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The anticipated announcement is here.

In this thread we will touch on the huge updates for EgoVersus: The First Strike and our new partnership with @valibots 🧵
@valibots now have their own unique store within our map "The Mall". The Valibot store is like NO other and truly stands out in the middle of the battle field.
Additionally, our development team is 3D modeling the characters from @valibots collection. Their bada** vali girls will soon be playable in our game.

You will be able to play with these vali girls if you own one of @valibots #NFTs.

Mint link:
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It’s time for a MEGATHREAD to share some stats and facts from our New Year Eggs event! 🥚⚔️🥚

#NFTcommunity #TON_NFT_fam #NFTproject #web3 #NFTmarketplace
❓So, what exactly did we do❓

We sold a super cheap #NFTcollection & showed that even in a bear market, it’s totally possible to sell big and generate buzz.🤩
Every Egg sale contributed to the overall prize pool, which every participant had a chance to win. 🪙

We also showed that mixing a classic NFT collection with #gaming mechanics can create a lot of noise! ✊✋✌️
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With #smartcontracts on the scalable and feeless #Shimmer network, we will see the rise of frictionless, decentralized and scalable #web3 economies. 🚀

We gathered our six major use cases for you! 🧵👇
1) Energy management

Shimmer is well suited for energy markets, real-time data management and moving #carboncredit or #renewable energy certificates without transaction costs.
2) Digital Identity

Shimmer is ideal for #NFTs, native tokens and smart contracts to interact with digital identities. Identities can control other identities, which enables flexible modeling.
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Here it is.. 🤯

This is my WAGMI HODL-list 🧾 for this upcoming next bull run 💎🐈🚀

It’s gonna be a long thread but I guarantee it’s gonna be well worth your precious time 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

I’ll add new Gems 💎 over time at the end so bookmark and revisit 📖

#WAGMI #HODL #100x #Gems

This HODL-list aims at crypto portfolios in the 6-figure range.

You can use this list as a starting point to DYOR 👨🏼‍🔬🧪 or just as confluence or simply pick coins you like and invest according to your risk management.

My goal with these picks is to average a 100x during the next bull run 🔮

Profits will be not taken before new ATHs on the coins itself and probably not before ETH is above 10.000$.

Will revisit and update the projects when ETH is at 10.000$.
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#RaportzPortfela #Sezon3
Witam Was serdecznie w kolejnym podsumowaniu tego,co wydarzyło się w portfelu opartym o spółki dywidendowe.
Każdy dzień przybliża nas do wiosny i do publikacji wyników.Jak to się przełoży na dywidendy to zobaczymy.
Kluczowe wartości z portfela:
💫 saldo początkowe▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r.▶️17 766 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2023 r.▶️16 000 pln
💰 gotówka▶️8 533,71 pln
W tym tygodniu nie wykonałem żadnych operacji.
📄 Wyciąg z rachunku🔽
#ike #ikze #portfel
Emocji nie brakowało i dlatego już teraz przechodzę do opisu sytuacji w spółkach.
Przypominam, że stopy zwrotu i wykresy dotyczą okresów tygodniowych.
🔸#cognor +15,14%
Niewątpliwa gwiazda tygodnia. Mocne wzrosty poparte rosnącymi obrotami i ATH kursu.
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The Reciprocity between #gaming & #Tokenomics 🎮

Good economy design & Tokenomics are the basis for any successful game (#Web2/#Web3)

Taking time to understand how these function in a game will give us a significant edge while conducting proper research.

A mega thread! 🧵
Economy deals w/ the interplay b/w a player's experience & the impact the in-game economy has on that experience.

It's mainly focused on buying/earning mechanics, but also covers aspects of the player's experience such as time taken/no. of actions needed to complete a task etc..
For any game to be successful, the in-game economy has to be feasible.

The stakes are even high in Blockchain games coz real money plays a part here. The economy has to be stable, self-sustaining & profitable for gamers/investors so it needs good tokenomics to attract more of em
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Timing the #crypto narrative cycle.
Which #alts I bought, and when to accumulate again?

Narratives, #alpha & charts for my favorite #altcoins.

The final stage of the #BearMarket is where you build the foundation for future #wealth.

1/ 🧵


#bitcoin $BTCUSD Image
#AI narrative

The parabolic move already played out, we are in the final stage before major correction.

