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since we're talking about anti-vaxxers & calls to "debate me", I will add that anti-trans activists use this exact same playbook. you can't "debate" a scientific consensus, b/c it's not based on one study & can't be undone w/individual "questions/concerns"…
...I will add that the anti-trans parent movement is eerily similar to the anti-vaccine parent movement in their tactics and dynamics – I detail those parallels here:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science
...ppl are sharing this great thread on further similarities with the "subliminal Satanic messages" moral panic of the 1980s. TL;DR: there is no satisfying conspiracy theorists b/c they're not evidence based & will never be swayed by "debate"...
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#Myk #Hyn
#Mann & #Frau sind x & y wie die Mehrheit, Pa & Ma,
zweimal xx ist #lesbisch
zweimal yy ist #homosexuell
das #britische #Empire & versteckte #französische #Königreich #CLP will eine #Myk #Hyn Paarung erzwingen. Deshalb werde ich erpresst ein #Transgender zu werden 1) Image
2) bzw. für eine #Transe zu sterben als #Identität, damit sie als #heilige #Blutlinie auftreten kann. #RFKjunior ist ein echter #Kennedy & #JFKjunior ist gut versteckt, weit weg, tief unter der #Erde
Eure #Jagd nach ihm hier ist völlig zwecklos. #Militars sind nicht dumm 3) Image
3) Ich bin die letzte meiner #Blutlinie, aber mein #Blut geht anscheinend zurück bis zu #amerikanischen #Indianern. Auf jeden Fall nicht nach #Frankreich, #England oder #China . Kann sein, dass meine Vorfahren vor 17. /18. Jahrhundert aus #Amerika nach #Europa eingewandert sind. Image
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Transgender health: Comparing model bills to real proposals; Many bills have preambles asserting that the risks of #gender-affirming care outweigh its benefits, which has been rebutted by major #medical organizations.…
1) The AP obtained the texts of more than 130 bills in 40 state legislatures from Plural, a public policy software company, and analyzed them for similarities to model bills touted by the conservative groups Do No Harm and the Family Research Council.
2) The model bills have similar preambles, including the assertion — rebutted by major #medical organizations — that the risks of gender-affirming care outweigh its benefits.…
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FIGHTING TRANS BILL: Tonight, hundreds are expected to pack Motion Church in Puyallup to launch the signature drive for the “REJECT 5599 REFERENDUM KICK-OFF.”

This in direct response to State Sen. Marko Liias’(⁦@SenMarkoLiias⁩) controversial transgender bill, signed into law…… Image
LEADING THE CHARGE: Parent advocate Dawn Land is the force behind this referendum to take out SB 5599. She says people from all across the spectrum, including the LGBTQ+ community, are standing with her. She says aggressive ground game starts now.
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@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett Ignoring fact that 50% of studies can't be replicated

And "Sociology" & related "Medical" type "studies" are the worst culprits

The ones that say otherwise are highly biased cherry-picked "studies" of self-selected participants by activist "researchers"…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett As I said

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

Is what is killing them😲

And that's what YOU support!!!😱🤦‍♂️

It's worse than the Liverpool "Care" Pathway!!!…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett #TransActivists have no self-awareness!

And no shame!!!

