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The better the #gaming experience, as you can get your bonus faster. In addition, when taking a look at the wagering prerequisites, you should also research the biggest #money. In case you have a big success, you would need to withdraw all of your extra bonus in the shortest… possible time. These four tips will help you understand the science behind the slot game you choose. In any case, to have a vivid encounter when playing an opening slot, you must first consider what you like.… Start by choosing a theme for your slot machine and then see which bonuses you prefer.

Some slots have classic themes, such as Irish slots, Ancient Egypt, Food, Adventure and Oceanic.
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1/ Proud and humbled to announce @animocabrands raising US$358,888,888 in a round led by @LCVentures with investors kingsway @tyler @cameron @Gemini @georgesoros @sequoia @paraficapital @smilegroup_in and many more #openmetaverse frens for details a 🧵👇…
2/ Our vision is to help build and construct the #openmetaverse based on important concepts such as openness, equity, digital property rights, and a nonzero-sum approach where users become citizens with actual ownership and rights #NFTs #blockchain…
3/ The threat to building a #metaverse that is owned by a majority interest comes from those that want to build a closed metaverse who already have control of all our data and are monetizing off the data that we gave up for free…
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Rather of looking for a game that will make you a big winner, go for one that will make you happy. Because you're losing, you shouldn't allow your anxiety to rise while you're playing. The more at ease.…
You are when it comes to playing slots, the better. Also, know when to call it a day. 6 – If Your Bankroll Is Depleted, Stop Playing. There may be warning stickers on ATM machines at casinos, but if you read them.…

You've already spent all of your money.
Money in the bankroll. You may be able to reclaim it, but the chances are stacked against you. Play free online slot games at your favorite casinos if you just want to kill some time.…

Spinning slots.
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How to create a good #Crypto portfolio for beginners 🧵

If you ever wondered about what all things you need to keep in mind while making a #crypto portfolio, this is all you need to read! 👇

#altcoins #cryptonews #metaverse #web3 $coti $btc #bitcoinnews $ocean $ftm $eth $sol
1/ In this thread I will try to answer some questions like:

1.) Risk management
2.) How many coins in portfolio
3.) What kind of coins
4.) Diversification vs Consolidation
5.) Sectoral Allocation
6.) Passive Income from portfolio
7.) Some of the best sectors and #crypto picks
2/ Risk management

A/ The first step of making a good #crypto portfolio is to think about the risk factors (NOT thinking about the returns like most beginners do). Every person's risk taking ability is different and you need to tailor your portfolio basis that.
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What are the various #Ethereum ERC Token Standards?

A thread 🧵
#ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments) are Ethereum application-level specifications, such as token standards, name registries, library/package formats etc.
Anyone can make an ERC token with #Ethereum Blockchain app development, but the author must clarify their standard and gain community approval for it to be adopted widely.
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I made huge gains this year on #solana, #polygon & $GALA but i always take profits & manage risk.

If you wish you took profits to buy dips on #cryptocurrency this thread will teach you how i did it.

Please Retweet & tag a friend if you found this thread useful 🧵👇

I always aim for the following balance in my portfolio:
-Lower risk #Bitcoin = 40%
-Mid-low risk #Ethereum & #Solana = 20%
-Mid-low risk #Polygon = 5%
-High risk number of smaller #altcoins = 15%

Some will have a riskier portfolio with larger allocations to #metaverse or #NFT plays.

BUT i will never forget that 90% of #altcoins went to zero last bull run. So i always like to layer into #bitcoin #ETH
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1/ This has been the mission of @animocabrands to deliver true digital property rights which #NFTs make possible since 2018. To elaborate on just why property rights are so important to the construction of any society (including the #openmetaverse) a🧵👇
2/ Property rights means you have the ability to truly own your assets and are free to do as you please, a concept that was not truly possible in the digital world before something we discussed on @CNBCi earlier this year #NFTs
3/ Gamers already spend billions of dollars on virtual goods they do not own and the implications for delivery true digital property rights to gamers is one of the main reasons we focused on #gaming with #NFTs so early on…
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The vast majority of responses to my question boil down to 3 "crypto bear theses"

1) "Macro conditions"
2) 2018 PTSD
3) No Valuations / high correlation

A quick rebuttal to all 3 below 👇
1) "Macro Conditions"

The general consensus is that "dollar up, rates up, central bank tightening = bad for risk assets like tech stocks and digital assets"

There is some truth to this, but it's nuanced...
First, higher interest rates mostly affect 3 things:

a) credit expansion

The absolute low levels of rates means we could have 100-200 bps of rate increases, and still not meaningfully slow down credit expansion... 3-5% yields is a 2024-2025 event, if ever...
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Did you know that #PC #gaming is estimated (by actual scientists not anons on the internet) to use as much energy annualized as the #BTC network? And more than #NFTs?

