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Disclaimer before it even starts- Lyme patients that fought to have the Lyme ‘vaccine’ removed from the market are NOT antivaxxers

I know this because I am 1 of them

Anyone who follows me KNOWS that I’m pro science, pro vaccine & pro public health
I wrote this very personal thread, despite hating opening myself up to the inevitable BS that will come from discussing 1) #LymeDisease in general & 2) anything to do w/ vaccines for 2 very specific reasons



Reason #1

Discussions of the Climate Crisis has brought about an uptick in posts about Lyme Disease & blaming antivaxxers for there no longer being a Lyme vaccine

I can 100% assure that antivaxxers had almost nothing to do w/ LymeRix being taken off the market
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🧵1. #ResistanceUnited
You’re dealing with a world that is changing all around you, and not always for the better. I get it. It’s a lot to deal with. But, if I may, as a Boomer I offer these words in hopes they will ease your journey…
2. … through the tumultuous times ahead.

As Boomers we know a little bit about tumult. We lived through what is, perhaps, the craziest decade in recent history… the 1960’s.
This is the decade that began with “Ozzie & Harriet” and ended with “Laugh In”. …
3. … A decade that opened with Connie Francis and closed with Janis Joplin. It went from wearing suits & ties… to tie dye. We went from JFK to Richard Nixon. From “duck & cover” drills to landing on the moon.

That’s a whole lot of shit to go through in just 10 yrs! …
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1/ Most of us prefer a community ethos in which we enjoy freedom and collectively live up to our responsibilities as citizens. That will never be achieved unless our economy works for all and laws apply equally to everyone. That's why Joe Biden (Cont)
#ONEV1 Image
2/ and the Democratic Party zealously pursues economic and social justice. Simply put, we're not interested in getting even, nor do we desire revenge. Rather Democrats are the party that wants EVERYONE to get ahead. Anyone can thrive in a society that promotes freedom AND (Cont) Image
3/ responsibility. Naturally, grifters and toxic mediocore beneficiaries of institutionalized price gouging monopolies want you to believe rules, civic character, and true patriotism are for suckers They want you to accept that prosperity must ALWAYS be a zero-sum game as (Cont) Image
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A Personal Thread

I don’t talk about this much on Twitter because honestly it’s my escape from thinking about or dealing w/ the effects of Lyme disease & the associated tick borne illnesses

I mean it-ALL DAY, EVERY DAY my life is Lyme


Rage tweeting & ranting about politics is my break from just how devastating #Lyme & the associated illnesses is

& the frustration of having to fight basically the same sh*t every day for more than 2 decades with no end in sight

The first time I was diagnosed w/ Lyme disease was in 1982 when I was 10 yrs old.

I was fortunate to have been diagnosed at all. I contracted from a tick bite I received on summer vacation in the Hamptons. I was given some antibiotics & told I’d be fine

No real follow up

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🧵1. DON’T MAKE ME PULL THIS CAR OVER…Dear @MSNBC and all the other supposed “liberal” MSM. Where are you? I’ve heard tell of your existence but, I gotta tell ya, I’m not seeing it.

As you spend most of your time focusing on DT, don’t you realize…
2. … that you are doing his work for hm? I get it, indicted on 37 counts, it’s “unprecedented” (Thank you Gerald Ford)… but most of the time there’s nothing new. It’s just a re-hash of what we already know.

Don’t you see…
3. …that every minute you spend talking about DT and not covering the current administration’s many victories, it’s a win for the GOP.

Did we learn nothing from 2016? He is a media whore and an attention vampire who sucks all the air out of any room he’s in. …
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Inspired by @debbie156 & fellow resisters
Fear is just your resolve strengthening. Yes, there are crazies everywhere of all ilks. That's the world we live in. What we overlook is that was once MAGA's greatest strength is now a weakness
#wtpBlue #DemVoice1
They are collectively afraid & paranoid. Every call to action by the political elite class is perceived as a trap. They don't dare show for fear of being arrested. The deep state is lying in wait, monitoring them just waiting for the opportunity to pounce & lock them up.
Trump, Cruz, Hawley, Greene DeeeSantis tell them to be afraid in every tweet, every right-wing media appearance, every rally. Now they are the ones scared to inaction, non-participation. We are the brave & emboldened called to action & collectively united for our cause.
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1/This George Orwell quote from 1984 defines the GOP:

"The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or happiness: only power, pure power. (Cont)
2/We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it."

