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🔒 In today's digital landscape, building trust is paramount in effective customer engagement.

In this thread, we'll explore the role of design in fostering trust and creating meaningful experiences. Let's dive in! 🧵
1/ Trust begins with a seamless and intuitive user interface. By providing a clear and consistent design, users feel more confident and comfortable engaging with your brand. A clutter-free interface reduces cognitive load and builds a sense of reliability. #UX #CustomerEngagement
2/ Transparency is key! Incorporating transparent design elements, such as clear privacy policies and easy-to-understand terms of service, reassures users that their data is handled responsibly. Be upfront about how you collect, use, and protect their information. 🔒✨
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Business owners,

There are 9 unique customer personas.

Communicating to them emotionally is the key to winning their business.

Check out this thread where I'll be going over their desires, pain points, and how to sell to them

#marketing #sales #entrepreneurs #ux
Type 1: The Reformer

Idealized self-image:
-Striving for perfection
-Being morally upright and responsible.

Pain points:
- Fear of making mistakes
- Desire for perfection
- Self-criticism

Type 1 doesn't like to experience anger or visible frustration.
How to sell to type 1:

- Emphasize quality, reliability, and attention to detail.

- Highlight how your product or service can help them maintain high standards and achieve their goals while easing their fear of imperfection.
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⭐️ 10 Awesome free icon sets

I honestly can't believe they're free.

What's your go-to icon set? 🤔

#design #icons #ux #webdesign #icondesign Image
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Allá por 2019, @BancoGalicia quería mejorar su #UX. Para eso, en lugar de contratar expertos, contrató una agencia de RRHH para q nos poacheara los recursos. 🧵
La cabeza de esta agencia nos escribió a todos los referentes #UX: "estamos abriendo red y contacto con expertos en la industria para conocer más… quisiera ver si podiamos conversar y plantearte nuestras consultas"
Desde luego, le pasamos nuestro presupuesto de consultoría.
Su respuesta: estamos empezando, somos una agencia de RRHH nueva, todo a pulmón, blabla.

A continuación, esta caradura empezó a mandarle mails a todas las personas que trabajaban con nosotros, para ofrecerles el oro y el moro.
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In an essay I wrote, "only unaware practitioners use made-up #personas in their design work".

I think I know why this is done.

🧵 1/15 Image
There is a difference between #characters and #archetypes. You can make up characters, as long as each character is based on a researched archetype.

People who make up personas are actually making up characters, but they make these characters without any grounding. There are usually no researched archetypes.

You can do better, and have fun:

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"Product Design is not UX Design is not UI Design is not..."

Look, if you're doing the job right, it's all the same shit.

It's all DESIGN.

Every description I've ever read about any of the above disciplines applies to ALL THREE if you're going to be any good at it.

If you're going to make an impact. Get results. Help people.

Design of ANY kind, in general, is a holistic pursuit — you have to know a hell of a lot about a hell of a lot that is far beyond the actual tactical work you do.

Stuff that is beyond the principles and practices of good UX, good design.

Into the realm of business, technology, engineering, human psychology, cognitive behavior, the list goes on.

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If decisions about requirements, #productdesign and #UX are being made without you, I have a suggestion:

Stop waiting for an invitation.

Start inviting yourself.

(a LONG thread ahead...settle in)

I’m sure in your organization there are strategic meetings you’re not part of, where product strategy or requirements or sprint plans are made and decided without you.

Everyone else knows things you don’t; information upstream never makes it to you.

You feel marginalized, left out, disrespected, OK, fine. I get it. That happens, more often than it should, I agree.

So what are you gonna DO about it?

Where do you need to be to know what they know — when they know it?

What activities? Conversations? Meetings?

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1. Microsoft Copilot

GPT4 in powerpoint, excel, word, outlook, teams, more.…
2. Arcade Game

@thegarrettscott made a website that uses GPT-4 to code any arcade game you can think of and let you play it instantly.

