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"Zero tolerance for anti-Semites means what it says and the party will proceed in that spirit.” - @jeremycorbyn said back in March last year.…
Jeremy Corbyn has promised zero tolerance and ZERO TOLERANCE should mean exactly that.
146 members being given the courtesy of a first warning contradicts Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to zero tolerance and brings doubt over whether any of the leader’s promises to the Jewish community can be trusted.
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1. *NEW* @UKLabour activists find 4,000 examples of antiSemitism on party Facebook groups & Twitter accounts.

Including a member of @PeoplesMomentum STEERING committee!!! Who has now deleted her Social Media accounts. @jonlansman…
2. @LabourAgainstAS has collected 1000s of screenshots of vile comments and images from @UKLabour Facebook groups & Twitter acc. They include a member of @PeoplesMomentum steering committee who shared a message accusing Saudi Arabia of being in thrall to ‘Zionist paymasters’.
3. Apsana Begum is the member of @PeoplesMomentum who shared antisemitism. She’s been heavily promoted by @jonlansman and is part of the ruling Momentum Steering Committee.
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Over the last two days I've been investigating antisemitism in Corbyn supporting Facebook groups.

Here I show an image, highlighting just a few of the many antisemitic comments I have come across.

Remember this comes from self-styled Corbyn supporters. /1
From top to bottom I explain the troubling nature of these three comments.

First to Terry Kelly's:

1. This is an example of demonisation of Israel crossing over in to antisemitic tropes around Jewish power seeking to control UK politics and pull the strings of politicians. /2
Now I look at the antisemitic nature of Nye Davies response to Terry Kelly.

First of Nye totally agrees with Terry's antisemitic trope.

Then Nye shows how demonisation of Israel can cross over in to antisemitism, through the idea of media owners spreading their propaganda. /3
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I joined @UKLabour in early 2016. The day after I joined the party, I was out campaigning in local elections in @jessphillips' CLP, @Yardley_Labour. I kid you not when I say, I had NO idea what antisemitism was. I hadn't a clue. In this thread I'll discuss this & mental health.
I either hadn't heard of it or it simply hadn't registered in my psychy. Even when I started to learn about it, I didn't understand it, it didn't have much of an impact on me and I didn't recognise how serious #LabourAntisemitism was.
I joined Labour for lots of reasons, because I felt it was a good and just thing to do. I thought the basic principles of social mobility, social justice, a meritocracy and a party with a good, proud history was something I wanted to be part of. I stay in Labour for those reasons
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This is a public service tweet.

It has come to our attention that there are several indicators of Corbynite mania which are attached as clobber to the profiles of otherwise sane-looking people.

Non-members of the #NotACult, read Rabbi Zvi’s phrasebook for visitors to Corbynia:
Get The Tories Out.
This bit of Corbyn Clobber means the sufferer probably used to have a “Never kissed a Tory” T-shirt or mug, indicating their choices in life are more based on ideology than personality or compatibility. Prejudice highly likely here. Avoid, block, beware.
@JeremyCorbyn for Prime Minister.
The afflicted bears this bit of Corbyn Clobber like a spittle-flecked SWP Trot standing in his donkey jacket bears badges and propaganda.
Likely to be foaming and infected, will try to infect you. If bitten see your medic for immunisation.
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Ideal Socialism is a fools dresm. It ever works. It always ends up as dictatorship. The most passionate leftists always blame something or someone for its failure, making wild excuses. They always say it has not been implemented properly.

Essentially it’s a unicorn. 1/10
Problem w chasing impossible unicorns is that people get hurt. In Russia & China, millions were killed by enforced central planning. The argument is they didn’t implement it properly.
Venezuela is now suffering from another attempt to implement it properly. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️
Impossible. 3/10
In the UK, Jeremy Corbyn’s a great admirer of Venezuela. There, the Chavez and Maduro governments reduced the richest country in Latin America to desperate poverty, with inflation of 1,300,000 %.
Venezuela’s socialists also pushed the far lefts nasty version of antisemitism. 4/10
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(THREAD) Fear about #antisemitism is real, it isn't a made up thing to bash the left +/or Corbyn. It is a sincere & significant fear. You can argue that its a fear that has been stoked by political opportunists. I'd be inclined to agree to a certain extent, regardless it is real.
The vast majority of Jews are worried by the apparent surge of #antisemitism in Britain's (and indeed Europe's) largest progressive party: the @UKLabour party. Many Jews on the left feel politically homeless because of it, some...
...feel like perhaps aliyah is the best thing for them & their families.

