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¿Has lanzado algún #SaaS al mercado?

En @Polyflow_ estamos siguiendo algunos frameworks y estrategias para nuestro go-to-market y quiero contarte los detalles...

Se viene hilazo 👇
@Polyflow_ 👉 Validar problema-solucion: Usamos el #MomTest para entrevistar a posibles clientes.

• En este ejercicio hablamos poco y escuchamos mucho, esto nos permite entender mejor la problemática y casos de uso que le daría el cliente al producto.

Hay 2 preguntas claves para mí...
@Polyflow_ 1. ¿Cuál sería la solución perfecta a tu problema?

2. ¿Cuánto estarías dispuesto a pagar?

Ante la segunda pregunta, su primera respuesta será "no sé". En ese caso quédate callado, deja que el silencio les haga ver que buscas una respuesta, y te la darán...
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Hace un año decidimos que íbamos a rehacer nuestra web pero bien.

Bien nivel cliente. Bien nivel se tarde lo que se tarde. Nada de eso de "en casa del herrero cuchillo de palo".

Hoy lanzamos la web tras un proceso infernal que, sin duda, ha mejorado lo que somos. ¡Dentro hilo!
Empecemos por los básicos: Lo de “en casa de herrero cuchillo de palo” en las agencias es a fucking classic. Nunca hay tiempo. Nunca hay recursos.

Nunca hay ganas de hacer lo que nos pasamos el día diciendo a los clientes: hazlo bien, joder.
Pero esta vez era diferente. En @holamicrobio estábamos saliendo de un proceso de redefinición global al que habíamos llegado tras hacernos remotos del tó.

Necesitábamos una web que nos explicara mejor en todos los sentidos. Había que ponerse serios
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2 months ago I didn't know about Indie Entrepreneurship.

Yesterday we launched MakerBox and earned our first money online 🔥

Here is a step-by-step story of how we came up with this idea.

1) List ALL your ideas

We brainstormed 38 ideas to work on.

12 of them had a clear problem to solve.
23 of them were problem statements without a product idea.
3 of them were products without a problem 😂

That list ensures you have a solid backlog for the next year.
80% of problems in that list were our own problems.

We just thought about the typical day and what sucks in it.

It's better to solve your own problems than nobody's.
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How to get the first 1000 users for your startup 📈

A step-by-step guide:

T H R E A D 👇
1. Start from day 1

I know it takes time to build a product, but start promoting:

- Your idea
- Your solution
- Your vision
- Your expertise
- The process of building the startup itself

Do it on Twitter, use the #buildinpublic. Or do it on a blog.
But do it!
2. The first version of your startup is a Landing page!

Keep it simple!

- Use a no-code tool like @carrd or @webflow
- Explain your vision and the benefits for your customers
- Collect emails or, even better, PAYMENTS!
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Big shoutout & appreciation 🫂 to @USEmbassyKenya @USAmbKenya for betting on me & other scholars during my early days @educationusa inaugural class @knls_Nakuru ... a thread: Coming full circle 1/n
I’m so grateful for the top-tier guidance, & encouragement that literally unlocked the world for me! 2/n
Your support has meant everything to me: global impact @Haverford_cpgc & startup fellowships, a sabbatical, numerous awards, world-class scholarship, & more; all crescendoing to this momentous day🎊 @haverfordedu 3/n
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I spent some time today to evaluate a new reader product by a VC-backed startup (raised $7mm Series A)

They have the send-to-kindle feature built-in and they claimed to develop the "most advanced parsing technology".

A short thread...

1⃣ I tried sending a random article on my reading list: "The 5 secrets for Getting Hired after 50".

— KTool can detect the author name just fine.

— Their app doesn't seem to show it correctly on the book cover.
🤩 KTool detects the correct main photo, and the full content of the article.
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It's a bank holiday here in the UK so today I'm building a new @Shopify App.

Come join me for the ride!

I'll post each update live below.

A thread...

The first (and sometimes the hardest) part is the idea:

I was browsing Twitter last night and stumbled upon a few tweets from some big players in the Shopify ecommerce space.

The idea was unique, somewhat validated, and something technically possible for me to build...
Here's the tweet from @pauljauregui with a reply from @soundslikecanoe which provided enough validation for me to get stuck in on an MVP build.

After reading it, I did some @ShopifyDevs API docs digging to see how technically difficult this would be...

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Here's a detailed #buildinpublic breakdown of my April revenue 📈

@AmazonKDP: €1257 = $1325
@Gumroad: $2369
@Udemy: $442
@skillshare: $120
@draft2digital: $16
@podia: $150
@findawayvoices $250

Newsletter: $800
Podcast: $1000

Total: $6472 in April 🤩

Details below
Through Amazon KDP, I sell somewhere around 200 copies of my books every month. That has been very solid and is my oldest distribution channel.

I'm also getting a LOT of reviews, which makes me spectacularly happy.
Gumroad houses the digital copies of my books, the corresponding audiobooks, and my Twitter course.

