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8 Jan
OHA Director Pat Allen speaking during today's press conference: "I want to give you an update on the actions we announced earlier this week to speed vaccination in Oregon and share what our latest forecast tells us about the severity of the #COVID19 pandemic in state."
"As of January 6th, Oregon has received a cumulative total of 128,700 doses of Pfizer vaccine and 121,400 doses of Moderna vaccine for a total of 250,100 doses."
"As of yesterday, Oregon has vaccinated a total of 73,286 health care workers, first responders, and others – as well as staff and residents at skilled nursing facilities and memory care centers, where our most vulnerable seniors live."
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8 Jan
Our COVID-19 Weekly Report, released yesterday, shows increases in weekly cases and hospitalizations related to COVID-19: ow.ly/XnaL50CTFFQ

We reported 7,913 new daily cases during the week of Monday, Dec. 28 through Sunday, Jan. 3, a 17% increase from the prev. wk. (1/4)
There were 358 people hospitalized for COVID-19, a 6% increase from the prev. wk. There were 73 reported COVID-19 reported deaths, down from 86 last wk.

People age 20 to 49 have accounted for 54% of the cases, while people 70 and older have accounted for 77% of the deaths. (2/4)
During the week of Dec. 27 to Jan. 2, the # of COVID-19 tests administered to Oregonians was 123,821. The % of positive tests increased to 7.5%. (3/4)
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5 Jan
OHA Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dana Hargunani speaking at today's media briefing: "As a pediatrician, I know vaccines are a vital tool to help stop the spread of disease. The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective."
"At the same time, these safe and effective vaccines have posed new
challenges to our robust system of vaccination distribution in Oregon.
Distributing and administering large numbers of COVID-19 vaccines are
different than flu vaccines."
"We’re rolling out a new vaccine in a pandemic: Scheduling, physical distancing and the observation period immediately after a vaccine is administered all have an impact on the logistics of organizing mass vaccination events."
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5 Jan
OHA Director Pat Allen speaking at today's media briefing: "We wanted to give you an update on where we stand in our #COVID19 vaccination effort and the steps we're taking achieve @OregonGovBrown's goal of 12,000 vaccinations per day within the next two weeks."
"Our pace of COVID-19 vaccinations is on par with other states, but there's more we can do to accelerate progress. According to CDC data, Oregon currently ranks 36th in the nation in vaccine distribution, with more than 1.2% of our pop. having been vaccinated as of yesterday."
"WA is just ahead at 1.3 percent and CA has also vaccinated 1.2 percent. We've outperformed nearly all other states in containing the #COVID19 virus and preventing COVID-19 deaths."
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25 Nov 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen during today's press conference: "At OHA, we’re paying attention to collateral effects of the pandemic: the impact on behavioral health, indicators of toxic stress, barriers to medical care, economic underpinnings of health & other measures of health."
"Looking at the data, you won’t be surprised to hear that COVID-19 has had damaging effects beyond the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths:"
"Behavioral health: In mid-July, nearly 50 percent of adult Oregonians experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety, according to a new monthly pulse household survey conducted by the CDC. That percent tapered off in the early fall, but has begun to rise again."
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25 Nov 20
OHA State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger speaking during today’s press conference: "Over the past two weekend days, we set new records for daily #COVID19 cases and have since reported nearly 5,000 additional cases over the past three days."
"We are also seeing severely ill #COVID19 patients filling hospital beds at an alarming rate - the highest numbers since the pandemic began. We have had more than a tripling of COVID-19 hospitalizations since Oct. 26."
"The new tools @OregonGovBrown announced today are rooted in science and will enable us to focus our efforts where the disease is most prevalent:
o By studying case rates/positive test rates
o By closely monitoring hospital capacity
o By closely examining the impacts of COVID-19"
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20 Nov 20
OHA Senior Health Advisor Dr. Melissa Sutton during today's media availability: "Currently, Oregon reports the number of persons tested for #COVID19 each week. Our data shows that to date, more than 966,000 people -- nearly 1 in 4 Oregonians – have been tested."
"Until this point, we have counted and reported people tested, because our infectious disease database was created and formatted to track people as opposed to laboratory results. Many other states report people tested for this same reason."
