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“Your netWORK is your netWORTH.”
The magic pill, the sweet sauce to your success is:

1. A killer product, a #SaaS that actually solves a problem for your ideal customer, and

2. A killer network that can help you make (the right) friends and influence (the right) people.
Want to know the secret to building an amazing network?

More than being extroverted, it’s about being intentional. Getting to know the right people… on purpose. And letting people get to know you… on purpose.
But remember, even if you’re an introvert building an intentional and powerful network is important for your growth TODAY and TOMORROW.

Here are a few steps we’ve learned over the years:
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New article on #websites #classification discussing possible #taxonomy that can be used (IAB, Google, Facebook, etc.) as well as #machinelearning models:…

list of useful resources:
a new telegram channel where will post about #explainableai (#XAI for short):…
there are now many useful libraries available for doing #explainability of #AI models: SHAP, LIME, partial dependence plots PDP. And also the "classical" feature importance.
Our german blog on topic of website #categorizations:
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As #pandemic induced #digitaltransformation rush abates, SaaS companies face tough YoY growth comparables
#economic headwinds
Normalization of valuations back to pre-pandemic levels.


$TEAM : Atlassian had a massive run to over 60x EV/Sales (NTM).

22E Rev: 2.8B
23E Rev: 3.5B @ 26% gr
GM 85% range
EBITDA margin : 25% for 2022 but decelerating to teens in 2023

Src: @Sentieo
#SaaS #software #tech #news #Nasdaq $NDX $IGV #hypergrowth #growth #trendwhizo Image
$SNOW: Snowflake ran to over 120x EV/Sales (NTM) but normalizing to 24x, a premium to data peers due to superior growth profile

22E Rev: 1.22B
23E Rev: 2B (66% gr)
22E GM 60-70%

Src: @Sentieo
#SaaS #software #tech #news #Nasdaq $NDX $IGV #hypergrowth #growth #trendwhizo Image
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Voxtur Analytics $VXTRF $VXTR.V $VXTR
will screen well very soon

THE EV/TTM Rev X will compress materially in next 5 wks with Q4 and Q1 filings

~11.5X EV/TTM Rev will drop to ~5.7X EV/TTM Revs

#ReTwit #Fintwit #Tech #SaaS #Fintech #stocks #Cloud
May 2nd: Q4 / Annuals filing deadline
Revs will increase Q4'20 to Q4'21 from $5.9mm to ~$39mm
So the $5.9mm will drop off from the TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) revenue number
So TTM Revs will go from $63.2 to $96.2 which means that at $1.50 share price the EV/ TTM Revs multiple
So TTM Revs will go from $63.2 to $96.2 which means that at $1.50 share price the EV/ TTM Revs multiple will compress from 11.47X to 7.54X

May 28th: Q1 '22 Filing deadline
And a few weeks later the Q1'21 of $14.5mm will drop off and be replaced with a new Q1'22 revenue of
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Control systems are ubiquitous and without them most of what we take for granted wouldn’t function. But designing them and deploying them has been complicated by thousands of competing proprietary software systems,
the self interests of large organisations seeking to monopolise markets and creating closed ecosystems that tie in the manufacturers of hardware components, and the end users of these systems.
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, and IoT has enabled incredible innovation to drive industry 3.0 and beyond, the ability to design, deploy and rapidly scale affordable remote control systems,
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Describing revenue and ROI for blog/article content to #SaaS #SEO clients [🧵]

Everyone wants to know what the money looks like and where it comes from.

Here is my experience from running #contentmarketing strategies for years.
Content and SEO can feel a bit like playing battleship with your clients' customers.

The general hurdles of any campaign:

- Accurate / interpretable ICP data
- Workflows to produce / scale blog post publishing
- Having inhouse SMEs
- How much of a topic are you willing to cover
How much revenue a blog post will produce is impossible to determine.

You need a perfect mix of meeting a customer at the right moment, with the right amount of content, and a product they're looking for within their budget.
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Startup leaders come in three basic types and those in a given type typically neither understand nor respect those in other types. Nevertheless, it's critical to have the right types at the right time as you grow. A thread 🧵 #startups #tech #SaaS
The first are innovators. They love disrupting the status quo by doing things that haven't been done before. They don't need training or playbooks. All they need is an email, a telephone, and a machete and they can survive and thrive.
You need innovators in your early days. They tend to be smart generalists who likely don't function well in large organizations. However, they have little interest in process and industrialization and will either leave the org or need to deployed into new "hard problems"
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Introducción al Product Led y Onboarding 💥

Quería hablar de estos conceptos básicos para #SaaS, seguramente los conozcas, pero en caso de que no, te lo explico.

Mini-hilo (2 mins lectura) 🧵 Image by Aptrinsic
Esta vertiente se da en los departamentos de #marketing, #growth y #producto y se enfoca en crear palancas de crecimiento a través del propio producto, de ahí su nombre “Product-led Growth o Crecimiento liderado por el producto“.
Usando estrategias #ProductLed nos enfocamos en fases más profundas del funnel, incrementando esfuerzos en la adopción, interacción, activación y retención de usuarios.

