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You JUMPED LATELY on $AMZN 📦 or $SHOP 🛍 and look for GROWTH ABROAD 🌏

Here is a #ecommerce and #gaming stock UNDER THE RADAR OF BIG FINANCE 👀 that has experienced 211% growth 🔥 in Q2 and 248% in Q1

Here is a SHORT & EASY thread 👇
SEA Limited $SE previously known as Garena was founded in 2009 in Singapore 🌏

In 2017, TENCENT 🇨🇳 had a 40% stake. Together with the founders, they held 74% of votes ✋

It started as an online gaming and social platform 🌐 that enabled it users to discover and play games
It quickly morphed into a #Gaming (GARENA) #Ecommerce (SHOPEE) and #FinancialServices (AIRPAY) giant and as it IPOed in 2017 👇

🕹 Garena counted 40m MAUs and ranked #1 player in digital entertainment in Greater South East Asia (population of 585m)
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5 Reasons to Learn Python:

1. Easy to Learn.😀

2. Versatility:

▪ You can use it for, 🌐Web Developement, 📊Data Science, 💻Machine Learning, Computer 🔎Vision, 📈Data Analysis and Visualization, Scripting, 💻Gaming and in Robotics.

3. High Salaary.💰

4. Scalability:
▪ It is extremely 👊powerful that you can build real-world🌐 applications.

5. Job Market:

▪ High📈 Demand and 📉Low Supply of Python🐍 Developer.💻

▪ Python is number 1 Programming language for ML and AI.

▪ By Learning Python you are actually investing💰 in your future.
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The time has arrived from economic standpoint to identify the pace of Information Technology Industry, Live Action Film Industry and Animation Industry. In the past three decades Information Technology, Live Action Films and Animation have gone through massive technological
advancements that result in mature industry. These three can’t continue to co-exist in a city considering macro economics. A city’s ecosystem is inclined toward the majority business. Economic growth influence standard of living. Newly found collective financial independence
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Inaspettatamente, Nintendo annuncia il remake di un videogioco che fa parte di una saga meno famosa di altre, incredibilmente affascinante per lo studioso di diritto e religione. Ma di cosa si tratta? /thread #gaming #dirittoecclesiastico @Negritaliani @AG_Chizzoniti
Si tratta di un videogioco uscito originariamente sulla console Playstation 2 nel 2003. Sotto il profilo ludico, il gioco è un #jrpg dallo schema classico, con un (vasto) mondo da esplorare e (impegnativi) combattimenti a turni. E' il terzo capitolo di una saga famosa per...
i riferimenti religiosi. I membri del gruppo che aiutano il protagonista in battaglia, chiamati "demoni"
sono sostanzialmente esseri soprannaturali presi dalle più diverse religiosi e culture: angeli della cristianità/ebraismo, Kami shintoisti, divinità buddiste o nordiche ecc.
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1/ If a founder is building #consumer business like #gaming #mobile #media or others and wants to raise from investors, it's crucial to find and talk to the right investor who understands the market and has good connections, especially now when many funds are leaning towards B2B
2/ yes, consumer biz is risky, hit driven, and all the tech giants like Facebook or Google would acquire you before it really gets big, but there are some investors who really like BtoC and consistently invest in the space.
3/ funds like @Maveron @davewu @betaworksVC @PereraThisara are good examples. Big funds like @a16z @BessemerVP @sparkcapital @benchmark do invest in consumer but need to know the right partner there and these partners at a big fund is always fighting for an internal allocation
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I’ve seen a lot of threads about how hard it is to get a job in VR. I would love to help in any way I can. I’m blocking tomorrow 10am-12 noon to do Zoom calls with people interested to get in the VR industry or advance in the industry. DM me if you want to connect. #VR #VRJobs
I know it is a US holiday tomorrow. I’ll be happy to do this again later on a non-holiday if there is interest.
The 1-on-1 sessions got booked. Feel free to DM questions OR I am happy to #AMA on this thread AND I set up a Group Zoom call for 12:30pmPDT tomorrow to answer Qs on getting a job in #VR. If you work in the field & want to join in and answer Qs, pls do so!…
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I have been asked how this would work. I welcome you to join me on a journey how #cashless #casino's could operate in 2020. I'll explain it based on the example of "Awesome Casino Vegas" or "ACV" which I made up for this example.

