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#ICYMI, here's a #threatintel related🧵👇 by me on @USTreasury advisory on DPRK IT workers' attempts to obtain employment while posing as non-North Korean nationals:… (1/?)
DPRK IT workers "engage in a wide range of IT dev work, such as: mobile & web-based apps, virtual currency exchange platforms & digital coins. Some
designed virtual currency exchanges or created analytic tools/apps for virtual currency traders & marketed their products." (2/?)
This reminds me, for example, of Marine Chain Token: (…;…), #AppleJeus (…) and, more recently, #TraderTraitor (…). #HIDDENCOBRA/#APT38 loves loves loves their crypto (3/?)
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Thank you, @POTUS, for fulfilling your promise & commitment to the Cuban-American community & our long-suffering families in #Cuba. The #BidenHarris Administration's Cuba policy remains firmly centered on #humanrights, & empowering the Cuban people to determine their own future.
While continuing to demand that the Cuban regime immediately release all political prisoners, today's announcement will increase direct support for greater freedom & expanded economic opportunities for the Cuban people.
First, @POTUS will reinstate the Cuban Family Reunification Parole & continue to increase capacity for consular services. Second, #BidenHarris Administration will strengthen family ties & facilitate connections for the American & Cuban people by expanding authorized travel.
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In a stunning revelation last Friday, Iran's main opposition NCRI published the names and photographs of over 22,000 Iranian prison wardens, interrogators, intelligence agents, and other #humanrights abusers


@mbachelet @AgnesCallamard @JavaidRehman
@mbachelet @AgnesCallamard @JavaidRehman Altogether the names/details of 33000 Iranian prison officials, wardens, interrogators, intelligence agents & executioners were made public at a press conference in Paris on 13 May. The treasure trove of info contains 22000 photos of personnel involved in #humanrights violations.
@mbachelet @AgnesCallamard @JavaidRehman @UNHumanRights @iran_policy @eu_eeas @CommissionerHR @NilsMelzer @PenalReformInt @MaryLawlorhrds @reemalsalem76 @amsafavi @BehzadNaziri The collection of evidence includes secret photos obtained from inside Iran's prisons across 23 provinces, revealing a shocking state of prison overcrowding.
It further includes the chain of command of Iran's Prisons Organization and a list of 1,160 senior prison staff officials.
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#Hasbara #IsraeliCrimes

L'inchiesta sulla morte di #ShireenAbuAkleh verrà affidata all'#IDF.
I principali sospettati indagheranno su se stessi... ⬇1/12

#Palestine #ApartheidIsrael #IsraeliOccupation #SanctionsOnIsrael #HumanRights #13maggio…
"La morte della giornalista #ShireenAbuAkleh richiede un'indagine vera e completa, senza insabbiamenti, che mostri al mondo cosa è realmente successo nei vicoli di #Jenin mercoledì. ⬇2
Affinché la verità venga alla luce, dobbiamo garantire che investigatori indipendenti, credibili e rispettati indaghino a fondo su questo tragico avvenimento.

Questi investigatori devono essere completamente distaccati dalle forze di combattimento, ⬇3
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#ApartheidIsrael #Peace #NoWar
"La polizia israeliana lancia granate stordenti al corteo funebre della giornalista palestinese #ShireenAbuAkleh." ⬇1/7

#Palestine #HumanRights #PoliceBrutality #IsraeliOccupation #RestiamoUmani #WestBank #Gaza #13maggio…
"Il corteo funebre di #ShireenAbuAkleh, giornalista di @AlJazeera , uccisa mercoledì, è stato segnato da scontri con le forze di polizia israeliane a Gerusalemme, che hanno usato granate assordanti sulla folla a #SheikhJarrah. ⬇2
Centinaia di persone si sono radunate fuori dall'ospedale dove è iniziata la processione, molte delle quali sventolano bandiere palestinesi e intonavano quelle che la polizia ha definito “cori di incitamento nazionalistico”. ⬇3
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#IsraeliOccupation #ApartheidIsrael

#Israele approva più di 4mila nuove unità abitative negli insediamenti illegali in Cisgiordania.
La pratica è considerata illegale per il diritto internazionale. ⬇1/17

