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In this thread 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼students @MQLinguistics @Macquarie_Uni share what they've learned so far (1st quarter of semester)

Favorite facts about #languages and #cultures in #contact
In #Arabic we say: “Footprints indicate trajectory”, but I never thought that a wheel would reveal a culture. This is how #cultures can be traced through #languages. The reading made me feel like I am solving a puzzle more than exploring languages.
Think twice before starting to learn #English, cuz you’ll end up learning even more -- #German and #French, and more …
After all, it was the Anglo-Saxons and Normans who influenced the vocabulary!!
English is a mixed #language!
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In keeping with our commitment to push for the observance of journalistic ethics in news organisations, Network of Women In Media, India (NWMI) is sharing here the details of a troubling experience we have had with the Germany-based @DeutscheWelle’s @dwnews. (1/n)
In early June 2021, NWMI's attention was drawn to an article titled "India: COVID claims lives of hundreds of journalists" by Murali Krishnan @mkrish11 published by @dwnews' website on May 27. The article quoted a Preeti Kapoor, who was identified solely as an NWMI member. (2/n)
This @dwnews report also cited a statement issued by NWMI in April 2021 about the impact of COVID on Indian journalists. There were several problems with the @dwnews article including that: (i) there is no Preeti Kapoor among NWMI’s members (ii) our statement was misquoted. (3/n)
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Sources tell say a large explosion has occurred at Abbey gate at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. Details to follow.

Multiple casualties are being reported. Now gunfire is being Heard outside #Kabulairport.

#Pentagon press secretary confirms explosion outside Kabul airport.

#afghanistan #ISIS
First visuals coming from #Kabulairport. A heavily injured person outside Kabul airport.

The explosion appears to have happened near #BaronHotel across from Kabul airport. Baron was used largely by #BritishForces. Many injured.
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युद्ध चाहे हजार साल पहले बीता हो, या आज।औरतें हरदम जीत की ट्रॉफी या हार की याद रहीं

वियतनाम युद्ध में #American सैनिकों ने
- हजारों कम उम्र लड़कियों को हॉर्मोन्स के इंजेक्शन दिए गए ताकि उनका भरा-भरा शरीर सैनिकों को 'एट होम' महसूस कराए
- बाद में 50 हज़ार बच्चे ‘रेप’ से पैदा हुए
#German पुरुष का गर्व तोड़ने के लिए उनकी महिलाओं का बलात्कार

दूसरे विश्व युद्ध के दौरान सोवियत(रूस) की सेना ने घरों से खींच-खींचकर जर्मन औरतें-बच्चियां का गैंगरेप किया। सबका एक ही मकसद था- जर्मन गर्व को तोड़ देना। इस दौरान सेना का सबसे मजबूत पुरुष ‘रेप’ के लिए जोश दिला रहा होता।
1919 के #Ireland वॉर में सैनिकों दुश्मन औरत के बाल छील देते। सिर ढंकने की मनाही थी। सिर मुंडाए चलती औरत गुलामी का इश्तेहार होती। राह चलते कितनी ही बार उसके शरीर को दबोचा जाता।
- पुरुष लेबर कैंपों में थे और छोटे बच्चे घर पर इंतजार करते हुए- उन मां और दीदी का जो कभी लौट नहीं सकीं।
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20 years of #US occupation:

Why #Taliban is not in #Kabul centre? Only because it is waiting for all embassies who want to leave to complete their evacuation, mainly NATO members, including #Turkey.
In less than 48 hours, the Afghan President is expected to deliver the capital. Image
#Taliban has liberated the 1st prison at the gate of #Kabul already and is present all around the capital now.

Remember what history tells you (#Kurds of #Syria and #Iraq):

45 years apart: The US Embassy staff fleeing from Saigon (top) and Kabul (bottom) via @ARanganathan72 Image
#Russia said its diplomats are not leaving #Kabul.

