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1. Le Reuters Digital News Report 2020 est sorti. Toujours très riche ! 80.000 personnes interrogées dans 40 pays [thread] #usages #trends #medias #presse…
Sur la durée, le déplacement d'usage des médias traditionnels vers le web et les réseaux sociaux est net, même si la crise du Coronavirus et le confinement ont redonné une vigueur à la TV (et accentué els difficultés de la presse).… #medias #presse
3. Dans la plupart des pays, les journaux locaux et leur site web sont la principale source d'info locale (44%), mais Facebook représente désormais un tiers des usages de ce type (31%) - surtout auprès des 18-24 ans…
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Thread: For a good couple of years now, I have heard @makemytrip stories through #youtube videos, have admired the progress, and got inspired. Today had a privilege to listen to #MakeMyTrip Founder @DeepKalra at @headspin_io #Automation #Hackathon wrap. (1/N)
Trying to list down a few things which I could capture from all the wisdom which was flowing and ones which I will probably remember for a long time.

1. People (#customer) have to come back for a reason. Make sure to give them that. (2/N)
2. Sales were saying go back to the #Corporate job but the heart was saying "Too Early to Give up".

3. Customer Retention is the most important thing.

4. On #UX: I (Customer) am going to give you 5 minutes of my life to you. You have that much time to grab the eyeballs. (3/N)
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Thread du soir: chez @Cdiscount les #pm et les #designers doivent avoir perdu tout pouvoir. Ok le côté "bordelique" du design est en phase avec l'image prix. Mais bon sang un peu de bon sens dans l'#UX. Un exemple de plus ce soir: le mail de confirmation d expedition! Image
2 infos intéressent l l'utilisateur : Quel produit et Quand va t il les recevoir. Bon je vous passe le rendu du mail sur gmail avec le mode dark activé (horrible mais c est du edge case). Mais la l info est en bas de mail et dans la police la plus petite possible
On continue avec la partie searchandising. Hier je me suis mis en-tête de trouver un adaptateur de prise chinoise vers française. Visiblement les gens ne doivent rechercher que des adapteur de cassette mini DV parcequ on me le propose 4 fois... Le mini DV c est l avenir
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After yesterday's Lighthouse changes going live you probably want to know how to optimise for the new metrics which are

Largest contentful paint
Total Blocking Time / First Input Delay
Cumulative Layout Shift

Here is a thread with some quick pointers.

#sitespeed #webperf #ux
— Optimising Largest Contentful Paint

Reduce response times from the server - CDN's can help here

Reduce render blocking JS and CSS - try to only load the minimum on a per page basis. Minify, inline and defer are your friend. Check usage using code coverage tool in Dev Tools
— Optimising Largest Contentful Paint - cont.

Imagery - Make sure they are well optimised and compressed. Also keep an eye on those sizes. Look into image CDN's and lazyloading

Preloading - You can use preload the most important elements on your page
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Im Rahmen meiner für mich neuen Aufgabe als #Lernbegleiter bei @datev mache ich selbst sehr viele Erfahrungen rund um das #lernen, d.h. ich lerne selbst.

Für unser internes #LearningCoffee habe ich 10 Thesen aufgestellt, die ich auch hier teilen möchte. (Thread)
1. #Lernen basiert auf #Freiwilligkeit

Wir führen Gespräche über unser Konzept der #Lernbegleitung. Wir schaffen Transparenz über gegenseitige Erwartungen. Wir geben einen Ausblick auf die Zusammenarbeit. Wir lernen uns gegenseitig kennen. Aber die Teilnahme ist freiwillig.
2. #Lernbegleitung ist Verführung.

Man kann niemanden zum Lernen zwingen. Fremdgesteuerte #Lernziele sind nutzlos ohne Einsicht. Als Lernbegleiter weckt man bestenfalls die #Neugierde, bspw. durch die #Demut vor der eigenen Unwissenheit und das Aufzeigen der Macht der Frage.
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Data surfaced by LinkedIn from 20+ million jobs revealed the 15 most in-demand soft & hard skills. The study looked at the skills that are in highest demand (based on hiring rate) relative to the supply of people who have those skills.
The top 5 most in-demand soft skills are:

#1 #Creativity

Connecting dots—that are seemingly unrelated—to generate original, useful solutions is an incredibly valuable skill in every employee, regardless of what industry or country you’re doing business in.
#2 #Persuasion

Persuasion is convincing others to buy into your idea or a different way of doing things to build consensus or make a decision. It’s one of the most powerful communication skills for all employees to have in their skillset.
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(1/3) Here's a helpful framework for why convos around race can surface defensiveness/stress. The impact of White Fragility "a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves" on the #UX community is real💙#uxtalk
(2/3) There’s a really amazing article that gets into this more called "The Sugarcoated Language Of White Fragility” (I’d HIGHLY recommend everyone to read this: and in it they share this chart of things that cause white people racial stress and why.
(3/3) If you want to start doing the proactive, personal work of being human-centered & being an #ally, please take a moment to go through this article/chart & think about the interactions you've had at work, w/clients, UXers etc. & the responses you've extended or witnessed.
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Let's design this animation in Figma | Step by Step
👇check the thread 👇
@figmadesign @figmaafrica #figma #animation #design #app #ui #ux
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Buckle up people. This is a tale of poor EHR #UX, possible institutional malfeasance, missed opportunity, broad #COVID19 disease spread, and mild personal inconvenience.
Tl;dr: I am going into self-quarantine b/c it turns out that I gave Stanford $$$ to give my kid #COVID19 1/
Act one: some definitions