"Why have we reported the total number of people tested, instead of the total number of tests? Early in the pandemic, testing was occurring mostly through the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory or in hospital systems. Cases were being retested frequently."
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20 Nov 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen speaking during today’s media availability: "As I speak to you today, we are at a dire point in the pandemic in Oregon. #COVID19 is spreading dangerously fast. Over the past week we have established new daily records for daily cases and deaths."
"But I want to underscore one vital point. The virus doesn’t set the timeline for anything: we do. You have the power to end this nightmare: wear a mask, keep your get-togethers small and limit your social interactions to one other household at a time."
"Let me give you an overview on where things stand in Oregon: In total, Oregon has recorded 62,175 cases, including 1,306 today, and now, 812 tragic and preventable deaths, including 4 today."
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25 Sep 20
OHA Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Leann Johnson, during today's media availability: "Today we’re pleased to announce that OHA has selected a variety of non-profit organizations and tribal governments throughout the state as grantees for health equity grants."
"We have chosen 206 organizations and tribal governments to partner with to address the disproportionate impact of the #COVID19 pandemic on Oregon’s communities of color. The grants total $45M which the legislature designated for this purpose from federal CARES Act funding."
"The grants focus resources to communities most disproportionately impacted by #COVID19 and programs that will address health and economic disruptions, food insecurity and housing, and safety and violence prevention, among other aspects of need."
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25 Sep 20
OHA State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger speaking during today’s media availability: "We continue to see cases where seemingly innocuous activities – that we would not have thought twice about in the past - are fueling outbreaks."
"Here are some examples:
-- One Oregon county has 13 cases associated with 4 University outbreaks, including a Greek house and 3 athletic teams.
-- Another county has 22 cases associated with 3 University outbreaks, including 2 Greek houses and a large back to school party."
"-- Another county has an outbreak that includes 19 cases. It started with a small prayer group who met with others from a sewing group. One of the household members has died. None of the people reported wearing masks. Ages of cases ranges from young children to in their 80’s."
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25 Sep 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen during today’s media availability: "We find ourselves at another crossroads: After weeks of steady decline, #COVID19 cases have been rising. Today we are reporting 457 new cases – the single highest daily total since the onset of this pandemic."
"We have also seen an increase in the rate of positive tests. These are some of the contributing factors:
• Labor Day gatherings
• College students returning to campuses
• Testing interruptions in fire-ravaged areas and more people seeking care for respiratory issues"
"For several weeks, we were successful in reducing #COVID19 cases. New cases reported weekly were in steady decline. Oregon continues to have one of the lowest rates of infection in the nation. But this surge is an indication of how fragile our progress against the virus is."
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14 Sep 20
OHA Environmental Public Health Section Manager, Gabriela Goldfarb, speaking during today’s press conference: "Based on this morning’s smoke coordination call, we don’t see relief from harmful air quality until late in the week, closer to the weekend."
"Even in some places where there may be limited improvement at times, that just means dropping from one bad air category to the next. We are seeing that play out with health impacts to people in our communities: 10% of all ER visits across the state are for asthma-like symptoms."
"While everyone can experience symptoms of smoke exposure, susceptible populations such as pregnant women, children, the elderly, people recovering from respiratory infections, and people who have preexisting heart/respiratory disease are at higher risk."
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8 Sep 20
Today OHA released its Weekly Testing Summary, which showed that, of 26,855 people tested during the week of Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 1,163, or 4.3 percent were positive. bit.ly/3jYJAFp
As in past weeks, the total for that week is likely to rise as test results continue to be reported to OHA.
As of Sept. 5, Oregon’s cumulative positivity rate is 4.6 percent of people tested. This is considerably lower than the national average of 8 percent.
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4 Sep 20
OHA State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger speaking during today’s press conference: "Today we released our latest modeling which shows that although we’re making progress against #COVID19, we cannot let up": oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASE…
"The model shows that the current rate of transmission has fallen to a point where each case is generating less than one other case. In fact, it shows each case is currently generating .9 other cases. For this reason, daily case numbers are dropping."
