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Follow along as we live tweet the @FertStert journal club. What do you think about #uterinetransplant? #ASRM2019
Send your questions via Twitter to ask the panel! #ASRM2019
#uterine transplant is a treatment for absolute uterine factor infertility #ASRM2019
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My 14 y/o daughter’s best friend is here spending the night.

He’s transgender and just got his “gender dysphoria” diagnosis from his pediatrician.

We’re baking a #transgender pride flag sheet cake to celebrate.

These kids are the future — not the haters.
For those unaware:

Obtaining a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” is a significant step for a transgender person in the process of transitioning from the gender assigned to them at birth to their true gender.

My daughter’s best friend has been living as a boy for almost two years.
Gender dysphoria diagnosis celebration, the process and the end result:

Two happy kids 😊

My daughter sang “I’m coming out” to her friend before he blew out the candles (blue, ofc).

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1/Short thread alert.

On Sept. 20, a transgender woman was shot six times on the streets of Dallas. For more than a week, we didn't know who she was or how she was faring.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ Cc @LaVendrickS
@LaVendrickS 2/When a 29-year-old man was arrested for the shooting, the affidavit gave us some more details about the crime. In it, the transgender woman said the man who shot her said homo/trans-phobic things.

But I still didn't know who she was.… #txlege #LGBT
@LaVendrickS 3/ The arrest affidavit included a name for the victim. But we knew that probably wasn't the one she used. We didn't include it in our reporting.

Instead, we wrote a longer piece about the most recent attack and anti-trans violence in Texas.… #txlege
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In honor of the #Callisto6 finale this weekend, I am going to be posting something I've been meaning to for the last 3-ish weeks or so.

I am running a vanilla 1.14 Minecraft server for the #SuperPunks (if you're interested give me a yell in the fan discord), and did something...
The something being 20-odd #PRIDE flags in the form of Minecraft Banners. Some disclaimers:

There's only so much detail that can be put into a given banner, and I only have so much skill. As much as I would have loved to have a Philly PRIDE banner, it's beyond my abilities atm.
Right now it's basically me and one other person from the #Superpunks/#AuxCrew Discord on the Minecraft server, but other fans are welcome to join.

The server is Whitelisted, and I will only be handing out the IP on the Discord/via IMs. Dragon is dead, and most pets are tamed
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UK government Cabinet minister @trussliz backs @Mumsnet in #transgender row as users call for a ‘new Section 28’.…

Truss, who is now Secretary of State for Int'l Trade, knew about her appointment at least 3 months prior to the date of her appointment. 1/
The reason we know Truss knew about her appointment as Secretary of State for Int'l Trade, is because 3 months prior, she was a paid guest @AEI World Economic Forum in March 2019.…

Her appointment as Trade Secretary wasn't until July 2019. 2/
Voting records for Truss clearly show she harbors an anti-#LGBTQ disposition.

Amazingly, she is also Minister for Women & Equalities.

Amazing, why?

Because she clearly doesn't accept #Trans women are women, as evidenced in the 1st article above.

#TERFs #TransgenderInclusivity
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So I'm going to take 15 minutes of my lunch break to discuss something that I honestly need to get off my chest to the Twitterverse... As many of you know I am a political organizer for the Klobuchar campaign, but I speak today as a transgender woman of my own voice.
It is time for the rise of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the trans community especially, in the political arena. Our very existence is being pushed aside by our government. When our President calls for the removal of our workplace protections, its time to act.
Now sure, some of you may say that, "My employer would never do that" and you might be correct. However whether you are cis, trans, or however you identify, this action alone should terrify you. Being transgender, I have experienced all the hatred, targeting, and jokes
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@KirstiMiller30 @brianmoore666 @AFL @RugbyAU @smh @Peter_Fitz @TwoBluesWomen @PrideinSportAU @AthleteAlly The great vanishing act! @KirstiMiller30 Trans erased!

Writing a book about farked up things people did back then.

Sad thing is people don’t get it when it comes to trans lives: we do matter even though some people think we don’t & our very existence is drawn into question.
@KirstiMiller30 @brianmoore666 @AFL @RugbyAU @smh @Peter_Fitz @TwoBluesWomen @PrideinSportAU @AthleteAlly 1/2 The pic bottom right shows male winners names still on there. Mine & Belinda’s are missing.

If they only took my name off list they’d appear directly #transphobic but underhanded way they did it erasing award winners before me & Belinda makes it harder to hold to account.
@KirstiMiller30 @brianmoore666 @AFL @RugbyAU @smh @Peter_Fitz @TwoBluesWomen @PrideinSportAU @AthleteAlly 2/2 It was calculated & final straw after being assaulted at club training, ostracised at rep training & bullied on team bus back to Sydney from ACT. Yet I was player suspended.