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

IS WHAT IS #KillingTransKids😲

And that's what THEY support!!!😱🤦‍♂️…
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Since ‘21 lawmakers proposed nearly 900 anti-#LGBTQ+ bills, nearly 500 of which were introduced this year in 49 state legislatures+Congress. Many bills target rights of #transgender people by curtailing “basic healthcare, education, legal recognition & the right to publicly exist
1) Many of the anti-trans bills target the rights of #transgender people by curtailing “basic #healthcare, education, #legal recognition, and the right to publicly exist” #LGBTQ…
2) #NorthDakota recently enacted a statute restricting access to sex-segregated spaces…
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brand new essay, many weeks in the making: "Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth Is Neither New nor Experimental: A Timeline and Compilation of Studies." no-paywall link, 15 min read + over 100 references – please share & give it "claps"!… #trans #science
...FYI most media outlets wouldn't have allowed me to publish this piece as is. so if you appreciate that I make essays like this freely available online, pls consider supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1/month! #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science
🧵my essay 1) provides a brief history of how gender-affirming care came to be, 2) debunks the most common anti-trans & just-asking-questions talking points & tactics, 3) provides a list of over 100 studies & reviews showing how established this field is:…
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In 10 minutes, @EthnicMediaSvc begins a discussion on the war against transgender people. Watch live here:… @RepGeneWu @1NadineSmith @sailorjones @CommonCause @transyouthequality #transgender
@1NadineSmith of @equalityfl discusses a bill in the Florida state Legislature that would ban trans athletes from participating. "This was a result of focus group testing. Trans issues make people uncomfortable."
"In Florida, we have a governor trying to outflank Trump on the right, said Nadine Smith referring to @RonDeSantisFL "He has brought all the MAGA issues to the forefront. All the rhetoric is so dehumanizing." @1NadineSmith @equalityfl #transgender
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if you are a journalist (or YouTuber) & you push the notion of "transgender social contagion" without addressing any of the counter-evidence that I've compiled here, that either means 1) you're shitty at doing research, or 2) you're an anti-trans activist:…
...from what I gather, the YouTube video I'm subtweeting also spreads misinformation about puberty blockers (which have been used since mid-90s on trans youth). here's a good open access review that debunks claims that they're experimental:… #trans #LGBTQ screenshot from linked to a...
...and while we're debunking shoddy/slanted "just asking questions about gender-affirming care" stories, here is an important thread regarding the recent Atlantic article: #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
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Up now in Texas Senate: #SB1029 which would prohibit public $ for "provision or administration" of gender-affirming care for all ages of patients.

Would also make insurers "strictly liable" to pay for detransitions, and make it easier to sue doctors for malpractice. #txlege
Sen @NathanForTexas asks: "If a patient comes in and requests a procedure, and the physician provides the procedure and does so competently, that physician is nevertheless liable to that patient for anything that follows that procedure?"

@SenBobHall: "That's it." #txlege
@NathanForTexas @SenBobHall Sen @sarah_eckhardt asks if an adult gets gender modification surgery then can tell the doctor who provided it: "Now you must pay for all of my subsequent treatment for the rest of my life?"

Hall: "Related to the surgery." #txlege #SB1029 #LGBTQ
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⭐️Gender Identification or Gender Dysphoria
A disease propagated by the Left ideologues in the society.
Let us see how Left Kabal is destroying our social institutions:
#Gender #Woman #Man #Left #Right #India #Society #LGBTQ #Transgender #SameSexMarriage Image
1. Sex is the biological expression of our genotype in the form of phenotype while gender is a social expression based on the cultural evolution of ethos and eidos.
#Gender #Woman #Man #Left #Right #India #Society #LGBTQ #Transgender #SameSexMarriage
2. Our social institutions like family, marriage, and kinship all are based on values prescribed to gender-based roles.

#Gender #Woman #Man #Left #Right #India #Society #LGBTQ #Transgender #SameSexMarriage
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Before a sport can ban a trans athlete for having an unfair advantage the sport has to define what this unfair advantage actually is. Human rights are not based on assumptions!
A sport such as rugby union which is a contact sport in which players require high levels of physical fitness, which is a composite of aerobic and anaerobic endurance, muscle strength and power, speed, agility and body composition.
All of these attributes can be assessed on a case by case basis very easily for any athlete, male, female, trans or intersex.
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1/4🧵Since I'd already been snooping around government contracts I thought I'd see just how much you & I pay the government to destroy America. Started as a joking thought, but then I found this... 571 Grants concerning "Misinformation" Image
2/4🧵 2 Grants for "Anti-Vaccine", 6 Grants concerning "Right-Wing", 3 Grants for "Anti-Vaxxer", & 499 Grants concerning "Disinformation." (Keep in mind- most of these grants are brand new) ImageImageImageImage
3/4🧵Concerning "Far-Right" there were 6 Grants, 116 Grants for "Gender Affirming," and 3 Grants for "Gender Assignment" but wait it gets worse.. ImageImageImage
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Senate Bill 14, the ban on medical treatments for transgender minors, is up for final passage in the Texas Senate.