"This is tremendous progress. But that will only continue if we keep up the pressure. We cannot ease up and allow #LaborDay social gathers to send our rate back up."
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4 Sep 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen during today’s press conference: “We enter #LaborDayWeekend on a clear downtrend in daily #COVID19 cases throughout #Oregon. Since the peak of the pandemic in mid-July, we have experienced a 30% drop in weekly cases.”
"Our collective efforts appear to be slowing the spread of the virus for the time being. But we need to keep up the pressure for much longer if we hope to reopen our schools for classroom instruction, and see our businesses and communities recover."
"We continue to see social gatherings as one of the primary ways this disease spreads. The choices we make not only affect us & our families, but our neighbors & our communities. We cannot celebrate #LaborDay and all the holidays this fall and winter the way we have in the past."
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27 Aug 20
OHA State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger speaking during today’s media availability: "I want to share some stories about what we are seeing and how cases can quickly spread in the community."
"10 people got together for a family party – 2 people at the party were likely infectious at the time, though they didn’t have symptoms. In total, these 2 cases have led to 20 reported cases – spread across 10 households."
"At least 2 of the people work w/vulnerable groups. One person lived in a multi-generational house w/high-risk family members. Even though the people at the party weren’t at a higher risk for complications, many of the people who got sick potentially exposed individuals who are."
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27 Aug 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen during today’s media availability: "To date, we’ve recorded 25,761 confirmed and presumed cases of #COVID19, including 212 today. Sadly, we are reporting five additional 5 deaths today, bringing our statewide total to 438."
"New cases continue to decline and while that’s a positive trend, we have a long way to go before we can safely bring our students back into classrooms. Still, the numbers we are seeing indicate we’re making progress.”
"That’s further evidence that the statewide guidance to wear face coverings, keep physically distant and restrict social gatherings, is slowing the spread of #COVID19. Last week marked the 3rd consecutive week of declining daily cases."
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21 Aug 20
OHA State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger speaking during today’s press conference: "Our latest report shows that the transmission of #COVID19 is slowing and that we are seeing a declining pattern of transmission since the July 4th holiday": oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASE…
"The new report models three scenarios and all three suggest that the actions we are taking may be flattening the #COVID19 curve." Image
"While our #COVID19 data shows we are doing better than many other states, the virus continues to be a significant threat in our communities – and we’re not close to keeping the infection rate at a level we’d need to reopen schools across Oregon."
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21 Aug 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen during today’s press conference: "New cases are slowly starting to decline. That’s a hopeful sign that Oregonians efforts to wear face coverings, stay physically distant and limit social gatherings, are slowing the spread of #COVID19."
"The percentage of positive tests has leveled off. Last week, we reported 25,678 test results, and the rate of positive tests stayed the same at 5.4%. Please note that this data point is provisional."
"Hospitalizations offer another encouraging sign: new #COVID19 hospitalizations also declined last week from 143 to 115. The downward week to week trend in COVID-19 cases is in line with our modeling, which we updated today."
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14 Aug 20
Dr. Emilio DeBess speaking on the seroprevalence study during today's media availability: "The result tells us that as of mid-June, 1% of Oregonians without COVID-19 had evidence of past infection of the virus in their blood."
"This is many times higher than the reported rate of infections obtained through conventional testing- which was around 0.1% in this time period. Seroprevalence surveys like this one may estimate the rate of infection more accurately than conventional testing."
"This study’s results are a reminder of how widespread and infectious #COVID19 is and how important it is to take precautions to protect yourself and your family."
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14 Aug 20
OHA Director Patrick Allen speaking on the #COVID19 situation in #Oregon during today’s media availability: "As you may know last night, the Governor moved Malheur County back from Phase 2 reopening status to Phase 1, effective August 17."
"Also, the Governor has issued revised guidance requiring the use of face masks in private workplace settings including hallways, elevators, bathrooms and lobbies where 6-foot distancing is not possible." sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Serve…
"And finally, earlier today, OHA issued a news release detailing the results of a seroprevalence study revealing that 1 % of Oregonians without COVID-19 had evidence of past infection of the virus in their blood, which is many times higher than the reported rate of infections."
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