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I like to ruffle both wings. Founder/Media Director @politicalrnd #lgbtq advocate #ableg #cdnpoli @kellyclarkson Stan πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ he/him
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18 Jun 20
Just chatting with one of my political confidants and the equalization referendum makes so much more sense now. THREAD
#ableg #fairdeal #Referendum #ableg #abed
Where has @jkenney faced some of his greatest opposition?

Public school boards, and municipal councils.
It's been rumoured for some time that there would be some slates run in the next municipal election.
The @Alberta_UCP tested this out with their so called "Students Count" slate in the 2017 #yyccbe @yyCBEdu election.
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13 Jun 20
I recognize I spend a great deal of time on twitter criticizing the UCP - in fact I used to get paid to do it, BUT TWITTER DOESN'T WIN ELECTIONS.
If you want to #FiretheUCP you need to sign up, volunteer, and donate, #ableg:
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3 Jun 20
Lol. My parents were 50 before they got an RV, and my dad's lifelong dream of going to a fishing Lodge for a vacation still hasn't materialized. He turns 60 next year.
Imagine thinking that kind of upbringing was humble. Or that your church was paying $50k in carbon tax. #ableg
You wanna talk about a humble upbringing, @michaelaglasgo?
After birth we LIVED in a travel trailer with no running water or power. My dad had to pump water at a pumpjack and start a fire to heat my bottles or bath water.
That trailer burned down when I was about two. My dad suffered severe burns to his back trying to get me out. They lived in a friend's cabin after that. Still no water or power.
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9 Nov 19
Let's play a game about this proposed Private Member's Bill 207 - put forth by @DanDWill, advanced by the @Alberta_UCP under the leadership of @jkenney (who conveniently fled before voting on it as did most cabinet ministers. Where have we seen this story before?) #ableg #cdnpoli
A white pediatrician decides he doesn't want to treat a mixed race baby because he doesn't believe the races should mix. Is this an acceptable moral conscientious objection? #ableg #cdnpoli
A Muslim doctor refuses to treat a Jewish patient because of the situation in the Middle East. Is this an acceptable moral conscientious objection? #ableg #cdnpoli
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