken up the militant argument that if you don't like dating trans people or show any resistance to transgender "issues" you immediately hate trans people.
Since the term phobia is related to fear and not hatred, you cannot be transphobic because there isn't a single documented case medically where anyone has ran away in terror because someone suddenly announced that they're trans. It's a fake word, end of story.
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Since pretty much everyone under quarantine has to use digitized primary sources, I thought it might be useful to point to #digitalarchives that *explicitly* acknowledge & caution users abt #archivalsilences in their contents, and describe their work to rectify them.

A thread.
1/ A note: Most people appreciate the easiness of online access to archival material, but tend to forget that all #digitization is selective.
2/ This means that what you see online is usually not “everything” that an institution holds abt a topic. It's important to understand the digitized together w the physical. Even if you can't access physical records now, you'll be able to better contextualize what you see online.
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THREAD: just published my latest (& perhaps last) debunking #autogynephilia essay: "Autogynephilia, Ad Hoc Hypotheses, and Handwaving." feel free to share it & give it lots of "claps" (up to 50, I think)! it's a long read, but I'll share excerpts below...…
...I've written about this zombified theory many times before – a few of my most pertinent essays are found in this link. unfortunately, even though it's been disproven, people keep citing & promoting it. so I have taken one last proverbial stab at it...…
...the latest essay is a follow up to my previous essay "Making Sense of #Autogynephilia Debates", which explains a lot of the basics, plus why some ppl still find the theory compelling even though most scientists & sexologists have moved on...…
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#COVID19 Korean Treatment Guidelines

If patients are old or have underlying conditions with serious symptoms, physicians should consider an antiviral treatment.…
For the antiviral treatment, the doctors recommended lopinavir 400mg/ritonavir 100mg (Kaletra two tablets, twice a day) or #chloroquine 500mg orally per day.
As chloroquine is not available in Korea, doctors could consider hydroxychloroquine 400mg orally per day, they said. There is no evidence that using lopinavir/ritonavir with chloroquine is more effective than monotherapies, they added.
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Meet 'Kelly', endorsed by the CIA 😉
FBI and CIA embrace homosexual movement. Reaching out to "gay and transgender community."
Watch for crackdown on pro-family groups…
He Used To Be Trans—Here is What He Wants Everyone To Know, Heyer raises public awareness about those who regret gender change and the tragic consequences suffered as a result.
He is against trans interventions with children.
What Doctors Aren not Telling The Parents of Gender Dysphoric Children
Marian Rutigliano, DO, is an emergency medicine specialist in Washington, DC and has been practicing for 31 years. She does research on the human health effects of toxic chemicals.
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The #transgender athlete in sport meeting organized by @WorldRugby is now done. I want to share the PROCESS (*not the outcomes, at least not yet) with you, explain why it was designed that way, and what the next steps will be. Here are all the delegates, and this is a thread (1/)
(2/) The process followed was designed to be comprehensive, in-depth, transparent, inclusive and rigorous. We set up 3 distinct groups. First, a policy-group consisting of WR-linked people who would make recommendations to World Rugby on how to proceed. Think of them as “judges"
(3/) This policy-group was chaired by the amazing Dr Araba Chintoh (psychiatrist & former Canada international). It had on it 2 sports physicians, a physiologist, a lawyer, head of women’s rugby, head of Technical services, and a women’s player
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Dispatches from the witch trials:

The first time I met Kate Scottow was outside the Linda Bellos/ Venice Allen trial

Linda & Venice walked out free women with their names cleared that day.
The next day Kate was arrested

14 months later she was tried under section 127 (2) of Comms Act for "persistently using a public electronic comms network for purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety"

-> up to 6 mths prison, up to £5K fine
Generally this has is used to mean things like making 100s of nuisance calls

The court heard about 15 (!) tweets posted over a 7 month period Sept 18 - Mar 19

This is how it began: In September 2018 Kate had tweeted: “Lets hope they take a serious stance on your racism”.
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MUCH outpouring of love & support for Phillip Scofield for coming out today as gay - & rightly so!!!

(However @Schofe, please remember that @BorisJohnson described gay men as "tank topped bum boys", so please reconsider your apparent support for him - HE IS NO ALLY TO US LGBTQ+)
But I *LONG* for the day when no-one has to "come out" any more & that it never has to be "news-worthy"....

