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21 Aug 19
Anyone noticed the rise in polarisation in society?

Seen the recent spate of mass killers crediting online extremist material as their inspiration?

Heard people repeating anti-vaccine nonsense encouraging parents not to immunise their children?

How can we combat it?

The internet is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, gone are the days where it’s main appeal was sharing cat videos. It’s now used to spread hate & misinformation, & where traditional publishers are subject to regulation & laws, large sections of the internet are like the Wild West.
Particularly Facebook. Secret Facebook groups exist with tens of thousands of members, invisible to all but those invited in, where sexism, racism, criminality & literally life threatening fake news (eg bleach enemas to ‘cure’ children’s autism) are spread & shared like wildfire.
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14 Jul 19
These people 🙄
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31 Mar 19
HUGE Mother’s Day question for @UKLabour - why just 2 weeks ago did you choose this raving conspiracy theorist racist antisemite as a Labour candidate for the coming @Torbay_Council 2019 elections?!?!?

@LabourAgainstAS #LabourAntisemitism
Virginia ‘Ginny’ Keyes has a long history of supporting David Icke - the infamous antisemitic conspiracy theorist who tours the country preaching that the world is run by secret Jewish shape-shifting lizards - ‘Rothschild Zionists’ naturally.
She’s also a fan of one of the barmiest conspiracy theories out there - the New World Order (of secret groups aiming to take over the world). Pesky ‘Zionist Jews’ again wanting to ‘destroy every non-Jew’, plus linking ‘secret societies’ with paedophilia & satanism. Hmm rational.
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24 Mar 19
What’s shown in this thread is heinous and desperate.

Hamas is a militant Islamist terrorist regime who’s had full control of Gaza since 2007, with literally billions of dollars in aid, and this is how they treat their own people.

Hamas are ‘friends’ to no-one.
Posting this has already enraged some people, as it doesn’t fit with their worldview that people are either oppressors or oppressed.

I and other British people fighting antisemitism get #FreePalestine replies daily, to posts about cats or football - that’s racist.
I rarely talk about Israel, except in its right to exist, but when you see videos like these, I do wonder where the outrage is by those who seek out British Jews to abuse them.

Many people truly truly care. But many people are ignorant or racist or both.
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9 Mar 19
An example of a lie getting half way around the world before the truth has a chance to put its boots on.

I’m fed up of the character smears, but in today’s bizarro world, this week musician spends days libelling me, and for this is called a ‘Star’ by an ex-England footballer 🤦🏼‍♀️
Back in December, off the back of a shower of hate I’d received for posting evidence of the UK’s growing anti-Jewish racism problem with the left, I received this message from a teenage girl telling me I should be ashamed of myself etc...
What followed was a polite exchange from both parties, as we both explained our positions.

Weeks later, as the spotlight on antisemitism, and my part in that grew, this exchange was then used by some other people seeking to discredit me, to smear me as a ‘viscous child bully’.
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24 Feb 19
It’s really hard to understand why some Jews are antisemitic. I didn’t know that could be possible to all this. But I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Antisemitic Jews a teeny tiny minority but they’re disproportionately shoved in our faces as heroes and examples for the rest of us.
Im not saying all 200 of Corbyn’s chosen people from this list are antisemitic, but enough have serious question marks over them, to not want to be associated with them if you’re not, and definitely not held up as anyone to actually listen to...surely?

I’ve asked @daverich1 about this before. 90-93% of British Jews hold the concept Israel somewhere in their identity as such. That leaves 7-10% of others, split between some ultra-orthodox and left/right politics. That leaves a generous max of 5% eg Jewish Voice for Labour (🤮).
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27 Jan 19
On the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, #HMD2019 I want to thank someone who’s helped me so much in being able to understand and speak out against antisemitism, and he won’t even know it...
In September, I listened to a call from an Arab Muslim, @JassemTamim, in to @MaajidNawaz on LBC, and Jassem described the fear in the Jewish community he’d noticed on a couple of specific occasions, that he’d witness himself as a cabbie driving around London
Jassem talked about the online antisemitism course that he’d taken, that helped him understand the problem, and I decided to have a look.

It’s been the single most useful resource in working out what on Earth is going on and why.

