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🧵 1/ 13
Tonight I discuss those trying to divide #TheResistance wittingly or not.

And how The Mission to Save America Matters more than distractions & petty discord.
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🧵 2/ 13
We are fighting 2 fronts, those in Power (along with their Cult45 minions )struggling to maintain their stronghold & those who feed off the the discord between us & them

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3/ 13

For the sake of this thread, I will stick to Chaos agents. Some of these sowers of discord dont even realise they are agents of chaos.... much like Cylons from BSG.

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"Originalism and Textualism" dooms the U.S. and each of us individually to constant social unrest as basic activities of personal life not specifically identified in the Constitution will lose constitutional protection going forward and

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 1/7
the activities will be lawful or criminalized with no uniformity based on a myriad of variable state laws

The social unrest will be "constant" because politicians will raise money, advocates for and against these activities will be demonstrating,

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 2/7
and counter-demonstrating, sadly often with violent confrontations between the groups all because six justices in RED ROBES feel that the Constitution should be analyzed based on the meaning of words intentionally written broadly 235 years ago

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 3/7
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Could Clarence Thomas want to dump his embarrassment of a wife Ginni by taking the long route to overturn Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 case that struck down Virginia's criminal statute against interracial marriage?

In his concurring opinion

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 1/10
in Dobbs Thomas wrote:

“In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell”

Griswold - contraceptives
Lawrence - consensual sex
Obergefell - same-sex marriage

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 2/10
But Thomas goes further and states: "Because any substantive due process decision is “demonstrably erroneous,” (Citing Himself as Authority) we have a duty to “correct the error” established in those precedents" (Again Citing Himself as Authority)

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 3/10
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Please explain how reasonable restrictions on magazine capacity, body armor, and needing a permit to carry a concealed weapon infringes on your security

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 1/4
Are you really going to feel more secure at a concert where 19,000 people are carrying a concealed weapon?

Or, are you going to feel like a potential target in a mass shooting gallery with a 360-degree line of fire directed at you?

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 2/4
And if you are struck by the bullet of some other 2 Amendment advocate who wished to feel secure that evening, do you think that emergency responders are going to come to your aid as shots continue to be fired inside the venue?

Or, are you going

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 3/4
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We are committed to non-violence.

Fundamentalists will talk non-stop about how our peaceful protests inspired this, rather than the daily mass-murders in America. 😏

Oh, what was this “weapon” the “California man” had? If it was a gun or even a knife, police would say so. 😏
Abuser Kavanaugh’s abusive groupies are delighted the man had a gun, a knife and pepper spray. 😏

Why’s the gun listed first? Everyone knows the gun is the problem — it’s the most dangerous weapon the lost attacker had.

Oh, Kavanaugh is a white supremacist & Zina Bash is too.
Fundamentalists want us to cower in fear of their armed attacks of our homes, schools and clinics.

They expect us to go high when they go low. We refuse.