Whether you take the position that the fear is stirred up by Labour's enemies or you think the fear is justified, it is simply UNACCEPTABLE to accuse Jews of acting in bad faith when they raise concerns.
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So in this thread I'm going to discuss Floyd Codlin. It's a wider example of how the hard left both support antisemites, but due to the fact it hurts Corbyn, pretend they don't.
They also feel impelled to attack groups like mine, because we also hurt Corbyn, with HONESTY.
We have been reporting antisemites for over two years. Many of out members are mentally traumatised from what they have seen.
Hard-core antisemitism, day in day out.
It hurts the soul. It makes us a bit grumpy at times.
We make no apologies for fighting
So when it became impossible for the hard left to keep pretending it didn't exist, people like Floyd decided to fight *some* antisemitism because it hurts @jeremycorbyn, not because it hurts Jews. Here he is supporting the counter protest at the #EnoughIsEnough demo.
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On Jew baiting - a thread

1/ Jew baiting is rife among .@UKLabour members and indeed the leadership. It delights in the denial of Jewish experiences of antisemitism. When it hears us in pain it redoubles its efforts, forever claiming that we, the abused, are lying.
2/ It welcomes known racists into its fold, laughing in our faces while perpetuating the myth that it is fighting to protect us. It reinstates antisemites such as Professor David Miller into its party despite adopting a rule to discipline them.
3/ It snatches up our dead for its own use, repurposing our history into that of another people. Our history, of course, must not be respected, or the hate could not sustain itself.…
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1. So in the We All Support Jeremy Corbyn group at least someone is honest about events Jeremy Corbyn has been engaged with, present at and has spoken at.

One of these being Al Quds Day, an event he was more than happy to continually support before he became @UKLabour leader.
2. Whats the problem with speaking and supporting Al Quds Day as Jeremy Corbyn has done, a lot in a nutshell.

Al Quds Day masquerades as pro-Palestinian, but as it was set up by Ayatollah Khomeni and is awash with Hezbollah flags, it resembles a celebration of Iran's regime.
3. Now to some facts about Iran's regime, which Al Quds Day and its speakers celebrate.

a) Iran's Revolutionary Guards are committed to spreading terror abroad and created Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.
b) It has committed crimes against humanity in Syria.
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A short thread on why Owen Jones, who had blocked EVERYONE who fights antisemitism in the Labour party bar the fluffies, is wrong, and the magnificent @RachelRileyRR is, well, magnificent.
Search for him condemning Chris Williamson.
Result below. 👇
Second. His reaction to @jeremycorbyn laying a wreath for genocidal antisemites that murdered innocent Jews at the Olympic games.
Third. A horrible libellous blog was written, targeting the magnificent @RachelRileyRR and @TracyAnnO. This resulted in some of the worst abuse I've ever seen towards Jewish women speaking out about antisemitism in @UKLabour.
Here's Owen unblocking him for his trouble.
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When @LabourAgainstAS raised concerns about the suitability of @JennieGenSec for the role of @UKLabour General Secretary, following a no. of controversies (…)....
Including her alleged employment of Vicki Kirby, when Kirby was reportedly suspended from @UKLabour for antisemitism (…)....
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#LabourAntisemitism is simply and plainly now institutional. The @UKLabour complaints process is staffed by people who are at best intensely relaxed about Jew-hate. Those who abuse the Jewish community are simply let off, those who whistleblow it are pursued relentlessly.
Say that the Jews lie and deserve losing respect? You're alright Jim!

Saying that Jewish buildings' need for security measures are merely "in their heads" and a result of "siege mentalities"? You're alright Jen.…
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Hello everyone meet Asim. @LabourAgainstAS #LabourAntisemitism.

