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Haitian-American - Writer #Resist #FreshEmpowersWomen. Before I tweet news or articles I read and research to verify and validate, but my opinions are my own.
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14 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice! #ONEV1

I don’t care what political party you align yourself with. Now is the time that each American must decide what they really stand for and go with their conscience and decide if this is the America, we want to live in.
Is this the leadership we offer the world? An America divided by internal strife, based on fictional accountings and truths rewritten to hide shame or complicity? Every time I go on television to deny the evidence I’ve seen with my own eyes, I cringe.
And I hurt, yes I hurt. I’ve stopped asking myself what it will take to get people to admit the reality before their eyes, and I’ve started asking myself what it would take to remind them of their ideals, and even that feeble hope is fading.
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13 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice #ONEV1

Black is my crime, death is my sentence
All that is needed for proper identification
Is a certain degree of darker pigmentation
the darker the hue, the quicker the call
No need for provocations or confessions
Admission of guilt is in the coloration
Nothing else to be taken into consideration
Black is my crime, Death is my sentence
There can be no claim of self-defense
Where there is no ground for us to stand on
When it comes to those Equal rights
Those born the color of the night
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13 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice! #ONEV1

Outraged now?

It was not even 4 months ago that we were riveted to our screens watching something we thought we would never see in the United States of America, an attempted coup to overthrow a legitimately elected president.
And despite the casualties, despite the broken doors, the walls sullied with feces, the officers bloodied and bruised, the bodies of those who paid the ultimate price for their actions (good or bad), the shaken members of congress took a stand that night.
They went forth on that very same night, hours after their ordeals to certify the new President of the United States. In the following days, we saw Republicans and Democrats soundly and firmly rebuke those who partook and those who instigated the insurrection.
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12 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice! #ONEV1

To the Republicans who still follow #45

I don’t pretend I’m capable of changing your minds, greater minds than I have tried and failed. but I am curious, as to how just how easy it was for you, to align yourselves with such an individual?
Like millions of reasonable Americans, I’ve watched day after as you plunged deeper and deeper into this parallel world of your making, not even bothering anymore to cover the lies beneath their usual blanket of hypocrisy.
And one thought haunts me, it’s how easy it seemed for you to just accept anything and everything in the name of greed and power. Nothing seemed to phase you, not what might be said in history, not what might happen tomorrow… absolutely nothing can move you.
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12 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice1 #OneV1

Do you realize there’s a coup d’état?
Going on in the united states of America?
All the little bills, limiting the peoples will
All the little laws, all those brand new clauses. Image
Do you realize there’s a coup d’état?
Going on in the united states of America?
All those words, seemingly innocent
All those words, ominous portents
They’ve made it harder for you to vote
Made it so you’d be afraid to vote
Hyping the penalties for errors
Creating new ones just for fun

They’ve made it harder to protest
Made it so you’d be afraid to protest
Laws threatening your future
Laws threatening your lives
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11 May
You think you’re on my side
When you say you’re color blind?
You think you’re helping me
By claiming you don’t see me?
Is the only way you can treat me fairly
Is to wash away my identity? Image
I don’t want to be like you…
I want the same rights.. as you
I don’t want to be like you…
I want the same treatment... as you
I don’t want the life you have
I want the freedom to be… me
I don’t want to blend in
Be a face within the crowd
I want you to see me
And respect the way I look
Life is richer with more colors
Life is warmer with more colors
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5 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice1 #OneV1

1 of 7 - You have not put party over country
You have put a man over party
A man so flawed he once disgusted all of you
You’ve chosen loyalty to that man
Instead of upholding your oath
But perhaps loyalty isn’t the right word
2 - You’ve watched him drop follower like flies
Crush his friends without second though
And instead of standing together
Of backing your fellow officials
You’ve chosen to squash your morals
Silenced the voices raging within
3 - You’ve turned against your own party
Forsaking not only every one of your ideals
But rising up against those who spoke reason
Against anyone who fought for the truth
All to pay fealty to a man
Who has never paid it to anyone
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4 May

Most of you can talk back at cops
Ask them questions and demand your rights
Without fear of being brutalized or worse killed
Most of us, can’t do that you see
Most of us, are black, that’s all they see
From your movies and your books
Depicting us all as gangsters or addicts
You’ve sown fear into all minds
That most of us are a danger
That most of us are violent
Most of you can jaywalk and shop
All in perfect freedom and innocence
Without fear of being arrested
Most of us, can’t do that you see
Most of us, are black, that’s all they see
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4 May
#FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice1

1 of 12-
Are you willing to listen?
Are you ready to hear us?
I’m talking to you white America
We’ve been talking for a long time
We’ve been shouting for a while
But our message has not gone through
2- You’ve not been willing to listen
You’ve covered your ears
And shut your eyes
Because the truth is ugly
And the truth is hard to face
3- You want us to forget our past
You want us to give you a pass
To let things slide
To let them ride
You want us to shut up
To make it easier for you
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2 May

Every time I hear this "speech" of yours, I can't help but wonder, if your lack of intelligence is a birth defect, or if it's something you've cultivated.
The sheer amount of stupidity in 3' is astounding.
1- You actually believe that American "culture" has not changed over the years and you present that thought as a "good" thing.
Let's just say that slavery was part of your culture... well maybe to you that hasn't changed, that would actually explain a lot of your actions.
2- The settlers were the first who ever settled somewhere and 'birthed" a nation, nobody had ever done this before...
Were you channeling your orange idol?
The US is one of the youngest nations just saying
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2 May

