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Vidal Quadras: contrary to what Europe thinks, this is a regime that doesn't have a future. There are no moderates in #Iran regime.
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@ndrew_lawrence Oh, please—allow me.

@TuckerCarlson, diversity starts in nature. Science has proven that lack of diversity results in deformation and failure to evolve. An Olympic-sized gene pool is unquestionably better for life than a tiny, muddy puddle.

But let's move beyond science.
@ndrew_lawrence @TuckerCarlson Diversity in the workforce drives success. Why do "think-tanks" exist? Simple—to bring disparate ideas to the table, examine their merits, and promote goals which stand the best chance of being successful. People who think differently stir imagination and creativity.
@ndrew_lawrence @TuckerCarlson Want proof of that? Look at the open-source community, which has brought amazing (and often free) software to consumers. Everything from Mozilla Firefox to Wikipedia to Linux—all from open-source, and benefitting from programmers worldwide working together for a better product.
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I urge everyone to read this stark analysis of a world failed by self-serving leaders, & rife discrimination.

These are the parting words of Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, @UNHumanRights High Commissioner in ⁦…
Everything he writes resonates with the weight of our daily troubles.

Even as @BorisJohnson issues lazy, reckless & empty rhetoric, Hussein’s words remind us not only that Johnson’s like are morally cowardly, but also dangerous. Frothing, but incapable of advancing us. /2
As a Myanmar court sentences 2 @Reuters journalists to prison terms for exposing horrific crimes, as journalism is weighted down again as a crime, Hussain’s words resonate in a world busy with words, not actions.

“What are we saying to the perpetrators? Or to the victims?”
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Exclusive: U.N. Human Rights Experts Directly Engage With Facebook on "Overly Broad" Definitions in Regulating Terrorist Content

UN expert sends letter, two sides meet. So, how was the meeting?…
UN Rapporteur @NiAolainF:

“I wish to emphasize the importance of ensuring that any relevant definitions adopted and employed by #Facebook are compatible with standards set by international law, including international #humanrights law and international humanitarian law.”
UN Rapporteur @davidakaye:

“It undermines the ability of #Facebook to push back against the efforts of governments to impose ever broader definitions of terrorism…when the standard is not tied closely to standards in #humanrights law and other international instruments.”
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#THREAD Occupied #Jammu #Kashmir 2017 major happenings & events.

Another year of death, destruction, occupation, #WarCrimes, #HumanRights violations with impunity & RESISTANCE.
6th #January - Prominent rebel Muz Molvi is martyred in an encounter.

Despite heavy snowfall & restrictions, 1000s attended his funeral prayers in his hometown #Sopore.

17th #January - 3 freedom rebels including Adil from #Bijbehara are martyred in an encounter in #Pahalgam.

Thousands attended the funeral processions disregarding freezing cold.

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On @tagaq's recommendation, I had the chance to watch @Alethea_Aggiuq’s documentary #AngryInuk, It's about how #WhiteSupremacist #vegan lobbyists have decimated Inuit communities with food insecurity. If you care about justice, watch this:
I want to be clear, opposition to the #sealhunt is #WhiteSupremacist and #racist in nature. It is absolutely clear to me that, at best, organizations like @peta ignore their impact on #Inuit. At worst, they're party to an intended programme of starvation.
In the entire course of her documentary, @Alethea_Aggiuq tried meeting with #vegan and #animalrights activists to discuss their impact on #indigenous communities. Every single attempt at communication was met with silence or avoidance.
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Remminded one of mullahs crimes against Iranian people
On this day, August 20, 1979, Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini ordered a ruthless crackdown of the Iranian #Kurdish community.
Khomeini deployed Iran's classic army & units of the recently established Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), accompanied with a number of so-called judges to the #Kurdistan region to carry out the attack & launch summary executions.
Khomeini raised preposterous accusations against Iran's #Kurdish community, saying “opponents of Islam seek to spread atheism in the country,” giving a green light for his forces to bomb Kurdish cities & villages.
Many innocent people were executed in such scenes...
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Hola @latinosxRep !
Nos tenéis a vuestro lado
Estáis haciendo un trabajo enorme, os damos las gracias y os animamos a seguir !!
En este hilo os dejamos nuestros últimos artículos para quien necesite argumentos Reales.
Molta Força Companys !!
Salut i #RepúblicaCatalana !
"En este artículo queremos exponer los argumentos favorables a que podemos acogernos como pueblo para ejercer este derecho universal y democrático. Definimos y mostramos cuáles pueden ser los argumentos a debatir."
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Although Mr Assange's conditions were already harsh, having no sunlight or outdoor exercise since June 2012, his situation has gotten worse since Mar 27 when the Ecuadorian govt imposed conditions that are like indefinite confinement.

~Mairead Maguire~
These matters of removal of basic rights of speech, information,liberty, persecution & silencing of journalists etc are of fundamental importance to all of us who believe in free & democratic society.

~ Mairead Maguire~
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The DIG Joshak Habila led #OverhaulSARS Committee task by #IGPIdris to carry out @NGRPresident directives met with all FSARS Commanders in Nigeria at @PoliceNG FHQ Abuja.
The full details of the Presidential directives on #OverhaulSARS as issued by AgP @ProfOsinbajo & content of the new FSARS Organizational Policy Framework & Operational Guidelines & Procedures designed by #OverhaulSARS Committee was shared with the officers for strict compliance.
Only competent officers will remain as Commanders in new FSARS, those not measuring up to acceptable standard will be redeployed and new courageous officers will be posted as replacements. Many of the personnel inherited will be posted out of FSARS. – CP Haliru Gwandu, CP FSARS.
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The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy.

