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This is going to be a hard thread for some to read. Some of you might cry, Some just shed a few tears, Some of you may be angry & outraged at what has transpired...But as we have come to learn, this is the reality of running a non profit and helping people who need help the most.
We have gotten to the place where we swore to ourselves that we would never go.

We tried so hard...everyone of our Full Time volunteer staff and our other Part Time volunteers have all put blood, sweat & tears into running @HarvestHillsYYC and helping our fellow #Calgarians.
We have tried to keep up with demand, tried to keep up with running our social media profiles and our website, tried to keep up with the massive amount of assistance requests that have come up ever since the latest restrictions have come into play...We legitimately have tried...
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I've been seeing some posts about hospitalizations not being "that bad" / being less than wave 2 in December- & some confusion as to why that is, given case # are higher this time around. I wanted to share the GIM experience (non-ICU ward that majority of covid is admitted to.)/1
In the fall, we had a large population of elderly patients who either succumbed rapidly to COVID, or if recovered, were incredibly deconditioned requiring prolonged (often >30 days) hospital stays to convalesce, improve nutrition, rehab./2
No one was vaccinated, therefore outbreaks amongst patients, staff, units (both in hospital and community) were occuring at much higher rates which affected admission spaces and capacity severely./3
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1/ Yesterday I went shopping in #yeg for a modest set of adjustable dumbbells. I was checking second hand stores, pawn shops.

No luck - but then I spotted a liquidation store that advertised itself as having sporting goods.

They had what I was looking for at a reasonable price.
2/ There was another customer looking for the same thing. The sales clerk came over, chatted us up, offered a further discount if we both bought.

It wasn't the perfect model, but fine for home exercise during COVID-19 restrictions.

While the other customer and I were talking
3/ it over, a woman came in to the shop. She was a senior, struggling a bit with a walker in the rain. She was there to pawn something.

Our clerk explained to her that this was no longer a pawn shop. Then he asked if he could do anything else for her.

She hardly looked at him.
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If there is anyone that could help fill two serious requests. One is for a single father fleeing family domestic violence & the other is for a single senior needing help with medication that she can’t afford.

To fill these two requests and the two from last night we need $980.00
Dm us for more information.

The single father needs $380.00 for rent.

The single senior needs $476.00 for her meds that aren’t covered.

#Alberta #Calgary #Canada #Edmonton #Lethbridge #Abgov #COVID19 #CalgaryStrong #CanadaStrong #AlbertaStrong #PleaseHelp #Donate #AlbertaCares
The two requests from last night are for a single female that is taking care of her mom who is 70. She has NO food in their house.

We took her a few bags of food last night at 2:45am and left with a promise to bring a food hamper by Monday.

#help #COVIDSecondWave #BeKind #YYC
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Dear @jkenney @sonyasavage @shandro @CMOH_Alberta @AHS_media my father-in-law now has a tracheostomy and remains on full life support after contracting Covid at a northern oil and gas camp. 2 weeks in and he faces new complications daily, including paralysis (a thread-1)
Contrary to @jkenney, he wasn’t socializing after hours, but rather thought that distancing in an indoor space was protection enough. The site had an over reliance on rapid tests and there was NO messaging that #COVIDisAirborne ...2
The consistent downplay of the role aerosols play in transmission led to infection. Inconsistent messaging and dissension by @UCPCaucus MLAs like @AngelaPittAB, @Drew__Barnes and others had perpetuates distrust and fostered misinformation and conspiracy theories. 3...
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Why should Albertans care about what the UCP govt is doing to post-secondary education institutions, including the @UAlberta? #Alberta #abpoli #abspe #StopPSEcuts #UAlberta @ryanjespersen @660NEWS @edmontonjournal @GlobalEdmonton @CAUS @cafaab @The_Gateway #Yeg @davideggenAB
2/ UAlberta wasn’t created overnight; it was built into a top 5 Canadian university by decades of public investment. It is the people’s university, and the people have every right to the best educational opportunities available.
3/ I’m not going to sugar-coat it: @UAlberta is being dismantled. A whole lot of parts are being taken out and tossed away.
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Alberta announces all schools will go online this Friday until at least May 25.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab

Workplaces with COVID outbreaks will be forced to close for 10 days, with the exception of critical workplaces.

Retail services now reduced to 10% of fire capacity.