1 - How dare you preach about bipartisanship
When you’ve spent years tearing us apart
When you actually censure
Any republican that dares to show dissent
That dare to vote as their conscience dictates
When even a fist bump is a cause for outrage? Image
1 - How dare you preach about unity and bipartisanship
When you’ve spent years tearing us apart
When even to this day you actually censure
Any republican voice that dares to show dissent
That dare to vote as their conscience dictates
When even a fist bump is a cause for outrage?
2- How dare you talk about lies, lies, lies
And keep telling us that dems, leftist, socialists, etc..
Want us to believe this or that,
are lying to us left and right
But everything that comes out of your mouths
Can be debunked by research and statistics?
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19 Apr
We always knew…

We knew about the resentment brewing
From affirmative action to special needs
We saw the bitterness rising in their hearts

We knew about the racism that was concealed
Only coming out under cover of darkness
Expressed where no one could see it
We knew about the rage that was suppressed
Lurking in shadows just waiting and waiting
For the opportunity to lash out and bite

We knew about the steaming hatred
Couched in seemingly benign actions and words
Carefully hidden behind bogus smiles
We knew America hadn’t really changed
Despite the laws, and the policies
Worthless words written on worthless papers

We knew because every single day
Thousands of us lived inside the reality
Thousands of us felt the sting of racism
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19 Apr
Why would you be outraged?
Your life isn’t being affected
Your heart doesn’t skip a beat
When you see the men in blue
You don’t break out into a sweat
When face to face with the police
How could you be outraged?
You have a certain peace of mind
You don’t have to instruct your child
Drill into his childish still developing mind
All the possible ways things go wrong
When his path crosses with the police
Why are you not outraged?
You are blinded by your own platitudes
You hide in your bubble of personal reality
Blissfully unaware of your privileges
Content to put on your rose-colored glasses
Annoyed to have to deal with our issues
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18 Apr
Let’s keep it real
Don’t give me crap
About not talking back
If I was white
It would be all right

Let’s keep it real
Saying I’m not complying
You know you’re just lying
Another black in the pipeline
Rich pockets being lined
I’m resisting arrest?
You’re sitting on my chest
Or kneeling on my neck
I’m resisting arrest?
My hands are up in the air
Think I’m doing jazz hands ?
Let’s keep it real
Ain’t nothing for me to do
that can change the things you do
I can be asleep in my bed
You still manage to shoot me dead

Let’s keep it real
Each time I see the likes of you
I wonder if will I make it through
Each encounter with you
Is one I might not survive
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17 Apr
@ROLANDMARTIN @GOP @AllenWest just watched a segment of the Roland Martin and this is my comments on that segment which concerned the history of republicans and democrats with racism.
Just because republicans did something in the past does not negate what they are doing now and you have certainly fallen not only far from the tree but in a different forest altogether! Today it is the republicans that are the party of white supremacy and voter suppression.
Republicans keep reminding us that it was republicans that did this or that in regard to racism and discrimination in the past, as the song says, “what have you done for me lately?”.
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16 Apr
There is something wrong....
1) We do not want white people to die at the hands of the police, we want black people to survive police encounters also. Why is that so hard to understand? There is something wrong with the way the police "protects and serves" minority communities.
2) When you defend a person's right to carry arms as their 2nd Amendment rights but jump to "he had a gun" to excuse the shooting of a black person, there is something wrong.
3) When you think it's perfectly natural that a 12-year-old playing with a toy gun ends up dead because the policemen were scared, there is something wrong.
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15 Apr
Educating @TuckerCarlson
Lesson 4 – Demographics
On April 13th, without meaning to you stumbled truth! did it hurt? I hope so! You stated “when demographics change, whom people vote for changes”
intro 2) I would say well done, but we all know you meant that white supremacists were not in the majority anymore. But do you don’t seem to know what demographics are…
1-Race and ethnicity are of course demographics, but so are religion, age, gender, social-economic standing, profession, sexual orientation, education levels, religion, even which city you live in…. and nationality.
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14 Apr
Educating @TuckerCarlson
Lesson 3 – How to do research on the internet
Last night you said you could not find information on the vaccine nor had any idea why they were being administered. Once again it seems your research method of not looking for truth has failed you.
1-There are several search engines that allows you to search contents on the internet, one such search engine is called google, spelled G O O G L E.
2-Once in your search engine you type the keywords you are searching for, in this case, vaccines, covid 19, effectiveness, reliability, side effects to name just a few keywords you could use.…
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14 Apr
Add another name to the growing list
Add #DuanteWright to our so sad list
Another black man has been shot dead
Another black man won’t put his baby to bed Image
Dig another grave for a young black man
Dig another grave for a mother’s tears
Put another headstone for a child to hug
Put another headstone as a stand in dad
Add another crime that only black commit
Hanging an air freshener on your rearview mirror
Add another crime that can get you killed
A silly decoration is now a major infraction
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7 Apr
Since I, as a simple citizen not even living in the US seem to be more informed than you a so-called journalist, let me educate you on the events of January 6th, on which you seem to be sorely misinformed. 1a)
1 - There were 5 deaths at the Capitol not 1 as you stated. The one you stated was shot because she was trying to break in. The police officer was beaten to death by #MAGA, a maga tased himself to death and two others died of medical incidents.
2 - They were not peaceful protesters, they were violent, over 100 police officers were harmed, some lost their eyes, 2 were so traumatized they killed themselves.
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7 Apr
1- I am not a transgender,
I could never, no matter how emphatic I think I am, ever understand what a transgender person goes through, the same goes for homosexuals or any other type of gender or sexual orientation that is not mine.
2- That being said, I’ve seen, heard, and read stories about those topics and as has been pointed countless times, people start developing or manifesting those feelings as children, before puberty, some even as young as toddlers.
3- Am I to believe that children are choosing to be different? To be something that society rejects? That causes them emotional trauma? Drives them into depression? Causes them to be ostracized. Have people lost all sense of perspective?
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