Silver lining was rep stuff got better & bullies gone from Sydney team - 2006. #Rugby #transathlete
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1/ As a #transgender woman, I never thought I would be able to have gender confirmation #surgery. It was on Dec 22, 2016, 17 years after the start of my transition, when I finally had GCS. However, I knew something was #botched the instant I woke from anesthesia.
2/ Cheerfully my nurse asked, "How do you feel?"

"I can't feel my arms," I responded. They were paralyzed.

After several weeks of physical therapy and excruciating pain, I finally regained full use of both arms. What I never regained was my ability to urinate and defecate.
3/ 2017 and 2018 were spent seeing various colorectal and urogynecological specialists as well as months of pelvic floor therapy. I was finally referred to Dr. Melissa Kaufman, a specialist in pelvic floor disorders at Vanderbilt.
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👇 Thread 👇

So Mumsnutters now have it in for Leeds Pride and are lying about paedophiles having their own float... all because the usual few (8 being generous with the estimate) transphobic bigots with banners were given short shrift as usual. #trans #transgender
They first tried to claim that the bigots were being bullied and intimidated by the crowd, a claim that fell flat on its face when it was pointed out that if you turn up with a megaphone to shout at people then you can hardly complain when people who disagree with you shout back.
They then tried to claim it was a group of men doing the alleged intimidating until it was pointed out that all the lesbian, bi and straight women in the vicinity showed their contempt for them too.
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Here's another doozy. I want to dissect this tweet a little bit. If you are interested in the health disparities facing the transgender community, you should read this. 1/ #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #Transgender #TransHealth #TransgenderHealth #LGBTQ #LGBTQHealth
Endocrinologist, @will_malone, has a history of cherry-picking data to support his idea of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD); a contentious idea based on one questionable publication with poor methodology:… 2/
This article has been cited by many as a means to discredit the trans community and speak against the current standard of care set forth by @wpath and many other professional medical societies - claiming it is child abuse 3/
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"My parent's Greatest Generation [WWII], they fought to establish an int'l order that has prevented great power war for over 7 decades & it's currently under the most stress since the end of the Cold War" Gen Mark Milley, nominated as next chairman of @thejointstaff, tells #SASC
"From #EastAsia to the #MiddleEast to Eastern #Europe, authoritarian actors are testing the limits of the int'l system & seeking regional dominance while challenging int'l norms & undermining US interests" Gen Milley warns #SASC
"Our goal should be to sustain Great Power peace that has existed since World War II and deal firmly with all those who might challenge us" per Gen Milley
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Over the last 2 years a rash of crowdfunders have suddenly popped up from a handful of anti-trans “gender critical” individuals.

Some have had single donations over £12k from anonymous sources!

I’ve investigated and can reveal they’ve raised over £280k!!! 😳

Important thread/
The “Gender Critical” crowdfunder phenomenon started with Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aka “Posie Parker”, for a ‘legal fund’ after she was questioned by police for harassment and transphobic hate speech.

£12,274 was raised

The case never went to trial.
While Posie used some of the £12k to pay off her very expensive lawyer, the remainder has been used to kickstart her anti-trans t-shirt/ poster “business” - making more money to campaign against trans people/ take trips to America/ London with her anti-trans campaigning buddies!
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Good evening! We are just under a half hour away from tonight’s debate in Miami. Let's go over some bullet points!
My live-tweet thread begins here.
Tonight is the first of two rounds. Moderating this evening is NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt. During the first hour of tonight’s debates, he will be joined by Today Show host Savannah Guthrie and Jose Diaz Balart of Noticias Telemundo.
During the second hour, Holt will be joined by Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow. You can expect the same debate moderator format for tomorrow’s event.
Now to the rules for tonight.
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'trans' und 'cis'

Begriffliche Grundlagen


'Cis' und 'trans' sind begriffliche Gegenstücke wie 'hetero' und 'homo'.

Eine Person ist trans, wenn sie tatsächlich ein anderes Geschlecht hat als das, was ursprünglich abgenommen wurde.

Eine Person ist cis, wenn ihr angenommenes und tatsächliches Geschlecht übereinstimmen. >
> Verständnisbeispiel:

Thomas wurde bei seiner Geburt für männlich befunden.
Thomas ist tatsächlich ein Kerl. Thomas ist cis.