Background here:… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ
Bill author @DonnaCampbellTX repeats her opening statement for this bill: "Children who are on puberty blockers and cross sex hormones need more counseling in love. They don't need blades and drugs."

#txlege #SB14 #LGBTQ #LGBTQ #trans #transgender
@DonnaCampbellTX Sen. @Menendez4Texas is speaking on the gender-affirming care ban bill now:

"I believe Senator Campbell when she says she wants to protect children but I don't think she realizes the potential harm the very real harm" of the bill.

#txlege #SB14 #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
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I was interviewed by @washingtonpost about MTG’s vile use of ‘pedophile’ to attack her enemies. The article is below. Today I’m giving the #history of this term as anti-LGBTQ and #antisemitic, and it’s link to #fascism, eugenics, and Nazis.…
One of the earliest fights for rights of #homosexuals/ #transgender was engaged by Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish doctor in Berlin, 1900-1930s. At the time, the term for what we consider ‘pedophiles’ was ‘pederasts.’ Conservative moralists would accuse any homosexual of pederasty.
They called homosexuals ‘immoral’ or ‘pathological.’ Hirschfeld explained homosexuality as an in-born natural condition. But Germany was deeply invested in culture of Männerbund and misogynistic masculinist rhetoric, which increasingly associated with nationalist sentiments.
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Since yesterday’s tweet (where I broke down a scientific study JK Rowling posted about blood/sex/gender), I’ve seen the argument that ‘sex is real’ because of chromosomes used to support anti- #transgender rhetoric. So today I’m sharing some biology in support of #TransRights
Let’s consider chromosomes first. The anti-trans argument says XX is female/woman and XY is male/man. That’s the gender binary. But biology isn’t binary—it’s messy. You can be born XXY or XYY. You may be born with aspects of both sexes along a spectrum. It’s also true for animals
A true XXY, what we call Klinefelter syndrome (47 chromosomes). 64% of those with the condition are never diagnosed (Jeannie Visootsak, MD, MSc 2014) and most who are only notice in puberty. About 1 in 500 are born with XXY. Now, XYY occurs in about 1 in 1000.
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#BREAKING | #Nashville PD went right in and took care of the threat 🔥Police have released body-#camera footage of the Nashville officers fatally shooting #transgender shooter Audrey "Aiden" Hale inside the Covenant School yesterday #usa #nashville #nashvilleschool
This sweet angel, Hallie Scruggs, was one of the Nashville school victims. Her father, pictured with her, was the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church associated w/ the school. 💔💔💔
Audrey Hale interviewed in 2022 at a college portfolio show
#NashvilleCovenantSchool #Nashville #nashvilleschool #AudreyHale #Audrey_Hale
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1/22 A THREAD about sex, gender, trans people and transphobia.

Summary: Gender cannot be reduced to biological sex.

#transgender #transphobia Abstract colorful spiral ar...
2/22 My academic background is from the History of Ideas, a discipline that looks at how language and words shape the way we see the world.

Learning is often about developing new concepts that help people see what was once hidden or not understood. Tiresias was a Greek man wh...
3/22 English language speakers use the words sex and gender to cover many very different phenomena, and the two terms are often mixed up.

This causes a lot of confusion.

Let us look at the different phenomena that are covered by these terms.