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1. Google

Design and build beautiful, usable products with Material 3"
2. Apple

The Human Interface Guidelines contains guidance and best practices that can help you design a great experience for any Apple platform…
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Since so many ask so often, I will finally share my #UX process (a thread):

1) Get clear on why this app, site or system exists, who needs it and what they expect to be able to do with it.

2) Assess the current state of the app, site or system and map out how people use it.
3) Determine where and how the product (and the company) is falling short and what the consequences of each of those instances are, for users and for the business (existing or new research).

4) Prioritize and rank those failure areas: how bad and how often?
5) Assess + analyze competitors: UX, features, functionality.

6) Make recommendations for UX + UI improvements.

7) Be willing to completely blow all of this up and do something else entirely depending on the company, the team, the users, customers, constraints, etc.
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Usability pitfalls of disabled buttons

Disabled buttons can cause users to get blocked without knowing why, causing abandonment and frustration.

Tips on how to deal with disabled buttons from @vitalyf's video course - Smart Interface Design Patterns 👇

#design #ui #ux #uxui
Always keep buttons enabled by default

Always keep buttons enabled by default and allow users to interact with them. Disabled buttons can cause users to get blocked without knowing why causing abandonment and frustration.
Point to errors on submit

On submit, explain to users why they can’t proceed, and how to fix errors:

• For a single error, point users to the invalid input via a text link.
• For multiple errors, display an error summary at the top and link to it.
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[1/🧵] A brief #thread on how to properly download and verify your newest #IOTA #Firefly Windows version. 😉 Source:
[2/10] You might be wondering why @iota doesn't allow you to download & upgrade the version via the client.

To be honest, this would definitely improve usability (#UX), but it would also need the user to trust the DL content.

That is precisely what we do not want with #crypto. Source:
[3/10] Who knows whether the network path from #github to your PC wasn't intercepted and a man in the middle (#MITM) replaced your downloaded program with a slightly different one.

To ensure that the program you are installing is the one meant for you, verify the #hashes. 👀 Source:
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1/ Odyssey Alpha is live on testnet!

We released some features that will make it easier to create #metaverse experiences 🚀

Create your own 3D world on with your @Polkadot wallet!

Read the 🧵 about the latest release 👇
2/ Custom skyboxes 🎆

You asked, we delivered! Upload your own 360 image to surround your #3Dworld and create a more immersive #experience.
3/ Integration with @Vimeo and @Twitch

The video functionality now supports also links from #Vimeo and #Twitch (in addition to @YouTube)

Fancy connecting your @Minecraft Twitch stream to a #voxel object in your Odyssey?

Now you can 💪
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"Focus on profitability. Growth at all costs is no longer rewarded." 📈

Here's a presentation about UX and 'growth at all costs', from a VC (@creandum) event back in June 2022—it's more true now than ever.

1/37 🧵 (mega-thread).
@creandum 2/37.
@creandum 3/37.
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I've been asked several times by newbies in #uiuxdesign how to get started into ui/ux design.
Got tired of explaining,so I put together a little something to help you in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Perfect for beginners! #UI #UX #Design #BeginnerTips
Everything you need to help you get started.…
Some popular designers like @LizTheWhizard @daviowhite @TheRuqayyah @ConfidentNuel @mizko @michalmalewicz were also featured 😁
Goodluck and a nice day
Retweet until it gets to every new designer out there 🙏👍
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Which type of designer are you? 🤔

Vote for left or right aligned buttons in dialog boxes and explain why.

#design #uidesign #uxdesign #uxui #productdesign #ux
Here are some button design tips from my book to avoid usability and accessibility issues 👇

Would love to hear your thoughts or feedback 🙂

💙If you love interface design details and are looking to learn a logic-driven approach to UI design, feel free to check out my book 👇
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👉 2023 - Top UI UX Trends you need to know🔥🚀

As we explore UI UX Trends 2023, #Adobe's $20 billion acquisition of #Figma still surprises us.

A UI UX collaborative prototyping tool costing so much is unbelievable. #UI #UX has evolved into a crucial business process.