Mark wurde bei seiner Geburt für weiblich befunden.
Mark ist aber gar nicht weiblich.
Mark ist also trans. >
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public service announcement: we are now living through the biggest anti-#trans backlash since the 1970s. it's been going on since at least 2016. it's not just Republicans or evangelicals – it's coming from numerous fronts. & most cis people seem entirely oblivious to it...
...I should really be working on a different piece I'm on deadline for. but this has been on my mind a lot today. I can't tell you how many cis friends I've talked to over the last two years, who know I'm a trans writer & activist, and will ask how that's all going...
...and I'll be like "actually quite awful!" and I will tell them about TERF harassment & mass reporting online, or how not a day goes by with out the UK press publishing between 1 to 5 transphobic op-eds, or how transphobes are now rebranding themselves as "skeptics"...
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Before the new wave of #transgender activism caught on, trans people usually saw transition as the last resort. It's not that we just want to "crossdress" or something; it's about making our bodies goddamn *inhabitable*. It may be hard for cis people to understand, but...
Personally, transition certainly fixed a lot of problems for me, particularly the depression that had plagued my youth. I was finally able to live out my authentic self -- something impossible to do with an unfeminized male body and the societal role bundled with it.
So, next time when you see some irresponsible writer dismiss transition as "just putting on a dress and a wig" -- my hair is real ffs! -- you can safely assume that said writer either is extremely misinformed about transgenderism or has an anti-trans agenda in mind.
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1/ Short thread 🎖️

Today, we piggybacked on @thedailytexan story about a #UT student who says he lost his ROTC scholarship due to Trump's ban on #transgender troops.
Since then, we've found out some more details.… #LGBT #LGBTQ #trans
2/ Map Pesqueira, 19, told @thedailytexan he lost a three-year scholarship he'll begin receiving next school year because he has taken steps to medically transition.

We reached out to the DoD for comment.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/ The DoD told us they were not aware of Pesqueira's case.

But a spokesperson told me the new "policy states that anyone enrolled in ROTC for the upcoming academic year falls under the 2016 policy." Seemingly, this means Pesqueira could keep his scholarship.

So what gives?
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I was reported again, yesterday! *sigh*. This time it was for posting private information. Information that had been posted publicly by the individuals themselves but hey-ho!

Here is the email with private information redacted. [1/14]
My Tweet contained four images. I have removed all the personal information from them, to avoid further trouble with Twitter.

The first was an image of court papers, posted by the redactee themselves. [2/14]
In fact it was the redactee who said “PLEASE RT” [3/14]
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Thread. Today, 3/31, is the International #Transgender Day of Visibility, #TDoV for short, to celebrate those, who got courage and decided to live authentically despite discrimination, abuse, biases, hate, and misunderstanding. 1/
Many of them struggle for choices they did not make, but they can do something about it. I got to meet many transgender people from many walks of life, heard their heart-wrenching stories. 2/
#GenderDysphoria is a real thing. It takes lives, it ruins families. If you feel at odds with your gender, do not even think you can beat it alone, do not delay, seek a therapist, a licensed independent clinical social worker at a gender clinic ... 3/
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A few minutes ago I had to witness someone nitpicking whether #HRT is harmless for #trans youth. So now we're gonna have a conversation abt the way HRT is discussed when it comes to #transgender youth. And by 'conversation' I mean 'IT'S TIME FOR MANDY'S OPINION.'

A thread. 1/
I begin by saying I'm biased. because our daughter was suicidal before she came out and began HRT, and since she's been on HRT, she's back to her usual acerbic, delightful, caring self. 2/
No medication is 'harmless.' Birth control is not 'harmless.' Tylenol is not 'harmless.' My anti-migraine medication is not 'harmless,' but I couldn't function without it. 3/
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There are currently 3 major factors hindering the progress of #transgender acceptance:

1. People have been spoon-fed too much misinformation about us, most of which originated from #radfem circles -- no surprise here -- and then got picked up by conservative media. (1/4)
2. Too many writers would rather engage in pseudo-philosophical debates on whether trans women are "categorically female" while ignoring the rich ethnocultural data about the societal roles found in various cultures analogous to what the West now dubs "trans women". (2/4)
3. Trans activists also have themselves to blame by focusing on the messy, unfalsifiable "gender theory" instead of practicalities -- like how transition usually takes years of intensive resocialization and how HRT transforms us physically, psychologically and sexually. (3/4)
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City of Vancouver grants 2019 funding to Vancouver Rape Relief as termination funding. VRR is no longer eligible for funding until it makes changes to become aligned with the grant criteria.

#Transgender #LGBTQ2+
Those among us who are not transgender may not understand the enormous symbolic value of this decision. VRR's ongoing and very public refusal to treat transgender women equally has finally been refuted by a public agency as unacceptable.
The audio from the speakers that convinced the city to act...

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