The course itself is responsible for $2134 alone.
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[Update #1] 🤖 "Rule-checker Bot" for published content

✅ Create an *Audit API* that audits published content and checks for rule failures
✅ Create a simple UI to use/test the API manually

#buildinpublic #Automation #seo

More info:👇
Some rules that the bot is checking now:
- Missing tags
- Invalid URL structure
- Invalid affiliate link (missing referral tags)
- Table not using @TablePress
- Will add more rules for different categories of pages
Next up, the fun part!

🤖 We will make it more bot-ish.

🔳 Integrate Audit API with Zapier webhook
🔳 Every time article is published/updated, webhook will be called, and the rule audits will kick in
🔳 A finalized report will be sent to the Content Manager via Slack/Email
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It's late and I was going to bed 😪

Then I saw this log 👀

Some articles were being sent to "" 🫥

It's the worst nightmare for a JavaScript developer 😱

Immediately opened my laptop to debug 👇

#buildinpublic Some articles are being sent to
My code seems to be correct 🙄

I went to amazon .com to check if that send-to-kindle email actually existed.

It does. Someone does have that email registered to his Kindle.

But that doesn't mean he was using KTool 🤔
I went back to Heroku to take a closer look at all requests to 🔍

Turned out, all those requests were from a same IP address 💻

And it has been like this for a long time, not just today.
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If you need ideas to help you #buildinpublic, here are 3 I see you can use over and over.

Not only you'll not run out of things to share, you will also build up an authentic personal brand.

Let's see which 3 👇👇
🍀 1. Share a decision you made about your company/product.

How did you come to this decision? What motivated you?

As an entrepreneur, you easily make a dozen of decisions every day. This is the best "building in public" material. People follow you to learn how you think.
🍀 2. Share a mistake you made

Honestly, we're all sick of only hearing glories. We know no entrepreneur can only have wins and no losses.

Successful entrepreneurs make tons of mistakes, and you must have a lot too.

You can share learnings and build trust by being vulnerable.
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Earlier this month we shared our 1Q 2022 update with members of the DueDilio network.

Here are a few highlights 👇
1Q 2022
- 35 new service providers joined the network
- 71% increase in # of new projects compared to 4Q 2021
- 55% of projects confirmed and proposals presented
- Finance, legal, and commercial diligence are most requested
- Funded by our clients

2Q 2022 Goals
- Upgrade visual branding and online presence
- Hire fractional CMO
- Hired content writer
- Hired paid advertising expert
- Increase number of partnerships & relationships
- Continue to grow DueDilio network of pre-vetted service providers

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There's plenty of startup wisdom on Twitter.

But not enough quality content around being a solopreneur.

Working for yourself brings a unique set of challenges.

I study these 16 "companies of one" closely for my business education.

If you want to be your own boss, read this -
1. Justin Welsh (@JustinSaaS)

📚 Topics: Audience building, Content creation, Knowledge products.

💎 Can't miss: His Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter

🧵His best thread: Write online every day.

2. Ton Dinh (@tdinh_me)

📚 Topics: Indie hacking, shipping stuff, building in public.

💎 Can't miss: His products Blackmagic and DevUtils.

🧵His best post: "My unfair advantages"…
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Crazy! 😱 After 24 hours Job Board Seach went viral on Reddit here the stats 🔥

• Views → 47.579
• Visitors → 20.045
• Reddit views → 780k
• Reddit upvotes → 4.114

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
The @Reddit post has:

• Helpful (Pro) Award
• Helpful Award
• Wholesome Award x2
• Silver Award
• I'll Drink to That Award
• comments 12

Here is the link…
The website is still very busy today had 12.5k visits and they keep coming.

I would like to thank the 3 first-ever sponsors @philostar @_justYogesh and @ramykhuffash

Also, folks that MD showing some ♥ like @AbiTyasTunggal

And a very special thanks to @levelsio

Thanks 😀
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Job Board Seach server in on 🔥 you will take the server down! 😅

So you love to search for jobs on a Sunday morning.

700 visits in a matter of minutes!

#buildinpublic Image
This is crazy!! 1200 views so far 🚀

#buildinpublic Image
It keeps going up, just hit 2000 visits 🚀

Please dear server, don't crash 🙏

#buildinpublic Image
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Geçen yıl @komunitecomtr’ye üye olup dijital üreticiler arasına adım attım. Doktorum yani bambaşka bir yerden geliyorum🤗 Üreticiler tatlı ve destekleyici ama adeta aralarında başka bir dil konuşuyorlar😂Bu floodda mini-sözlüğümü paylaşıyorum🥳 (gülmeyelim arkadaşlar)
@Notion Sayısız sevdalısı olan bir not alma/organizasyon uygulaması ama aslında çok daha fazlası, bir defter gibi aslında ama herşeye şekillendirilebilir. @BarisOzcan ‘ın da favorilerinden detayını ondan dinleyin. #notiontwt
Dijital ürününüzü @NotionHQ üzerinden hazırlayabilirsiniz, veya sadece Notion şablonu filan oluşturup, böyle böyle yolunuzu bulabilirsiniz. Twitter’da tatlı bir toplulukları var, hep siyah beyaz resimleri var😂Yıllardır ücretli evernote kullanan ben de Notion’a transfer oldum🤩
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One day you look at Google Analytics and see this. Your product was mentioned somewhere!
Huge spike in visits for my SaaS