I was watching #thebodyinthepool @Channel4 documentary last night, & although at the time of the incident, Michael Barrymore had already publicly come out as gay....
.... I must assert that, although poor Stuart Lubbock died unnecessarily & that someone should be held responsible for the crime, a *HUGE* part of what went wrong that night & all the subsequent covering-up was due to the clandestine nature that gay people have to adopt....
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THREAD: My latest report for @madinamerica: While Americans were focused on #Impeachment, the #WhiteHouse quietly held a summit last week pushing an authoritarian response to #homelessness, drug use, #mentalhealth and #disability.… 1/
@madinAmerica C-SPAN covered the #mentalhealth summit, which included panels from forced treatment advocates, family members, mental health professionals, law enforcement, and decision-makers:… 2/
@madinAmerica People with #mentalhealth diagnoses, people with disabilities, and mental health service users appear to have been intentionally excluded from the White House summit. 3/
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Judge Bastian, in EDWA, just ruled from bench in Washington v. Azar, "conscience rule" #DenialOfCare case, Washington's motion for summary judgment GRANTED, fed gov's DENIED. Rule vacated. Written opinion to follow "later."
Judge agreed with NY's Judge Englemayer decision that (1) it is appropriate to decide on the MSJ; (2) exceeds HHS's statutory authority; (3) rule is arbitrary & capricious for reasons in SDNY opinion; (4) unconstitutional in certain respects.
Judge Bastian said his written opinion will focus on issues in this case that Judge Englemayer didn't address. Also (w/parties' agreement) he said it's no longer urgent to get opinion by Nov 22 when rule was originally set to take effect (just in way of when to expect it).
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#WAACP today and tomorrow and time for another string of #clinicalpearls! 1/
@WashACP @WashACP @HollonMD
First up: The Microbiome. The microbiome is all viruses, fungi, bacteria, and their products. No two microbiomes are the same. And for every 1 gene of ours, there are 250 bacteria genes. 2/
Dysbiosis is a maladaptive change in our microbiome. Even a few days of constant pressure (like poor sleep and diet) can change the microbiome. 3/
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Hi @torontolibrary,

An event has been announced in your main branch that appears to intend to make the arguments that gender identity is fiction, our #HumanRights laws are bad policy, and #transgender women are not women:

@CheriDiNovo @StraightLGBT @VPL…
TPL policies were put in place that prohibit the rental of your facilities for events intended, or likely, to result in discrimination on prohibited grounds. I will delve further into this below.

You also have policies prohibiting discrimination "of any kind" on your premises.
In 2019, the BC Human Rights Tribunal ruled in "Oger v Whatcott BCHRT 2019 (7)" that displaying material advertising an intention to discriminate on explicitly-prohibited grounds or urging others to do so was prohibited discrimination.

The case ruling:
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just published a long but thorough piece: "Making Sense of #Autogynephilia Debates." It's an "explainer" that makes several novel points. here's the "friend link" (no paywall) – pls share & give lots of "claps" (up to 50!) so others will see it!… #trans
1st two sections are reviews of arguments & evidence against #autogynephilia theory (old hat for some). the novel part is the last section, where I explain the many underlying rationales & ideologies that lead ppl to find the theory compelling, despite lack of scientific validity
...I will share excerpts from the piece on this thread tomorrow, so stay tuned! in the meantime, if you appreciate this work, and the fact that I make pieces like this freely available, please consider supporting me on Patreon!…
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Follow along as we live tweet the @FertStert journal club. What do you think about #uterinetransplant? #ASRM2019
Send your questions via Twitter to ask the panel! #ASRM2019
#uterine transplant is a treatment for absolute uterine factor infertility #ASRM2019
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1/Short thread alert.

On Sept. 20, a transgender woman was shot six times on the streets of Dallas. For more than a week, we didn't know who she was or how she was faring.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ Cc @LaVendrickS
@LaVendrickS 2/When a 29-year-old man was arrested for the shooting, the affidavit gave us some more details about the crime. In it, the transgender woman said the man who shot her said homo/trans-phobic things.

But I still didn't know who she was.… #txlege #LGBT
@LaVendrickS 3/ The arrest affidavit included a name for the victim. But we knew that probably wasn't the one she used. We didn't include it in our reporting.

Instead, we wrote a longer piece about the most recent attack and anti-trans violence in Texas.… #txlege
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In honor of the #Callisto6 finale this weekend, I am going to be posting something I've been meaning to for the last 3-ish weeks or so.

I am running a vanilla 1.14 Minecraft server for the #SuperPunks (if you're interested give me a yell in the fan discord), and did something...
The something being 20-odd #PRIDE flags in the form of Minecraft Banners. Some disclaimers:

There's only so much detail that can be put into a given banner, and I only have so much skill. As much as I would have loved to have a Philly PRIDE banner, it's beyond my abilities atm.
Right now it's basically me and one other person from the #Superpunks/#AuxCrew Discord on the Minecraft server, but other fans are welcome to join.

