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Head External Relations and Comms @ Commission for International Justice and Accountability; covers documenting, investigating, #warcrimes, #Syria, #Iraq
31 May 19
Hello @RusEmbUSA - Representative of the "cryptic" organisation #CIJA here as you can see in my profile. Glad to see you following coverage of the mounting evidence against the #SyrianRegime atrocities against its own people. @JomanaCNN @ABarnardNYT
The "extensive archive of documents" amounts to 800,000 original hard copies spanning years of Syrian military and intelligence operations to suppress, detain and torture untold thousands of men women and children. #Justice4Syria
You will remember from the good old days of #ICTY trials of our mutual "friends" #Mladic and #Karadzic that documents are the king and queen of evidence. Unshakable in the courtroom and impossible to fake en masse
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13 Feb 19
1) #CIJA is proud to have supported the #German prosecutor's investigation and arrest of the first high-ranking Syrian regime official for #AtrocityCrimes @dwnews #Assad #Syria #WarCrimes
2) CIJA provided regime documents, insider statements and victims testimonials that detail the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate #torture programme parts of which overseen by the arrested Anwar R #impunity @SaraAfshar @ABarnardNYT @bentaub91
3) General Intelligence Directorate is only one of the numerous #Assad regime security intelligence services that ran and are still running a massive detention and torture apparatus @alexgwhiting @BethVanSchaack @leloveluck @MarkKersten
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