Loads of short, easily digestable video clips.
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22 Jan 19
The speech I just delivered at @HolocaustUK’s event.
Important #WeRemember and learn from the mistakes of the past, huge thanks to everyone who continues to spread this message.
#BeLouder against antisemitism.
#EnoughIsEnough 🙏❤️ #HMD2019
My speech is dedicated with love to all the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and all the modern-day backchannel mensches. You know who you are ❤️
After I gave my speech on Tuesday for @HolocaustUK, Auschwitz survivor, Lily Ebert, came up to me shocked by what she’d heard, and immediately asked - what could she do to help? Lily is almost 90 years old, she’d given 3 talks that day, reliving her heartbreaking stories of what
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17 Jan 19
Another typical case study of the vile antisemite supporters @jeremycorbyn’s Labour has enticed. A tale of two Corbynistas, not created equal.

Charles Harding, @UKLabour member since 2015 posted the challenge of showing him examples of AS in Labour, with the usual ”AZ is not AS”
Same generation Labour member @Steve_Cooke took up his challenge, by showing him plenty of antisemitism in @UKLabour, from none other than Charles Harding himself.

NB you may know of Steve from when he turned whistler-blower on his own CLP over AS.
Steve used to be a member of Labour against the Witch-hunt. An org defending @UKLabour members accused of AS, no matter how vile or blatant it was. Steve soon realised that compared to political smears he’d seen before, this was no witch-hunt & was appalled by the AS he saw.
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15 Jan 19
A VERY long thread on the scale of deception, lies and intimidation I’ve had since speaking out about #LabourAntisemitism, and the lows those seeking to hide it will stoop to.

Since exposing evidence of AS, the attempts to smear me & others have become more and more elaborate.
A frequent lie spread about me, is that I’ve been bullying/encouraging the bullying of a 16 yr old girl.

I’ve posted my entire interaction with her, defending myself politely against claims I’m lying, with evidence to the contrary of antisemitism in Labour.

Proveably untrue.
I last spoke to her in December, following which she posted that she’d blocked me, at which point I wouldn’t have been able to contact her even if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

Since January however, her father @TonyLelliott1 has perpetuated the lies and encouraged the narrative.
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10 Jan 19
I appreciate the intention of this message to curtail abuse and any suggestions I’m acting from ulterior motives - in itself, often a form of antisemitism - but what I appreciate most, is an opportunity to show first hand, the type of abuse being hurled in Labour’s name.
As I type, your message has had almost 1000 replies. Many “disputing some of my assertions” (non-specifically), w claims I’m “smearing” innocent people & “weaponising antisemitism”.

Types of allegations top Labour officials have often levelled at others calling out antisemitism
I don’t hold you personally accountable for what individuals type, nor to police the internet, but reading slurs, lies and conspiracy theories about myself, and the so many others echoing my opinions, I get “upset”.

And yet when I’m upset, I stand up, speak out and fight harder
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9 Jan 19
Here’s all you need to know about the state of the current @UKLabour Antisemitism crisis, displayed over the last 12 hrs.

For months now, I’ve been speaking out to highlight the growing problem of AS in the UK.

On Monday I recorded a Podcast with @krishgm which comes out today
Upon hearing this, some people are worried.
I’ve deleted her handle to avoid a pile on, also I really want nothing to do with her.
Rosie is a 16 year old girl who claims I’m a bully.
I could ignore this, but 1st, it’s wrong. And 2nd, it’s being spread by some dangerous people.
Here are the messages of abuse aimed at me from replies to Rosie’s msgs.
Note @LabLeftVoice is a rabid and dangerous antisemite who has had complaints made about them to the Jewish Community Security Trust @CST_UK as she shares home addresses of people she doesn’t like (doxxing)
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6 Jan 19
I wish I could stop seeing this...

But another thread, on the worrying trend in combatting Antisemitism.

This morning I was heartened, when having read my posts, a man messaged to say he’d changed his views on AS, from a smear on Labour, to valid.

The bullying began...
I’ve deleted his name so he doesn’t get harassed again.

But from simply agreeing the evidence I’ve given looks credible, the abuse, lies, slurs ensued.

Usual stuff, baseless and/or irrelevant:

No evidence
JC supports Jews
Support of Palestine not AS
More personal attacks on me by people joining in.

This guy using my previous attempts to stand up for Jews as evidence I’m questionable Jewish and obliquely implying I could be Antisemitic.
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2 Jan 19
Oh, Paul 🙄

When I call out institutionalised Antisemitism in Labour, it’s because I’m anti-Institutionalised Antisemitism.

