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3 May
Things @jkenney *should* say at his presser at 4:
"I've let Albertans down and I'm resigning."
"I should have been a better leader and held people accountable, including my own caucus for complying with our restrictions. I'm sorry."
#ableg #ResignKenney #covid19ab
"It was wrong to push our hospitals, healthcare, and essential workers to the breaking point in an effort to save the economy. Seeing that Alberta was the worst province in #cdnpoli for infections and economic decline last year has taught me that. I will do better."
"We will be instituting the following measures to save lives, healthcare, and our economy;
•a stay at home order for all workplaces except grocery and pharmacy
•suspension of commercial rents and evictions
•working with banks to suspend mortgages for 6 weeks
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21 Jan
Kenney's pugilistic approach may have played well with #ableg voters but it has alienated and isolated him from the allies he needs in Ottawa and in board rooms to get jobs, economy, and pipelines. What could he do differently? #cdnpoli
1) Rhetoric - treating climate change as some Euro-socialist conspiracy as oil producers, banks, and institutional investors have pulled financing has been detrimental to how serious people view Alberta and our climate performance.
2) Climate Leadership - removing the consumer carbon tax (which was replaced with an enhanced industrial emitters tax AND a federal consumer carbon tax) - sent a signal that Alberta didn't care about climate. Suspending Energy Efficiency Alberta further damaged our reputation.
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