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Creating a no-code web apps builder and sharing how it's done | I tweet about web development, no-code, and building in public 👋
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Jan 9 • 15 tweets • 6 min read
I have made a lot of custom #UI components for @SkivvrNoCode. In a #NoCode app #UX is very important, and I am paying a lot of attention to interactions.
What should you remember when building your custom controls? As an example, I would use an input control from Skivvr 🧵⬇️ Image 2/15
👉 Different input states
👉 Labels, placeholders, and tooltips
👉 Keyboard interactions
👉 Mouse interactions
👉 Smart behaviours
👉 Autocomplete
👉 Tab order
Jan 6 • 11 tweets • 3 min read
1/11 In this and some upcoming threads, I want to share with you some insights I am getting as a solo developer who builds a big product.

First insight: Write unit tests early, but not extensively

#BuildInPublic #webdevelopment #SoloDeveloperInsights 2/11 Since now I am fully responsible for product decisions as well, I am seeing a bigger picture. For example, where and when I need to compromise on code quality to bring an #MVP faster.
Jan 5 • 4 tweets • 1 min read
How to not get bored with huge tasks? Break those to smaller ones. #GTD #buildinpublic
I am implementing undo and redo functionality. I need to define an undo command for every possible action in the app. Making that in one bunch is pretty monotone and can lead to errors. More⬇️ I created a list of all possible actions and now treat undoing every action as a separate small task. Now I can mix them with other tasks, still keeping track of what should be done for a big “undo” story. ⬇️
Jan 4 • 6 tweets • 3 min read
Creating a #SaaS #NoCode tool with real-time collaboration possibilities is quite the challenge, and there are a few resources that are helping me. First of all — an awesome @figmadesign blog. I was thrilled when I read… — it has inspired me to work on a collaborative tool in the first place, and it has been my main source of insight about multiplayer.