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7-2021 #Raffensperger demands firing of #FultonCounty #GA
election officials after double-counted ballots
Then criticizes FIRING of Workers in GA for Shredding Voter Registration Forms……
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says he's feeling pressured by fellow Republicans to question the validity of legally cast absentee ballots, he told the Washington Post Monday…
Zuckerberg/Chan gave
.@staceyabrams $7,744,880

Dismissed #FultonCounty
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Local #Atlanta Interfaith Clergy holds a Press Conference to demand Mayor Andre Dickens #StopCopCity. The #ATL police are stating "outside agitators" are against this $90M project but that is a lie. Local residents of #ATL "do not want Cop City."
🧵 We heard the Interfaith Clergy loud and clear: "We don't want more policing and terrorizing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous bodies in our community." #StopCopCity
✊"All of this is a fight over land, which white people have been wagging since the beginning of time." #Landback #StopCopCity #Solidarity
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Friday night's tweet chain has to do with one of ET's favorite topics - campaign finance, especially with the #GA runoff on the horizon. Some of you may recall the Citizens United v. FEC decision in 2010. Well, it's now backfiring badly on the GOP. Why, you may ask? (1/x)
Although the GOP has been able to raise obscene sums of money and funnel them into their super PACs courtesy of Citizens United, Dems have caught up in a big way in large part due to shifting demographics. Money talks and the way it flows has changed since 2010. (2/x)
Now that Dems rely far more on suburban voters, the latter's disposable incomes funnel individual campaigns rather than how the GOP does it with their super PACs. Some GOP candidates are great individual fundraisers, but not enough of them do so on the level of Dems. (3/x)
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Here's the #LDF and #ACLU amicus brief in the #GA Senate runoff lawsuit over Saturday early voting:…

Features a forthcoming article in Journal of Election Administration Research & Practice by Michael Herron and me. #APSR rejected it.
R2 was spot on.
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🚨Today,the #GA 4th Comm. voted in favor of requesting an advisory opinion from the @CIJ_ICJ on Israel's cont. violations of the right of the #Palestinian ppl to self-determination, its prolonged occupation,its settlement enterprise,its annexation,& its discrimination; @UN(Cont.)
The decision to approach the ICJ
comes nearly 20 years since the
request by the Assembly in
December 2003 for an advisory
opinion on the legal consequences
of the wall constructed by Israel in
the Occupied Palestinian Territory,
including East #Jerusalem; (Cont.)
This effort is focused on the right of
peoples to self-determination and
the inadmissibility of the acquisition
of territory by force, as enshrined in
the UN Charter and constituting
among the most fundamental rules
of international law: (Cont.)
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2/2 4 pm EST: Estos son los mensajes clave para la tormenta subtropical #Nicole. Consulte para obtener más detalles.
1/2 #Florida #Georgia
Follow instructions from local officials as Nicole nears the coast
Siga las instrucciones de los funcionarios locales a medida que Nicole se acerca a la costa.
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#HurricaneIan Update: As of 3PM ET, there were ~2.7 million power outages in Florida. As Ian passes, utilities will begin damage assessments and restoration efforts, as conditions permit. 1/
Tropical storm-force winds are beginning to impact Georgia and South Carolina, although there are no significant power outages associated with the storm in either state yet.

📢Attention #NC, #SC, and #GA residents. Read more to stay informed: 2/
If you lose power due to #HurricaneIan, follow these tips to stay safe. 3/

#Florida #Georgia #SouthCarolina #NorthCarolina
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Herschmann: "It was the day after and [John] Eastman...called me...and he started to ask me about #GEORGIA, *preserving something, potentially for appeal.* And I said to him, are you out of your effing mind?"

John Eastman wanted to preserve what, exactly?

"Cathy Latham of Coffee County #Georgia @GOP...greets four techs for SullivanStrickler outside the county’s elections ofc on 1/7/21...where they *COPIED HALF A TERABYTE of files from an elections server, memory cards, ballot scanners and other computers.*…
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💥MUST WATCH: tomorrow before the @January6thCmte: ex-Southern District of #Georgia US Attorney BJay Pak.