How did I find the source of visits? 🧵⬇️

#buildinpublic Image
Of course, the first idea is to check out the "Traffic acquisition" page of Google Analytics.
By default, it only shows the big categories though: Social, Direct, Search, Referral, etc.
Not specific enough, but gives us a hint already!

🧵⬇️ Image
Social traffic, as the name suggests comes from social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Direct traffic means someone typed the website address directly in their browser, or read a QR code.
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I originally used a WordPress site for my blog to get bootstrapped as fast as possible.

I am now going to design and develop my own site 🚀. This thread is an open resource to document the process. I plan on updating it regularly.

#BuildInPublic #LearnInPublic

1 / 🧵
Tech stack:

>React: favorite library for UI management
>Remix: blazingly fast, progressive enhancement, and first-class support for react
>Tailwindcss: Small bundle size, easy to use, great docs

2 / 🧵
> is just simple to set up and comes integrated with Remix's pre-built indie stack.
>Prisma: Amazing ORM
>SQLite: simple database
>Github as CMS: Open source my blog so others can contribute to articles and fix typos 😅 inspired by @\kentcdodds

3 / 🧵
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what is @thelittlesnft ?

we are not a gaming studio.
we are not an animation studio.
we are not here to do play to earn.

@thelittlesnft is a native brand
thats bridges web2 --> web3.
we do this
by innovating with our approach,
by exploring the capabilities & culture of web3,
by leading with compassion and authenticity.
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Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I am no longer employed full-time.

Here is why I QUIT my high paying software job:

1 - New Challenge

I have been working for 10+ years as a Software Engineer and could predict what my next few years are going to look like.

What I saw didn't excite me so I knew it was time for a new challenge.

It's time to start my own business.
2 - Leaving The Comfort Zone

I have been trained to play it safe and so far I have. Study, grades, college, job, promotion(s)...

But I knew what got me here isn't going to get me there.

I have always stayed within my comfort zone but it was slowing down my growth.
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It takes around 2-3 years for a B2B SaaS to reach the million-dollar ARR milestone. 📆🚀

But only if you are able to survive for that long. 💀

Here's 7 step journey to build a $1M ARR SaaS startup and selling it on @MicroAcquire! 🧵👇
@microacquire 1/ Building the foundation: $0 ARR

This is the most important stage as it is when you build the foundation of your business.

- Be focused—don’t try to solve all the problems.

- Build an amazing product for a small group of people instead of a lame product for everyone.
@microacquire In the initial days: your product & messaging will be more clear if you are focused.

People will resonate more with what you’re building if you speak directly to them.
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Right, time for a little real-time build of something I've been kicking around for a while. It's a quick one, but I did the work and took notes this morning and am now putting those notes into the thread below.

I hope you enjoy it, my fellow #buildinpublic adventurers.

Background: My eyesight is gradually getting worse - I'm middle-aged, and working at home for two years solid hasn't helped, as I don't even screen-break to go get a coffee and chat with colleagues.

Who knew that screen-time all day every day is not great on the eyes?
So I want reminders to rest my eyes, according to the 20-20-20 rule:

Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds gazing at something at least 20 feet away.

Nice and simple to do.

Hard to remember.

Which is where the reminders come in.
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For years, I carried a naive belief:

‘Just do the work & everything else will take care of itself’.
Then a painful experience shattered this belief.

Here’s the story & 2 things I would now advise my younger self.

[A short 🧵] 👇
It’s 2018, 8 years since I started 321 Foundation.

All this while we have focussed on 1 aim:
Improve learning for some of India’s poorest children.
A big funder invites us to be part of their impact evaluation.

We say yes.
Several other organisations also agree to this independent evaluation.

In most schools, Baseline shows only 20% students at desired learning levels.
Then each organization implements their program in their respective schools.

After a year the Endline is done.
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What do I actually want out of the Product Manager Operating System (PMOS)

Thinking out loud about #prodmgmt, #buildinpublic, solopreneurship, and more. ⬇️
I started the year doing two things:

1. Snowboarding 🏂
2. Exploring what's next professionally 👨🏼‍💻

I did a lot of #1, now I'm refocusing on #2.
While exploring new roles, I've had a growing desire to have a toolkit that I can take with me from job to job.

Every role is unique. There's no copy and paste option.

But that doesn't mean experience and tools can't be transferred.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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