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20 Oct 20
Prime Minister @narendramodi in his address to the nation: lockdown may have gone, but #Covid_19 hasn’t. We can’t squander our gains. Recovery rate high and mortality rate is v low- compares India to US and Brazil, says India doing a lot better than many countries.
PM @narendramodi: We have more than enough beds, quarantine centres and testing facilities. Our strong testing numbers have been the biggest asset in our fight against #COVID.
PM @narendramodi: But this isn’t the time to let our guards down. Cannot assume that COVID19 is no longer dangerous. A lot of citizens being lax about observing coronavirus guidelines now- this is worrying. Those of you doing this are risking the health of your own families.
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1 Sep 19
As the @BJP4India calls #Assam’s citizenship census flawed and admits there were ‘lacunae’, it’s asking for a re-verification and says the govt will take ‘steps’ to fix the exclusion of genuine citizens. In Assam, locals tell me they are tired of this exercise and want closure
For so many it’s about the fear of what comes next, the worry about the uncertainty and questions about how long their lives will be in limbo. There’s anger, disbelief and the recurring theme is that of harassment.
Someone told me yesterday that he had to pay a bribe of 600 INR (8$) to get his wife’s name included in the final list. Others claim they are being targeted because they speak Bengali. An official asked a retired gentleman what his address was in B’desh because of his last name
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1 Feb 19
In just about two hours, Prime Minister @narendramodi’s government will present its last budget before elections due later this year. Experts say they’re expecting big announcements as it will be the last chance to woo voters, announce policy intent ahead of polls.
Ahead of #Budget2019, markets have opened higher.
Interim Finance Minister @PiyushGoyal begins presenting the last #Budget of the @narendramodi government.

It's expected to be a populist budget- with several policies likely to be announced with an eye on the 2019 polls.

Experts make last pitch for fiscal prudence.
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