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This is really starting to piss me off. #Trudeau literally created the most diverse cabinet in the history of #Canada, giving #POC the highest jobs in the country. He’s welcomed #Syrian refugees, he’s increased funding to #Indigenous people, he’s marched with #LGBTQ in #Pride...
...Parades. He’s supported #women’s rights, stood with #feminists & created the most gender balanced cabinet in the history of this country. His record on #humanrights, #multiculturalism & #diversity speaks a feck of a lot louder than some 20 year old photos. Wake up #canada!...
This is not #racism it is character assassination plain & simple. Don’t believe me? Look at Scheer’s record on #multiculturalism, #diversity & #inclusion. Look at the #whitenationalists, #bigots & #racists running in his campaign & ask yourself why they got a pass & JT doesn’t...
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A pro-#China online stalker has posted the names of my family (w/ whom I have little/no contact) online & then accused me of supporting a terrorist group (!?) for defending the #HumanRights/#PoliticalRights of #EastTurkistan’s #Uyghurs & #HingKong’ers.

Very scary.
… I apologize. I misspelled the hashtag “#HongKong” because it’s so late.

This person is obviously trying to elicit someone to attack my family — again, with whom I have essentially no contact — in order to silence me.

Have you no shame, @ChnEmbassy_jp?

Truly scary.
… when I was a kid, my family was targeted by Maoist terrorists (Sendero Luminoso, the Communist Party of #Perú), so for me, the struggle against terrorism (esp. #China’s Maoists’ & #HKPoliceTerrorism) is PERSONAL.

Scary déjà vu that they’re again being targeted, now b/c of me.
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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The Iranian regime has a history of cracking down on its opponents. Incommunicado detentions, arbitrary abductions, summary executions, torture and enforced disappearances are among practices commonly used against opponents.#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
#FreeIran @UNGeneva
Dissident intellectuals and students, ethnic groups and religious minorities, and members and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have always been targeted.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
#FreeIran @UNGeneva @USUN
In summer 1988, a wave of intense killings began in Evin and Gohardasht prisons, in Tehran and Karaj, respectively. The mass executions then extended to other prisons all across the country.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
#FreeIran @UNGeneva @USUN
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Yesterday my @UWSoHE #matcult #childhood seminar visited @HLATC_Textiles to study objects related to #histchild and we connected objects to #childrensrights #humanrights as discussed through #UNCRC @jhcy @shcy Here are a few highlights...
We looked at and compared this lovely, warm Swedish cap with this highly embellished Pakistani hat, both 20thC, and thought about children’s #rights to safety, protection and care #article19 #UNCRC
We examined two amazing samplers, one made by a 10yr old girl in Wisconsin in 1832 and the other a colorful 1898 #darning #sampler, likely initialed by 10 different students, and considered changing ideas about children’s rights to an #education and #community #article28 #UNCRC
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Specially for @Sainaraha @shadiB36079942 @ThoseWhoSaidNo @nedaliberty100 continuing on.
2. Later thru a friend I visited a young gentleman paralyzed by both legs during severe torture in #Iran, for not wanting religious rule. His whole life ruined but willing to pay the price.
3. They are not just 2 persons but tens of families. Our nation still troubled and in threat because, as Montazeri-close to Khomeini said, #MEK represents an ideology that cannot be stopped by killing them. Wanting freedom+peace is only denied by dictators, those who have no...
4. sympathy for #HumanRights. An MEK member once showed me a book with thousands of pictures. It changed me so much and I couldn’t stop crying, the faces of innocent girls and boys of my country. Then I understood the tough battle between us and this regime.
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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"The Epoch Times seeks to restore honest journalism, the purpose of a free press."

Wall Street Journal @WSJ publishes op-ed by @EpochTimes publisher Stephen Gregory in response to misleading @NBCNews and @MSNBC attacks. (Thread 👇)…
@WSJ @NBCNews @MSNBC The #EpochTimes is a nonpartisan, independent media company that publishes a daily newspaper and website. Our motto is “Truth and Tradition.”

Last week #NBCNews and its sister network #MSNBC launched a series of irresponsible and misleading attacks on us.
The network led with the claim that we have spent “more than any organization outside of the Trump campaign itself” in the past 6 months on “pro-Trump advertisements.”

