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8 Jun
Today, thanks to reporting from @propublica, the public is now able to see how the ultrarich avoid paying their fair share of taxes by exploiting loopholes and escaping scrutiny from federal auditors. It’s time for a #WealthTax. It’s time to #TaxTheRich.…
Here's how absurdly unfair our current tax system is. #TaxTheRich
When @propublica calculated Jeff Bezos' true tax rate, it revealed that he only paid a 1.1% tax rate between 2006 - 2018 when his wealth increased by $127 billion. #TaxTheRich
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15 Apr
There has been so much tragedy this week alone. We are constantly reminded of the urgent need to reimagine public safety. Policing is inherently violent — by design. It was built upon the foundations of white supremacy. The solution is to invest in our communities.
We will say the names of those who have been taken from us as a result of police violence. Their lives mattered. The pain of their loved ones is real. We won't forget them and we won't stop fighting.
But we shouldn't have to remind folks of their humanity to make the case that they should not have been killed. They should be alive right now.
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24 Jul 20
NEW: Trump’s Use of Unidentified Federal Officers to Suppress Protest Is Backfiring in Senate and Presidential Battlegrounds, according to @ppppolls data we commissioned this week.
Majorities of #AZ, #ME, and #NC voters oppose Trump’s secret police program piloted in Portland this week and promised in other cities. What’s more, voters want Congress to intervene. But their Republican senators haven’t backed the legislation to rein in Trump.
We’ve watched in horror as Trump’s agents have used violence without accountability or transparency in Portland. Many have seen this same abuse from CPB agents on the border for a long time. This is a deeply dangerous jolt against democracy and for a strongman state.
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7 Jul 20
Inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter protests, many people are buying nonfiction books about anti-racism.

Another way to better understand the lives of Black people is by reading literature, memoirs, and genre fiction by Black authors. Here are some of our recommendations:

"The Vanishing Half," by @britrbennett is best seller for a reason: It's a deep exploration of race with characters will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book:…

"Lakewood," by @megiddings is a fast-paced thriller that combines history and the present, tackling social issues. Think of Get Out as a novel, with some Stephen King and Margaret Atwood thrown into the mix:…

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1 Jul 20
BREAKING: MoveOn members have voted to endorse Vice President @JoeBiden for president and millions of MoveOn members are mobilizing to vote, volunteer, and rally our collective support around him to ensure that Donald Trump is a one-term president.
Because we organized & raised our collective voices, Biden is running on the most progressive presidential platform in Dem history to address our climate crisis, expand health care, and strengthen & expand our democracy after years of @GOP attacks on voting rights.
Together, we have the power to dismantle systems that uphold white supremacy and economic inequality. Together, we can reject the politics of hate, chaos, and division.
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24 Mar 20
Since we can't organize mass demonstrations in the streets opposing the GOP's plan to shovel billions to corporations without taking care of everyday people, it's time to organize a digital protest. 1/
Make a sign and join with us in virtual protest demanding Republicans in Washington #PutPeopleFirst ImageImage
Step 1: Create a sign on why you want Congress to #PutPeopleFirst, or print one out here:
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26 Nov 19
THREAD: Thanksgiving is Thursday & many of you may be spending the holiday with friends & family members who are uncertain about impeachment. Here’s a guide for talking with them impeachment:

This Thanksgiving, if someone says, “But Trump didn’t do anything wrong!”

You can say: Trump demanded a favor that's going to personally and directly benefit him in exchange for official acts. That’s the definition of bribery.…
If someone tries to say what Trump did may have been wrong, but not impeachable, you can respond with:

Bribery is listed as an impeachment offense in the Constitution.

Trump used the Office of the President for personal & political gain.…
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30 Oct 19
NEWS: Republican Congresswoman @cathymcmorris (WA) refuses to admit that foreign interference in our elections is illegal. Watch:
@cathymcmorris Transcript:
@cathymcmorris MORE VIDEO: Republican Congressman @repgregwalden (OR) also refuses to admit that foreign interference in our elections is illegal.
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29 Apr 19
ATTENTION: An alarming new report indicates the Trump administration engaged in improper surveillance of last summer’s #FamiliesBelongTogether protests. 1/8…
Hundreds of thousands of Americans joined nearly 800 #FamiliesBelongTogether protests & exercised First Amendment rights to freedom of speech & assembly, lifted voices in solidarity with immigrant families, & rejected Trump admin’s family separation & detention policies. 2/8
These nationwide actions were an example of democracy at its best. The protests were peaceful, lawful, and posed no threat that merited such government surveillance. 3/8
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20 Mar 19
74%+ of MoveOn members agree progressive 2020 presidential candidates should skip the #AIPAC2019 conference.
MoveOn is calling on 2020 presidential candidates to not attend the AIPAC conference.

Here are 4 reasons why:
AIPAC spent tens of millions of dollars in 2015 to defeat the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by Pre. Obama along w international allies. It was a historic diplomatic agreement that Trump has tried to derail since taking office.

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14 Jan 19
Brian Kemp is not the legitimate governor of Georgia. (THREAD)
In a democracy, legitimacy comes from being elected in free and fair elections. Brian Kemp was not.

While @BrianKempGA will be Georgia's next governor, he has no claim to democratic legitimacy. 2/14
As Georgia’s chief elections official, @BrianKempGA systematically denied voters across the state the right to vote in last year's election, stacking the deck in his own favor. 3/14
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28 Nov 18
In a few hours, the Senate may vote on whether to end U.S. military support for Saudi-led war in Yemen. Millions in Yemen are on the brink of starvation. Is this what accountability for the U.S. in global policy could look like? #YemenCantWait #SJRes54
Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Since 2015, the Saudi-led coalition, with U.S. arms, fuel, and tactical support, has been responsible for two-thirds of the civilian casualties in this conflict.…
Amal, age 7, was just one of the heartbreaking casualties of this war. She died of famine caused by the Saudi blockade on Yemen’s ports and its indiscriminate bombing of civilian sites, which drove up the cost of basic food items and made markets unsafe.…
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15 Oct 18
It couldn’t be any clearer what Republicans in states like GA and TX are doing. They are purposely undermining voting rights for Black and Latino Americans. Here’s how they’re doing it:
1. #GA Republicans are holding up the voter registration of 53,000, mostly Black people. The state’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp who oversees the voting roll is in a race for governor against Democrat @StaceyAbrams:…
2. Florida has barred ex-felons who have completed their sentences from voting in the state denying 1.5 million people the right to vote. A referendum on the ballot in November would restore voting rights to these people:…
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28 Sep 18
URGENT: We & many allies are calling nationwide protests AT NOON FRIDAY outside senators' in-state offices. Please show up at your senator's nearest office & demand that she or he believe survivors, believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and #StopKavanaugh.
Please wear black.
Some key events: Sen. @JeffFlake, AZ…
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