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Okay, you guys, please don't get over this yet.

The national Libertarian Party @LPNational is pushing a campaign to help the Yemen peace activists push HJ Res 87, the War Powers Resolution in the US House.

Please help!

Call 833 STOP WAR, they'll connect you right away.
@LPNational Yes, "calling your congressman" is useless. Unless we're all doing it together!

Then it can really make a difference. The House staffers are begging for MORE CALLS for a reason.

@LPNational There's a narrative we have to build inside that capitol building: The people really care about this. They won't stop calling. I guess I should go along too. It is working, so we can't stop now.

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BREAKING: Five people are on the roof of the Raytheon facility in Cambridge, MA. Raytheon's parking garage has also been blockaded. We are here demanding that Raytheon stop profiting from war, genocide, and colonial violence. #FreePalestine #YemenCantWait #EndAllWars
LIVE UPDATE: The 5 people on the roof have locked to each other. We are not going anywhere.
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THREAD—It’d be a TERRIBLE idea for @JoeBiden to worsen the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen by pushing a stronger War on Terror framework & reinstating Trump's terror designation for Yemen's Houthis. Here's a few reasons why.


The US-backed, Saudi-led bombing & blockade of Yemen already kills one child in Yemen every 75 seconds. It is a catastrophic nightmare situation that @JoeBiden promised to stop fueling. It's just 1 of the many BASIC campaign promises he's failed to uphold

.@JoeBiden promised a clear break with Trump on ending material US support for the bombing of Yemen.

Today, a full year later, nothing has materially changed. Nothing. THAT is a moral outrage.…
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I am raising money for 4 #Yemeni kids suffering from cancer after being injured in a air-force bombing. Please help by donating & sharing the link. They need #Chemotherapy & housing.
This is Mohamed & his sister Aminah and his older brother Naser. Lets all chip in and help please. My DM is now open to contact me.
Mohamed,9, is the youngest of the siblings and he will be receiving #chemo this weekend. We need to raise a minimum of $1300 just for that. #Yemen #ImpossibleIsNothing
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Warning graphic content⚠️

#Saudi & #UAE fighter jets targeted a civilian building and a facility belonging to the Ministry of Communications today in Almahwit governorate.
A child and woman, were killed, and 7 were injured.
This is your bombs Biden!
People are searching the debris for survivors after #Saudi and #UAE warplanes targeted a civilian building and a facility belonging to the Ministry of Communications today in Almahwit governorate. #US and other western countries must stop selling weapons to KSA. #Yemen.
This is the child with his mother after #Saudi & #UAE airstrikes killed them in their house in Almahwit governorate today. #Yemen.
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Deeply honoured that @PrixBayeux has given us the TV award for this report from #Yemen in January. It comes as the UN Human Rights Council halts an independent investigation into possible war crimes by all sides in #Yemen. #YemenCantWait
This is Ruwaydah, 8. She was shot in the head by a sniper, as she went to collect water. It was her brother Amri, 10, who dragged her to safety. Human rights activists in #Taiz have documented hundreds of attacks on children by #Houthi snipers. #YemenCantWait
The maiming and killing of children is not limited to one side in the war in #Yemen. We reported in 2018 on the school boys killed when their bus was hit in an airstrike by the #Saudi led coalition. At least 40 children never came home. #YemenBusAttack #YemenCantWait
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United Nations panel said Wednesday that at least 18,000 Yemeni civilians have been killed or wounded by airstrikes since the country’s war escalated in 2015.
U.S. allies have revealed their desire to expand their military reach, while Western governments have been complicit in allowing war crimes and human rights abuses to go unchecked.
With arms deals worth billions of dollars, U.S. & European countries have continued their unabated support for the Saudi-led coalition, despite the slaughter & woundings of thousands of civilians in busy markets, weddings, funerals, hospitals & schools.…
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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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“International orgs ignore the booby-traps of minds and cultures, poisons & mines in the form of curricula that r planted in the minds of our children to create a generation of terrorist human mutants. Where r you from the poisoned curricula of the #Houthi militia!”@sameerahawri ImageImageImage
“With the support of @UN @unicefchief @UNICEF_Yemen @OSE_Yemen organizations, the Houthis are destroying educational curricula”
Reported by @a_shmeri

@SecBlinken @AnnLinde @DominicRaab @antonioguterres
@FightExtremism @TerrorismPolice @CommissionCE @hrw… ImageImage
#Houthi militia tampering with school curricula, &attempts to falsify awareness of future generations, with sectarian ideas alien to our country & society, is a serious threat to civil peace &social fabric, undermines opportunities for dialogue, peace &coexistence”by @ERYANIM Image
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We are shutting down all vehicle entrances to Raytheon's facility in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Two people have attached themselves to vehicles that are blocking the main entrance to the facility.

