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@UKLabour is planning to scrap #Ofsted. Here’s why:
Certain extremist religious groups do not want their children educated. They prefer a “religious education” - e.g. my Jewish learning partner (Chevruta) got shipped to Denmark by Dad to avoid a secular education. 1/
They even set up illegal schools in @UKLabour boroughs. The #Ofsted regime protects children from abuse, ensures standards, helps parents and children get the best out of the system.
This removed, gives free rein to the extremists, who don’t even teach their children English! 2/3
Pandering to extremism is what @UKLabour is about. Extremist on Education, extremist on Terrorism, Extremist on Security (supports Russia), extremist on Israel (those friends of @JeremyCorbyn!) extremist on #LabourAntisemitism. Simply extreme, cuddling up to extremes. 3/3
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This is an excellent report on minimizing harm to yourself & counteracting the flood of trolling anyone fighting #LabourAntisemitism has to deal with.
Its early days in learning how to combat the rise of extremism via social media.1/6
Although the report specifies in relation to high profile people with large followers there are lessons in it for smaller pressure groups & campaigners against #LabourAntisemitism who are reltlessly targeted by Novara media, sqwawkbox, momentum & other @UKLabour troll farms. 2/6
The most important one for me is block, report, record and if applicable involve the police or defamation lawyers.
The core of @LabourAgainstAS from the start was to catalogue antisemitism within @UKLabour for the purpose of reporting.
This catalogue is now huge.3/6
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I was invited into a pro-Corbyn Facebook Group and this is some of the hate, misogyny against MPs like @lucianaberger and antisemitism I've seen. #LabourAntisemitism.
Not sure why I was invited.
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In Nov 2018 Prof David Miller said Jewish students' security fears on campus were 'propaganda' & described Ken Livingstone's treatment by Labour as a 'disgrace'. He was reported by @LabourAgainstAS for #LabourAntisemitism.
Despite evidence of a series of his comments that were defined as antisemitic by the IHRA (which Labour has supposedly adopted), David Miller was let off:
“it has been determined that this does not amount to a breach of Party rules”.
Today Miller is attending an event in Parliament - with Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.
When Chris Williamson did this for Jackie Walker in February there was a huge outcry.
Will @UKLabour MPs kick up a fuss? Fat chance.
@tom_watson @jeremycorbyn
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Today, 80 years ago, Germany invaded Poland, starting the Second Workd War. This was a disaster for all Jews, heralding the intensification of the Holocaust.

When people attack Israel as a country, when they support antisemite leaders they remind us all why Jews need a country.
Britain did not go to war for the sake of the Jews or Germany’s victims. However towards the end of the war, people realised what was happening, and this gavseven more meaning to the war.

People knew what Jews suffered under the Nazis from 1941, but justified non-intervention.
The Foreign Office in the UK and the Department of State in the USA knew about the Holocaust, the Shoah. They resisted bombing railways and destroying transport - the way the Bazis killed so many.
They talked of whingeing Jews, suggested that stopping it would make it worse.
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Chilling, distressing, saddening and shocking.

@JewishLabour as someone who does my best to challenge antisemitism you have my support. The abuse you receive makes me feel physically sick.

@izzyjengalenga, @mikekatz, @stephjlm_5779, @_petermason, @RuthSmeeth
Joe Goldberg, @sarahsackman , @vellstells , @ellarachelrose, @mrwtch, Jack Lubner, @l_attfield, Rebecca Filer, @redstarneil, @JoshuaGarfield, Alex Richardson, Cathy Ashley, Jane Blank and others I have missed out you have my full support.
I know I am not and probably likely never will be a @UKLabour member, but this is not about party politics, it is about human beings.

Its about an organisation receiving the most horrific abuse (and I see lots in pro-Corbyn Facebook Groups as well) for challenging antisemitism.
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English Jew. I was born in London. I’m third generation on my father’s side and on my mother’s side fourth or fifth.
English education: St Paul’s school and Cambridge. I hold three degrees, MA(Cantab) in Archaeology, MPhil in Land Management (Reading), Semicha from Jews’College.
Since @JeremyCorbyn became @UKLabour leader, there has been an enormous upswing in hatred against Jews. I’ve been told to go home to Israel; England is my home. My children feel the menace of the regressive left.