Outdoor social gatherings limited to 5.

Place of worship are down to 15 people total.

Funeral dropped to 10 people max.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: Over the last 24 hrs, we ID’d 2,012 new cases, completed about 15K+ tests & ID’d 1.9K new variant cases. Variants currently represent about 64% of our active cases. Our positivity rate stands at 13.2%. (1/9)
For the previous week, the R value for AB was 1.12, incl 0.99 in #YEG Zone, 1.16 in #YYC Zone, & 1.18 for the rest of AB. There are active alerts/outbreaks in 808 schools, which represents 33% of the schools across AB. Above 1 means growth. (2/9)
We have added the Town of Okotoks and Rocky View County to the hot spots list. Both of them have met the threshold and so the additional restrictions now apply.… (3/9)
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Alberta expands vaccinations to 52,000 teachers, 29,000 support school staff and 24,000 child-care workers, beginning Tuesday morning

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Kenney says 37% of all Albertans over 18 have received their first dose so far.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Support staff eligible for the vaccine in Alberta includes bus drivers, caretakers, educational assistants and others.
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- 1731 new COVID cases on 16567 tests (10.4%+)
- 648 in hospital (+2), 155 in ICU (+3)
- 3 new deaths
- 22920 active cases (+416)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image

1132 new variant cases in Alberta.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
Of the new variant cases in Alberta, none are B.1.617.

There is still only the single identified case.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
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@erinotoole come and get your boy.


This MP’s riding includes Rosslyn School in #yeg where a 14yo black student got the life half beat out of him.

Is this what your party is?

These dog whistle mailouts are reprehensible & perpetuate lies & stereotypes while “innocently” “just asking questions”.

The continuous & subtle erosion of the humanity of Indigenous peoples is a continuation of the destructive attitudes we’re all trying so hard to overcome.
So again, @erinotoole is this what your party is?

Are you proud to stand with this kind of messaging?

Because I’m done with this garbage and I think Canada is too.
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The Alberta government is permanently closing #yeg's @boylestreet supervised consumption service (SCS) at a time when more people than ever are dying of overdose. This closure will result in a 35% drop in #yeg's current SCS capacity (booths). #ableg…
For background, 3 small SCS were set up in central #yeg in 2018. Instead of opening 1 large SCS, the required capacity was spread across 3 health and social services (a primary clinic, overnight shelter, and a day drop-in) where people who use drugs were already going for help.
This plan was based on a comprehensive needs assessment that included an epidemiological study with 320 people who use drugs (which I conducted), a detailed business case, and large community consultation. More details here:
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Dear @jkenney @sonyasavage @JasonCoppingAB @shandro my 64 year old father in law has worked in Oil and Gas as a pipe fitter for decades. He thought he was safe to go to #ymm for a shut down. After all, your government told folks this was a flu. ...1
2... He was diagnosed with Covid on April 17. B117 variant. Spreading like wildfire among and within camps. Rapid tests available, but they don’t help prevent spread. No messaging to workers that Covid is airborne. ...
3... He was intubated Friday and is in a full ICU at the Royal Alexandra in #yeg. The nurse in me knows there is a good chance he, with his comorbidities, will not be successfully extubated. When will the @UCPCaucus @Alberta_UCP act to change the trajectory of the 3rd wave?...
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I looked into which long-term or continuing care facilities in the Edmonton Zone were on the province's COVID-19 outbreak list the longest.

Three were on outbreak protocols for more than 6 months.

Here are the top 10.

#abhealth #covid19ab #yeg #covid19…
Using archives of Alberta Health's COVID-19 website, I counted how many weeks each facility was listed in the past year.

Outbreak protocols often means limited visitors, increasing isolation for seniors, and an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 for the people living there.
These are not consecutive outbreaks, but rather how many weeks they were listed.

The longest-running outbreaks didn't necessarily co-inside with the deadliest, but a few did.
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COVID-19 update from Dr. Hinshaw:

1,857 new cases
1,326 variants
17,500 tests and 10.7% positive rate.
Variants are about 60% al active cases.

#abhealth #covid19ab #covid19 #ableg #yeg
NEW: First confirmed case of the COVID-19 B 1617 variant in Alberta.

It's the variant first identified in Denmark. They are calling it a "variant of interest."

Person was returning from interprovincial travel but no other additional cases were found to date. #yeg #abhealth
518 people in hospital and 116 in ICU.

