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It looks like we're about to get started here with Dr. Deena Hinshaw. #yyc #yeg #coronavirus #COVID19AB
42 new cases have been reported. The total case number is 301.

24 of these might be community transmission. 18 people are in hospital. #yyc #yeg #coronavirus
Transmission took place at the Edmonton doctors conference.

11 of 47 professionals here tested positive. They're working on public health tracing on thes.e

"COVID-19 does not discriminate." #yyc #yeg #coronavirus
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BREAKING: Premier Jason Kenney announces they are reversing the increase to the education tax, stays at 2019 levels.

Saves $55M for homewoners, 32M for business.

Employers will only be responsible for 50% of the property tax due this year, as Kenney says they will deferred for now.

Says over $400M will remain with employers for next months.
Kenney encourages real estate companies to pass these deferrals onto renters.
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Alberta has 31 new cases, now at 226 total cases

#yeg #yyc #ableg #COVID19AB
11 are hospitalized, 6 in ICU- that's one more since yesterday.

No additional deaths.

No more recoveries as of yet- 3 total patients have recovered to date. #yeg #yyc #ableg
Dr. Marcia Johnson thanking people for adhering to public health protocols on the weekend.

Reminds people they can still go to places of worship if they are open and adhere to gathering limits. If you're sick, stay home.
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Today's briefing should start any moment here, folks. ICYMI, Dr. Hinshaw's COVID-19 test was negative and she'll be doing the update in person. #yyc #yeg #coronavirus
Confirmed 23 news cases of COVID-19.

Total number of cases is 97.

Five cases in hospital. Two in ICU.

All other confirmed cases self-isolating in home. #yyc #yeg #coronavirus
Public Health state of emergency dictates

Mass gatherings - no more than 50 people. Incl. weddings, funerals and religious ceremonies.

all other mass gatherings must be cancelled immediately. #yyc #yeg #coronavirus
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AHS has opened a number of "drive-thru" assessment centres for #COVID19. People are referred to these sites after assessment by a Health Link nurse. Sites are currently open in #YEG and #YYC. More are planned in other areas.
A public health nurse swabs the person through their car window. The person then drives home, self-isolates, and waits for their test result.
These sites are not for the general public, but only for people referred by Health Link. They are safe and fast, keep possibly symptomatic people separate from others, and ensure we can test as many people as possible.
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We’re waiting to get started at the University of Alberta where President David Turpin and Andrew Sharman, vice-president of facilities, and operations will be answering questions about the COVID-19 situation and U of A’s response. #yeg #abpse #abhealth
Here we go. Turpin is starting off with comments on the budget, which is still on the works. $110 million has been cut from their budget, resulting in major changes he said
The cuts are going to have major impacts, Turpin said. Given the numbers going forward they are anticipating layoffs at around the 600 level but they’re working with the govt in the hopes of saving 200-300 jobs
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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is addressing media in Calgary momentarily. He'll address the global price collapse for oil amid growing concerns around COVID-19 outbreaks. #yeg #ableg
Kenney says he'll speak on COVID-19 first, because it's the most important issue facing Alberta. The 7 total cases involve cruise ship trips, he says. These people are in isolation. #ableg
Chances of contracting the virus are still low, says Kenney, but we have to be careful about basic hygiene since the COVID-19 virus is spreading globally. Kenney going down the list of handwashing and avoiding shaking hands measures. #ableg
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I've had three major joint replacements surgeries since 2016. I spent (maybe) a TOTAL of 6 hours in the actual operating room(s). Before each surgery I had to do multiple full days of other pre-op stuff, like....

Bloodwork - two separate visits for bloodwork at different labs for each surgery (cause only specific labs do cross-matches in case you need a blood transfusion).

Pre-op visit to my Family Doctor: Family docs have to basically do a full physical on anyone going for major surgery. (This kind of visit takes longer than just 10 minutes, TRUST ME!)

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1. Hey @katy_merrifield @shandro @SteveBuick2 Post Media published unchallenged propaganda on @Alberta_UCP plans for #abhealth


Q1. Shandro calls review "thorough," but EY didn't "perform an audit or review." How is that a "thorough" report? ...2

#AbLeg #abpoli
Q2. If it is a "thorough" report how do you explain EY's disclaimer that it did not, "verify the completeness of any information provided to us" by Alberta Health? ...3

#AbLeg #abpoli #abhealth
Q3. If it is a "thorough" report why does EY say it does not, "express any form of assurance on accounting matters, financial statements, any financial or other information or internal controls"? ...4

