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8 Apr
What value @loop_finance will bring for $LUNA & Terra:
1⃣ Trading of ERC20 tokens with low fees
2⃣ Airdrop of $LOOP tokens for $LUNA stakers
3⃣ Share of transaction fees for $LOOP holders
4⃣ Loop Mobile Wallet
5⃣ Share of transaction fees from Terra stablecoins like with Chai
1⃣ Loop is an AMM DEX (like @Uniswap) built on the Terra blockchain. Thanks to ETH-Terra-Solana bridge many users may wish to store and trade their ERC-20, BEP-20, and SRL tokens on the Terra network for convenience and cheap fees. Anyone trading on UNISWAP will understand😊
2⃣ All $LUNA stakers will receive $LOOP airdrops for 10 years. No. It's not a joke - 5% of all $LOOP tokens will be ditributed for $LUNA and $TRYBE stakers within this time. You will probably say - "Sir. This is going to dump the price". What if tell you, it's not gonna happen?
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2 Apr
Since some of you probably entered $XPR after my tweet without deep research (I don't recommend that) I decided to share some key facts about this project:
1)@protonxpr is basically a freaking fast blockchain which can process even 4k transactions per second with 0 swap fees!
2) @protonxpr priority is to become #NFT marketplace of first choice. Since the average price of minting NFT on other platforms is 15-50$ and on Proton it's only few cents this is quite possible. The platform is already finished and the final launch is very close to come.
3) @protonxpr was created by @metalpaysme which is very close to receiving licence of Federally chartered bank as their subsidiary -…. This would be the first FDIC-insured crypto bank, and what's more it will run on Proton blockchain😉
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28 Mar
As you know I'd like to research fundamental projects not only providing me with uniqe product but also with tokenomy securing participation in its development. Recently I was looking for such project in rapidly trending #NFT market & I found @Uniqly_io and it's token $UNIQ /1
Let’s start with what is uniqe about @Uniqly_io. It's the first bridge between NFT and physical products - the marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world. I will explain it on example:
Your favorite influencer or literally everyone will have opportunity to design their unique series of clothes & gadgets and generate it as his own NFT. Then customers may use @Uniqly_io platform to purchase this NFT and resell it or burn to receive a real physical item.
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19 Mar
Ok promise kept👊. This is ANC-UST LP staking tutorial. Please leave❤️It helps me to reach more people and make them fell in love in Terra ecosystem.

First you need to prepare $UST and $ANC tokens. UST you can get from bLUNA collateral. You will find in previous tutorial how.
Then you go here:…. You need to provide UST and ANC in the same proportions. For example if ANC is worth 7UST then for every 1ANC you need to provide 7UST. Don't worry the system will calculate proportions for you. Confirm by clicking "add liquidity".
/2 Image
Basically you just added liquidity for ANC-UST pair and received some LP tokens for that. Now you need to stake them. Go to:… and stake all of your LP tokens. Please remember that you need to leave some ammount of UST free to pay fees.
/3 Image
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18 Mar
@anchor_protocol + tax optimise tip:
Do you want to know how Anchor reached 42M$ total borrow within only 24h? Then welcome to my tutorial. You will find out how to take best of protocol.
Before you proceed please bear in mind this is not a financial advice & please leave❤️
First you need to create Terra Station Wallet and send there your $LUNA. Binance will take 0.02 LUNA fee for that.
Then go to and connect your wallet. Now go to "Bond" option and mint bLUNA using your $LUNA. Choose any validator and click "mint".
Next go to "Borrow" section -> and provide $bLUNA as collateral. Proceed by clicking "provide". Congrats 👏. You've just provided collateral for your future UST loan.
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16 Mar
@anchor_protocol update:
1) Initial airdrop ~0.16 $ANC for every $LUNA staked. Then weekly airdrops over 2 years.
2) At genesis $bLuna will be the only asset accepted as collateral for accruing ANC rewards. As 69% of circ. supply is staked this will lead to LUNA supply crisis /1 Image
3) @anchor_protocol is having one of the most epic 🐳investors in the whole crypto industry including: @arringtonXRPcap @GalaxyDigital @PanteraCapital @Delphi_Digital @naval and more. Everyone of them is providing not only financial contribution but primarily intelectual value
/2 Image
4) Anchor provides 20% FIXED!! APR. This is by far the highest stablecoin yield in the market. Anchor is targeting retails clinets and is focused on mass adoption. Thanks to synchronization with @alice_finance & Saturn saving will be increadibly easy to do even for boomers /3 Image
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12 Mar
As some of you may know - I am early investor of such reputed projects like $LUNA and $AKT. Now I'd like to present you another fundamental coin which has simmilar tokenomics in terms of generating passive income. It's $SENT which going to have it's mainnet on March 27th.
Why I am so bullish about $SENT? It’s not only a dVPN service, but also a whole network upon which anyone can build their own VPN company. Then a great % of all payments to all node providers will be redistributed among all $SENT stakers creating a passive income for them.
Another source of income is block inflation rewards for stakers with simmilar model to @akashnet_. After migration from ERC-20 to Cosmos all stakers are supposed to receive 49 % APR for 6 months period of time and 42 % thereafter.
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