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I am not a fan of #PopeFrancis however it seems to me that the Pope is the only leader who has the courage to admit that the blame for the war in #Ukraine is not attributable only to the #Russians. . It is, in truth, a war provoked by the USA and its closest ally (G.B)...
with the servile and masochistic acquiescence of the Europeans. I am ashamed of the low political and personal level of European leaders, and I fear that their stupid servility and the arrogant will of the Anglo-Saxons to continue to dominate the world...
alone are leading us towards a global catastrophe.
The thing that angers me the most today is how the MSM report who is responsible for the terrorist acts against the #Nordstream1 and #NordStream2 pipelines:
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US military aircraft circled Nord Stream incident site in September

Flightradar24 showed an unidentified aircraft that did not even have a helicopter icon hovering over the site.
However, the aircraft's 24-bit ICAO code included in the description makes it possible to establish the model, which is the US military's Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk. The code is verified through open resources that collect data on military aircraft.
The US helicopter is also shown by the aircraft tracking service to have flown into the area of loitering over the Nord Stream pipelines from Gdansk, Poland.
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1- #German Producer Price Inflation came as a shocker number this morning (+7.9% m-o-m vs 2.4% est., +45.8% y-o-y) ⚠️

This is a HUGE challenge for its global competitive position. The US, China and Japan are on DIFFERENT trajectories Image
2- NB: August was the PEAK in Gas and Power prices. So for September, this number likely comes DOWN

However, it likely remains in uncomfortable territory, as many companies HEDGE their energy exposure

There, higher gas/power prices only hit once these hedge roll off Image
3- The pressure on Eurozone corporate earnings remains UNDERESTIMATED

Today, Austrian Chemicals company Lenzing profit warned on WEAKER demand and HIGHER input cost

Not priced in, stock down -20% after -40% YTD…
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This "Sticky Dough" account from Kiev, set up in February '22, cuts to the chase and has a straight-up old-school Azov badge in his profile pic. Wolfsangel plus Sonnenrad. Image
And here's a Petlyura fan account with a single Wolfsangel and two Balkenkreuz's. It's worth noting the handle starts with "oberstu" in, Obersturmbannfuehrer? That would mix a couple of historical periods, but I get the idea. 🤨 Image
"Ukraine ueber alles, bitch" says even more more than that Wolfsangel over there. 🧐 Image
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Thread: 13 September 2022: Day 202 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia's 1st Guards Tank Army (1 GTA), "one of the most prestigious" units, operating under the Western Military District, "had not been fully reconstituted" before #Ukraine began the #Kharkiv counter-offensive; has now suffered further "heavy" losses. Image
#Russia "recently requested to purchase ammunition for its Uragan rocket artillery from #Tajikistan, along with shells for Pion howitzers and armored personnel carrier (APC) engines."…
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Well... that requires a clarification. Lest people think the #German government hadn't spent two decades working on the country's demise.(/) @Halsrethink @ektrit @jeuasommenulle @nglinsman @Ed___________0 @petunianelsole @LorenaLuVi @andrepaltry @AlessandroPonz4 @eshow1969
"Competitive advantage" comes from "Competition", i.e. trying to be on average better or at least adequate in a game where may players are involved and where everyone sees everyone else. Think "bicycle race". (/)
But it is not enough to be adequate on a STATIC framework: there are ups and downs, hills and turns. So there is an element of foresight and tradeoffs needed. Time lags are also EXTREMELY important. Look up #OODA Loop for reference. (/)
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1. Yesterday, during the #Economic #Forum in #Karpacz #Poland, Jaroslaw #Kaczynski uttered categorical words: "Western #Europe is culturally alien to us".

Let us take Kaczynski's words as an opportunity to recall an extremely important thread.

Let us recount what he said.
2. You can see #Kaczynski during discussion panel together with MEPs @ZdzKrasnodebski and Ryszard Legutko, his two main informal advisors on ideological and international issues.