#Gender #BiologicalSex Picture from vintage ad wit...
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JK Rowling is up here suggesting blood is gendered and you have to get transfusion from the same bio sex you were assigned at birth (supporting her anti #transgender rhetoric) Before the blow up, some key information regarding the study she refers to—let’s get the facts 1/
There was a study. But: “The American Red Cross and the researchers themselves were quick to say the study is not definitive enough” and “three teams were from different countries, used different data sets and all had slightly different findings.” So what were the findings? 2/
The study suggested there may be a 2% decrease in how long a chromosomally male patient lives after cardiac arrest transfusion from a person who had been pregnant. (Loss: about one year of extra life) But the study was limited, using different data set. What would prove it? 2/
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#BREAKING | Sensitive Content 🚨

Security footage released showing #transgender #Nashville shooter #AudreyHale driving & shooting her way into the school building.

Live on #FoxNews, an angry mom at the #Nashville School #Shooting #PressConference, steps in front of the mic and gives an incredible speech.

Meanwhile Fox News is caught off guard and panics, trying to not show her on air. I'm sure the gun lobby and NRA aren't too happy.…
The mass shooting in Nashville yesterday is the 129th mass shooting in the US so far this year. 6 people including 3 children killed the shooter captured here on CCTV. That’s a rate of 1.4 mass shootings per day in the US in 2023.

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3 settimane fa il #Tennessee ha vietato la #mutilazione di genere infantile.

Oggi un #transgender ha commesso un crimine d'odio per omicidio di massa premeditato contro i cristiani uccidendo 6 persone, tra cui tre #bambini piccoli.
La portavoce della #CasaBianca: "Quanti altri bambini dovranno essere uccisi prima che i repubblicani al Congresso si facciano avanti e agiscano per approvare il #divieto delle #armi d'assalto?".
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1)🔎 Kerkgenootschap waarbij het lijkt alsof de geloofsovertuiging overeenkomt,met de #WEF #SDGs van #Agenda2030, ofwel de doelen worden meegenomen/behandeld vanuit kerkelijk perspectief, of ze mengen opzettelijk de SDGs met het geloof. De Remonstranten. #D66 #VVD #uitpluizen
2)🔎 Thema's vd #TheGreatReset en volgens #Agenda2030. Ik zag #D66-ers, #VVD-ers en beleidsmedew in het ledenbestand en #Kaag was te gast. Ze werken naar 2030 toe en hebben daarvoor een werkgroep aangesteld. Ik ga de agendapunten en personen linken. (Christa Anbeek #MtF?)
3) Zo kwam ik hierop: In 2010 ontving het Remonstranten Broederschap de Bob Angelo Penning vh COC.
In 2013 werd de Penning uitgereikt aan Carolien vd Lagemaat, Transgenderbeweging. Zij had invloed op de inwerkingtreding vd Transgenderwet,zij zit bij de #VVD en de Remonstranten
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Now speaking is Xandra, a person who identifies as a "detransitioned woman." She does not live in South Carolina, and all of the trans-related medical treatment she received took place after she is 18. S.627 would not have impacted any of the care that she received. Image
This testifier who identifies as a "detransitioned woman" said the quiet part out loud by saying that she supports banning transgender-related medical care even for adults. This wave of anti-transgender attacks has *never* been about "protecting kids."
This parent testified in support of banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth and is being positioned as an expert on the topic – but her child never even accessed the medical care that would be banned by the law. Image
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🏳️‍⚧️❤️ The SC United team is here today in Columbia to #SupportTransYouthSC and defend everyone’s right to be their authentic self on their identification documents. Follow along as we testify against S627 and S623, two anti-transgender bills. 1/
This morning a panel of experts - including parents of trans youth, trans adults, medical professionals, and mental health providers - will testify against these bills (a second hearing will take place on 3/29 – RSVP to testify here: 2/
Here's what we're talking about: S627, which would prohibit trans youth from accessing medical care (and force teachers to “out” trans students) and deny public funding for transgender-related healthcare, and S623, which prohibits gender marker changes on birth certificates. 3/
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