The server is Whitelisted, and I will only be handing out the IP on the Discord/via IMs. Dragon is dead, and most pets are tamed
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So I'm going to take 15 minutes of my lunch break to discuss something that I honestly need to get off my chest to the Twitterverse... As many of you know I am a political organizer for the Klobuchar campaign, but I speak today as a transgender woman of my own voice.
It is time for the rise of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the trans community especially, in the political arena. Our very existence is being pushed aside by our government. When our President calls for the removal of our workplace protections, its time to act.
Now sure, some of you may say that, "My employer would never do that" and you might be correct. However whether you are cis, trans, or however you identify, this action alone should terrify you. Being transgender, I have experienced all the hatred, targeting, and jokes
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@KirstiMiller30 @brianmoore666 @AFL @RugbyAU @smh @Peter_Fitz @TwoBluesWomen @PrideinSportAU @AthleteAlly The great vanishing act! @KirstiMiller30 Trans erased!

Writing a book about farked up things people did back then.

Sad thing is people don’t get it when it comes to trans lives: we do matter even though some people think we don’t & our very existence is drawn into question.
@KirstiMiller30 @brianmoore666 @AFL @RugbyAU @smh @Peter_Fitz @TwoBluesWomen @PrideinSportAU @AthleteAlly 1/2 The pic bottom right shows male winners names still on there. Mine & Belinda’s are missing.

If they only took my name off list they’d appear directly #transphobic but underhanded way they did it erasing award winners before me & Belinda makes it harder to hold to account.
@KirstiMiller30 @brianmoore666 @AFL @RugbyAU @smh @Peter_Fitz @TwoBluesWomen @PrideinSportAU @AthleteAlly 2/2 It was calculated & final straw after being assaulted at club training, ostracised at rep training & bullied on team bus back to Sydney from ACT. Yet I was player suspended.

Silver lining was rep stuff got better & bullies gone from Sydney team - 2006. #Rugby #transathlete
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1/ As a #transgender woman, I never thought I would be able to have gender confirmation #surgery. It was on Dec 22, 2016, 17 years after the start of my transition, when I finally had GCS. However, I knew something was #botched the instant I woke from anesthesia.
2/ Cheerfully my nurse asked, "How do you feel?"

"I can't feel my arms," I responded. They were paralyzed.

After several weeks of physical therapy and excruciating pain, I finally regained full use of both arms. What I never regained was my ability to urinate and defecate.
3/ 2017 and 2018 were spent seeing various colorectal and urogynecological specialists as well as months of pelvic floor therapy. I was finally referred to Dr. Melissa Kaufman, a specialist in pelvic floor disorders at Vanderbilt.
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👇 Thread 👇

So Mumsnutters now have it in for Leeds Pride and are lying about paedophiles having their own float... all because the usual few (8 being generous with the estimate) transphobic bigots with banners were given short shrift as usual. #trans #transgender
They first tried to claim that the bigots were being bullied and intimidated by the crowd, a claim that fell flat on its face when it was pointed out that if you turn up with a megaphone to shout at people then you can hardly complain when people who disagree with you shout back.
They then tried to claim it was a group of men doing the alleged intimidating until it was pointed out that all the lesbian, bi and straight women in the vicinity showed their contempt for them too.
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Here's another doozy. I want to dissect this tweet a little bit. If you are interested in the health disparities facing the transgender community, you should read this. 1/ #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #Transgender #TransHealth #TransgenderHealth #LGBTQ #LGBTQHealth
Endocrinologist, @will_malone, has a history of cherry-picking data to support his idea of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD); a contentious idea based on one questionable publication with poor methodology:… 2/
This article has been cited by many as a means to discredit the trans community and speak against the current standard of care set forth by @wpath and many other professional medical societies - claiming it is child abuse 3/
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"My parent's Greatest Generation [WWII], they fought to establish an int'l order that has prevented great power war for over 7 decades & it's currently under the most stress since the end of the Cold War" Gen Mark Milley, nominated as next chairman of @thejointstaff, tells #SASC
"From #EastAsia to the #MiddleEast to Eastern #Europe, authoritarian actors are testing the limits of the int'l system & seeking regional dominance while challenging int'l norms & undermining US interests" Gen Milley warns #SASC
"Our goal should be to sustain Great Power peace that has existed since World War II and deal firmly with all those who might challenge us" per Gen Milley
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Over the last 2 years a rash of crowdfunders have suddenly popped up from a handful of anti-trans “gender critical” individuals.

Some have had single donations over £12k from anonymous sources!

I’ve investigated and can reveal they’ve raised over £280k!!! 😳

Important thread/
The “Gender Critical” crowdfunder phenomenon started with Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aka “Posie Parker”, for a ‘legal fund’ after she was questioned by police for harassment and transphobic hate speech.

£12,274 was raised

The case never went to trial.
While Posie used some of the £12k to pay off her very expensive lawyer, the remainder has been used to kickstart her anti-trans t-shirt/ poster “business” - making more money to campaign against trans people/ take trips to America/ London with her anti-trans campaigning buddies!
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