"The threat to our sovereignty from the West is greater than from the East." - claimed Krasnodebski.
3. A lot of attention has been paid to #Kaczynski's shoes, but - let's face it - while embarrassing, that's not what's most important

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I had an interesting conversation on #Polish-#Hungarian relations yesterday under #ChathamHouse rule. I would like to share my key conclusion without further details. It will be highly disturbing from a #Polish perspective, but may contribute to a reflection process.
#Polish foreign & security policy talks from an intellectual and moral high ground to previously more #Russia-friendly partners, especially #Germany, because PL & the Baltic states correctly predicted Russia's aggressive behaviour,
while #German & other Western European stakeholders were reluctant to give credit for their correct analysis. As disturbing this lessoning behaviour might be from a German perspective, history demonstrated that #Poland & Baltics have a better understanding of #Russia ...
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#Russia Destroys US-made Radar System, Downs HIMARS Missiles

News - World: Russian forces have destroyed a US-made radar system and advanced US-made missiles in eastern Ukraine.

In its daily briefing, Russia's Defense Ministry said on Friday that two High Mobility
Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and AN/MPQ-64 radar systems in use by Ukrainian forces were destroyed in the Donetsk region.

On Wednesday, the ministry said that Russian forces destroyed a #German-supplied Gepard anti-aircraft system in use by #Ukrainian forces in the
Mykolaiv region.

The defense ministry also said it had shot down three Ukrainian warplanes in the Mykolaiv region, as well as seven HIMARS missiles in the neighboring Kherson region.

Russia has repeatedly warned that US and NATO shipments of weapons systems to Ukraine add
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1/ Operational update regarding the #russian_invasion at 1800 on July 25, 2022.
No major changes on the entire front line. But Russ have minor success with small assaults groups on diff areas. #UAarmy is not overwhelmed anywhere though
#UkraineMap #UkraineRussianWar #CarteUkraine
2/ Ru led assault operations in the directions #Klynove - #Pokrovske and Volodymyrivka - Pokrovske, suffered losses and withdrew.
In the area of ​​the #Vuhlehirska TPP, individual units of the enemy have partial success. (2 separate locations)
3/ In the South, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the command and observation post of the 785th Detachment of the Special Task Force of the Russian National Guard. Operational Command “Pivden” (South) reports.
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SBA Cap offers this clip to the people of @en_germany in this time of your energy crisis. #Germany #EnergyShock #Russia #MadeYourBed
Oh, more #German energy policy. Angela Merkel
Good luck @GermanyDiplo, your energy policy has fucked the world.
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Thread: Appearances with right-wing populists and on TV: ex-#Frontex head Fabrice #Leggeri is causing trouble in the EU border protection agency. He even sneaked back into his old office for a video conference. Frontex threatens ex-director Leggeri with legal consequences. 1/x Image
2/x Actually, #Frontex thought it was rid of Fabrice Leggeri. At the end of April, the Frenchman was pressured to resign from his post as head of Frontex because he had covered up the #Greek refugee #pushbacks in the #Aegean.
3/x His contract was terminated and he was to vacate the office at the agency's headquarters in #Warsaw. But Fabrice Leggeri apparently can't quite let go. While the leadership of the #EU border management agency met last week in #Paris for a supervisory board meeting,
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Part II: Between 1934 and 1937 Fraenkel wrote essays that were published in the exile journal “Sozialistische Warte” of the underground group #ISK. In 1936 he started working on his “The Dual State” manuscript, where he critically analyzed the national socialist regime. (22/38)
In this book, Fraenkel, unpacks decisions of the #German courts and the development of #judicial practice, to develop his central theory that the legal-political system of National Socialist Germany consisted of a “prerogative state” and a “normative state”. (23/38)
The prerogative state was the realm of arbitrariness and official power, against which citizens enjoyed no legal protection (represented by the Gestapo and the SS). The normative state protected the legal order as it is expressed in legislations and court decisions. (24/38)
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The US is quietly encouraging agricultural and shipping companies to buy and carry more Russian fertilizer, which suppliers have been avoiding despite the exemptions for fertilizer in the EU and US sanctions… via @bpolitics
#Russia rose to become #India's second biggest supplier of oil in May, pushing #SaudiArabia into third place but still behind #Iraq which remains No. 1…
Despite the harshest Sanctions ever on a country, #Russia earned what is very likely a record 93 billion euros in revenue from exports of oil, gas and coal in the first 100 days of the war in #Ukraine…
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Letter to Olaf Scholz and Germany:
@OlafScholz is a lawyer and seasoned politician. He understands the danger that is #Russia today. He is aware of the revanchist and imperialistic mood of Russian population. He knows that Russian government structure is based on criminal 🧵
mafia structure of mafia, supported by oversized siloviki (rus FBI, CIA, NSA). There is no way back for Russia, they lost over 30k dead and around 90k wounded by estimates of 🇺🇦army. 🇷🇺must win or be defeated. @OlafScholz understands that Russians will not stop in Ukraine 🧵
if 🇺🇦 will lose, they already preparing Russian population to march forward onto Poland and further. Yes, we know that 🇷🇺 army is impotent, but they have a stockpile of missiles from Soviet times that will last for years and they do not care about their soldiers, they will try.🧵
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Thread: German government confirms: #German #Nazis have participated in paramilitary training of the far-right #Russian Reich Movement. Fighters of the Russian orga are involved in the war against #Ukraine, just like the mercenary group #Wagner. 1/x…
2/x Members of the far-right #NPD youth organization Junge Nationalisten (Young Nationalists) and the neo-Nazi micro-party Dritte Weg (Third Way) have in the past taken part in courses at a paramilitary training center
3/x run by the far-right organization Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) in St. Petersburg, which teaches such things as how to handle weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques.
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SCOTT RITTER: Phase Three in #Ukraine
No amount of western military aid has been able to prevent #Russia from achieving its military objective of liberating the entire territories of both #Lugansk and #Donetsk as Phase Three begins.
#Russia’s “Special Military Operation”, which began on Feb. 24, is entering its fourth month. Despite stiffer than expected #Ukrainian resistance (bolstered by billions of dollars of western military assistance and accurate, real-time battlefield intelligence by the U.S. and..
... other #NATO members) #Russia is winning the war on the ground, and in a big way.
After more than ninety days of incessant #Ukrainian propaganda, echoed mindlessly by a complicit western mainstream media that extolls the battlefield successes of the Ukrainian armed forces..
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(3) According to J. M. Hobson (Eurocentric Conception, 2012), a recurring tripartite pattern in terms of cultural maturity and political competence can be observed in a vast majority of schools in the 19th century (Fig. 1).