Asim is apparently a labour member. He also likes to talk about punching people...
I wonder what was it that first attracted Asim to the labour party?…
When @jew_london calls him out Asim not only doubles down, but plays the race card Abbott style
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1/ My #FirstSurvivor story is about my father, a Holocaust refugee. He escaped from Vienna in 1941. His parents had scraped enough money together to get him to America and his sister to Israel, but they themselves couldn’t afford to leave.
2/ My Dad carried with him a letter from my grandparents to the relatives he was sent to stay with in America, in which they begged for financial help in order to leave Vienna.
3/ With the little English he could speak, he tried to convince his relatives to do something, but he was unable to convince them - they didn’t believe how bad the situation was, and didn’t help.
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Cat Smith’s husband is @BenSoffa. Given his track record perhaps Ms Smith should challenge the “antisemitism, hatred and bigotry” on her own doorstep?
In ‘05 he defended Ken Livingstones description of a Jewish journalist as a “concentration camp guard” by saying his “offhand offensive comment has been cynically manipulated by supporters of Israel desperate to link those opposing Israel's self-destructive policies to racism”.
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A thread on #LabourAntisemitism: We now see @UKLabour ‘moderate’ MPs who formerly opposed @jeremycorbyn’s leadership, led by former front-benchers such as @hilarybennmp and @YvetteCooperMP fighting to prevent a ‘No-deal’ #Brexit. 1
We see that on an issue where they hold principled views, they will explore all avenues: defying party policy; working across party lines; exploiting parliamentary loopholes and even defying constitutional conventions. They have demonstrated great resourcefulness 2
Yet after Corbyn’s 2nd leadership victory they folded like a house of cards and fell in line, knowing his politics was antisemitic, allowing their avowed ‘anti-racist’ party to become institutionally antisemitic, as they knew it would. 3
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Williamson has signal-boosted antisemites, attacked the @BoardofDeputies on the day of the ToL massacre, campaigned against the Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition, promoted Syrian war crimes deniers and is the leading Jew-baiter in Labour. #LabourAntisemitism 1/6
Given his contempt for the Jewish community, his support for prominent antisemites (including people expelled from the Labour Party) and war-crimes apologists, this shallow attempt to virtue-signal about Holocaust Memorial Day is patently offensive and hollow. 2/6
So wipe that grin off your face Chris. We see you for the contemptible and indecent hypocrite you are. Don't you dare attempt to virtue-signal over the graves and ashes of our ancestors, for we hold you in the highest contempt! 3/6
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Yesterday we RT’d a tweet by one of our activists highlighting the inconvenient truth of @UKLabour MPs like @paulasherriff who sign commemoration books for the Holocaust but do nothing to oppose current #LabourAntisemitism.
- This morning Ms Sheriff has blocked LAAS...
We are sorry if some MPs find it difficult when we point out their inaction, but that's what we're here to do.
In the words of @deborahlipstadt:
“As horrific as the Holocaust was, it is in the past. Contemporary antisemitism is not. It is about the present. It is what many people are doing, saying and facing now. Today, antisemitism is 'back'.”
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A 2017 analysis of #LabourAntisemitism #Israeli born author @jsternweiner asks why the attacks was so hysterical & political. A reference is made to Rebecca Hilsenrath CEO of the EHRC who questions Labours response to Antisemitism.
In early 2018 a furore occurred over an #AntiSemitic Mural.. #Corbyn was criticised for responding to a Facebook post by street artist, Mear One, in 2012, which asked why the image faced destruction. Corbyn apologised and provided an explanation
The #BBC published his apology and explanation on the 23/03/2018 on the 25/03/18 Rebecca Hilsenrath CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Retweeted the comment in the image without clarification. Is this someone who is truly independent?
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1/ Apparently there is a rather desperate (and flattering) directive from @jonlansman to dig up *anything* that could be weaponised against @LabourAgainstAS activists. This is eagerly lapped up and disseminated by Lansman’s crack team of asaJews.
2/ Here, @EuanPhilips is painted as a ‘racist Netanyahu supporter’ because his tweet was RTd by Likud Herut UK. Do these people really think that being RTd is the same as supporting? If so, they might like to explain Corbyn’s support for David Icke and Nick Griffin.
3/ Euan deleted his tweet soon after posting, despite the validity of the point he was trying to make. BAME individuals including Jews do get fetishised and manipulated for political purposes. That *is* revolting.
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A VERY long thread on the scale of deception, lies and intimidation I’ve had since speaking out about #LabourAntisemitism, and the lows those seeking to hide it will stoop to.

Since exposing evidence of AS, the attempts to smear me & others have become more and more elaborate.
A frequent lie spread about me, is that I’ve been bullying/encouraging the bullying of a 16 yr old girl.

I’ve posted my entire interaction with her, defending myself politely against claims I’m lying, with evidence to the contrary of antisemitism in Labour.

Proveably untrue.
I last spoke to her in December, following which she posted that she’d blocked me, at which point I wouldn’t have been able to contact her even if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

Since January however, her father @TonyLelliott1 has perpetuated the lies and encouraged the narrative.
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1/14 What is a mensch? According the the dictionary, a mensch is a person of high integrity and honour. The Yiddish term also suggests someone who is kind and considerate, with a strong sense of the right thing to do.
2/ The opposite term is ‘unmensch’. In recent times, when dealing with #LabourAntisemitism, we’ve seen examples of both. One example of an unmensch is an antisemite.
3/ An antisemite is desperate to place responsibility for their problems on anyone but themselves. They are untroubled by the hurt and pain their actions cause, and unwilling to reflect or educate themselves about why they hate.
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It is no coincidence that the #LabourAntisemitism problem morphed into a full-blown institutional crisis after Corbyn assumed the leadership. Here’s why: 1/16
A man who spent his whole career consorting with holocaust deniers, blood libellers, genocidal terrorists, violent extremists, fascists, 9/11 truthers and who shilled for corrupt, tyrannical regimes is going to attract a certain type of person. 2/16
Many of those persons are now the core of his base. They are his cadre of willing cohorts devoting their time to protect their Dear Leader at all costs. They use social media to inculcate the membership with their talking points and hashtags and twitterstorms. 3/16
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