Pak was *forced out* by Trump for “refusing to parrot baseless voter fraud claims in #Georgia.”

But Lordy, there are TAPES.😎

On a 1/2/20 call when Trump pressured GOP @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger to “find” 11,780 votes, Trump referred to Pak as a “never-Trumper.”

Lordy, there are TAPES.😎
Pak resigned and just 2 days after Trump’s call to #Raffensberger when he attempted to throw a fair election), Trump replaced Pak by “order of the president, with U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine who also subsequently **resigned within less than a month**.…
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If convoked, this will be the 11th Emergency Special Session (ESS) of the @UN #GA in history. The 1st was res/377 (V) “Uniting for Peace” of 1950. This will be the first on #Ukraine
ESS can be convened when the #SecurityCouncil bc of “lack of unanimity of the permanent members” fails its primary resp for the maintenance of intl peace&security in a case where there is a “threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression”. Ref text in reso in blue.
The #UNGA ESS convenes within 24 hours to make “recommendations” for collective measures.
Previously #ESS have been convened by #SC on e.g. #MiddleEast, Suez Crisis, Hungary, Lebanon, Congo, Afghanistan (1950s-80).
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⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT: Active shooter reported at Atlanta International Airport in Georgia

#Atlanta l #GA
Police are currently responding to reports of an active shooter inside the terminal. Footage shows chaos unfolding at a security checkpoint.
More information as it becomes available!
🇺🇸#DEVELOPING: Emergency personnel have not confirmed any details at this time
🇺🇸#DEVELOPING: All individuals urged to remain sheltered as police continue to assess the situation at Atlanta International Airport
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Massive damage from an apartment explosion in Dunwoody near Perimeter Mall.
Reason under investigation.

#BreakingNews #Video #Dunwoody #Explosion #Georgia
⚠️🇺🇸 Police confirm multiple injuries

What’s known:
- Utilities report strong gas odor before explosion
- Police arrive and begin evacuations
- Explosion occurs during evacuation, causing damage to buildings in a 1-mile radius
- Multiple people trapped
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⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT : Une forte explosion a été signalée dans un entrepôt du centre-ville d'Atlanta.

#Atlanta l #GA
Les pompiers demandent un renfort immédiat pour un grand incendie d'entrepôt qui a résulté d'une explosion. Un grand complexe d'appartements à plusieurs bâtiments 1/2
est en cours d'évacuation à proximité.
Mises à jour sous peu ! 2/2
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Friends and Family,
If you are going to share stories, memes, thoughts on Georgia’s recently adopted voting law changes, including criticism of critics, I ask that you do a little research and you give a little thought before doing it. /1 #voting #GA #votingrights #racism
There are provisions of the Georgia law that do make permanent certain changes there that were implemented in response by COVID.  Every state should implement those elements.  /2
And if it were actually about voter ID then that issue has been fully vetted and addressed by the Courts regarding what is appropriate and constitutional. /3
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.@sagaftra brothers and sisters,

We do a lot of work in #Georgia. Let’s use that power to speak out and stand up for voting rights.

proud union member
Powerful orgs in #GA are leading this work. We can support, amplify & follow their lead. We have power and platforms @sagaftra members, think about how you can support voting rights.

Follow @fairfightaction @BlackVotersMtr @ngpaction and @staceyabrams @nseufot @MsLaToshaBrown
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“[Trump] Went Down to #Georgia

🎵A #GARunoff Musical Thread 🧵

(with music inspired by Charlie Daniels’ classic #GA fiddle song )

(1/11) 👇
[Trump] went down to Georgia
He was lookin' for a [vote] to steal
He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind
And he was willin' to make a deal
When he came across this [woman]
[Makin' democracy] hot
And [Trump] jumped upon a hickory stump
And said,"[Girl], let me tell you what"(2) Image
"I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a [politician], too
And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you
Now you [make democracy good], [girl], but give the Devil his due
I'll bet [an election] of gold against your soul
'Cause I think I'm better than you"