This is simply Jew hating racism
People still support the evil left. They push #PoisonPolitics. They portray Jews as a wealthy elitist group, who are in charge of banks and mainstream media. They hate Israel - the Jews’ only sure bolthole in a world of hatred.
They other me and my community.
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1/ Corbyn and the people who share his politics on the far left have made shocking, hateful ideas seem normal.
2/ Since the Holocaust, racism against British Jewish people has stayed on the extreme edges of society. This situation is now changing. Because of @jeremycorbyn, antisemitic ideas have crept into the mainstream.
@jeremycorbyn 3/ For many people, Corbyn has been their only hope of a better life, even if this is a false hope. Because he says he stands for ideas that will be good for society, like saving the NHS, people have shut their eyes to the bad things he has done.
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Hey PLP, Remember that big mistake?
The one where you put @jeremycorbyn on the ballot to *widen the debate* you know, that's how we ended up with a stalinist antisemite leading labour.
Then remember how you all COULDN'T BELIEVE he ignored a huge vote of no confidence, the one you called because he was a stalinist antisemite and had cocked up Brexit too.
Do you RECOLLECT how horrific the abuse has been, how *upset* you all were, how *embarrassed* you were EVERY SINGLE TIME evidence of his disgusting antisemitism came to light?
From holocaust deniers as friends to wreaths for genocidal antisemites, do you REMEMBER?
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THREAD. With the demise of The Canary fake news is in the News! But, we need to talk about another even more antisemitic website that supports @jeremycorbyn

Dorset Eye was founded by Jason Cridland. This week DE featured an article by the woman responsible for this! 1/13
Let’s take a closer look at Jason Cridland who founded Dorset Eye. He’s a massive supporter of @jeremycorbyn and we believe a member of @PeoplesMomentum Unfortunately like numerous members of that fan club, he’s an antisemite. #LabourAntisemitism 2/13
Now let’s take a look at Dorset Eye itself.

Dorset Eye is a supposed community-friendly website and online magazine which includes sections on “Parenting and Children”, “Older People”, “Wildlife” and “Anti-racism”. 4/13
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This weekend both Jessica Alba and Steve-O twitter accounts were hacked. The hacker posted white supremacist racist garbage to their millions of followers. Attacks on black people, Asians, LGTBQ, disabled people, Muslims and Jews. 1/10
At the same time this was happening, Jews were being lectured by finger-wagging hard left ideologues about how we're 'white' and 'privileged' (we cry "hysterical self-absorbed cries of white people" apparently) and don't experience racism. 2/10
Several of my friends have received death threats just this weekend. An elderly Jewish man was shot six times outside a Miami synagogue. A prominent progressive Jewish Voice in the US received menacing threats on her Twitter. 3/10

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NEW: Shadow minister apologises over 'antisemitic conspiracy'
- @UKLabour's shadow immigration minister Afzal Khan has said he is "sincerely sorry" after sharing what he described as "an antisemitic conspiracy" on social media.
The post in question features a video of the US comedian Jon Stewart talking about the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and was posted when Mr Khan (@Afzal4Gorton) was a @UKLabour MEP in 2015.
Underneath the video the text prominently refers to an "Israel-British-Swiss-Rothschilds crime syndicate" and "mass murdering Rothschilds Israeli mafia criminal liars".
The post has been deleted but has been archived:
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THREAD @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour a few weeks late, last weekend I watched the @BBCPanorama doc on #Labourantisemitism. I was expecting to learn a little but not to learn that much/be that shocked as I've been following the crisis for a while and speaking out against #antisemitism
@jeremycorbyn @UKLabour @BBCPanorama 2. However, I was INCREDIBLY shocked by what I saw/heard re. the abuse that had/continues to happen but ALSO the response to the crisis and doc. by @jeremycorbyn and @UKLabour
@jeremycorbyn @UKLabour @BBCPanorama 3. @jeremycorbyn did not appear on the show and his advisor that did didn't really add anything. All the responses accused people of lying and making smears/plots against them
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What was @jeremycorbyn (AKA @SeumasMilne) doing while he was drafting that email, setting up that @UKLabour website and preparing that charming little video last week pledging implacable opposition to antisemitism?

Was he:
a) Appointing a @JVoiceLabour activist as "liaison" to the Jewish community?
b) Meeting with homophobe antizionist Shraga Stern to undermine the Jewish community?
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*Mega Thread* containing over 125 elected antisemitic @uklabour officials

Labour was an anti-racist political party but then @jeremycorbyn became leader with his garbled world view of Israel, and like many of his fans, he can't differentiate from anti-Israel views & antisemitism
1: People like ALAN BULL a Holocaust denier were protected by @jeremycorbyn's inner circle because they thought he might stand a chance of winning a marginal seat

NB: his partner is now a councillor in Peterborough
2: ALAN MYERS @Uklabour council candidate was suspended for stating:"if you say anything against them they cry antisemitism & harp back to the holocaust to curry sympathy"

Has he been expelled from Labour for this form of Holocaust revisionism? Who knows?…
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For people who have been involved in politics for a longtime, this is not the first documented outbreak of #LabourAntisemitism amongst the Far Left of the party but this time it is different for many reasons which I will now explain. 1/8
The last time @UKLabour had a truly Socialist leader was Neil Kinnock, who also found himself attracting a great army of undesirable members (as is always the case) under Socialism, many of whom were #AntiSemitic but he had most of them expelled from @UKLabour. 2/8
It may even have cost him the chance to become PM, but fortunately we will never know. so now fast forward to the election of #Corbyn as leader of @UKLabour a man with an extremely well documented past for siding with terrorist organisations - in particular anti-Israel ones. 3/8
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*Thread* on Formby's relationship with antisemites.