We’re committed to non-violence. Our protests are peaceful and joyful. Protest #SCOTUS6 with @OurRightsDC @downrightimp
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In order to become a hair stylist in the US, the candidate must attend a training course, take written and practical exams, pay a license fee and renew that license every few years, and take continuing ed classes. /1
To buy a gun in many US states, all the purchaser needs is cash. Not every state requires a permit, though they do require a background check IF the gun is purchased from a dealer. Online sales and gun shows DO NOT require a background check. /2
Only 7 states require safety training in order to own a gun: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, California, and Hawaii. /3
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Virginia Beach #massshooting #OTD in 2019. Twelve dead. Remember how the five dead in the Boston Massacre set in play the American Revolution? There is not one legit reason for #AR15s + high-capacity mags. 1/
2/ AR-15 is short for Armalite Rifle, the name of the company that invented #AR15s for, get this, military use. Ban #AR15 assault rifles. If you need 30-rounds, then you're a mass murderer or a really bad shot. Either way, you're a danger to society. #GunSense #GunViolence ImageImageImageImage
3/ The Supreme Court thinks open carry/conceal carry, etc., are fine, but not inside the #SupremeCourt. #NRA, #Glock, #ShotShow, don't allow open carry or often even guns in their offices, events, etc. GOP cowards. #2A #2ndAmendment…
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#Muskogee #Oklahoma #MassShooting #GunSense #BanAR15s - Sunday night Memorial Day festival in Taft, Oklahoma (1 hr. SE of Tulsa) w/ 1,000 to 1,500 people; mass shooter fires 40 rounds; kills 1; wounds 7 ages 9 to 56. Skyler Buckner, 26, jailed. THREAD 1/…
2/ #2A #GunsOverPeople #GunSense Sin tax guns and ammo. End ALL private sales/transfers without background checks. Background checks are very weak. People who are bipolar, heavily medicated, etc., can still purchase guns legally. Require gun insurance.…
3/ I'm sick of crap. But #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th C rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Taft #Oklahoma…
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#Chattanooga #Massshooting #2A #2ndAmendment - Another one? Flood the market with guns and idiots promoting how everyone should carry them around, #massshootings will happen. Shame on the NRA, Ted Cruz, etc. They can all go to Hell.…
2/ #2ndAmendment #2A #AR15 The right to carry AR-15 high-capacity semi-automatics was never "original intent". The Constitution was never amended to permit them from being carried around concealed or in the open or in any other way. Activist judges slipped them through. So there. ImageImageImageImage
3/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Chattanooga with 6+ wounded.…
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What do you think is going to happen if Republicans win the house and senate?
Have you really thought about it?
I know lots of you talk about Gilead and stuff...
But you do not know what you are in for...
#DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited #OurBlueVoice
A country where parents can be investigated for letting their child choose a pronoun is not far from a country where that family would disappear in the middle of the night
A country where a graduating student is censored, and forced to remove any reference to his sexual identity from a graduation speech is not far from a country where a journalist is thrown into jail for writing about it
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The process to get the NRA's tax-exempt nonprofit status revoked has become simpler. All you need to do is save this form and email it to It's all filled out for you. You just need to click send. Image
Cloudflare helps the NRA run its websites. The emails for their decision makers are:,,,

Send all of them an email and encourage them to sever ties with the NRA.
GoDaddy helps the NRA run its websites. The emails for them are:,,,,,

Send all of them an email and encourage them to sever ties with the NRA.
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Why does this only happen in America? Why do we sit back & let it happen? 91% wanted background checks on ALL gun purchases~Republicans wouldn’t even discuss it~Why?

#OneV1 #DemCastFL #DemVoice1

Senators talk expanded gun background checks, red flag laws…
Are we so desensitized to mass shootings that we’re going to allow it to cont to happen or R we going to finally demand Congress take action now!

Why isn’t a life worth as much as the right to own any kind of gun? Automatic & semi-automatic guns don’t belong in the hands of 2/
the citizenry! They’re weapons of war & killing machines. They should only be used by our military or SWAT Officers. The Police in Texas were afraid to enter the building BC they were outgunned. They stayed out 4 approx an hour. An hour that lives might have been saved. Call MOC!
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Here's just a small list of who #Republicans are putting on the ballot across the country:

Eric Greitens, Senator. Ex-governor of Missouri. He resigned after sexual misconduct and campaign finance allegations. His ex-wife filed claims of emotional and physical abuse. /1
Charles W. Herbster, Governor of Nebraska. Trump endorsed, accused of sexual assault. He lost his primary. /2
Herschel Walker, Senator, Georgia. Walker has numerous claims against him of domestic violence, including holding a gun to his ex-wife's head. Trump endorsed. /3
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If Republicans win back control of the Senate, Mitch McConnell has promised to pass a nationwide ban on abortion.

We can protect #WomensRights by voting for Democrats and increasing our majority in the Senate.

Here's the plan... ⬇️

#DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE Image
Part 1: Re-elect these Senators to hold our majority.

Raphael Warnock, GA

Maggie Hassan, NH

Catherine Cortez Masto, NV

Mark Kelly, AZ

#DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE Image
Part 2: Elect Democrats to increase our majority.