No? Well here's a 🧵for you then:
2/ TLDR: estimates for 2020 say PC gaming alone (not taking into account console or mobile gaming) use ~125TWh of electricity annualized. The BTC network is actively measured and is currently estimated to use ~129TWh of electricity annualized.
3/ Before we get any further here's some sources:
For the BTC energy calcs:

At first I was a leery of this source bc they don't show their calculations in a very accessible place. BUT it's good enough for the traditional media to rail against btc so... 🤷‍♂️
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best tokens to buy during this dip

Thread Includes #gaming #Metaverse #NFTs #DeFi #INFRA tokens to keep under your radar

Top Tier Games
2. $CWAR
3. $THG
4. $WARS
5. $DFL
6. $GENE
7. $BZN
8. $NGL

#altcoin #altcoinGems #PlayToEarn
Mid Tier Games
1. $ASPO
2. $TITA
3. $DAR
4. $KBOX
5. $MSCP
6. $DRUG
8. $DNXC
Guild & DAO Tokens
1. $GGG
2. $GF
3. $PATH
4. $UNIX
5. $MC
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Der aktuelle Lagebericht #Rechtsextremismus im Netz 20/21 von @jugendschutznet steht kostenlos zum Download bereit:
Ein Überblick über die wichtigsten Inhalte im Thread: (1/14)
Die noch immer grassierende Corona-Pandemie wird und wurde intensiv von Rechtsextremen aufgegriffen und dient als Vehikel zur Verbreitung ihrer Weltanschauung mit rassistischen Umdeutungen, Untergangsszenarien und #Verschwörungsmythen. (2/14)
Auch antisemitische Hassbilder werden auf die Pandemie und ihre Folgen übertragen: Jüdische Menschen werden mit dem Virus gleichgesetzt, als „Brunnenvergifter“ diffamiert und verantwortlich für die Pandemie gezeichnet. (3/14)
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Long thread. Random thoughts from CRP:

Everyone is down on $LINK, but should you be? In reality, the team has insane runway, CCIP and OCR2 should be out soon, whales are adding, staking is still on the way and this is all while 1000+ integrations keep rolling in daily.
Chainlink isn't going anywhere. If you believe in a future where smart contracts are important, you have to realize how indispensable of a role $LINK will play in that regardless of which L1s or L2s pop off.
Zoom out. As more regulatory clarity comes, DeFi should rebound. Obviously $LINK isn't just for DeFi, but it's currently lumped into that sector until other use cases emerge to put more eyes on its' utility. It will gain more market independence as this happens.
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1/3 How much do you know about $POLC?

@PolkaCity has developed a virtual city, full of tradable virtual assets. It is developed as a fully autonomous contract-based #NFT platform. Users can invest in virtual assets in the virtual city.…
2/3 @PolkaCity is the GTA of #NFT #games. Combining the newly emerged virtual economy and the gamification city economy. $POLC price has performed well recently and popularity is doubled to 60K followers in 3 months.

Current Price: $1.52
Marketcap: $12,839,040
3/3 As $POLC is low cap and not on any CEX yet. It has a higher risk compared to $SAND and $MANA. But we all know this is the #NFT and #gaming bull! So the reward for $POLC holders who have done DCA is extremely high. +10x ROI in a month is what we saw recently 🚀
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📣We are proud to announce that @0xPolygon team members @sandeepnailwal, @shreyansh_27, and @sourcex won the auction for the NFT of @ballmatthew's iconic Metaverse essay!👏🧵👇…
(2) It was wonderful (and sometimes heart-pounding♥️) to see the support for Matthew's vision, especially from @fwbtweets community bidders on the @prtydao platform, as the auction closed at 100 #ETH!
(3) Why did we @0xPolygon members pay so much for this NFT? Because we intend to use it to support the mission of an interoperable Metaverse -- as the foundation of a @MetaAllianceDAO 🏦
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1/ @solana a grimpé dans le classement des cryptos pour figurer dans le top 5 des cryptos avec un market cap de 68 milliards.

#Solana a rapidement détrôné plusieurs anciennes blockchains.

Elle a crée un environnement favorable pour les développeurs et pour les utilisateurs.
2/ Présentation de Solana 1/3

#Solana est une blockchain de troisième génération utilisant le consensus Proof-of-History.

Solana peut atteindre 50 000 transactions par seconde.

Si davantage de validateurs participent, elle peut gérer une limite maximale de 710 000 TPS.
3/ Présentation de Solana 2/3

Les fees sont extrêmement basses : 0,000005 $sol.

#Solana est l'une des blockchains avec les fees les plus basse. On peut les comparer dans le tableau ci dessous :
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1/ E-Sports to make a debut in Asian Games 2022 with 8 medal events!

The #ESports industry in India is expected to grow at 46% CAGR over the next four years & cross 1.5 million players, 85 million viewers, 20+ broadcasters while reaching INR 11 billion in market size.
2/ Advertisements, Content Creation, Tournament Organizers, and Publishers will be the key to defining the evolving landscape of E-Sports in India.
3/ For the industry to grow, we will require very robust infrastructure solutions to handle the massively growing audience, whether it is managing the upcoming talent, democratizing tournaments or simply helping viewers stream matches.
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What is a #decentralized world without decentralized connectivity? @Syntropynet is the missing key part of #web3 where all blockchains should be run on a blockchain-powered internet. Syntropy is compatible with the current infrastructure and protocols for easy interoperability Image
Imagine being an #Enterprise where your own IT-department is screaming for interoperable and seamless automation of the infrastructure @Syntropynet takes away the bottlenecks for having that automation process where as you can manage your whole infrastructure on @SyntropyStack Image
In the next decade our digital world will transform into something we have never seen before where data is the new earning model of modern institutions and corporations. Ensuring privacy, data encryption, optimized performance and governance by the user. Image
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1/ IGNITION was #Solana’s highest output hackathon yet, producing 500+ project submissions from teams around the globe.