(3/11) Image
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As I work on threading the 2020 #DemPartyPlatform for Twitter users, I often think about how the republicans this year did not meet (even virtually),hash out,debate or draft a 2020 platform of their own.What kind of major political party chooses this path? #GOPBetrayedAmerica
What does this say about the
Republican Party of today? Are they unorganized? Unmotivated? Unable to come to consensus? Unsure? Useless? Corrupt? Sycophantic? Why don’t we ask @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell? He’s been sorta quiet on the matter. #GOPBetrayedAmerica
A Platform is an essential document;a blueprint that envelops & embraces the party’s values,principles, plans, proposals & priorities. All we know about 2020 Republicans: they completely support the 45th president & his agenda even tho he has been impeached & removed by voters.
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Voter fraud was used in the 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections. We saw “found” ballots for one candidate in non-approved locations. We saw unexplained data anomalies. Evidence was substantial, but no investigations?! Time to end this... #MerryChristmas #Thread
#Election2020 Massive Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Orchestrated by Democrats & Conspirators, with Cover-Up Co-Conspirators in Media & Social Media platforms. This means #RICO , #Coup , #Sedition , & #Treason.
When you have this many election officials crying foul, data scientists crying foul over voting system data, voter crying foul over votes cast fraudulently in their name, dead voters, senile nursing home residents targeted, & people hiding machines & evidence, it is malevolent.
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#Resisters #Resist #FBR
#GA is voting RIGHT NOW ON who their next SENATORS are going to be, and it’s going to be decided by constituent turn out!

this election is so important for the Democrats. It will decide if they take the lead in the Senate 1/..
2/.. over Mitch McConnel! We need to be tweeting about it night and day, filling up Twitter so everyone knows the name of
Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock over Loefller & Perdue!


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1/ Ranking Minority Brady is supposedly meeting w/ W&M chair Neal in the am as a "Grand Bargain" is perhaps coming together after pressure from @SpeakerPelosi on #SMB--w/ no legislative language socialized 2 anyone in the doc community--2 of 4 corners in Senate remain opposed.
2/ Let's bolster the oppo w/ the simple message that we don't sign off on deals where there's no language + how about the bills that physicians passed in #NY #TX & #GA tens of millions of Pts are out of the middle due to physician lead bills--don't suggest "we're the party of no"
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@ReverendWarnock asks what’s so wrong with a little peace, love and understanding? He wants to bring his message and his mission to make #GA and the United States, the place they could be...the place democracy shines like no other. Consider working with him..#SenateRunoff
@ossoff Jon Ossoff believes that we are a stronger as a country when we work together to solve our problems such as #COVID19 #healthcare #climatechange #immigrationreform #Racism #infrastructure #StudentDebtCrisis We’ve got to roll up our sleeves and help him! #SenateRunoff
“Loeffler, a former asset management executive, may well now have joined the "frenzy" of Wall Street money managers who leapt at a loophole in President Trump's 2017 tax bill that turns private jets into flying tax shelters.” #SenateRunoff #VoteRevRaphaelWARNOCK
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Trump attorney Lin Wood: Republicans should withhold votes in Georgia #MAGA #KAG #ReleaseTheKraken #GA
Stop the Steal, uh huh...
Stop the Steal is a Roger Stone joint.
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@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @SidneyPowell1
Meet Jeff: The @realDonaldTrump- hating Liberal who is in charge of Technology, Equipment, AND Poll Worker Training for #Fulton County Board of Elections... 1/8
#stopthebidensteal #GArecount #ProtectTheVote
@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @SidneyPowell1
Jeff first moved to Atlanta in Jan 2020, hired by the #GA Democrat Party as the "Deputy Director of Voter Protection" Jeff has previously worked for #HillaryClinton in 2016 AND #Obama in 2012... 2/8 #StoptheBidenSteal
@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @SidneyPowell1 @mtgreenee
In June 2020, Jeff was then hired by the #FultonCounty Elections Task Force to run its committee on Technology and Equipment, and to train #Fulton poll workers... 3/8
#StopTheSteaI #StoptheBidenSteal #ProtectTheVote
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