$FET, $AIRI (degen play)

2/ Image
#LSD narrative

The parabolic move already played out, a second wave will start with $ETH Restaking @eigenlayer

$FRX, $SD (degen play)

3/ ImageImage
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some feel I softball Adam Sessler here in this article,

that I wasn't harsh enough or that I was burying the story: that Adam Sessler hates gamers

here is why that is wrong… #adamsessler #g4tv #videogames #gamers #gaming
When I cover a story about something a subject says, I try to not only cover the story factually but I also try to keep to the spirit of the issue

From the subject's point of view, what are they trying to say here? Not only what are the comments, but what do they mean.
yes, Adam Sessler says he hates gamers,

but if U listen to when he clarifies, he says he means people that identify w/ the hobby not everyone that plays games

Yes, for most it's a meaningless distinction, but it's a distinction nonetheless & not reporting it isn't truthful
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GM #GM, we are so excited to share that courtesy of our portfolio frens @staratlas, we have a #giveaway for you to celebrate their second anniversary!

Check the thread to learn how to enter the giveaway:

#HappyBirthday #WeAreStarAtlas #AAA
2/But first, let us explain what we are celebrating & what is at stake: today is the 2nd anniversary of the moment when the vision of @staratlas started becoming a reality. It marks the day this world of the future we're #BUIDLing together began expanding at an exponential rate🚀
3/ @staratlas is known for its exceptional user experience and visually striking multi-dimensional visuals. We're excited to share with you the opportunity to take a tour of the Showroom and experience it for yourself!

#AAA #blockchain #gaming
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Latest updates from the Animoca Brands’ #Metaverse: (🧵)
1/ @TinyTapAB held its second Publisher #NFT auction, and we are already working closely with one of the #hodlers, @matsuzakimisa, to adapt the content for Japanese audiences. 🚀

#teachers #education #onlinelearning
2/ The @TOWERtoken's plan for the first half of 2023 is out, let's take a look how the team will continue pioneering the developments of #Web3 #gaming: 🔥

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interview w/ Adam Sessler @TheBPITU is solid,

masterful in how they got Sessler to open up about topics he wasn't comfortable talking about

At times Sessler was a riot
a funny guy w/ a starring affability.

Too bad he's become so cynical,
Seems like a waste of talent😨 ImageImage
Watching @italianpepsiman & @dickmasterson bring out that old Sessler shine reminds us why we loved him on X-play,

back in the day, he really was good at his job
#gamers #gaming #g4tv #adamsessler
The saddest part for me of all this,

is that Adam cannot see genuine admiration or kindness from people who actually do like him & wish him well.
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I had the occasion to speak about #nexera and #nexeraID in previous posts. In this post I will explain #NexeraID without using #NFT, #MetaNFT #ZKP or any #web3 word. Fasten your belt and be ready for an awesome journey:
1 - NexeraID: The digital passport and wallet that unlock seamless embedded compliance
2 - NexeraID is a #selfsovereignidentity issuance and verification platform that allows any institution to easily integrate complex compliance workflows, all while preserving the self-custody and security of consumers’ identity and assets.
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What the fuck is a Degen Legend?

A decentralized esports community, founded by pro gamers/NFT degens for gamers/degens who believe in the inevitable, lucrative future of web 3 gaming and want to help it grow.

Here's all to know before our mint on Jan 19🧵
Our mission is to onboard the next 10 million gamers to Web 3, with our team of streamers and community spreading the mission.

No matter how many events we win, and no matter how massive a footprint we leave in Web 3 gaming culture, there will only ever be 10,000 Legends.
Our NFTs, created by @NateGio, artist behind BEING 1/1 and @Bot_Head_NFT are the results of over 6 months of discovering "The Perfect Gamer PFP"

Throughout our collection, #gaming and #degen cultures meet. Art built as 3D models, capable of being integrated as in-game avatars.
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The @MeritCircle_IO DAO had a busy 2022, yet just 10 days into January the DAO launched a brand new, consolidated website.

Let’s reflect on 2022, and what 2023 could have in store for $MC 🧵🎮

1/28 Image
Firstly, we want to recommend reading Merit Circle’s excellent summary of what the DAO achieved in 2022.…

2022 was a tough year for market participants. Many DAOs, firms and projects did not survive the rapid decline of asset prices, and the domino effect of the subsequent insolvencies.

Merit Circle not only survived the collapse, but has come out stronger.


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The #crypto gaming industry just changed forever!

@GoGalaGames acquired a huge mobile game studio which will bring all 20M users to Web3😮

🧵Here's why this is MASSIVE:👇
In this thread, I'll cover:

• What is @GoGalaGames?
• GALA's mobile game studio acquisition
• Personal opinion

Let's dive in👇
🔸What is @GoGalaGames?

Gala Games is a platform that builds blockchain-based games

There's one big problem in the GameFi industry:

"P2E games are boring to play"

Gala Games aims to change this by prioritizing quality rather than launching boring MVP-type games...
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how does the locked-in rigidity of the social structures established by #Christianity and #capitalism play out on an *individual* level? face-to-face, person to person?