This is the exciting future in a thread... (1/x)
ACV is a #casino in #vegas and needs to go cashless. They choose to issue a stable #token on the #CSCL. $1= 1ACVT. They have their own branded #whitelabel version of the #casinocoin #BrankrollManager. Their customers can purchase #tokens at a cash cage... (2/x)
...or via #debit/#credit (and #crypto 😉) via the wallet. Customers get #KYC'ed on the fly when onboarding during the wallet setup. All transactions can be pinned down to an individual. They know exactly who is who and who did what and when. (3/x)
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#DeltaCorp - A #Gaming Behemoth

Market Cap- 2,016 cr
Industry- Gaming/Casino
1) Company Overview

Delta Corp only listed casino operator in India enjoying 55% #marketshare in organized #casino market

Along with its casino business, company also owns #Adda52 a leading online poker.

It has licenses in all casino destinations ie #Goa, #Daman & #Sikkim.
2) Competitive advantage & strong entry barriers

Delta owns 3 out of 6 offshore casino licenses and has a total installed capacity of 1lac sq feet and 1200 gaming positions.

The last license issued by Government of Goa was in 2011.
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Imagine tweeting about your projects... couldn't be me tbh.
We make a weekly podcast about Games, Tech, Music, Life, Degeneracy, and that time a dog got sat on.
Arcane Ramblings is 7PM every Monday on! Join Scotty from #Sojourner, Teddy from Teddy, and Rob from Rob! 🎸🎮🤘🏻
#Comedy #Podcast #Gaming #Scottish #Twitch
Animated Regrets is a podcast where Teddy, Lee, & Rob watch 3 eps of 3 anime and deign if they are worthy of continued watching, like a Roman Emperor with too many wall scrolls. 🗻
You can listen to our first episode here:…
#Anime #Podcast #Review #Scottish
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1/ While I'm obviously glad to see #games heading in the direction of "don't pay for the same game twice", I think a lot of people have misinterpreted the WHY and the HOW games work on #XboxSeriesX. XSX is an Xbox just like X1X is an Xbox...
2/ ...just like #XboxOne is an Xbox. While there are some technical differences, the XSX isn't the same transition as going from original Xbox to Xbox 360. The device is fundamentally an #Xbox family of course you don't have to buy the same thing twice.
3/ And I'm not taking ANYTHING away from #Microsoft here. I am a big proponent of this business model. I was championing this type of upgrade model years ago, back when people laughed at the idea. But, I think the story of what's going on here...
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I just saw a comment on DriveThruRPG complaining about the price of an RPG because of its low wordcount...

Do people know how much human effort goes into even one line of rules?

[Small thread]
#gamedesign #TTRPG
Take the 800 word RPG that @OneShotRPG commissioned me to make in 1 month.

Conceptualizing alone took days.

I did 5 playtests. That’s 25-30 person-hours of work. Then feedback.

I did a bunch of pseudo-playtests, just running the ideas by folks or making math models.
I wrote 4 complete overhalls of the game. That’s like 800*4= 3200 words.

Of course, words is reductive, because you have to think about the feedback you receive, spend time making mental models, THEN figure out how to communicate that succinctly.
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Querida presidenta @IdiazAyuso, antes de “ir a por el #MWC” puede empezar preguntándose por qué es un éxito cada vez mayor desde que aterrizó en Barcelona el año 2006.
Le cuento:👇🏻…
Mientras en Cannes reunía a 35.000 visitantes, el primer MWC en #Barcelona del 2006 ya registró más de 50.000 asistentes atraídos por su nuevo emplazamiento en una ciudad mediterránea, abierta y con un recinto ferial de primer nivel. En 2019 fueron 109.000 y 2.400 expositores.
Cada año ha crecido el número de asistentes y expositores. Pero no solo ha crecido una feria, se ha formado todo un ecosistema a su alrededor impulsado por la colaboración publicoprivada entre @govern, @MWCapital, @bcn_ajuntament y miles de empresas.
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The smoked salmon here is second to none. I’ve indulged everyday since I arrived!