Not sure why that makes me a hypocrite, massive Rees-Mogg fan or ‘playing people’ by your string of msgs, but I think that says more about you than me.
Last time I’m bothering with Paul, but he is a very good example of how “anti-racism” antisemites on the left cannot grasp that they’re being racist. In his head you can say anything about Zionists/Israel without being AS. In reality he’s propagating Nazi and Soviet propaganda.
I doubt he understands what Zionism actually is. Again, it’s nothing to do with Israeli govt policy, here’s @antisemitism’s def’n, & an explanation from AS expert @daverich1’s book as to why antisemites are so keen to compare Israel to Nazis, for the many purposes it serves them.
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21 Dec 18
Dear @UKLabour
I’m supposed to be on holiday (blimmin drones!)
Can’t I please have one day off one from your MP’s coming out in support of a rabid antisemite?
@DerbyChrisW MP Derby North.
Apologies for my so many typos in these kinds of tweets, turns out that the feelings I get through antisemitism, really affect my grammar. (Side problem really)
A quick recap.

Most people who criticise Israel, aren’t antisemites.
Most antisemites criticise Israel.

It can be subtle, here, it isn’t.

Also, some people with blue ticks are morons. Here’s my “evidence”
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17 Dec 18
@thelittleleftie Rosie, I’m sure you mean well. Abuse is horrible for anyone to receive. But what possible motive could I have for wanting to smear with lies about AS? He’s a pic of my with my friend of many years @_NatashaDevon, Labour supporter & mental health legend, and @lucianaberger...
@thelittleleftie @_NatashaDevon @lucianaberger Labour MP, MH champion and subject of the most hideous Antisemitic abuse from outside and within her own party. Plenty of Labour member are up in arms with what’s going on within their party, is it all a smear? @JohnMannMP @IanAustinMP @margarethodge @RuthSmeeth to name a few.
@thelittleleftie @_NatashaDevon @lucianaberger @JohnMannMP @IanAustinMP @margarethodge @RuthSmeeth I’ve rarely mentioned being Jewish before as religiously I’m atheist, culturally I’m Man United and I’ve always felt like a strange hybrid. But I’ve know lan from studying the Holocaust that that’s irrelevant to Antisemites, and I feel the injustice extremely strongly.
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14 Dec 18
I love comedy. Equal opportunities offensive works for me...
I’m not laughing at this.
I’ve heard it too many times from scared families. Seriously.
Another Saturday, another thread about antisemitism on the left...

On Wednesday an outspoken Jewish man said he’d leave the country if Corbyn got in due to fears for his family, and a Corbyn leaning political country made a joke about this, whipping his followers into frenzy.
The Jewish man was @Lord_Sugar, the commentator @OwenJones84.

Out of context, this could have nothing to do with antisemitism. For the thousands agreeing with Owen, many, as they’ve said, had no idea he was Jewish, just think he’s a #%*$. To those people, fine. No AS, obviously
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9 Dec 18
Dear @LabLeftVoice and cohort. I’ve been warned about you. How you harass, intimidate and bully those who speak out against antisemitism. How you rally your supporters and use sock accounts to send weird anti-Israel anti-Zionist nonsense. I’m not interested. More dog pics please!
Big Anchorman fan myself!
I have a voice, a profile. Others you abuse and attack don’t. I will shine a light on this @LabLeftVoice. Batman in the sky style.
Since speaking out again against Antisemitism, the harassment, abuse and character assassination continues.

Those offended by my speaking out, have gone back over my tweets and found this one from 267 days ago. Let me save them the trouble of sharing it and do it myself.
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8 Dec 18
Permission to talk about something really difficult...Thread:
I don’t particularly want to, but yesterday, after posting an @kickitout video condemning antisemitism, inevitably, I’m confronted with weird and aggressive posts about Israel and Zionists, and I want to address this.
The conflicts in Israel, Palestine and the Middle East are incredibly complex issues, and not something I particularly want to go into, especially on Twitter. There are far more knowledgeable people than me on the topic who would be happy to.
Firstly, this is not in any way intended to undermine the cause/rights/feelings of ANYONE suffering, at the hands of ANY others. Legitimate criticism of Israel is NOT in question. But antisemitism masquerading as this exists, and should not be allowed to go unchallenged.
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