Raytheon is the largest producer of guided missles in the world and is the second largest military contractor. They have sold billions of dollars of weapons to both Israel and Saudi Arabia which have been used to kill civilians in Palestine and Yemen.
Raytheon sells billions of dollors of a wide variety of missles and other military equipment to Israel and Saudi Arabia, including missles for their F-16 fighter jets. Raytheon also produces Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system.
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@ChiefSharpNoise @GhalebM0nz1i7 @JoeBiden @POTUS @OSE_Yemen @UNReliefChief @hrw_ar @UNarabic @JoeBiden
📹 شاهد

قناة CNN الأمريكية ومراسلتها التي زاروا اليمن قبل أيام يفضحوا إدارة بايدن ومبعوثه إلى اليمن وتثبت انهم كاذبون ومشاركون في العدوان ومستمرون في حصاراليمن.
@GhalebM0nz1i7 @ChiefSharpNoise @JoeBiden @POTUS @OSE_Yemen @UNReliefChief @hrw_ar @UNarabic 1️⃣شاهد تقرير قناة CNN : عن سفن الوقود المفرج عنها نهاية شهر مارس 2021م ، وتصريح المدير العام التنفيذي لشركة النفط اليمنية المهندس/ عمار للقناة.
@OSE_Yemen @UNReliefChief @hrw_ar @UNarabic @nimaelbagir @JoeBiden
المقطع الاول
@GhalebM0nz1i7 @ChiefSharpNoise @JoeBiden @POTUS @OSE_Yemen @UNReliefChief @hrw_ar @UNarabic تحقيق حصري لـCNN.. المجاعة تضرب اليمن وسط صمت دولي واحتجاز سفن الوقود تسبب بكارثه انسانيه كبيرة… عبر @cnnarabic
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Targets that need protested in 2021 #MayDay2021 #PortlandProtests
Financiers of #KeystoneXL #TransMountain #DAPL #BayouBridge & #Line3 pipelines
Wellsfargo, Chase, Bank of America, Barclays
@MazaskaTalks #StopLine3 #NoTMX #NoDAPL #IndigenousSovereignty #HonorTheEarth 1/
-Amazon Web Services and Microsoft contract with ICE to provide cloud services, data processing and AI
-Aramark provides shitty food to prisons, including private prisons ran by ICE.
-Wayfair provides beds for detained migrants. #MayDay #AbolishICE 2/…
@G4S helped detain, transport and deport migrants & involved in Israeli occupation of Palestine until recently. Still operate private prisons, and train Israeli police. Contract with City of Portland and @trimet. @AlliedUniversal is merging with G4S 3/
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[THREAD: 1/14]
As of December 2020, war and its impacts (lack of food and health services, destruction of infrastructure) have caused over 233,000 DEATHS in Yemen. #COVID19 has only compounded the suffering.…

The US, UK, and other countries have supported the Saudi-led coalition since 2015 in bombings and blockades on Yemen. Countless war crimes have been committed with ZERO accountability.…

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As 75+ House Democrats demand that the U.S. use its leverage to compel the Saudis to lift their blockade on Yemen, Vox details a debate unfolding on whether the U.S. still supports the war and blockade. I argue, yes, in any reasonable sense, it does:… (1/x)
Since Jan., the Saudis’ military strategy involved quietly imposing a fuel blockade on Yemen while touting its own peace entreaties to the Houthis. But rehashed Saudi ceasefire proposals were political nonstarters “clearly designed to appease the US” (2/x)…
The Saudi public-relations tactic worked for months, shielding the ongoing blockade—“an offensive military operation that kills civilians” per CIA veteran and Brookings scholar Bruce Riedel—from broader public scrutiny.… (3/x)
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Yemen is not starving -- it is being starved.
#HungerStrike4Yemen #YemenCantWait
Our people are being killed as collateral damage to global system of US imperialism, Saudi hegemony, and capitalism. Our demand to Biden Admin: Withdraw ALL support of the Saudi-led genocide on the Yemeni people.
check out this @CNN report by @nimaelbagir for more information on the conditions on the ground! #yemencantwait #hungerstrike4yemen…
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On this day six years ago, the Saudi-led coalition launched its assault on the Yemeni people. The past six years have been years of loss, hardship, famine, & heartbreak. 💔 Today we remember Yemen & renew our dedication to ending US-backed war crimes. #YemenCantWait
Foreign intervention in Yemen started as a resume builder for the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who is now the de facto leader of the Kingdom.

