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1/ Long thread on #SaaS.

I used to find it easier in 2016-17 with fewer SaaS companies to choose from and the valuations being more reasonable.

With so many public Co's now and P/S over 20 for most, it's important to be really right about the quality/durability of the Company
2/ and being conservative in growth expectations & valuations.

Yes, the really big winners could wipe out the losers, but I believe that every investment should be made on its own merit/potential & not with a "Spray and Pray" approach that they'll be bailed out by the winners.
3/ If we look at each SaaS co docs/ppts in isolation, it would look like they have the best-in-class product, would capture most of their TAM, and once at scale their S&M/ R&D/G&A costs will all come down generating lot of earnings and FCF...
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19 #SaaSMarketing Strategies That #Bootstrapped @ahrefs To $40m ARR 🤓🚀📈
@ahrefs Strategy 1 – Product Quality Driving Word Of Mouth

From @timsoulo, CMO:

"The product that @botsbreeder (Ahrefs’ CEO & Founder had built) was promoting itself like no other product I ever worked with."

It's a simple one and it's not sexy, but it is the most important 🤓
@ahrefs @timsoulo @botsbreeder Strategy 2 – Rejecting Conventional SaaS Marketing Wisdom

👉 No Google Analytics
👉 No Facebook Pixel
👉 No Email Nurturing


They focus JUST on marketing activities that move the needle 📈
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"Because of the pace that the market is moving, all of our application needs to be getting better all the time"
so the more of our app is SaaS, the less we have to keep constantly improving.
~ @zackkanter
Your tech debt is piling up without you doing anything.
Move as much of it off your balance sheet as you can.
When the system gets complicated, we want to avoid touching something for fear it'll break.
Touch things as much as possible, so they break now instead of later, all at once.
~ @zackkanter
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Something I don't see enough #SaaS #startups doing during the early days of trying and failing to get their first few customers?

Systematically recording and categorizing their objections as follows...
1. Could I overcome this objection by speaking to someone else at the company?

Even if you've got the right product and you're speaking to the right type of company — speaking to the wrong person can kibosh the whole thing...
2. Could I overcome this objection by speaking to a different type of company? (size, industry, need, geography, etc.)

Even if you have the perfect product and the right role is on the line, you're going to fail if it's not right for a company like theirs...
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He's young. Full of ideas. Doing great at the workplace. Has a lot to do and a burning desire to achieve more. Loves challenges. Lives life to the full. Weeks soaked in work and weekends soaking fun. He is one of today's #millenials. He enjoys freedom. But needs #financialfreedom
How do #millenials see saving, investing & growing wealth? Most conversations give the feeling ppl think #FinancialFreedom can wait. Why hurry? Giving cliches like power of compounding can even annoy them. They just don't want to think now. But,their big dreams need early action.
#Millenials may seem to be living for the day. But, their dreams are big. They think king-size. Their canvas is wide. Have precise expectations of their future. But, don't show it. Or wear it on their sleeve. They are too cool to do that. If made to feel comfortable, they talk.
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Tim and @sab8a started @veedstudio (video editing #SaaS) in 2018 after quitting their job and investing all their life savings.

They recently started charging users and have just hit $1,000 MRR.


This thread explains… 👇👇👇
@sab8a @veedstudio No one owns the Internet.

You don’t need to get permission to set up a domain and start innovating. There is no man with a white beard sitting at the top of the Internet setting the rules and making plans.

It is simply a communication protocol that allows machines to share data
@sab8a @veedstudio For example, as you read this tweet, your browser is communicating with a computer that hosts these words.

Why does this matter?

Because there’s no on stopping you from analysing these data flows, and taking inspiration from what is working for other people.
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1/ Just finished @Drift's "This Won't Scale" in a single sitting. This book is PACKED with bite-sized takeaways — here are a few of my favourites...
2/ Get to know your customers. Like, really *know* them. Optimize for conversations. Get on calls, solicit feedback via email, send out surveys etc. Do this consistently — not just when you're about to revamp your site or add new features. Quit hiding behind your technology...
3/ Spend waaaay more time thinking about your market and your place within it. Too many #SaaS companies are stuck in a feature/price war. This isn't where you want to be and it's avoidable. Quit being a "me too" brand. Own something and lean into it...
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Q from today's @Baremetrics webinar re when & how to hire a #marketer for your #SaaS...