Western society applies the values of *social dominance* to individual interactions and conversations.

the central principle is very simple: whenever two people interact, one of the two is *socially superior*, and the other is *socially inferior*. person A, interacting with person B, is in some unspoken way "better" than person B: they are the *socially dominant party*.

there's an unspoken ranking, or value of social credit, attached to every single person in Western society; this social-credit score might be thought of as equivalent to an Elo ranking in #chess--a single number that ranks *all chess players* from superior to inferior.

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The state of on-chain gaming is rapidly evolving & growing on #StarkNet

As more builders discover the benefits of StarkNet, the #gaming scene has experienced a surge in popularity & innovation🎮

Discover some of the most exciting developments & updates in this thread!

TL;DR On-chain Gaming:

It's a type of gaming that utilizes blockchain technology to enable new features. Gamers have real ownership of tradeable in-game assets, play-2-earn possibilities & voting rights via a DAO. It also opens doors for a unique economy within the game.
This technology allows for a new level of security and transparency, as every interaction & movement within the game is verified on the blockchain. This creates a more immersive and authentic gaming experience for players.
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The Grand Shift in Web3 Gaming A🧵

NO creating investor ponzi & play2earn games!
Inhale the power of Crafting Experiences for Gamers.

Founder, dev, CC, advisor, investor or VC in this space: This is for you.

Share this to help spread the word!
#Web3Gaming #InvestorPonzi
Start of a new year. I join a podcast of a major player in the "web 3 gaming" space. A question is presented to the guests about what this space needs to thrive this year.
Two instant Answers: "This will likely be a silent year" + "the markets need more liquidity first".🤯
These people were so lost it motivated me to educate everyone on the reality of the situation.

Web 3 gaming is a moneyhole for the VCs dreaming of exponential returns. Knowing Game tokens are chained to the markets they plan to invest now & exit once the markets go up.
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2022 was a full & exciting year for $NFTB 🎉 (thread)

We saw rapid expansion with new features & chains, tighter safety protocols, bigger partnerships & moved to new verticals - GameFi & Metaverse.

We grew 2x & was #trending most of the year

In 2022 we went multichain #ETH #BNB #MATIC #KLAY, launched our gaming MetaMarket, build on our solid collaborations with @binance, @CoinMarketCap and introduced #Metaverse accelerator & #gaming builders grants on @klaytn_official & @0xPolygon.
3/ But the most exciting part of 2022 was IRL events with our community & partners

The identity of NFTb community sets us apart from other #web3 platforms.

Our goal is clearer than ever - our move to community governance system moves in tandem with our new roadmap & tokenomics
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Eine kleine Zusammenfassung meines Gamingjahrs.
Ein 🧵
Begonnen habe ich mit dem Nachholen eines Klassikers: Dark Souls. Das hat mich gleich mal in den Sog der Soulsgames gezogen. Trotz kryptischem Storytelling, Dark Souls hat eine fantastische Atmosphäre.
Und ist gar nicht so schwer, wie alle sagen.
Es folgte im März Elden Ring. Mein Gott, welche Kulisse, welch Kampfsystem, welch Soundtrack! Leyendell ist eines der besten Gebiete der Gaminggeschichte für mich.
Und eine Open World, die bis zum Ende immer wieder neue fantastische Kulissen hervorholt!
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This is how I generated 180 #pixelart flowers (16 types, one consistent style) in 20 min.

This 🧵is also a @Scenario_gg run-through (web app) - with the prompts I used and the step-by-step workflow.

Reach out for any questions.

#StableDiffusion #AI #AIart #Gaming #GameAssets
I started from a (royalty-free) dataset available on #Craftpix, with 10 images of pixelated flowers (such as the ones below).
Since the dimension of each image was only 32 × 32, I upscaled them 16x using @LospecOfficial, to get 512× 512 images.

Here's a before/after comparison.

Each image was sRGB / 8-bit.

I kept the grey background this time (I often remove it otherwise).
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1/ Last week @TechFreedom explained to Congress how the Kids Online Safety Act endangers free speech *and* kids.

Yesterday, its sponsors introduced revisions:

It's better, but still pretty bad.

#KOSA simply doesn't belong in an omnibus spending bill.
2/ Age verification: We explained how KOSA's mandates would unconstitutionally require age verification for a huge part of the Internet.

The revised text tries to avoid this, primarily by narrowing its application to where a service knows *or should know* that a user is a minor.
3/ But what constitutes constructive knowledge that a user is a minor? Is it enough that the service “should know” that some users are minors? The bill doesn’t say.

So the FTC/state AGs may allege that knowing a certain % of users are minors creates such knowledge.
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It's 3am, and I just can't stop finetuning and prompting on

I'm making a collection of little monsters.

We invented the endless fun machine 😍💥

.@Scenario_gg #StableDiffusion #AI #Gaming #GenAI ImageImage
I love them. ImageImage
"Little monster, scary, clay figurine, 3D rendering, detailed, green and yellow, red eyes"


🫶 ImageImage
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