But today i must admit, I’m missing Bernard’s dodo, egg and stew! 😜
Did you know?

“For over 75 years, the Finnish government has gifted mothers-to-be with a baby box. This starter kit comes with everything expectant and adoptive parents could hope for, helping them seamlessly adjust to life with a newborn.”
“Typically, it comes with around 60 products incl seasonally-appropriate indoor and outdoor clothing, nighttime necessities like a sleeping bag and small foam mattress.”
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#LateNightThoughts What we're doing at @enjin is a piece of a puzzle. A puzzle that's, quite literally, the future of the human race. That future can be a grim, dark one, where power resides in the hands of the few - or an amazing, bright one, where power is decentralized. ->
-> Here's the funny thing: i'm not sure about the size of our piece of the puzzle, as it's becoming somewhat apparent that the next couple of decades are coming with two key changes: #automation ending jobs - and #gaming creating new ones. ->
-> Which means that a lot (if not most) of value will be created in virtual worlds, and it would be optimal if those are decentralized; a bad ending could be a centralized entity (goverment, corporation or both) seizing and destroying that value. ->
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Ideating the @reliancejio #GigaFiber Gaming Cafe / #Gaming #Arcade Experience and #Business Model (@lxgindia). The main idea is utilize the real estate platform for Simulated Corporate Training & Product Launchpad. A product like Game and Software launches. Hardware setup
with the complete environment for immersively experiencing it for long hours. The Gaming Cafe will be set up in the middle of software tech park and industrial areas, not in the city market. This will keep it near to the people those who can spend money and it will also
provide beer. If this cafe can't be profitable being in the centre of tech park high paying consumers then forget the future of gaming in India.

1) A space for gamified Training module for corporate teams.
2) Unwind after work & beer.
3) A platform to cultivate gaming culture
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For our #WednesdayWisdom let's look back at a landmark #RPG that let you jump from star to star across the Imperium, trading and battling with various sophonts along the way.

It's a game of the far future that's lasted over 40 years: Traveller!
Traveller is a #ScienceFiction fiction role-playing game, first published in 1977 by Game Designers' Workshop. Launched a year before TSRs rival Gamma World it's probably* the superior SF RPG - its certainly stood the test of time.

(*Don't @ me!)
Traveller features various descendants of humanity with different skills and abilities. Your ship can jump faster than light to reach other planets but you can't communicate FTL, so you have to deal with whatever world you jump to before moving somewhere else.
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Alright let's get this through.
My key takeaways from the latest @OwnMarket AMA, and why they make me more bullish than before.

18 tweets so stay focused. 😉

Let's go:

$CHX #STO #securitytokens #Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Exchanges #gaming #mobilegames #ETH #investing
Let's start with the big one. The first STO (project Crowd) is now confirmed to launch its raise in September, this will be accompanied with a huge marketing campaign.
Remember for every #STO, $CHX gets locked away depending on the total raise.
1 month to go 😎
OWN now has officially signed a cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank who will support them in the STO space and also with their upcoming Stock exchange.
This is an impressive bank with over 2 million customers which has received several "best bank" Awards. #banking #crypto $CHX
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0/ Hey hey heyyyyyyy. Hope everyone is doing well!

Below is a 20-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past 24 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🤯 @GetNuo unveiled @UniswapExchange- and @KyberNetwork-powered non-custodial margin trading!