#Palestine #SanctionIsrael #HumanRights #12maggio…
"#Israele ha approvato altre 2.700 unità abitative negli insediamenti illegali nella #Cisgiordania occupata e ha avanzato piani per altre 1.600, una mossa che potrebbe dispiacere a #Washington prima della visita del mese prossimo in Israele del presidente #USA, #Biden. ⬇2
Oggi, una riunione del sottocomitato dell'amministrazione civile israeliana ha approvato i piani di costruzione e "legalizzato" retroattivamente due avamposti nell'Area C, il 60% della #Cisgiordania sotto il pieno controllo israeliano. ⬇3
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#Peace #NoWar
Le forze di occupazione israeliane uccidono un ragazzo palestinese di 18anni in Cisgiordania. ⬇1/8

#IsraeliCrimes #IsraeliOccupation #ApartheidIsrael #Palestine #HumanRights #Gaza #WestBank #SanctionOnIsrael #11maggio…
"Mercoledì mattina, 11 maggio 2022, le forze di occupazione israeliane (IOF) hanno ucciso un ragazzo palestinese durante gli scontri nella città di #AlBireh a #Ramallah, dopo aver inseguito i manifestanti palestinesi nell'area. ⬇2
Questo crimine arriva poche ore dopo l'omicidio a sangue freddo del corrispondente di @AlJazeera Media Network, #ShireenAbuAkleh, a #Jenin, a nord della Cisgiordania.

Secondo le indagini condotte dal Centro palestinese per i diritti umani (@pchrgaza ), ⬇3
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"L'orrore per l'uccisione di #ShireenAbuAkleh è giustificato e doveroso. Ma è anche tardivo e ipocrita.

Ora sei sconvolto? Il sangue di una famosa giornalista, per quanto coraggiosa ed esperta fosse, e lo era, ⬇2
non è più rosso del sangue di un'anonima studentessa delle superiori che un mese fa stava tornando a casa in un taxi pieno di donne in questa stessa #Jenin quando è stata uccisa dagli spari dei soldati israeliani. Così è stata uccisa #HananKhadour. ⬇3
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Today the European Commission will publish a proposal for a new law which will make the interception, analysis and monitoring of *ALL* digital communications (messengers, forums, direct messages etc.) mandatory.

#privacy #humanrights #chatcontrol #surveillance #dignity #csam
Let me be clear - this is ILLEGAL under EU Treaties and Case Law under the principles of proportionality and necessity. This new law will turn the EU into a surveillance state.

#privacy #humanrights #chatcontrol #surveillance #dignity #csam #childsexualabuse
500 million citizens will be subjected to complete blanket surveillance - the impact on privacy will be profound. Everything we have fought for since 1949 - our values, our principles, our democracy and our human rights, will be undone with the scratch of a pen.
#privacy #csam
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"HM's government will play a leading role in defending democracy and freedom across the world".
HM's government will repeal the Human Rights Act.
#Queenspeech #HumanRights #HumanRightsAct
video via sky news
The Govt have gone to the @coe and rightly pleaded with them to expel Russia, for gross human rights violations in Ukraine.
Yet the Govt has now also formally announced its plans to substitute the HRA with a UK Bill of Rights (and undermine the operation of the ECHR in the UK).
@coe 3. Contradictions and sheer hypocrisy from the Govt, Baroness @SarahLudford: "HMG will ensure the Constitution is defended". Defended against whom? The Judiciary, deploying human rights, to protect it?
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One year ago we launched "A seat at the table", a guide to crafting effective narratives at the UN about human rights & people who defend them.…
Together with @magdacastria, we developed visuals to illustrate the most important points.
Follow this thread👇 Image
Do you work at or engage with the #UN system to protect and promote #HumanRights?

Then our key recommendations to craft an effective human rights narrative are for you:

©Magda Castría ImageImageImageImage
❓ Do you know how to craft an effective narrative on #HumanRights and those who defend them?