Why it is not surprising: #NATO (30 member countries, Canada and the US, 28 are in Europe, one of which (Turkey) is in both Europe and Asia) said it was caught by surprise.
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#ADDER in #IndoEuropean: #Latin natrix, gen. sg. natrĭcis f. ‘water snake’, #OldIrish nathair, gen. sg. nathrach, #Welsh neidr, pl. nadredd, #OldCornish nader ‘snake’, #OldBreton natrolion pl. ‘basilisks’, #MiddleBreton nazr, azr, #ModernBreton naer ‘snake’, …
1/14 https://commons.wikimedia.o...
#ProtoGermanic *nadraz m. (#Gothic nadrs, #OldNorse naðr, #Icelandic naður), *nēdrōn- f. (#OldEnglish nǣdre, #OldHighGerman nātara, #WestFrisian njirre), *nadrōn- f. (#MiddleEnglish nadder, adder, #OldNorse naðra, #MiddleDutch nadre, adre, #Dutch adder, #German Natter, Otter)
2 https://commons.wikimedia.o...
What do an adder, an apron, and an orange have in common?

If it weren’t for the phenomenon of “rebracketing”, they would all three still be known as nadder, napron (cf. #French napperon), and norange (cf. #Spanish naranja).
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"No #lableak, but intentional bio-weaponization of spike proteins [by US players] to inject into people to addict them to #CV vaccines. Nothing to do with a released virus & every investigation to verify a lableak a red herring." Well researched long read.… ImageImageImageImage
Essence of this interview (transcript link above) with a US 'patent law' expert by a #German body trying to unravel origin of #SARSCoV2, is that virus isn't either natural or military, but a monetized virus patented before first #SARS & re-patented (+ vaccine) at intervals since. ImageImageImage
Full interview with US Patent expert here. Well worth watching to see how #BigPharma companies have been waiting, planning & patenting for a big vaccine moment for years.

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China unveils 600 kph/370 mph High Speed Superfast #maglevtrain prototype makes public #debut, "Fastest Ground #Vehicle Globally": Report
Using electro-magnetic force, #maglev #TRAIN "levitates" above track & no contact between body and rail.
#Thread #tech #technology #Transport
China has been using maglev technology for almost 2 decades on very limited scale. Maglev train could go from Shanghai to #Beijing in 2.5 hours, versus 5.5 hours by high-speed rail. Self-developed by China and manufactured in coastal city of #Qingdao. @CRRC_global new model.
Cutting-edge #scientific and technological achievement in field of #railway transit in world. Train uses electromagnets to suspend itself above rails, and because there's no friction from contact with rail lines, train can run quietly and smoothly. Unveiled in glittery ceremony.
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#InternationalChessDay 2021: History, Theme, Motto, Key Facts & Significance:
#chess is #strategic #boardgame in which 2 players compete to capture other's king on 64-square checkerboard. One of oldest games in world "Chess".
#Thread #WorldChessDay #chessday @vishy64theking Image
To honor foundation of Federation Internationale des Eches/ International Chess Federation (FIDES @FIDE_chess) created in 1924. Popular activity among adults and children alike.
Created in India around fifth century. Given name “Chaturanga" at first. Without doubt, one of era’s..
Earliest games. Later, moved to #Persian, and when #Arabs invaded #Persians, became important part of #Muslim population’s existence, and spread to Southern #Europe from there. Took on modern shape in Europe during 15th century. By late 15th century, evolved into #Contemporary..
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WETHEPEOPLE, [14.07.21 16:33]
[Forwarded from SantaSurfing]

old town of #Aachen, #Germany
Aurax, [14.07.21 20:15]

JUST IN 🚨 Sirens sounding in #Wuppertal, #Germany to warn about #floods due to heavy rain


Police frequency, [15.07.21 09:23]
#Germany & #Belgium, EU: At least 42 people have died and dozens more are missing following heavy rainfall and severe #flooding across western Germany and Belgium, causing houses to collapse and cars to be swept away.
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Cold-blooded admission by @BorisJohnson
"We will change the basic tools that we have used to control human behaviour,” 1/n
Article by @BareReality…
"“nudge” – the dark art of politicians getting the general public to do exactly as they wish, without us even realising it." 2/n
Check out this book if you want to understand better how behavioral science was weaponized to control people during the pandemic. @BareReality 3/n…
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#FreeIran2021 world Summit -𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟮
#JoinUs & Share with anyone of interest!👇