John Fetterman, PA

Cheri Beasley, NC

Val Demings, FL

Tim Ryan, OH

Lucas Kunce, MO

Mandela Barnes, WI

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🧵1/16 - Major Rant
Joe Biden didn't divide america
The libs didn't divide america
Wokism didn't divide america
Democrats didn't divide america
YOU, republican voters and all non voters
Didived America and I'll tell you how
#DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited #OurBlueVoice
Because you didn't like trans or gays so you voted in people who didn't like trans or gays and promised to "make them go away".
Nevermind that they just want to live their lives and it doesn't affect you... but you know hate trumps livable wages
Because you didn't like your own freaking history about slavery you voted in white supremacists, because you know not learning about history trumps health care for your kids.
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1/ #DemVoice1- Most Americans support a woman’s right to choose. But they also have a general moral discomfort with “late-term” abortions. Anti-abortion activists & legislators played on that moral unease & achieved broad support for the bill largely by focusing
2/their public campaigns on the vivid pictures & descriptions of “partial-birth” abortions performed late-term. However, in 2019, 75% of all U.S. abortion occurred prior to the 10th week & 93% (CDC) of abortions occur before 14 weeks’ gestation!
3/Only 18% of pregnancies end in abortion. From those, about 45% of the pregnancies happened because the used of birth control method failed (7% of birth control pills, patches & rings, 1% of IUDs).The highest unintended pregnancy was among women ages 18-24 years old, low-income,
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#DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited #OurBlueVoice
🧵- Abortion and Adoption

1/ What makes people think that just because someone is considering abortion they will also be willing to hand their child up for adoption?
Aborting a non-viable zygote for any reason is not the same as giving up a live child for adoption, especially to the system in the US ripped with abuse of foster and adopted children.
Forcing rape or incest victim to give up babies after forcing them to carry a fetus to term after they were forced to endure rape or incest, is only adding trauma upon trauma
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There are four parts, watch them all and see how we got to where we are today. It has nothing to do with rights, it has everything to do with power, money and control.
#VetsResist #DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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1/ #DemVoice1- The GOP’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is NOT a legal decision. It has nothing to do with law, especially not a 17th-century old law, it's 100% about the GOP imposing their religious beliefs upon us by law. It's religious AUTOCRACY.
2/The bigot mainstream GOP’s ideologies:Rape victims would be forced to give birth to the rapist’s child. Gay marriages would be annulled.Ban all federal funding for birth control&would not oppose any state that wanted to pass laws making birth control, abortion pill& IUD illegal
3/They will possibly criminalize the LGBTQ community, void & make it illegal gay marriages. Republicans are moving closer to utter control of every part of our lives based on these extreme beliefs, from banning books to banning school curricula on Black history (under guise of
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1/ #DemVoice1- Choosing when and whom to marry is one of life’s most important decisions. Marriage is the one thing what is not fit for children, it’s a child abuse! RED states new laws on child marriage doesn’t even restrict or have an age limit that how old the bride can be.
2/However, this is an ongoing problem across the country! The ban on abortion without an exemption of rape & incest, will alarmingly increase that problem. Without the option of aborting the pregnancy the child will have only two options, either married with her rapist and
3/gave birth to the rapist’s child or gave birth to the child alone. Forcing a child into marriage is a violation of the rights of girls. Girls who are married as children are more likely to be out of school, suffer domestic violence, contract HIV/AIDS and die due to
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#DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited #OurVoicesBlue

Americans do not need another wake-up call, they need a couple of well-placed kicks in the butt.

I don't care what your party is, if you don't want to wake up under a Taliban-like regime you better get with the program!
I have never seen a country with such whinny freaking children in my life, and I mean on every side of every issue! Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressives, etc.… all of you need to grow up.
You all seem to think that well this is just all politics and things will never get really bad because this is the United States of America after all… the leader of the free world, we got checks and balances, even those warning of disaster do so with no urgency
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To all those right wingers who are saying that protesting outside of Kavanaugh’s home is illegal and wrong.
Let me refresh your memory.
#VetsResist #DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited
There’s this……
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I used to be proud the SCOTUS used its power to ensure federal and state governments controlled by political or religious zealots couldn't criminalize conduct of a personal nature unless the law was "Necessary to a Compelling State Interest"

#DemVoice1 #BlueVoices 1/12
In Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), the Court first held that from the "penumbra" of rights in the Constitution a "Right to Privacy" existed that precluded Connecticut from criminalizing a married couple's use of contraception

Over time, the Right to Privacy embraced the

rights to: inter-racial marriage, travel, viewing pornography, a woman's right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, the right to die, gay and lesbian intimacy, the right to same-sex marriage, and others

GQP political and religious zealots, along with Justices believing in

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Romney just wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal reviving an old scheme -- the TRUST Act -- it sets up an undemocratic closed-door process to cut Social Security and Medicare. Tell 450 million dollar #Romney NO to cutting working folks benefits - #FairTaxLawsNow #DemVoice1
No cutting our social security and Medicare- time for the rich to pay their share #BillionairesMinimumIncomeTax
Republicans are always trying to live off working peoples taxes - because we actually pay them #EnoughIsEnough
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