Top UI Design Trends of 2023🔥

• Large font size and immersive experience
• No more parallax scrolling
• Generative AI in the design process
• Make full use of the card UI component
• Light mode with an option for dark mode
👉Large font size and immersive experience

Their websites have immersive homepages. Clean websites display only the most important information and categories. Some of the world's largest companies with multiple product segments, categories, and locations had information-packed..
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📚기획 용어 시리즈 모음

구글링을 해도 명확하게 뜻이 나오지 않거나 선배 동료에게 물어보기에 애매한 용어들. 실제 프로젝트를 진행하거나 Teaching을 하면서 입문자들이 가장 많이 물어보시는 부분과 실제 작업 시 필수 Use case 위주로 용어의 의미와 활용에 대해 소개합니다.
1부: 웹, 앱 UI 설계 전 알아야 하는 기본 개념

2부: UI 기획 시 알아야 하는 기초 용어

3부: 이커머스 페이지 기획 시 알아야 하는 기본 용어
4부: 검색 기획/설계를 위한 기본 용어 알고 가기

5부: 인터랙션/제스처 알아가기

6부: 시작하기 프로세스 기초개념 알기
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I finally found the answer to @home_assistant in-wall room controllers. Inspired by the outstanding content from @blakadder and @camerongray1515 I ventured down the Android panel path. Accessing dedicated Lovelace dashboards just makes sense! 🧵 /1
I started out using the Sonoff NSPanel last year and had great hopes. Lots of potential but way too much customisation is required + the limitations with the screen. Fortunately, I only invested in a couple of units to begin with so time was on my side. /2
This holiday was all about recovery for me as I’ve really struggled to shake off the flu and a heavy chest cough 🤒🤧 This was the perfect stop start maker holiday project for me. /3
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Hey guyss ,So i curated a list of websites that i get my illustrations from ✨

Which of them have you used before ?
Which of them do you plan to use ?
Let me know in the comments

#uxdesign #ux #uiuxdesign #uiuxdesigner

A Thread
The first on the list is design stripe
The second on the list is pixeltrue packs
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Nature is the best inspiration for UX and UC design.

I bet if you pay attention to day-to-day functioning you will learn a lot.

#ux #ucd #uxdesign #uxdesignmastery #inspiration #design
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Would be difficult to give an answer in a thread without sounding a bit reductive, but I'll try my best!

The way I personally see it, the #UI #UX tendencies are shaped by such factors as:

1. The economy (the main one)
2. Accumulation of knowledge
3. Software/Hardware


1. The economy - since we're living in a profit-driven system, this inevitably impacts all facets of our lives, eg video games

Within such system, the pursuit for the most effective ways of extracting profit can oftentimes lead to standardization of approaches and practices

Which in turn leads to trends.

A lot of the titles in the 2nd picture are AAA 3rd person action-adventure games with RPG elements. Some are GaaS'es. All of them seem profitable and safe by the people willing to invest in the ever-growing costs of developing a AAA game.
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1/ Simple $SGB / $FLR use-case that does not yet exist and might make use of (No node is required):

1⃣ Build code that keeps track of your pending claim (GET via #API).

2⃣ Allow it to check the #FtsoRewardManager balances as well (GET via #API).
. . .
2/ . . .

3⃣ Send an e-mail or push notification / messenger app / #dApp notification when the balance is too low to claim, and again when it is refilled
3⃣•1⃣ Provide a time estimate for when the smart-contract balance could be empty again
. . .
3/ . . .

4⃣ Send reminders about the expiration date and the time remaining to claim it (GET via #API)

👉 In conclusion:
• Make it more intuitive (#UX) for individuals to comprehend when to be active and when it's a waste of time
. . .
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@OpenAI's #ChatGPT and other tools like it are game-changing technologies that have the potential to revolutionize #humanfactors work in #healthcare.

🧵 1/9
In hospital systems, tools like #ChatGPT can be used to automate many tasks, from data entry to document review, freeing up healthcare workers to focus on more important work.

#ChatGPT can also be used to quickly and easily generate high-quality written content, such as patient education materials and discharge summaries.

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