MBS thought this war would last a couple weeks at most. Now thousands of Yemeni are dead, and millions are starving.
From the beginning of the war until now, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed support from the United States, the UK, Canada, & other Western countries. Despite ending “offensive” support for the war, the US CONTINUES to aid Saudi Arabia in its brutal assault on…
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JUST OUT: Devastating on-the-ground report by @nimaelbagir @TheLeadCNN shows:

-US-backed Saudi blockade on Yemen is causing the starvation of hundreds of thousands of children.

-Biden Yemen envoy Lenderking accused of hiding the truth about impact of US policy

@nimaelbagir: "He says the US is committed to push the parties towards peace."

"How is that possible when you are not acknowledging the full impact of that US-backed Saudi embargo on the people of Yemen?”

@jaketapper: "Just infuriating [...] there need to be solutions NOW."
@jaketapper: "Any response from the US yet?"

@nimaelbagir: "He told us this is a 'complex environment', but he denies the claims that we show in that report."

"He also says that food continues to flow through Hodeidah unimpeded, and also, that is just not true."

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No fuel vessels have been allowed to unload at Hodeidah port since Jan 3. 13 vessels carrying over 350,000 tons of fuel are currently being held off #Yemen’s coast. This means higher prices for fuel, food, & no power for health facilities.…
Saudi Arabia's blockade is a main driver of the humanitarian crisis. Saudi has enforced this blockade for all 6 years of the war against Yemen’s population, by air, land and sea, and weaponizing access to food. #YemenCantWait
This consists of Saudi controlling and limiting all international and commercial flights into Sana’a airport, imposing a naval blockade and checkpoints on all shipping vessels trying to enter Yemen’s ports, and preventing land border crossings for commercial traders. #YemenCrisis
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The export terminals of Ras Tanura port in SA on the Persian Gulf, which was targeted by the Yemeni armed forces today, are among the largest in the world designed to export crude oil and LPG. The amount of oil exported through it exceeds 80% of Saudi production.
The facilities at Ras Tanura include two piers and one sea island with a total of eighteen berths, which can accommodate ships of up to 550,000 deadweight tons (dwt).The facilities also included a tank farm with total storage capacity of 33 million barrels.
The ports are Saudi Arabia's oil export Achilles heel; while the kingdom has around 80 oil & gas fields, more than half of the country's reserves are concentrated in only 8 fields, while the huge processing complex at Abqaiq handles about two-thirds of the country's oil output.
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Future generations of #Yemenis will continue to pay for consequences of the current conflict.
We need to break the cycle of war, humanitarian aid dependency, & development reversals in #Yemen before it is too late. We need to invest in green economic recovery now where possible.
Following the disappointing result of the UN pledging conference for #Yemen, I have been reflecting on what can be done now even during the conflict. I offer 5 thoughts in a thread.
1) we need achieve macro-economic stability to control the exchange rate and inflation. The looming famine is man-made and income-based. International technical support embedded in the CBY and replenishment foreign reserves are critical in this regard.
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“I want to get better, and I want to go to school,” she said, her voice barely more than a whisper. The autumn sunlight pouring into the malnutrition ward at a Sana’a hospital hurt her eyes; she turned her head on the pillow and tried to rest.

“She has never been to school. There is no school in our village,” she said. “But I swear to God, if she lives, I will build one myself.”

The opportunity to make the little girl’s dream come true never came. She died a few days later.
This terrible story repeats itself all over Yemen every single day. “Famine” is a complex technical term, which requires quality data that the country lacks. Labels aside, however, 16 million people – or half the country’s population – are definitely already going hungry @vp
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