Orwell's quote is the GOP's true mission. Only difference between Republicans and Orwell's 1984 party is that they're also devoted to redistributing wealth from wage earners to their elites. (Cont) Image
3/And if Republicans prevail in 2024, they WILL NOT relinquish power in most of our lifetimes. Given that reality, merely voting yourself is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We must all become force multipliers for democracy. Engage, persuade, and mobilize as many friends, family, and (Cont) Image
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Ohio’s runaway train of power-seeking Republican legislators are looking to take the next step toward preventing voters’ will from mattering. That step takes the form of Issue 1, and we must defeat it on August 8. (Thread)
#LiveBlue Image
It’s worth noting initially that this same legislature just made a law banning August elections—only to set this one when they saw motivated Ohioans working toward putting an amendment on the ballot to protect women’s reproductive rights.…
The bill makes four changes, outlined in the initial graphic in this thread, all designed to make it harder for citizens to amend the constitution. Yes, this is a proposed amendment to restrict a constitutional right for citizen action.
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With the challenge and restriction in Florida of @TheAmandaGorman’s inspiring “The Hill We Climb,” it’s clear conservatives are running out of books to ban. So with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I recommend Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. (Thread)
Most obviously, we know today’s MAGA crowd hates Dorothy. And they undoubtedly object to the portrayal of The Wicked Witch of the West, and particularly the treatment of someone so MTG-like as a villain. So even though the rainbow isn’t part of the book, it’s clearly dangerous.
Further, after carefully cultivating their core voters and bludgeoning them with right-wing media gaslighting, the notion that anyone should be interested in either a heart or a brain is deeply antithetical to their mission statement.
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What Happens When Corporations are Taxed at 50% Like Before Reagan?
It’s time to tax the rich, be they individuals or giant corporations, if we want to restore the American working/middle class…
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue
@Thom_Hartmann Image
FDR's New Deal policies built the Middle Class
Reagan's Trickle Down policies destroyed the Middle Class

@POTUS and Democrats are working to restore New Deal Policies

Republicans keep trickling on us instead
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
Study after study shows that economic inequality at the levels we see today...are the main drivers of crime and civil unrest
And after 4 decades of bad Republican economics our country is at its breaking point
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
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Spoiled, entitled billionaire man-children are buying social media companies/newspapers and television networks and funding politicians and judges

Keeping their taxes low and regulations minimal
While we pay the price
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
When we honestly take a close look at all the dysfunction in this country...

Every single issue goes back to bad Republican Economic policies designed solely for the wealthy to gain and the working/middle class to lose
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
We achieved our greatest period of economic security for almost all classes of citizens
under the New Deal policies of FDR

After Reagan, our middle/working class now pays the price for the excesses of the top 1%

#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
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Beware. GA Governor Brian Kemp has Presidential aspirations. He could win.