𝗝𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝟭𝟭, 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭
𝟭𝟱𝟬𝟬 𝗖𝗘𝗦𝗧 | 𝟵:𝟬𝟬 𝗮𝗺 𝗘𝗗𝗧
𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲- 𝗔𝗿𝗮𝗯 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 Stand With The #Resistance…
Mrs. @Maryam_Rajavi said, “It is clear how regime continued to advance towards developing an atomic bomb at every step by deceiving world & receiving concessions...Any agreement he signs to reduce these activities, & any promise he makes, are pure lies.”…
Baroness Betty Boothroyd at #FreeIran2021 summit - day2

"After Raisi emerged as president in Iran the UK, EU & USA must unite behind NCRI its president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi & people of Iran because they are our best allies to secure a free Iran."…
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The #Houthis turned down the meeting because the peace plan does not go far enough to lift the blockade imposed by #Saudi . Mohammed Abdulsalam, spokesman for the #Yemeni #Anssarallah movement and senior negotiator for the
#Sanaa National Rescue Government, accused the #UN Security Council of prolonging the war against #Yemen. “You are talking about part of the ongoing battle and leaving the discussion about the besieged Yemen. That is not enough for the ongoing conflict, it does not address
the problem, it exacerbates it. ”He took the view that talking about a single battle - in relation to #Marib - does not help to achieve peace but rather prolongs the war.

Nevertheless, Maas is silent about the political and military cooperation of ex-President Hadi,
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#German TV / main news program
(WDR/ARD is a public broadcaster):

"Britain has piled up record debt in the pandemic. Prime Minister Johnson is planning new, expensive reforms. Even his own party fears he is not good with money."

#BorisJohnson #debt #UK
"Some Conservatives in Great Britain are currently worried that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is handling the state's finances in the same way as he handles his own private money - according to the motto: Just spend it, there's never enough anyway."
"And there's not enough in the national budget - especially now. The Covid crisis has cost billions, more than 300 billion pounds in aid and bailout money, among other things. The United Kingdom's borrowing is at record levels, as the latest figures for May show."
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#German #Femicides
An Open Letter

Dear Federal Minister of Justice and Federal Minister for Women's Affairs Christine #Lambrecht @BMFSFJ @BMJV_Bund

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the #IstanbulConvention, you offered us a meeting on May 11 th this year.
We are sure that this promise slipped through your fingers at short notice in the course of your extension of duties.

We are pleased to remind you of your promise and look forward to presenting you with our elaborate, evidence-based options to finally sustainably
curb the rampant #gbv #VAW #violence against girls and women in #Germany.

Because, there is certainly consensus on this - it can't go on like this:

† June 3rd, 2021 #Celle: A woman is shot dead in broad daylight, on an open street in front of a German court. (Lower Saxony)
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I've been looking a little more into the data behind this article this AM and want to focus on the need to look at the disaggregated figures - WHICH #EUcitizens are being turned away at the UK's borders is the question we should be asking #THREAD 1/…
Looking at the passenger refusal data for Q1 2021 and sorting to look exclusively at EU citizens, this is the picture broken down by nationality 2/…
Guessing everyone can see #Romania there in the top spot? And by a loooooong way. Across this dataset for Q1 2021 it is unusual for any country to have numbers of refusals in triple figures—only Bulgaria (199), Poland (140), Eritrea (125) and Iraq (107) are in this category 3/
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Quite the thread; so tags first.
#Bitcoin #BTC $BTC #Tether #USDT $USDT #Coinbase $COIN #USDC $USDC #Binance $BUSD #BUSD @Bitfinexed @BennettTomlin @LucaLand97 @Tr0llyTr0llFace @TESLAcharts Image
Where to start with this one. I guess first some background information on one of the biggest frauds of the Dot-Com bubble in Germany: Infomatec.