Users can LONG or SHORT #bitcoin [ $BTC ], #ether [ $ETH ], Maker [ $MKR / $DAI ], 0x [ $ZRX ] and other ERC20-compliant tokens with up to 5x leverage.…
2/ 🤝 @Coinbase announced the acquisition #blockchain intelligence startup Neutrino. Their team of eight will continue to operate as a standalone business based out of Coinbase's #London office.
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We need to talk about applying for game dev jobs - I get a lot of CV and emails though about work and I am seeing the same mistakes again and again. Here are my super top 10 tips on what to do and what not to do when applying for jobs, especially entry level – #gamedev #gamejobs
1 – Introduce your self! - When you send an initial email, tell me who you are! What’s your name where do you come from WHATS YOUR SPECIALITY. I get many emails just asking if there are any ‘jobs’ going. If we are not advertising please tell me what you do!
2 – Put your best foot forward - “I am a writer/concept artist/animator” Are you really? Please think long and hard about this one. Chances are you excel in one area. I have yet to meet anyone who excels at more than one discipline that hasn't got 10/20+ years experience
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Starting a MEGA #niTROn2019 twitter thread here to keep things organized and provide you an update.

#Tron $TRX #BitTorrent $BTT #Ethereum $ETH #Bitcoin $BTC

2 days of updates, all in one thread; this one.

Be sure to RT and share for others! @JustinSunTron
1st 90 minutes of the Event (Intro, Justin Sun, Jordy COO of BitTorrent and 3 Exchange Representatives) 📽️📺 VIDEO OF INTRO & FIRST ACTS

#niTROn2019 #TRON $TRX

The price of #TRON $TRX is CLIMBING fast after hearing the professional thoughts and plans for the TRON NETWORK.

#niTROn2019 is off to a good start! #niTROn

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0/ A weekend whip-around of the #crypto and #blockchain space to help you get up-to-date on all the latest...
1/ 🦖 @ConcourseOpen's @SettleFinance - a web-native OS for decentralized finance - announced November 12 as its launch date!

Learn more:
2/ 👀 @TimothyJCoulter's world-leading #Ethereum development framework - @TruffleSuite - is flirting with the 1,000,000 lifetime downloads milestone.

Will undoubtedly mark a symbolic moment for the @Ethereum ecosystem. Right as #Devcon4 approaches, too!
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🇨🇳 #CHINA Q3 GDP Y/Y: 6.5% V 6.6%E (slowest growth since Q1 2009)
*NBS spokesman Mao Shengyong said that the international situation was bringing “downward pressure” on China.
🇫🇷 🇪🇺 🇨🇳 French tire maker Michelin warned of declining sales in Europe and #China in the second half of the year, dragging down shares of its competitors in the U.S. and Europe - Bloomberg
🇺🇸🇨🇳🇪🇺 In a volley of filings, the EU, #China and the U.S. this week escalated disputes over new U.S. metals tariffs, the European response to those levies, and Chinese intellectual property practices - Bloomberg…
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Hello, everyone!

We're going to kickstart our weekly #GlobalEChats discussion thread. This week, we'll talk about #fitness #personal #trainer as #entrepreneurs and how #tech can change everything!

Ready? Let's go!
Let's first start with two possibilities in the future.

1. We no longer need humans as #PT personal trainers at the #gym or #field. All will be replaced by #tech and smart applications! 😲

2. Human PTs will still be demanded but will utilise #tech to improve their coaching!
Do you think #1 is truly possible? It seems a bit far-fetched, no?

Meet @ollinfit! Ollinfit is a set of three wearable sensors and smartphone app that work together as your personal trainer. Say what???

Using Ollinfit, you'll be able to workout without needing human coaching!
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We're kicking off the morning with a #livechat between tech and gaming writer Marijam @marijamdid and artist duo Shiri and Lucian @GIANTBOMB1 on the #politics of #gaming, as part of #20Days here at #TateExchange. Welcome both! To start: is gaming time well spent? Why or why not?
And with that, we'll wrap up for now. Thanks so much for joining us, if you'd like to continue the conversation around #gaming, join us on Sept 1st for an #Overwatch session and discussion:…
If you'd like to take part in playing, sign up here!…
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