#Ukraine #Colonialism #Genocide #Bucha #Azov #NATO Image
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In unrelated news, Thorsten Kuntz, the CEO of #Rheinmetall , a weapons manufacturer that agreed to supply weapons to #Ukraine and bearer of #German/ #NATO secrets went missing earlier this month, only to be found chemically "intoxicated" after 4 days. (1/4)
I have some questions:

1. Where did Herr Kuntz drink water from (3 days without water and you're kaputt), in the four days that he was missing?

2. What did Herr Kuntz eat in the 4 days that he was missing? (2/4)
3. Where did Herr Kuntz sleep in the four days that he was missing?

4. Is it not the case that important people, military secret bearers, are protected/ supervised/ monitored by the secret service? (3/4)
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Megalopolis x #Russia: Total War by Pepe Escobar…

After careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.

Operation Z is the first salvo of a titanic struggle: three decades after the fall of the USSR, and 77 years after the end of WWII, after careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.
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1/ Dear all, many among you have asked me about my opinion on #oil, #logistics, #pipelines, price movements and a reality check on the #german #embargo plans. So I decided to make another explanatory thread. Grab a beer, this may take a while to read.
2/ It has often been said that oil is a global #commodity that travels on the seas. That view is not wrong, but incomplete. In fact, much oil is shipped by pipelines, on all continents. For an imcomplete but illustrative overview, see…
3/ Most pipelines either distribute incoming seaborne supplies to inland consumers (e.g., refineries), or they route domestically produced oil to seaports where it is loaded on #tankers.
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Thinking about the lovely #German #Emma letter from “academics,” etc floating around& I felt I should share something I have elsewhere.

I wish to share this wonderful video with you from the groundbreaking band from the 70s+ Kraftwerk— #Europe Endless.

If you know the band you know how much they believe in the idea of Europe, of openness, and the EU and are always forward thinking.

I took this name for the basis of my forthcoming research project which, ironically, examines external threats from Russia &how it was causing the
EU to forget itself, to lose its values.

Sadly, the war put the project on halt for the moment. However, during the war we have seen glimpses where Europe has remembered its founding values again. #Europe is at its absolute best when it stands its ground together, side by side,
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Good morning! ☕️

Today's thread on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 / #Russia 🇷🇺

Russian air defence was active over #Belgorod once again last night
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