This was a company that was basically pumping its shareprice with "ad-hoc announcements", meaning literally just lying. ImageImage
Now, after reading some articles today on Bitfinex's CEO, i thought i'd have a go at trying to find out more about this guy. A quick google came up with a reddit post people probably have seen before, attached below. I've also reattached the linkedin profile that link leads to. ImageImage
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#BREAKING: Ceasefire announcement with #Israel to be announced in 24 hours, a senior Hamas official tells CNN #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: Several injuries reported during an #Israeli raid on a house in southern #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: #German foreign minister says there is a need for humanitarian support operations in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
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#Israel 🇮🇱 military says it has thwarted an apparent attempt by #Hamas to carry out an attack on Israel from the sea, said a number of operatives from Hamas were spotted today in the north of the Strip with suspected “naval diving weaponry”
#Israel 🇮🇱 Magen David Adom ambulance service says those being treated at the site of a #Gaza 🇵🇸 rocket strike in #Ashdod include 3 people lightly hurt by broken glass and five people who suffered anxiety attacks

Turkish 🇹🇷 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RTErdogan urged Pope Francis @Pontifex to help end what he called #Israel’s 🇮🇱 “massacre” of #Palestinians 🇵🇸, which should be punished with sanctions, his office said
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Live: A rally led by #neonazi and radical nationalist organizations in honor of the SS Galicia division is underway in downtown Kyiv. The Kyiv mayor reportedly supported this rally. This is the new low for #Ukraine.
Ukrainska pravda, which is financed by National Endowment for Democracy & NATO Public Diplomacy Program, deliberately omits that this was SS division & repeats far right propaganda that volunteers joined this SS division to prevent Stalinist mass terror.…
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NEW: @USArmyEURAF getting 2 new units - about 500 soldiers w/a Multi-Domain Task Force - & will retain 3 sites that were to be returned to #Germany "due to growing operational requirements in the European theater"…
The move comes less than a year after the Trump administration announced it would be moving a substantial number of forces out of #Germany
"New strategies and a continuously changing operations environment requires more capacity" per MajGen Chris Mohan, commanding general for 21st Theater Sustainment Command, in statement
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🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺#Russia #Ukraine
#Donbass situation update
⚠️Date: April 11, 2021
🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺A Ukrainian soldier was killed on Saturday evening as a result of shelling in the Donbass, another soldier was wounded, the press center of the Joint Forces operation headquarters said.

#Russia #Ukraine #Donbass
🇷🇺⚡🇺🇦”Kiev's unleashing of hostilities in Donbass will be the end of Ukraine's statehood”- Head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky

#Russia #Ukraine #Donbass
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#USA is a free democracy, #India is a "partly free" democracy
#FOE Japan is a free democracy, India is a partly free democracy: Compare the ratio of critical/unfavorable articles, to favorable articles, in the top 3 news sources in Japan & India respectively, to find which press is freer! #SciMe 1st data, 2nd Analysis, 3rd Policy/views!🧐🤔
3/demo #Majoritarianism & freedom: Compare treatment of minorities in USA(non-christian), Japan(Korean etc) & India (Muslims): In particular plot over 70yrs th % of minority pop on same graph & compare decadal changes[summarizes it's discrimination(in cntry) & opportunities(ROW)]
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Four years after our Brookings paper, @stevenckeil and myself continue our reflection on the state of #German foreign policy. Is the Biden presidency Germany’s last chance to step up? Have a look at our @gmfus paper @ConStelz @ulrichspeck @Judy_Dempsey @jan_techau @jana_puglierin
(2/5) Four issues will be critical in determining Germany’s ability to partner with the #US in leadership: security policy, the #Russia & #China test cases (Nord Stream & more), public opinion on foreign policy & the makeup of the governing coalition after this fall’s elections.
(3/5) Germany will have to navigate disagreements with the US, while keeping Europe together and going through its own election period, the most significant one in a decade-and-a-half. At the same time, uncertainty about the future of transatlantic relations after Biden remains.
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