She says this is alagging indicator and they were infected about 2-3 weeks ago.

She says we should expect to see this number to rise in the coming days.
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With the news of Derek Chauvin being found guilty in the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, it’s probably a good time to remember that Canada also has deep-rooted problems in policing. 🧵

#blacklivesmatter #blm Image
This starlit beating took place in Calgary in 2013.

“When the officers left him at a desolate construction site, it was –28 C with the windchill, and Addai-Nyamekye was dressed in only a tracksuit and sneakers.”

“This is where he almost ended my life,” says Addai-Nyamekye in the film, returning to the site where he was tasered and beaten.…
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Helen Mirren by Melvin Sokolsky
Two shots of Bert Lahr. Melvin Sokolsky took these in New York in 1961.
Gus Van Sant + friend by Melvin Sokolsky, Los Angeles, 2008
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB numbers: Over the last 24 hours we have identified 1,616 new cases & completed about 16.9K tests. There are an additional 898 variant of concern cases. 53.5% of all active cases are variants & our positivity rate is 9.6%. (1/4)
There are 423 people in hospital, including 93 in ICU. I am pleased to say that no new deaths were reported to Alberta Health in the last 24 hours. While this is positive news, we must remain vigilant. (2/4)
For a breakdown of case numbers across the province, visit…. (3/4)
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On Tuesday I found out that my baby was dead. I’ve never done a thread before, but I’m doing one because I think it’s important to spread this message. I’ll use some local hashtags #yeg #ableg #abhealth #AHS #yegcc #oilers #covid19 to show that I'm a real person in Edmonton, AB.
Who knows, maybe this will be therapeutic for me. I could sure use some therapy right now.
I need to start somewhere so I’ll start with March 27. That was the day we started to show symptoms. They weren’t severe but we knew something wasn’t right. My head felt cloudy, I was tired, it wasn’t a typical Saturday for me.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: We have admin 1M+ doses of vaccine. Over the last 24hrs, we have ID’d 1,646 new cases & completed about 17.2K tests. Our + rate is 9.5%. We have ID’d 1,020 new VoC cases. Variants now represent 53.5% of our active cases. (1/11)
There are active alerts/outbreaks in 478 schools. Alberta Education has moved grades 7-12 to online learning for #YYC Board of Education & #YYC Catholic School District for 2 wks. (2/11)
Extra-curricular, youth sport, rec & performance activities for these groups will also be paused or moved outdoors for this time period. (3/11)
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The Alberta Teachers' Association is calling for a moratorium on the province's draft K-6 curriculum. ATA President Jason Schilling will be speaking more about this soon, and will have details in this thread. #yyc #yeg #ableg
Schilling starts us off. Just beginning with a summary of the press release above. He says there has been a lot of discussion on the curriculum lately, with an "overwhelming message that this curriculum is not fit for students."
He says it is poorly structured, full of random facts, and isn't appropriate for some age groups. Also there is a distinct lack of enough Indigenous education. He says it will cause kids to get frustrated with learning, and cause more issues down the road.
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Debate begins now on @jeneroux 's Private Members Bill C-220 is beginning now.… #cdnpoli #SenCa #yeg
The report of the committee was adopted unanimously - and third reading begins now, with @jeneroux, the MP for Edmonton-Riverbend.…
Matt Jeneroux begins by thanking Liberal MP @AHousefather for his championship of the bill, and then thanking many MPs from all parties for their support of this bill - which will grant workers under the Canada Labour Code an additional 5 days of bereavement leave. #cdnpoli #yeg
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Coming up at 11, Premier Jason Kenney and Jobs Minister Doug Schweitzer will announce money for "job creators". Last week, Kenney teased more relief after the latest round of restrictions. Follow along here for all of the exciting details. #ableg #yyc #yeg Image
So far, the government has committed $500 million for the small and medium business relaunch grant, and can provide up to $20,000 for individual businesses.
By contrast, the province has committed only $118 million (combined with $350 million in federal money) to give hundreds of thousands of essential workers a direct one-time benefit of $1,200.
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Premier Kenney begins his presser by offering condolences to the royal family over the death of Prince Philip.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab

Kenney says more than 250k health care workers and associated staff will be able to book for their first dose on April 12.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Kenney says this is the first step of phase 2C.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid191ab
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