OJO: Esto no quiere decir que NO sea compatible con la adquisición o que no empujemos la adquisición.
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Major milestone - 100 Reviews 🎉 [THANK YOU]

9 Takeaways after two years of building a #SaaS company from idea to 100 Reviews on the #Shopify App store

This is what I learned

[ a thread ] 💻🏠🌎 Image
1️⃣ GO-GO-GO:

Start by reaching out to your closest buddies in the community

Share your idea and listen to what they have to say about it

In the beginning you have only mockups to show, but they still can go a long way
2️⃣ Stay focused:

Time and resources are limited

Always play the 80/20 principle regardless of the scenario

You're only as good as your last performance

Imagine performing at your best every day
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Do you know any #startup that instead of providing private coaching, has directly partnered with 5000+ schools? 🤔💭

Here is one👉LEAD School 🏫📖

India’s first integrated school Edtech solution who recently entered the Unicorn club 🦄🥳

Read its interesting growth story ⏬⏬
1/ Founded in 2012 by the couple @mehtasumeet and @smitadeorah,

@leadschoolindia recently raised $100 M, doubling its valuation in just 9 months 💹

Starting with a single school in Areri village, #LEADschool has grown to partner with 5000+ schools across 500 cities!🤯
2/ Business model ⏬

It is a #SaaS platform powering K-12 (kindergarten-12th grade) institutions with digital resources, books & curriculums

It charges schools a fixed fee per student per year

LEAD partnered schools have seen 20-25% progress in the students learning outcomes
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1/x The Evolution of #Guilds
A thread on how #P2E Gaming #Guilds are transitioning. With the development of #GameFi 2.0 and growing base of gamers, guilds have to balance between incentives, sustainable growth of player base and building community (providing entertainment value)
2/x Market Capacity of #Guilds
Guilds differentiate through few categories:
1) Manpower Management & Recruitment
2) Venture Capital & Incubation
3) Tooling (ERP, CRM, #SaaS platform)
4) Identity (Gamification of performance, scholarship analytics & efficiency, #DeFi passport)
3/x Manpower
Guilds earn facilitation fees from #AxieScholars & managers earnings and allocate them efficiently. Toolings will help with scaling and guilds can further optimise in-game trading/leasing of #NFT with their #P2E game economy expertise
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We built and launched a SaaS called Enrichly this week.

With it, you can upload a list of emails and populate your lead's phone numbers.

Accurate phone numbers = more closed deals 🚀

Here's quick demo of the app 👇
When you sign up, you get 5 free credits as a free trial.

The first 10 people that DM me about it will get a code redeemable for 50 free credits.

Checkout the app here:
Once signed up, you need some credits.

You can:
1. Select a subscription
2. Purchase one-time credits
3. Start your free trial (5 credits)
4. Redeem a discount code
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I investigated a bit the success of Mostly because I am thinking of building in public. So let’s see how @noahwbragg is building in public and after only 10 months of opening the product to public, he went full-time. #buildinpublic
@noahwbragg This thread is really long, so if you want to see all his tweets on Potion, you can use this in the Twitter search (and replace YEAR-MONTH-DAY): (Potion OR SaaS OR Notion OR saas) (from:noahwbragg) until:YEAR-MONTH-DAYsince:YEAR-MONTH-DAY -filter:replies
@noahwbragg TL;DR (1 / 2) In short, here is what @noahwbragg does:

- Share ups and downs while building the product
- Uses YouTube to showcase features or talks about behind the scenes
- Showcasing how others are using Potion or what can be built with it
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I first heard of @boundless_HQ 2 years ago. @Cian_nineDots had spoken to the team and was convinced they were onto something.

I didn't know much about the complexities of remote employment, I mainly worked with overseas talent in contracting roles or Irish people as employees.
I had a call with @DeeCoakley and Eamon to hear more about what they were doing.

I'd known about Eamon's track record from SaaS circles, and was already interested. But all I knew about Dee was from some friends who had worked a few layers below her in previous companies.
All it took was a 30 minute call with Dee leading the charge for me to understand a few things:

📖 I was speaking to someone who knew their topic inside and out.
🔥They were on to something huge, even bigger than they were describing.
❔I was going to need this product very soon
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Planning Content for your SaaS Blog

⬇️ Here's a checklist of essentials
1. Explain the Basics

➡️ What it's about?
➡️ How are you different?
➡️ Your Story

You can do multiple posts about it - with every update in the software.
2. Build Interest

➡️ What's in for your audience? [Benefits + Freebies]
➡️ Provide social proof [Testimonials + Customer Stories]
➡️ Share your Success Rate in the Industry [Case Studies & Comparisons]
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1/ Yesterday's thread was all about getting started with #DAO. Down the rabbit hole, some of these tools are the defacto standard for most DAOs!

I've curated a list of 14 tools of the trade to get you a head-start on your DAO journey 💝

🧵 Image
2/ Gnosis Safe (@gnosisSafe) - A smart contract based multi-signature #wallet used to manage community treasury.

