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6 Apr
So today I was lucky enough to get a vaccine.

Now I am eagerly waiting for day 4 to pass uneventfully.

Also wore my lucky shirt for the win.

Before going for my AZ vac I wondered about consent when the choice is either (a) consent to the AZ vac or (b) do not consent to the AZ vac. I thought about VIPIT and my discussion with a med friend about how many people that might be.
Him: if we vax say 10m with AZ and expected rate of VIPIT is 1:500000 (Buttery) then expect 20 cases and 6 deaths (assuming mortality of 30%).

I reflected that it was a risk number I was being asked to consent to, a risk of being one of the 6 in 10m c/f no severe covid/death
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4 Feb
This open letter signed by 400+ HCW & Experts was sent to the prime minister, federal health minister, state premiers and health ministers, federal / State CMO's and the members of AHPPC, CDNA, ICEG asking for urgent coordinated national action on aerosol transmission of Covid19
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