NBC refers to ads promoting our print subscriptions—typically short, lively videos featuring recent articles.
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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1. One day after G7 leaders backed HK's autonomy, CE Carrie Lam is now planning to impose a "#MartialLaw" to #HongKong. HK's commerce minister even claimed that such martial law will have no effect on this Asia Financial Hub & should be accepted by the international community.
2. This Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO) HKGov planning to use, would allow HKGov to do whatever it wants. It is a de facto Martial Law, with no PLA marching on the streets, but would bring an equivalent threat of violence to the city.
3. According to ERO, Lam can "make any regulations whatsoever which (s)he may consider desirable in the public interest" without check and balance from the legislature, include declaring curfew. #HumanRights and freedom of expression are under threat.
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America’s greatest information weapon may be its meme warriors. I think we need more memes critical of #China’s Communist Party. It’s only right that we mock, ridicule, castigate, lampoon, pillory, & parody this awful, IP-stealing, trade-cheating, #HumanRights violating-regime.
… I asked for memes, & the great people of #HongKong & their allies (follow em!) delivered. Here’s the first one I wanted to share (technically a cartoon, but a good one).

Hong Kong is the spark that could ignite the brushfires of freedom in #China. 🔥

… the next #ChinaMeme is sweet as 🍯.

#XiJinping — the Butcher of #Beijing — is famously insecure about being a doppelgänger for Winnie the Pooh. #China’s #GreatFirewall bans all images of the Pooh bear as subversive (so get creative, meme warriors!).

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#PoliticalKarma has a brutal sense of humour & #Africa’s history offers lessons for powerful men who want to get ahead by retarding the legal process - those who degrade it often end up in need of it, usually to save them against their own collaborators.…
In many parts of the continent, the #RuleOfLaw is undergoing chastening times, with ruling parties inventing convenient devices to eliminate uncertainties of democratic competition, kettle their opponents (both real and imagined), disrupt vocal civics & enable abuse of power.
Kenya's Chief Justice narrowly survived a suspicious car crash in Dec 2018. The next month, #Nigeria's ruling party decapitated the Chief Justice's tenure on the eve of an election. Gabon just suspended judge who agreed to hear petition on medical certification for @PresidentABO
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Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Health public meeting. #ChiDocumenters
@ChiDocumenters #publichealth #chicagopublichealth
@CHIdocumenters Dr. Arwady reviews high-level updates from the dept, including an anti-#syphillis campaign, a research study on Chicago maternal mortality (#maternitymatters) that will be released soon, and a new program that will provide assistance to #newmom s at 3 Chicago hospitals.
Dr. Arwady shares info about the new training video aimed at Chicago employees who work with youth, centers a #traumainformed approach to working with them.
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This is Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh.

Atefeh was executed in a public square on August 15, 2004, by #Iran regime henchmen 1 week after she was sentenced to death. She was only 16-years-old and never received a fair trial.

Ms. Atefeh is a victim of the tyrannical regime.
From the book "Self-Sacrifice" by Struan Stevenson:

"Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh was hanged in public from a crane in the city of Neka in August 2004. She had been raped and tortured for three years by a 51-year-old former Islamic Revolutionary Guard member turned taxi-driver" #Iran
.."He was sentenced to 100 lashes and she (Atefeh) was arrested, tortured and then hauled before Neka’s local chief religious judge Haji Rezai." #Iran #HumanRights
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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On kulunut kohta kaksi vuotta siitä, kun ihmisoikeusjärjestö Amnesty International julkaisi raporttinsa, jonka mukaan KETÄÄN ei ole turvallista palauttaa #Afganistan:iin. #tphakijat #humanrights #StopDeportations #RightToLive #AfghanistanIsNotSafe
On kulunut yksi vuosi siitä, kun YK:n pakolaisjärjestö #UNHCR totesi, että Afganistanin pääkaupunkiin Kabuliin ei pitäisi pääsääntöisesti palauttaa ketään, joka ei ole aiemmin asunut siellä. #Afganistan #sisäinenpako #internalflight
On kulunut kohta puolitoista kuukautta siitä, kun riippumaton selvitys @Maahanmuuttovir:n turvapaikkaprosesseista julkaistiin. Useissa prosessin vaiheissa on ja on ollut ongelmia. Aiemmat selvitykset ovat jo todenneet ongelmia tulkkauksessa ja oikeusavussa. #Migri #migritarkastus
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Hey @guardian @guardianscience This would be a really interesting dialogue to continue if you opened it up to the majority of researchers who don’t support the PACE trial and have good relationships with patients, instead of just giving Sharpe a platform.…
There are so many flaws in Sharpe’s argument that I won’t be able to cover them all myself (due to ME), but for one, his attempt to differentiate between ME and CFS to justify their work when he knows full well that in practice it is all considered the same. @guardianscience
This means that if you are anywhere on the spectrum including #SevereME (see #SevereMEday yesterday) with extreme exercise intolerance, then you can be put forward for CBT/GET, and actually many Severe patients were formerly moderate before these “treatments” @guardianscience
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1/ Today @realDonaldTrump is doubling down on a failed policy to force regime change in #Venezuela by imposing an embargo that will destroy what’s left of the country’s economy and cause millions more to flee.…
2/ @NicolasMaduro has been accused of using food for political control.

But it’s inevitable that Trump’s embargo will further reduce access to basic needs on a massive scale and increase the suffering of the Venezuelan people, in the name of supporting @jguaido.
3/ This is immoral. The only pro-#HumanRights solution to the #Venezuela crisis is to negotiate. Today’s action makes that harder and I condemn it.
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‘Ablikim Yusuf’ a #Uyghur from Hotan prefecture of #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan. Currently he is being held by Qatar authorities at Doha airport and he is to be deported to #China where he’ll likely face a severe punishment.
Abulikemu Yusufu, who was deported from Bosnia to China, is now at Doha Hamas International Airport, waiting for the flight to China. His life will be in grave danger if he’s forcedly returned to China. Please help stop his repatriation!
We urge the United Nations, European Union, and other governments, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other non-government organizations to take urgent action to save ‘Abulikemu YUSUFU’ and save him from deportation to #China.…
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@realDonaldTrump 2) These advanced, solid-fueled, Road-Mobile missiles are most likely nuclear-capable and directly threaten US forces and citizens in Northeast Asia, including some 30,000 military personnel on the Korean Peninsula.
@realDonaldTrump 3) No previous US President would have ignored such a flagrant violation of UN Resolutions directly affecting US National Security.
4) Trump’s endorsement of Kim’s “beautiful” vision for the future of North Korea is an abject abandonment of every value US holds dear. Specifically
@realDonaldTrump Kim’s vision for dprk future is not beautiful. It is a nightmare vision marked by complete absence of basic #humanrights including freedom of speech, assembly, religion, travel, and any sense of due process. For trump to endorse such a vision is not just’s insane.
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Inst’l investor: it’s imp 2 have a seat @ the table w/ 4-profit prisons 2 drive change
Me: engagement hasn’t led 2 pos developments
Inv: not true; GEO passed a shareholder res on #HumanRights
Me: & days later they denied lawyers access 2 detainees
Inv: oh, we didn’t know that
U can’t insist on engaging w/ these cos if you aren’t even doing this VERY BASIC level of due diligence. The shareholder res @ GEO passed but was strongly opposed by GEO’s board, & their objection 2 a dif shareholder res on family detention meant that res wasn’t even put 2 a vote
So AGAIN, for the people in the back: this whole “engagement over divestment” approach is not an acceptable or realistic strategy with companies whose business model depends on their ability to to cut costs through human rights abuses like forced labor & medical neglect.
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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Julian Assange was assessed under the Istanbul protocol. “Several aspects of Mr Assange’s health condition & cognitive & sensory capacity have been...significantly impaired”… #torture #HumanRights
This is due to Julian Assange’s long term confinement in the Ecuadorean embassy, without access to natural light, & adequate medical and dental care… #torture #HumanRights #auspol
From a psychological perspective, Mr Assange showed all symptoms typical for prolonged & sustained exposure to severe psychological stress, anxiety, & related mental and emotional suffering… #torture #HumanRights
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