#AbLeg #abpoli #abhealth
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#conversiontherapyban discussion at @cityofcalgary : @EWoolleyWard8 says we need Criminal Code changes, and that we are not a welcoming city yet. 1/n
Relates having heard from a member of the public whose life was destroyed through #conversiontherapy.
@Ward4Ward1 says he does support this, but we need to do it "properly" and not overreach. 3/n
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Let's talk about Alberta:

Where the UCP are about $9B from a balanced budget. Where they've plunged #yeg into recession w/ the highest unemployment of any city in Canada. Where they've cancelled an energy efficiency plan that was making major economic contributions... #ableg
Where we've bled 10s of thousands of full-time jobs since Kenney took power. Where 0% + cutbacks is the default bargaining position. Where health is being rapidly delisted and privatized. Where pension grabbery is Kenney government policy... #ableg
Where the rhetoric is a steady drumbeat of separatism. Where $30M a year is poured into a public joke of an energy war room. Where nearly everything is more expensive as a result of Kenney policy...
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1. @shandro can't get his head around fact inflation and increased population costs need to be addressed. Instead, he wants us to wants us to compare @Alberta_UCP spending to @albertaNDP.

Okay, let's go. A comparison of budgets 2018 and 2019.

#abpoli #ableg ...2
2. Let's start with Ambulance Services.

@albertaNDP $576M by 2021

@Alberta_UCP $493M by 2021


#ableg #abpoli ...3
3. Let's do homecare next.

@albertaNDP $830M by 2021

@Alberta_UCP $682M by 2021


#ableg #abpoli ...4
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Hi twitter good morning.

Here’s how to protect yourself online

*~a thread for women (and other vulnerable groups targeted online*~*

🧵 🧵 🧵
First acknowledge reality of the internet:

you are not anonymous. I don’t care if you don’t use your real name/photo, someone can find you in 5 minutes.

internet is forever, even if you delete.

putting “tweets are my own” in your bio takes up valuable space. Stop.
Now it’s cool and good to be your true self (full name, real photo) online, but be vague about everything else.

Don’t tell the internet what city you live in. Don’t put it in any profiles (like twitter).

If you do disclose the city, never disclose the neighborhood.
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Final after action report of Strathcona County response to parkade explosions incl areas of improvement: components of emergency mgmt plans and readiness, components of incident mgmt (clarifying roles/responsibilities), components of crisis communication (timely release of 1/2
2/2 statement to the public) and components of business continuity (risk assessment and impact analysis): page 15 -… #shpk #yeg
"While the County has an effective corporate communications capability, there is a need
for a more integrated community approach to crisis communications and related plans," acdg to pg 17 of the report. #shpk #yeg
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1)At Resistance #yeg Townhall. Told deficit caused by over reliance on resource revenue, not overspending. We spend less of our GDP on services than other provinces. Before #UCP, economy best in Canada. Alta has the lowest debt to GDP ratio in Canada.
2) Public sector wages paid less than private workers. Reality public sector workers already shared the pain, not the gain. In Alta both private & public sector workers earn more than in other provinces. #ableg #abresistance #UCP
3) Corporate tax cuts do•not•create wealth & have•not•worked anywhere in Canada. AB has revenue, not spending, problem. If we taxed at rate of next lowest tax province, we would have $11.2 billion more in revenue & there would be no need to gut services. #ableg #abresistence
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I'm at the Edmonton Catholic School Board meeting where a recess was called 11 minutes into the meeting after Board Chair Laura Thibert asked @BashirMohamed to leave for holding his hand and a petition in support Emmell + his mother #abed #yeg #ecsb

@BashirMohamed Mohamed refused to leave when asked by security, asking for a reason. Another board member asked for a recess and the entire board filed out of the room.

"You can keep hiding, but were going to keep coming here," said Mohamed as they left. #abed #yeg #ecsb
@BashirMohamed Before the meeting, a man who refused to give his name said signs were not allowed. Organizers complied and left them outside at the foot of a cross in the lobby. #ecsb #yeg #abed
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Okaaaay let's just go over this, shall we? Just your friendly neighbourhood politico over here, pointing out a few things Albertans SHOULD be awfully concerned about.