Here’s why. He stood up to Donald Trump and, in many Georgian’s eyes, that made him a hero. That made it okay to vote for him. Forget that he supported Trump.
#ONEV1 #DemVoice1 #ResistanceUnited Image
That dynamic will work outside of GA, especially because they haven’t seen Kemp in action. Add to it the facts that he speaks without sounding batpoo crazy, looks like everyone’s benign Grandpa and has some very smart people on staff. (He himself, not so bright)
Kemp would have us believe that he’s fiscally responsible. After all, he has a budget surplus, raised teacher’s pay and may pass out tax refunds. He forgets to mention the role Federal funds—which he disapproves off, but quickly grabs anyhow—play in his largesse.
3/7 Image
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1/ This Memorial Day, I was planning on liking and sharing a few tweets and leaving it at that.
I’m not feeling very patriotic, nostalgic or waving the flag back and forth
#DemVoice1 #ONEV1 #TruBlue #ProudBlue #ResistanceUnited #VoteBIGblue #Dems4Victory
2/🇺🇸👋ing has been ruined for me.
After witnessing the desecration committed by MAGA, I have a visceral reaction when I see a large 🇺🇸 being flown on a truck or at a residential 🏡 s
#FreshResists Image
3/ When I think of Memorial Day, I see a veteran who’s having a breakdown in his car because he can’t get help from the VA.
Do we(as a country) even care about our veterans?
Can we prove it through policy?!?
#ProudBlue #DemVoice1 #ONEV1 #ResistanceUnited #TruBlue #Dems4Rights
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1/ One catalyst to misogynistic toxic masculinity is men feeling left behind or alone. That's not an excuse for oppressing and abusing women. Not at all. Rather, we need to overcome the false MAGA narrative that progress for me and mine has to be (Cont)
#ONEV1 Image
2/ a zero-sum game that requires revenge and retribution to win. The MAGA way is a recipe for calamity and catastrophe for all. Democrats are enacting policies to benefit all. Indeed, men without a college education are the primary beneficiaries of Joe Biden's (Cont) ImageImage
3/ infrastructure and clean energy policies. Dignity of work and self-worth is a vital component to masculinity. GOP wants us men to feel left behind, victimized, and alienated as if only others who are angry accept us. Let us acknowledge that being a man poses (Cont) Image
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1/ Fair or not, our center of political gravity is defined by the party or coalition on offense. I think I speak for many Democrats in saying we're fed up playing defense. Since 2017, we've outperformed the GOP at the ballot box, yet our democracy (Cont)
#ONEV1 Image
2/ is being dismantled for millions in Red States. As a New Yorker, I can tell you Blue States are not safe either. Whining about "both sides" media bullshit or their corruption is not gonna save us. Unless a modern Fairness Doctrine is enacted, that's not gonna change. (Cont) Image
3/ Indeed, it's bitterly ironic that on a weekend, we honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, autonomy of women over their own bodies or a POC's right to even vote is under assault. And "only" 78 years after black Americans that defended us against Hitler (Cont) Image
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I’ve seen a lot of reporting and commentary trying to find “balanced” blame on the debt ceiling battles. So sure, folks, let’s look at all sides of the problem. (Thread)
1. The House GOP. The @HouseGOP want everything, no compromises, in exchange for the chance to demand more next spring. No specific demands, just broad cuts. They just want to tear it all down.…
2. House democrats. The @HouseDemocrats want a clean debt limit increase, and every member agreed on this. They feel budget bills should be debated and passed in Congress, not demanded as ransom in exchange for a semi-functional government.…
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1/ A decade ago, I debated tactics with a friend that worked for DC Democrats. She was a lovely person who died from Covid in 2020. Anyway, she liked to say that we needed to fight fire with water until the far right's fever broke. I fiercely retorted ...
#ONEV1 Image
2/ that's what the Weimar Republic believed until it was too late. She claimed we could fix all with GOTV success. Folks, Dems have done remarkably well at the ballot box since 2017 despite gerrymandering. Yet our democracy is still being systematically dismantled at ... Image
3/ every level. Saving democracy means prevailing against a kind of asymmetrical warfare that's happening all over America. Yes, we must continue to organize and turn out voters. But we also need a strategy to mobilize and promote a non-violent but ferocious movement ... Image
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There are good reasons Americans don’t trust our government institutions. We’ve moved from a “trust, but verify” model to a “just trust us and shut up” model. And this may feel pie-in-the-sky right now, but we could change that.(Thread)
1. Congress. We need a new Voting Rights Act—in part because the Supreme Court gutted the one we have, but also in part because some of the threats have changed. The way districts are drawn has turned the ideas of democracy and representation into punchlines.
We should demand fair districts in every state. This doesn’t just mean balancing democratic and Republican districts against each other, but creating more competitive districts. Representatives aren’t accountable to their districts because they are designed to go to one party.
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There are many problems with conflating religion and politics, but one of the biggest is it covers up all matters of nuance and, at times, reality. (Thread)
I was raised in a Christian, Republican home. And at the time, I learned and bought into the idea that those two terms were virtually synonyms. Republicans were “good,” and Democrats must therefore be evil.
This covered all manner of sins, so to speak. The notion that a Jimmy Carter was somehow immoral or evil, and Reagan a beacon of goodness, seems almost laughable when you look into the lives, actions, and policies of the two.
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Raise Taxes on the Rich & Corporations
No Cuts to Services for Working Families

New poll shows that 68% of voters Support a Billionaire Tax to Fund Federal Programs and Reduce the Deficit
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast…
The original George W. Bush tax cuts will have added $8.4T to the national debt
2017 Trump tax cuts will add another $1.7T in debt
Moreover, the GOP wants to renew those tax cuts which would cost $3 trillion more…
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast
The Bush and Trump tax cuts alone are responsible for 57% of the increase in the debt ratio (debt as a percent of the economy) since 2001 and more than 90% of the increase in the debt ratio
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast
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The trend of silencing elected representatives seems to be spreading. The @TNGOP and @MTGOP have acted with callous disregard not only for the representatives they silence, but for all the citizens whose representation they are cutting off. (Thread)
The complaints about “decorum” are simply bogus. State Congress should not be using Pleasantville as the model for their operation, letting those with more power decide whether they want to hear unpleasant truths about their actions or biases.
Whether you call this nation a democracy or a republic, that is not how it is supposed to work. If you are a citizen of these or other states where a GOP majority is using these kinds of shenanigans to cut off voters from representation in government, this should wake you up.
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Like many, I’m disappointed that Dominion settled. But I don’t think it’s a terrible thing for America. Rather, we should treat this as a starting point for a new front in the war against disinformation. (Thread)
The Dominion lawsuit felt incredibly strong—but there is no guarantee they would have won. Actual malice is a high bar. I think they had enough evidence to clear it, but it wasn’t a slam dunk with a jury.
And if it had gone all the way through, this was a case specifically about lies about, and damage to, Dominion. Any required on-air statements would have related to Dominion voting systems, rather than Fox’s general attacks on information and democracy.
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Like many here, I got much more involved in politics in 2015-16. But while fear and frustration were certainly part of my motivation, what keeps me going isn’t what I’m against; it’s what I’m for. (Thread)
The two can look and even feel similar. At times they cross over. But I find if all I am doing is opposing the worst of what I see in politics, I lose sight of what really matters to me. I’m not aiming for the struggle; I’m aiming for something more.
The Constitution of the United States provides that it exists “in order to form a more perfect Union.” It’s aspirational, yes, but it is motivational too. It speaks to a nation that should aim to grow, to progress toward becoming a nation that works for everyone.
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