⏩In simple words - It requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur
3/ Snapshot (@SnapshotLabs) - A popular off-chain DAO voting platform for easy #token based governance.

⏩In simple words - Snapshot contains multiple spaces such as @AaveAave, @SushiSwap among others, that you can join & vote on proposals
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Creating a #SaaS #NoCode tool with real-time collaboration possibilities is quite the challenge, and there are a few resources that are helping me.
First of all — an awesome @figmadesign blog. I was thrilled when I read… — it has inspired me to work on a collaborative tool in the first place, and it has been my main source of insight about multiplayer.
Figma though is freer in its data structures since it does not use an existing technology of working with layouts. In my case, I need to comply with HTML and CSS. Some CSS properties, for example, backgroundImage, are not atomic — they could hold multiple values at the same time.
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A thread about Skivvr.
We're a small startup building a #NoCode real-time collaborative web applications platform. We’re aiming to combine simplicity and UX richness of @figmadesign, flexibility and agileness of @webflow, and power of data manipulation of @airtable #BuildInPublic
Our first step is to create a no-code #SaaS website designer. From the start we include a real-time collaborative capabilities. This means that you can build websites and apps together. To be honest, this does feel like magic 🤩 You can join for Beta on
After releasing Beta, we will polish it and continue working on a data management part. We have an Airtable-like interface, with tight integration with our designer. It will be possible to use tables like a CMS or create specific data views like Kanban, Knowledgebase, or Cards. ImageImage
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We have had a busy 2021 and we look forward to 2022 which is brightened further with the spirit of Indovation and ideation. Cheers to each of you and your families. Image
2/n 2021 was a challenging year personally for many with #Covid 2nd wave but it presented professional opportunities for #startup ecosystem too. @SucSEED_IN built its maiden #AngelFund #IndovationFund, amongst overwhelming response & kept growing its strength as #AngelNetwork too ImageImage
3/n At #IndovationFund, we believe that early-stage discovery is best handled with the help of Experienced folks. We have great #SectoralCommittee structure helping us to discover, screen, curate, invest and mentor these startups, in 6 sectors of our #Fundfocus #SucSEEDfamily Image
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So the 1st co we are going to discuss today is one of the most technologically/foundationally strong company that's founder led, 1st generation promoter led IT company - Persistent #PersistentSystems
Industries & Domains Served:

Banking, Financials, Insurance, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Industrial, Hi-Tech, Telecom, Media. Banking & Financials being a steady driver, while Lifesciences has been the alpha generator.
Digital -Design & Consulting
Business Intelligence - AI/ML, Data Stack, Data Integration
Product Engineering - Product, platform design & engineering
IDA - Identity & Access services, privacy management
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What should your digital marketing strategy include?

December is all about preparing for the next year's digital marketing strategy and before it's too late, I thought to share this.

Most of the marketers miss out on many of the below.

A Thread...

1. Results achieved in this year vs previous year

- Number of MQLs generated, from which channels
- Number of SQLs converted, from which content
- Channel-specific traffic
- Impressions
2. SMART goals you decided for this year


1. Reach 300K traffic by December 2022
2. Generate 3000 MQLs by December 2022
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بناء شركة بنموذج عمل يعتمد على الإشتراك والوصول بها إلى 10 آلاف، 100 ألف ثم مليون دولار إيراد مكرر أمر مضن، ولكن بعد الوصول له ستقلع الطائرة وسيعجبك المنظر.

طالما كنت تتابع تحقيق معالم الطريق (١، ١٠، ١٠٠، الخ) والفترة والمبلغ الذي لزمك للوصول لها، وكنت تتحسن، فلا تقف. Image
من ألف إلى ١٠٠ ألف وائم المنتج.

من ١٠٠ ألف إلى مليون ركز على استهداف حجم العميل المناسب حتى تصل لمعادلة ومحرك إيراد يعمل بكفاءة وتناغم.

من مليون دولار إلى عشرة: اصعد في الحجم أو انزل أو كلاهما أو وسع في قنوات البيع، المهم ان تستخدم خبرتك المتراكمة في توسعة سوقك. Image
اموال المستثمرين هدفها تقليل الوقت للوصول لهذه المراحل وتحقيق نفس النتائج بنفس الترتيب.

من الأخطاء الشائعة التي نراها تتكرر في أسواق عالمية ومؤخرا في سوقنا الإقليمي هو استخدام هذه الأموال لحرق المراحل او قفزها. قد يحقق هذا نجاحا مرحليا لكنه لن يدوم. Image
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5 Steps To Reduce Churn Rate 🧵
#SaaS #MarketingTips
#1. Make sure users are consuming the product. Monitor their progress and hold them accountable!

@AppSumo 's Email To reduce churn for new customers

See full email here:…
#2. Monthly "VALUE" webinar/ live calls

People want to feel belonging to the community, what i do is hold a live webinar once a month to talk about new ways to use the product, client showcase, upcoming features etc
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