Jennie has launched a ferocious attack on Tom Watson about her handling of #LabourAntisemitism & the way she concealed evidence.

We need to give you a bit of background on Jenny, who is friends with Holocaust deniers 1/27
Let's look at Jennie's background first:

During her time @unitetheunion Formby was apparently moved from her position as Political Director as “her views on Israel had become an embarrassment” 2/27…
Jennie also apparently questioned Baroness Royall’s suitability to lead the @uklabour’s investigation into antisemitism at Oxford University Labour Club, on the grounds that she had previously visited Israel...... 3/27
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“Labour prefers cover up to clean up”.
The Stalinist thuggery at the top of the institutionally racist Party. #LabourAntisemitism #Panorama
2. Even @tom_watson shut out.
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Tom Watson 'undermining' Labour on antisemitism to 'attack leadership'
- NEC member Darren Williams, in a recording passed to Sky News, claims the party's deputy was trying to "promote his own position".
@EuanPhilipps, spokesperson for @LabourAgainstAS said:
"Darren Williams' comments fail to acknowledge the scale and depth of the Labour Party's antisemitism crisis.”

@tom_watson was right to attempt to intervene because the situation has been getting worse by the day.”
"It is bizarre that Mr Williams, who himself opposed the suspension of [Labour MP] Chris Williamson and the adoption of the IHRA definition, should attack Mr Watson for doing so."
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It appears @thefabians are increasingly seeking to provide a safe space for Hard Left antisemitic conspiracy theorists within acceptable debate.
At their summer conference they will be hosting @STWuk, who previously have advocated invading Israel.
As recently as March @thefabians also hosted Baroness Tonge, at their Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells branch.
Despite contacting @andrew_harrop for an explanation on 07/05/19 I’ve received no explanation as to why @thefabians hosted someone so antisemitic she was allegedly asked to stand down as patron of @PSCupdates.
@YvetteCooperMP @margarethodge
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Its really not a great feeling being a British Jew right now.

For years I have been loyal to a country I love and engaged in its politics.

On the far right on the rise with its love of Soros Tropes I as a Jew am seen as part of a nefarious global plot. /1
On the far left also on the rise, I am an evil oppressive world controlling Zionist who wakes up wanting to murder Palestinians, as part of my Jewish identity is connected with Israel existing. /2
Then there's Islamists who believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and dream of a Jew free world.

They act on this too through terrorist attacks on a kosher supermarket for instance. /3
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Congratulations to the racist @LisaForbes_ & to all the hypocritical MPs who supported her. Antisemitism is now a vote winner.

Jews get your bags packed - it’s almost time to leave; the UK public have just knowingly voted in an antisemite. #LabourAntisemitism
Here are the @uklabour MPs who support racists:

Alex Norris

Catherine West

Margaret Greenwood

Caroline Flint

Mary Glindon

Ed Miliband

Chi Onwurah

Thelma Walker

Hugh Gaffney

Chris Williamson

Matt Western

Barry Gardiner

Jo Stevens

Dan Carden

Dawn Butler

Karen Lee
Gill Furniss

Thangam Debbonaire

Laura Pidcock

Angela Rayner

Rachael Maskell

Richard Burgon

Lesley Laird

Christina Rees

Imran Hussain

Hilary Benn

Liz McInnes

Ian Lavery

Jeremy Corbyn

Paul Sweeney

Seema Malhotra

Luke Pollard

Nick Thomas-Symonds

Bambos Charalambous
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It is no wonder that #LabourAntisemitism has run rampant when @UKLabour MPs like @DrRosena spread hugely emotive falsehoods about Israel harming babies, deliberately aiming to stir up people's anger and disdain against the sole Jewish state. #EnoughIsEnough
You cannot get a more emotive topic than babies & little children. Does it never occur to these Labour politicians to check the accuracy of the claims they're fed by Palestinian pressure groups? I never believe a single thing on Israel/Palestine without checking multiple sources.
And that's because - despite what idiots on both 'sides' say - the truth *is* complicated. No-one's hands are clean. I am sick & tired of this Manichean bullshit from Left-wing Jew-haters, that the Israelis are evil, Palestinians good. It's nonsense and it hurts Jews, globally.
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