Check out our 8 tips to do so ⬇️
©Magda Castría ImageImageImageImage
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Brief statement on #Russia's accusations against Ukraine, for a Western journalist:
1. Russian state media, politicians and ministries have, over the years, published an avalanche of outlandish accusations about Kyiv's alleged suppression of #Russian speakers throughout #Ukraine.
2. The Kremlin's accusations concern especially alleged Ukrainian abuses of the Russian-speaking people living in the #Donbas, and are made on a daily basis, in order to present #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine as a supposedly #humanitarianintervention covered by international law.
3. However, these #Russian stories and interpretations are not reflected in the relevant reports by independent #humanrights organizations, respective decisions by international courts, and the reports of the @OSCE_SMM, @UkraineCoE, @UNHumanRightsUA or @UNHCRUkraine office.
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Whatever faces the UK, it's complex. To prosper we will need these:

Careful, long term thinking
Objectivity in difficult tradeoffs
Honesty, shrewd negotiation
Deep analysis and preparation
Dedicated ruthless planning

Meanwhile it's #Bodger #Johnson's Queens Speech.

Chances? ❌
This dichotomy is just weird:

Take #Brexit.

Imagine, if you can; your passion for extracting the UK from the EU was unpersuaded by any argument to the contrary.


But did you think doing it was so simple that Slapdash-cover-the-cracks Bodger was the guy to run it?
Out of the blue, we faced a Global #COVID19 Pandemic.

OK,caught a little short with the No 10 leadership. It happens.

But maybe reconsider when you found out he dodged all the scientific briefings at the start to write a book?

You wanted to #Bodger your way through?
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Pls see our report on #stf #lka which cited #sinhalese insiders from the force describing their involvement in whitevan abductions in Colombo & executions in the East.…
#STF should at v least be Leahy vetted by .@USEmbSL & ineligible for @UNPeacekeeping
& it's not just us - UN bodies reported on STF involvement in #torture as far back as 2002: (P30 of report)
IN 2015 UN investigation cited #stf in connection with disappearance & #torture & mentioned their close links to #tamil paramilitaries in the East of #srilanka
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Very interesting meeting today organized by @RivoltiB in #Zugliano, discussing #Eu externalization of migration policies. #Pushbacks, role of #Frontex and role of states along the #Balkan route. @AdrianaTdn @IcsOnlus @CoordEuropa @BalkansCaucasus @pfmajorino
@annalisacamilli explains the double standard recently applied by the #Eu vis-a-vis European and non-European refugees and how more humane #migration and #refugee policies are possible.
@roargh Milena explains the pattern and practice of #pushback with #Croatia being number 1 in #Europe in terms of violations
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According to the state-run @BakhtarNA, the #Taliban's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will tomorrow (Saturday, May 7), make an important #decree, about #Hijab ruling, public.
While not released from the official addresses of the IEA yet, the #Taliban's new plan for the implementation of Sharia #Hijab in Afghanistan is a document prepared in two pages and signed by the seven senior officials of the Taliban, including the Minister for the Propagation...
...of Virtue&Prevention of Vice, Chief Justice, Minister of Hajj, Education Minister...
The key contents of the #guideline:
- #Hijab is compulsory on all Muslim women who have reached the age of puberty.
- Any clothing that covers body is Hijab but it should not be transparent...
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Appalling bit of subediting(?) but the article itself lays out both the history and US context of #RoeVsWade and the consequences of overturning it with rather more nuance:… The Times view on US abortion law and overturning Roe v Wade
The "right approach" the writer appears to support 👇 is the codification of the #RightToChoose into federal #law - which should have happened decades ago. The major issue being the parlous state of US politics... What it should also do is push the issue to the top of the p
For the avoidance of doubt, I absolutely support women's #RightToChoose - it is not for ANY authority to tell people what they can or can't do with their bodies. Anger is justified, but not enough; this is an issue around which people must #mobilise and begin taking back #agency.
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This is #Iran's regime continuing its policy of taking dual citizens hostage and "using" them when necessary.