(TBH, there are MANY things you should be awfully concerned about regarding this UCP government.) #UCP #AbPoli
Don't get me started on Bill 22 and outrage fatigue. But TODAY, I'm just going to highlight TWO THINGS: 1) In case you didn't notice, last week the UCP voted (after limited debate, within four days, while the premier was off in texas so he didn't have to face critics) ... fire Lorne Gibson, the elections commissioner, who had -to date- issued more then $200,000 in fines to UCP folks for failing to abide by election laws. He was IN THE MIDDLE of an investigation. He has said his office had received more than 800 complaints about...
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Rundle College in #YYC. Where I know there are excellent educators doing amazing things. Tuition begins at ~$13K for KG and up to $18K for Gr. 12. The #UCP would like more public dollars to go to Rundle as part of their voucher system. Fair? #ableg
Edge school in #YYC. Clearly a leader in sports. School size is 300, avg of 16-20 per class. Gr 4-6 start at $17K, and 7-12 are $18K. More public dollars to fund schools like this one in the #UCP voucher system being proposed. Fair?
Lets head to Okotoks. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (awesome STEAM programs!), where tuition paid w/o tuition insurance is non-refundable. KG ~ $16K, Gr.12 at $23K. They also have 8 avenues for scholarship funding for tuition. Should more public money end up here??
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Pancholi says you need to listen to what the youth are telling you. Only after being grilled in estimates did we find out about this cruel, terrible cut. Did you hide it because you knew how awful it is?
Schulz says caseworkers will be reaching out to the youth transitioning out of the child-in-care system. They'll receive better supports in the adult system that best meet their unique needs.
Pancholi says she was joined by an outreach worker. One of the youth he works with is putting off addictions treatment to sort out how these cuts will affect him.
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So here's the thing about austerity. The government wants to save money, so they put major projects on hold. For example, the #yeg West LRT. Now, all the engineering, construction, utilities and other jobs related to that project are on hold. #ableg #abpoli 1/
That's cutting jobs, not creating them. So now those companies will have to lay people off. Those people are now unemployed, or maybe underemployed if they found a job at McDonald's (hint: few will). So they have less money to spend. 2/
So now there are fewer jobs, and less money in household pockets. Say that unemployed worker is married, their spouse's taxes just went up, so even less money in the house. That's less $ spent at local stores and restaurants. 3/
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BREAKING: Alberta budget 2019: Cities, universities, civil servants feel the fiscal pain #ableg #abpoli #ABbudget…
The United Conservative Party government’s inaugural budget will reduce the size of Alberta’s public service by 7.7 per cent in four years, but fail to stave off the province’s rising debt, which is projected to hit $93.3 billion by 2022-23. #ableg #abpoli #ABbudget
By the end of March 2020, the budget projects 824 fewer full-time government jobs and 764 fewer jobs at post-secondary institutions and government agencies, like the Alberta Energy Regulator. #ableg #abpoli #ABbudget
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1. Hey, Aaron! Why do you care about transit so much?

I’m glad you asked!

What I REALLY care about is what transit does & wow! does it do a lot.

Hop on board - let’s tour few of the amazing things we get from a great transit network & why it matters.

#yeg #yegcc #transit
2. Transit is an economic driver. The 2009 Ottawa transit strike had a negative economic impact of about $400 million over 51 days - that’s est. $2.5 billion a year!

In 2019 #yeg that number will be even higher.

Let that sink in a little.

#economy #yegcc
3. A 2016 Auditor’s report estimated transit saves #Yeg about $700 million a year by reducing congestion/ traffic jams, collisions & decreasing parking demand and environmental impacts.

This is big money, folks.

Let’s unpack that.

#transit #savings #yegcc
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EXCLUSIVE: Indigenous transit riders are ticketed and warned at a rate more than seven times their share of Edmonton's population, recent statistics obtained by the @EdmontonJournal show.

#yeg #yegtransit #yegplan #yegcc #yegpoverty…
I spent the last month digging into the data and speaking to advocates about systemic racism on #yegtransit and the importance of mobility for equity. I'll be threading the urgent points I think this piece brings to light here throughout the day #yeg #yegcc #yegpoverty #yegplan
@edmontonjournal First of all, these numbers aren't *news* for Indigenous people living in Edmonton, even if they are newly reported. “It’s very, very commonly known within Indigenous people,”said Dusty LeGrande, a director at iHuman #yeg #yegtransit
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Hello from an Edmonton public school board meeting with a loaded agenda. 13 members of the public are scheduled to speak today. (For school board, that's loads). Link for nerds:… #abed #epsb
I'm fighting with the internet right now, so live tweeting may or may not work well today. Board chair @TrishEstabrooks kicks off the meeting noting the climate strike coming on Friday. Teens and post-sec students expected to rally at the legislature. #abed #ableg
@TrishEstabrooks Tomorrow morning, they're going to demolish part of Highlands school to make way for a new addition, and Estabrooks said the education minister will be there. (I guess I will be, too, then?) Estabrooks plans to remind minister of substantial need for new schools in #yeg #abed
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