Congrats to the winners! 🔥…
2/ The hackathon brought together developers, designers, and business operators from around the world to develop new #Web3, #DeFi, #Gaming, and Digital Art & Collectables #NFTs applications leveraging Solana's speed, low fees, and scalability.
3/ A total of 22 standout projects were selected by judges to receive a prize. An additional 23 projects also showed tremendous potential and earned an Honorable Mention from our judges.
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@harmonyprotocol approves 12 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @CryptoFamily3 @AegisCustody @MutualKnowledge @0xMagicland

💳Payments: @grindery_io @HarmonyPayOne @HundredFinance @QiDaoProtocol

🎭NFT: @thecosmicguild @ShowMeNFT @Marketplace_1 Story Line Image
1/ Cosmic Universe @thecosmicguild is a play-to-earn fantasy #CryptoGaming #Metaverse MMORPG on the Harmony blockchain where players explore realms, build advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions 🎯


#NFT #Gaming #CryptoGaming Image
2/ Crypto Family Bridge @CryptoFamily3 is a decentralized and permissionless inter-blockchain bridge that allows instant and cheap transfer of assets such as tokens and #NFTs across multiple #blockchains 💯


#DeFi #DeFiChain #Blockchain
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1/ Almost everyone knows/has heard about #Bitcoin today

The 2nd most popular #Crypto is #Ethereum

But there were scalability issues with $ETH & so we got #Polygon as the solution.

We are going to talk about the details of #Polygon in this thread

🦄💲Polygon Thread💲🦄
Q: What is Polygon? 🤔
Polygon is the 1st structured, easy-to-use platform for Scaling & infrastructure development on #Ethereum, supporting a multi-chain Ethereum Ecosystem.

3 Major Upsides:

⏩ Benefits from Ethereum's Network Effect

⏩ More Secure

⏩ More Open & Powerful Image
Q: Who are the Masterminds behind Polygon?

On October 2017, #Matic Network (now Polygon) was launched by:

1. @_jdkanani : A full-stack developer & blockchain engineer

2. @sandeepnailwal : A #Blockchain Programmer & #Entrepreneur

3. @_anuragarjun : A Product Manager Image
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#Metaverse Thread!

If we look at technology trends (Not only crypto).. one of the biggest buzzword right now is #Metaverse

We will take a deeper look at what it is, its history, usual in a newbie friendly way!

Some great #Crypto picks at the end! 🧵

1/ Background: So why is there so much buzz around #Metaverse right now...Well this hype started in Sep 2021 when #FB announced an investment of $50m to develop their Metaverse

There's also a feeling in the tech industry that finally the tech to support #Metaverse is here!!
2/ With advancements in VR gaming and connectivity like 5G being closer to implementation

But the reality is that the #Metaverse has been there for a long time and many companies have invested billions of dollars in it already

Let's look at a brief history of the #Metaverse!
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Telenor Pakistan is outright scamming its user base by auto subscribing to some 'Nazara Gaming' thing. They deduct 20rs or more each week even though you never subscribed to it. Telenor users keep an eye on your balance history!

#telenor #scam #nazara
Caught them stealing my balance because it always zeroed after some time even with no phone usage. Was suspicious since weeks, talked to their Live Chat agent who confirmed that they are deducting balance each week but would not tell me when it started!
#telenor #pakistan #scam
And #telenor agent said there is no possibility of any refunds. Telenor Pakistan is being run by thieves. I told this to my relative who uses Telenor as well and he found out he was being charged for Nazara gaming thing too without his consent. #telenor #pakistan #nazara #gaming
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#gaming #dwarffortress
Tegnap este beindítottam az acélgyártást az erődben, aminek az eredményeképp a törpkovács megcsinálta az első acél harci baltát. Progress!

Jött 21 migráns, ennyien még sosem, a mai feladat a HR törp (azaz jómagam) számára az, hogy kititráljam, ki mire jó.
Már korábban felírtam magamnak, hogy milyen szakmákra keresek törpöket, szóval most megnézem, hogy a képességeik és motivációik alapján van-e ideális jelölt.

Kellene egy jó kovács, egy bróker és pár erős, harcra fogható törp.
Mert akik most a seregben szolgálnak, nem túl jók, ráadásul egyiküknek sincs battle axe skill-je, én pedig azt gyártok, szóval nekem baltatörp kell.

A migránsok között katonailag sajnos csak a női törpök voltak jók, ami kockázatot jelent, mert hiába erősebbek mint a pasitörpök
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