Isolation means separating people who have a communicable disease (like #COVID19) from those who do not. 2/
Quarantine separates/restricts movement of well-appearing persons who may have been exposed to see if they become ill or who have disease w/o symptoms. Self-quarantine is when you quarantine yourself. You can also be quarantined by public health order. Don’t make them do that. 3/
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Every designer that uses grey for text is:

a) under 35 with good vision, and/or
b) doesn't care if people their parents age can actually read what's in their designs, or
c) doesn't believe anyone reads anything anywhere anyway.

#stopthegrey #design #ux
1. About 20% of replies to my #stopgrey tweet were against it: let's dig in.

1st: I agree the real issue is contrast. But the big crime against contrast is... poor use of grey in body text!

I can't teach visual theory in a tweet, but I can warn ppl away from a common mistake.
2. Many referred me to the WGAC Accessibility guidelines on contrast. Yay! But we skip how the "magic" 4.5 to 1 ratio is THE MINIMUM - not a goal.

(It's also unclear how we got 4.5 - I looked and couldn't find. If you know, please share). (handy tool)
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Hand interactions in AR/VR. HCI principles, UX and interface design. Thread: a growing and curated collection of useful or inspiring books, articles and guidelines.

#XR #AR #VR #spatialcomputing #handinteractions #UX #UI #interfaces
[Book] John Napier: Hands
A beautiful and deep meditation about human hands. Evolutionary biology, anatomy and art history.…
[Book] Sandra Blakeslee & Matthew Blakeslee: The Body Has a Mind of Its Own
Enlightening book about the “body map” theory and its neuroscientific background.…
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The UX of Figma plugins: 10 heuristics.

👇 A thread.

@figmadesign @FigmaPlugins #figma #figmaplugins #ux
1⃣ — Use UX patterns and UI components that are familiar to Figma users.

Draw inspiration from Figma’s native features. Using your plugin should feel as similar as possible to using Figma itself.

Use colors, styles, and components from Figma’s design system.
2⃣ — Reduce the number of user actions that are required before your plugin can do its work.

The most efficient plugin possible is a plugin that gets to work immediately when it is run.
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the “real world” of continuous improvement ... from a week of chats w/external teams (mostly non-customers, non-prospects) at @Amplitude_HQ

1/10 after 3m of hard work, a team resolved a major issue with CI/CD and implemented some basic feature flagging.

A step forward...
2/10 a “task force” of 5ppl (cross-functional) implemented lightweight governance for instrumenting new features/workflows across 15+ teams. Took 1m. Where before there was a mess of events, now there was a common approach and language across teams.

A step forward...
3/10 a successful experiment doing a weekly, fixed-time usability testing session. After six weeks, the unanimous feedback — across engineers, designers, product managers — was to keep the session. The new challenge...more #ux researchers!

A step forward...
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I hear from lots of product leaders that it is "impossible to find qualified product managers!"

But when I dig deeper into their structure, incentives, roles, etc. I find environments that are hostile to *anyone* being successful...spare the most hardened, cut-throat PdMs. (1/3) also find that senior product leadership is spending an inordinate amount of time "managing up" ... so much so that they have almost no time to coach and develop their team.

So the only solution is "fully formed" PdMs (2/3)
...I compare this to environments where #ux and developers are empowered, there are fewer backroom dealings, teams work at a sustainable pace, there is more time for mentorship, and the demands for "junior" PdMs are vastly different.

Worlds apart. (3/3)
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Should #ux report into the “new head of product” or “a new CTO” ? “The new CTOs argument is that product finds the problems and UX/Eng find the solutions. The HoP disagrees.”

My (perhaps) constrain advice:

1. If the company is reasonably healthy, go with the CTO... will have to play a longer game, but you are more likely to eventually end up with a design leader at the “same level” as the CTO and CPO. Why? The CTO will become your #1 advocate.

2. If the CPO has a design background, go with the CPO

3. If the company isn’t healthy...
...go where things are the healthiest and you’ll have the most advocacy. This may be the CPOs area. Or may, actually, be the CTOs area. The CPO may be mired in org politics, and you’ll just become a part of that machine.

4. A good test is....
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Some slides from today does talk at #DOES2019

We explored used our secret decoder key to decode MVP

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
We explored a CORRECTED version of the product model .