As long as the West continues its #appeasement vis-à-vis Tehran, innocent people will be abducted, jailed, tortured, and even executed.
"Jalali, a disaster medicine doctor and researcher, was arrested in 2016 on an academic visit to Iran and sentenced to death on charges of espionage for Israel's Mossad."
The #IRGC "have arrested dozens of dual nationals in recent years, mostly on espionage charges. Activists have accused #Iran of using them as bargaining chips... Iran has exchanged several jailed foreigners & dual nationals with Iranians detained abroad."…
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"Like all of us, love is a complex beast: only by embracing it in its entirety do we truly understand it, and ourselves. And this means understanding its evolutionary story, the good and the bad." -- Anna Machin…
A viral database is helping desperate Kenyans find fuel - Rest of World…
#KenyanStartup, #FuelSupplies, #FuelPrices, #CrowdsourcingData, #OpenSourceDatabase, #IkoWhere
The Great Resignation is becoming a “great midlife crisis” - Vox…
#GreatResignation, #MidlifeCrisis, #EarlyRetirement, #GreatReshuffle, #recession, #inflation
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Internet Services have been suspended in #Patiala district in #Punjab following clashes.
#InternetShutdowns results in huge economic losses, especially for small businesses that depend on digital payment services.
#LetTheNetWork #keepiton…
India remains the #internetShutdowns capital of the world and the biggest offender for the fourth consecutive year.
#keepiton #internet #shutowns #DigitalIndia #HumanRights #PunjabClash
Since 2012 #India has imposed a total of 633 #internetShutdowns which is more than any other nation.
#keepiton #LetTheNetWork
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Investors in @BarrickGold have a huge opportunity to press the multinational gold mining giant at next week’s AGM to face up to #HumanRights abuses by police at its North Mara gold mine in #Tanzania. Here are some problems we found in its latest #ESG Sustainability Report 🧐🧵
Barrick states it “cannot be accountable for the actions of a national police force”, yet it has an undisclosed agreement between the Tanzanian mine & police to pay, equip and accommodate police guarding the mine, integrating them within its security structure.
Barrick has repeatedly tried to frame #humanrights abuses as “personal injury”, an approach contested in a related case at the UK High Court last month. With at least 4 deaths and 7 assaults documented since Barrick took full operational control, it has a lot more to answer for.
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okay, let's talk about what Boris #Nemtsov said after the 08.08.08 aggression (#Tskhinval)
Boris Nemtsov is a well-known russian opposition politician who was killed in 2015. there will be tweets with his direct quotes🧵
#Немцов #AbkhaziaisnotGeorgia #SouthOssetiaisnotGeorgia
“Let's start with the most dramatic and bloody events about Ossetia and Abkhazia. the problems of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been dragging on for a long time, they did not arise during the time of Putin or even during the reign of Yeltsin, they are much older… 🧵
…The conflict between Abkhazians and Georgians dates back hundreds of years. During the time of Stalin, who was a Georgian, there was a forced Georgification of Abkhazia. That is, Georgians moved to the territory of Abkhazia and had to assimilate there…🧵
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Courageous #HumanRights lawyer @SDonziger is finally free today, after 6 months of confinement — punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron.… #FreeDonziger #StevenDonziger #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #Amazon ImageImage
I hope it’s final, because Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, the petroleum industry's black robed Putin, is on a crusade to muzzle the man who exposed Chevron's poisoning of the Amazon.
Let’s get some heat on New York’s corporate senators Gillibrand & Schumer to block the nomination of Chevron Consigliere Jennifer Rearden to the federal bench. And let's flood the White House with the demand that @SDonziger be given the Medal of Freedom.
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I’m currently in #Japan,attending the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit, together with other high-level delegates including heads of states and representatives from international organizations in the Asia-Pacific region to discuss various water-related issues. #APWS @JapanGov

By achieving #SDG6, we amplify, exponentially, our ability to achieve so much more than the #humanrights to water and sanitation.
We enhance our chances of eliminating inequalities, supporting healthier lives, achieving gender equality – and combatting climate change.

Achieving #SDG6 is a golden opportunity that needs to be seized,to make it all possible.
The fact that this agenda is not yet receiving the prioritization it demands, is troubling. Especially as we’re talking about a fundamental human rights. Legal obligations. @JapanGov
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