The Australian government and Prime Minister Turnbull have an historic opportunity to decide which it will be.

~John Pilger~
The Australian govt has clear diplomatic & moral obligation to protect Australian citizens abroad from gross injustice

It can remain silent,for which history will be unforgiving.Or it can act in interest of justice & humanity & bring this remarkable Australian home
~John Pilger~
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Australian Government Can Save Julian Assange

(OpEd by famous Australian QC, Julian Burnside,on @JulianAssange crisis)…


#Assange #SafePassage #NoExpulsion #NoExtradition #Unity4J #auspol #ecuador #humanrights
"Julian Assange is an Australian. He is in trouble overseas. He needs the Australian government's help."

"The American have made it clear that they want to get Assange, who has good reason to fear that he will be mistreated the way Chelsea Manning was."

~Julian Burnside~
"#Assange has not seen sunshine or felt rain for 6 years.

His health has deteriorated badly.

His teeth are causing great pain: a dentist can't visit him. He needs root canal surgery,which is not possible except in a fully equipped dental surgery."

~Julian Burnside~
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August 14- #Sanandaj W #Iran
Death row political prisoner #RaminHosseinPanahi was transferred from Sanandaj to Tehran on Monday night, according to his brother.
His life is in danger.
pls be his voice.
@CandiceLanier @robyns323 @suzydymna @Doodisgirl @DebraMMason1
The family of death row political prisoner #RaminHosseinPanahi
are asking you to be his voice & take part in a campaign aiming to halt his execution.
@ClareMLopez @Doranimated @KJTorrance @Ann__Kelly @susancrabtree
@omarbula @perpetuok @1954candanga @ChristianRep
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August 9- #Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Soccer/football fans at today's Esteghlal Khuzestan & Perspolis match lashed with security forces.
Tense atmosphere reported by sources.
August 9- #Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Reports indicate clashes between protesters and security forces at this stadium
Anti-riot units have fired tear gas at the protesters.
August 9- #Ahvaz, SW #Iran
A member of the regime's repressive anti-riot units injured by the protesters.
The fans showing their joy of such a scene. 👏
Reports indicate at least 10 injuries of security forces.
#IranProtests continue at any cost
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Boy do I have pic & data logs 2 confirm magnetic weapons signal disruption 2014 /2015 Verizon & Directv in unison, pics of low orbiting satellites visible to the naked eye right b4 dusk & dawn & current att signal disruption blind cats skin ulcers me & dad
And all the email to and from confirming submissions to @TomWheelerFCC former @FCC commissioner, whom is #DeepState by the way with a family of generational #Freemasons @AjitPaiFCC #DEWS #CrimesAgainstHumanity #HumanRights #Terrorism @realDonaldTrump
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#Iran: Names of youth arrested at Tehran's by security forces: Thaman Aryani, Niloufar hemafar, Seyed Mohammad Fadakar, Saba Torbat, Saman Zandian,Azar Heidari, Farshid Rostami,
Please RT to reach to everybody & international references.
@nikkihaley #Humanrights
They are facing risk to torture and execution
Please you be their voice
#HumanRights @AmnestyIran @amnesty @SecPompeo @nikkihaley @Ann__Kelly @gatewaypundit @KamVTV @KTHopkins @ARmastrangelo @susancrabtree @KJTorrance @LeahR77 @TerryGlavin
August 5- #Tehran, #Iran
Vali Asr Ave
Source says two individuals, including a mother, were arrested.
#MEK network
Please support with the tweeting to prevent the suppression of the protests in Iran and the arrest of the protesters
#HumanRights @SecPompeo
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August 3 - Gohardasht - Karaj, #Iran
Protesters launching today's demonstration chanting:
#Iranprotests #IranRegimeChange
August 3 - Gohardasht - #Karaj, near Tehran, #Iran
Protesters chanting:
"Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran"
August 3 - Gohardasht - #Karaj, near Tehran, #Iran
Despite the declared military rule by authorities in this city, brave people launching yet another anti-regime demonstration.
@StateDept @usmissiongeneva @statedeptspox @SecPompeo
@nikkihaley @RealJamesWoods
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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August 2- #Isfahan (Shahpur district) central #Iran
Protesters gathering for today's rally
ُThey are chanting:
"No fear, we're all together."
August 2- #Isfahan (Shahpur district) central #Iran
large number of security units dispatched to quell protesters.
Fearing Isfahan Protests erupting again today
August 2- #Isfahan (Shahpur district) central #Iran
First groups of protesters & demonstrators setting tires on fire.
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1/ THREAD. What are possible #solutions to the threats #deepfakes and synthetic media could pose to evidence, truth and freedom of expression? Our survey from recent @witnessorg @firstdraftnews expert convening.
2/ Invest in MEDIA LITERACY + RESILIENCE/discernment for news consumers - how to spot both individual items of synthetic media (e.g. via visible anomalies such as mouth distortion often present in current deepfakes) as well as develop approaches to assessing image credibility
3/ Recent examples sharing commonsense guidance on this e.g. @CraigSilverman… and @samanthsunne…
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1/ What are #deepfakes + #AI generated synthetic media; what threats do they pose to #humanrights, #journalism and #publicsphere? What should we fear? What can we do? Thread w/ key tech + usages from recent expert mtg summarizing…
2/We've had fake images and CGI for years, so what's different now (beyond enabling us to transplant Nicolas Cage's face to other people). The ease of making #deepfakes is captured by the vlogger Tom Scott
3/ = Barriers to entry to manipulate audio and video are falling - costs less, needs less tech expertise, uses open-source code + cloud computing power. Plus, sophistication of manipulation of social media spaces by bad actors makes it easier to weaponize and to micro-target.
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