Shit Umbrella
PdM is Idea Generator?
PdM as context adder

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
We explored the magic tropical paradise of "product thinking" which can range from "product managers do the thinking" to "whole company as the product"

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
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All day today I'll be taking the #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge ... "spend a day avoiding anywhere that is not accessible" and detail the day on Twitter as I go. So today some tweets will not be transit related.
My current home is only suitable for a person who can climb stairs. Like thousands living in a townhouse, I would have to move if mobility changed. A stair lift is not an option. No ground floor bathing or possible bedroom. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
When my elderly friends visit the steps m are an issue, the condo does not have stair rails at front or rear doors. I'm in process of asking for permission to add them. Not clear if this will be easy or a hassle to get boards approval. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Picture of my front door with it's two steps and no railings.
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1. It's interesting as a rough measure of what most people think the word #design means to search various systems and see what comes back. Here's Amazon Prime Videos. Mostly interior design and remodeling living spaces.
2. Netflix, Hulu and most video services I've tried return mostly the same kinds of results. User experience and UX return almost nothing. The one hit I got for #ux on Amazon Prime was this (although some user experiences are like defusing bombs!)
3. Searches on Google and Bing unsurprisingly return similiar kinds of results: definitions, logo making apps/services and interior design - and TED and WIRED are often in top 10 or 20 results. Not sure what to make of that.
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TheTotalConnector#38: Adam Back (PhD) @adam3us -
The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole & The Lightning Conference 2019 in #Berlin.
@LNconf #TLC2019
During the Lightning Conference 2019 in Berlin, I had the pleasure to sit down with Adam Back (cyberpunk, cryptographer, PhD in computer science, CEO/Co-Founder of Blockstream etc.) for an interview.
Adam´s works (#Hashcash used in #Bitcoin #Mining) is cited in the White Paper of #SatoshiNakomoto.
Our fascinating talk deep down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole covers a spectrum of questions and topics:
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@nathanshedroff @daveixd @bkenna1 @impactology I mostly concur. The silo’ing we see in many organizations is bad.

But you didn’t say that silo’ing of related design disciplines is bad. You said there are no meaningful disciplinary distinctions:

“There is no difference between #UI, #UX, #IXD, etc. They are the same thing.”
@nathanshedroff @daveixd @bkenna1 @impactology Unlike @nathanshedroff, I do not see anyone advocating for silo’ing. But I do see people advocating for being dismissive of distinctions between different classes of design problems and the disciplines devoted to addressing them with appropriate methods.
@nathanshedroff @daveixd @bkenna1 @impactology My memory of the late ’90s is not UXD generalists who had been solving digital design problems well for years facing upstart territorial specialists with a lack of holistic awareness. My memory is the opposite.
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Problemas de #UX de #DEBIN #CREDIN #CASHIN via #PRISMA, hilo...
Uno está en su #homebanking, y quiere, ponele, usar este maravilloso nuevo sistema #DEBIN para mover guita a su #Uala (u otra cuenta) en forma instantánea, q es la gracia de este sistema -y que, ojo, funciona!. Ej en #Itau
Transferencias-> A cuentas Virtuales.
1er error: el sist de PRISMA permite no sólo mover plata a ctas virtuales (con CVU c v corta) sino como veremos más abajo,también a ctas bancarias tradicionales con CBU (c B larga :)
O sea, el menú de Itaú es confuso, deberia ser
"transf y solicitudes instantáneas"(DEBIN-CREDIN)
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Great discussion of reasons why the trolley problem is not the right discussion for #AI #ethics

"If we want to make ethical AI, we should be... training self-driving cars to work in ways that we, as a society, can approve of and endorse." via @qz
Decisions for what an #AI system will do are determined long before they are in use.
If the people making the AI aren't ethical, how can we expect the system to be?
Ethical, diverse teams are need to develop ethical, safe AI systems.
Excited to talk about this topic, self-driving and AI ethics at #WorldUsabilityCongress in a few weeks in Austria!
🤖 🚗 🤖 🚙 🤖
@worlduxcongress #ux #ai #ethics #design #uxresearch #usability
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A *parti* or *parti pris* is the central idea or concept of a design. Often represented by a simple sketch or drawing.

(Source: 101 things I learned in architecture school, Frederick. Image source at link).

#design #designmtw…
From the architecture books I've been reading, the #ux world is underread: likely because "it's not tech" which dodges fundamental similarities - architects design things that require engineers.

There's a 2000+ year history we can learn from. I'll keep sharing salient gems.
"An architect knows something about everything, an engineer knows everything about one thing." - Frederick (101 things)

Which is reminiscent of all the unicorn / t-shape / specialist vs. generalist discussions that often happen in the #ux world.
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This description of the sorry state of the ways we understand #UX is very, very good.

And I have some quibbles with its telling of history which I hope folks will find useful in the discussion already brewing around this piece.…

I have an old telling of the history of #UX design which takes a different slice through things and focuses on the way that it bound together different tribes of practice in an overlapping space of work…

An important thing which I see present but unspoken in Max Taylor’s telling of #UX is WHY the term emerged when user experience has been a question in products and services since long before the expression “user experience” was coined

(Psst! It’s the SOFTWARE!)

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