To the founder who can’t afford a senior marketer (to drive strategy) and is considering hiring an agency for strategy + hiring someone junior to implement, ’d say this:

Be very careful
1. *Good* agencies, the kind that will put in the work to craft a strategy that will work for you and your customers, don’t come cheap. They may be a great option, but don’t think that you will save money going this route.
2. Don’t forget that in a SaaS biz model, marketing does not end at acquisition. Let me say that again... *ahem* marketing does not end at acquisition. Your marketer will likely be doing as much (if not more, in the beginning) to help customers evaluate and adopt your product,
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Tinder moved to #Kubernetes and @EnvoyProxy, is averaging appx 50 containers, 15 pods per node. Interesting for a few reasons from my perspective
#1/ Bigger nodes running many containers is not so rare. At @signalfx we are seeing this more and more in the field. Is it too early to say that #Mainframe is making a comeback? #MillenialMainframe #GenerationM
#2/ "One reason we were able to move so quickly was due to the rich metrics we were able to easily integrate"
Seeing this everywhere. You can't fly a #jetplane without instruments and you can't run advanced #infrastructure without great #observability and #metrics
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- @BluegrassCap (for commentary on luxury, tech, less covered industries)
- @JeffMacke (everything retail & jokes)
- @MinionCapital (enterprise tech, SaaS / Cloud)
@BluegrassCap @JeffMacke @MinionCapital #FridayFollow #2

- @GavinSBaker (threads on mkt and tech)
- @howardlindzon (fintech, charts and momentum stocks)
- @LibertyRPF (quotes from news & official SEC filings, tech and charts)
@BluegrassCap @JeffMacke @MinionCapital @GavinSBaker @howardlindzon @LibertyRPF #FridayFollow #3

- @nachkari (dope fintwits)
- @WTCM3 (quotes & charts from filings, news, transcripts)
- @thebrandindex (consumer brands)
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[RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT] What's better than tracking conversions in real-time? Being able to attribute revenue to all conversions - for each user, campaign & channel 💰😍🚀 Now made possible with @WebEngage, here's how:

#DoMoreWithWebEngage #Revenue #Growth
(2/4) How can you track #Revenue for specific user actions?
1) Go to Data Management < Revenue Mapping
2) Select a Currency
3) Map all conversion events as Revenue Events & you're set!

#WebEngage #MarketingAutomation #SaaS
(3/4) See the impact of all Campaigns on revenue in real-time 🤑😎

1) Go to Channel < List of Campaigns - see revenue for all campaigns!
2) For detailed revenue report: Click Campaign Name

#WebEngage #Revenue #MarketingAutomation #SaaS
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1/ Our #SaaS billing @CutshortHQ is now powered by @stripe India. Integration was a bit of work, but well worth it - the platform looks solid and feature-rich. Thanks @andybals and team for supporting us!
2/ During this onboarding, got an opportunity to observe @stripe's working ethos. It is valued at over $10B, but the team is as hungry and responsive as at a bootstrapped startup. From Twitter to email to phone, things moved forward, fast!
3/ And all this effort not for a Fortune 500 company but for a startup with modest payment volumes. Again proves the hunger and commitment to solving a problem over short term numbers. Kudos @collision @patrickc for scaling the org in such a flawless way.
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[Tweetstorm] What's the TAM Chasm? A #SaaS #startup story

Early stage founders typically get thrown for a loop when they're asked for their TAM. Here's two ways to think about it that both make sense, but not really for the same person at the same time!
Let's say you're a domain expert - 10-15 years in manufacturing sw for auto ancillary units. You know the end users, you've done pre-sales, deployment, you know what their problems are, you even know how to solve some

You decide to startup to solve one of the problems Yay!
The founders of your company hate to see you leave, but also know you're a go-getter. They agree to support you with angel investment, and access to customers. You find a few friends who're hitting a glass ceiling, and want out of mid-mgmt, and into an exciting startup.
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In my thread of the evening I’ll share a very simple customer discovery “program” for early stage #saas.
In the past months I realized that many early stage founders mistake what they think is a marketing problem with what is, in reality, a customer discovery problem. They have a 1st version of their product but no stream of leads. So they want to start marketing to solve that.
In the majority of the cases I later realized that it was too early to start marketing, the real issue was that they didn’t discuss enough with potential users so the “product + value proposition + customer / persona” chain was not clear yet.
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