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THREAD 1/12 - Simon Maginn (@simonmaginn), the fanatical Corbynite of #ItWasAScam fame, claims to have debunked the #LabourAntisemitism crisis. According to him, it was a conspiracy against Corbyn, so let’s examine his allegations…
2/12 - “Chris Williamson did not say Labour had been too apologetic for antisemitism”.

@simonmaginn is lying; Williamson said: “In my opinion, we’ve given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic”.…
3/12 - “Jackie Walker did not say Jews controlled the slave trade”.

Walker wrote on facebook that Jews were the “chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade”. However, she was expelled from Labour for a whole series of offensive, antisemitic outbursts.…
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THREAD 1/4 - @simonmaginn, the fanatical Corbynite behind #ItWasAScam, is an antisemitic conspiracy theorist who claims the Chief Rabbi "installed" the Tories and the Board of Deputies are "ridiculous liars" and a "right wing lobby group" that controls the Labour Party.
2/4 - Like all hard-left antisemites, @simonmaginn reimagines the entire Jewish faith so that it conforms to his antisemitic agenda. According to him, the phrase "Jewish community" is antisemitic, as is recognising the indelible link between Judaism and Israel/Zionism.
3/3 - @simonmaginn wants people to debate him, but when any Jewish person tries, they are invariably subjected to a stream of malicious invective before being blocked. Here's someone politely explaining Zionism to him, but Maginn calls him an "obscene little monkey".
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THREAD 1/25 - Is Corbyn an antisemite and a terrorist supporter? You decide:

1985 - He sponsored a Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine pledge to "eradicate Zionism" from the Labour Party.

1985 - He supports a Sunderland Poly Students Union decision to ban its Jewish Society.

1994/96/98 - He offers repeated support to Islamist extremist Mohammed Al-Massari who calls for the "annihilation of Jews".

1996 - He heads the British chapter of JUST World Trust which openly supported the Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy.

2002 - He spoke at an anti-Israel rally in Trafalgar Square to an audience of extremists, some of whom chanted "gas, gas Tel Aviv".

2002 - He called for the release of two terrorists linked to the bombing of the Israeli embassy and a Jewish charity in 1984.
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@HadleyFreeman on @BBCWomansHour to tell us why she resigned after 22 years at @guardian.
I wonder what she’ll be talking about?
Must listen.
7 years ago Hadley says the Guardian became a conspiracy theorist.
Gender identity was the theory.
Hadley wanted to write a long piece about Susy Green and #Metmaids and the reasons kept changing.
Post Telegraph’s expose they refused to report.
@Emmabarnett pointed out that the Charity Commission is investigating #Mermaids.
@HadleyFreeman said she wished to write about #AlisonBailey, @MForstater cases etc.
They ran lots of articles on Trans people, but nothing about Trans sceptical women.
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This is a mezuzah. You’ll see it on the doorposts of Jewish homes. It is a small box - this in our inner hall - with a scroll inside it. Deuteronomy mandates to write its words “on the doorposts of your houses and on your gates”.
Two of the three sections of the Shema.
Here is an example of what we find inside.
Written on parchment, using a quill, these words are a •creed• for Jews. They detail the unity of God, love of God, education, reward and punishment, etc.
It’s in all doors except toilets 🤢 and bathrooms (😱nudity).

Now we see the upshot of the #LabourAntisemitism fiasco.

Jews are scared to show we’re Jewish.

Traditional Jews will normally put a mezuzah outside their front door, even if they’re not very religious.

I’ve noticed this in my own community. 3/4…
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There is a lot of denial fluttering around on Twitter about the @EHRC report into #LabourAntisemitism.

The antisemite @JeremyCorbyn tried to exculpate himself after five years as leader of a increasingly antisemitic party.

Let me explain what our problem is.
Jeremy has a lifelong record of racism against Jews. He is unaware of this, because he only accepts what people in his own circle say. They don’t tend to criticize him, and he does not accept most criticism, even from friends.
The racism is clothed in Palestinian solidarity.
This goes back to the 1970s, so forgive me a little historical information.

Part of the Cold War waged by the Soviet Union involved violent terrorists like Lila Khaled and Bader-Meinhoff being busy hijacking planes and blowing up synagogues, killing Jewish athletes etc.
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A thread…

1/7 Since the rise of antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour began to be highlighted, those voices of denial have been loud and persistent. They ignore the McPherson principle which states when a minority perceives racism the initial assumption is that they are correct…
2/7 But worse, they have consistently tried to shift the focus away from the embedded cultural problem of left antisemitism and made it about stats and process. Thus, they will pluck a figure out of the air… ‘only 0.06% of members have been disciplined for being antisemitic’…
3/7 We can all refer to many many instances where antisemitism in @UKLabour has gone unpunished, but that isn’t the point. At CLP meetings, on social media, at public meetings, the hate and the tropes go unchallenged…
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Thx @BridgitteTT for having me on @BBCBerkshire to talk about #antisemitism.
@TheIHRA definition is necessary cos too few people recognize it. Just saying “we condemn all racism” is not sufficient.
Here are some additional reasons we had no time for.…
Antisemitism is unlike other hatreds. People shape the image of Jews to suit their hatred.

Communists paint Jews as archetypal capitalists. Fascists say Jews forment communism.

Some say Jews are powerful bankers, media moguls. That’s nonsense, conspiracy theories.

The myth of Jewish power, the evil Israel lobby, frankly risible.

Nazi Germany took middle class, wealthy & poor Jews, threw us in the gas chambers of Auschwitz regardless of “power.”

All antisemites blame Jews - and the Jewish State, Israel - for the ills of the world.

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To all of you on the Far Left. You cannot stand up to racism and yet be proponents of the oldest form of racism at the same time. If you don’t understand you racism here a little thread. 1/n
#Antisemitism #labour #RebeccaLongBailey #KeirStarmer #LabourAntisemitism
Racism has many forms, but what they hold in common is biases & beliefs, conscious & unconscious that a race or ethnic group should be held to different values/standards and treated differently. This is what unified anti-black racism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, etc. 2/n
Jews have always been scapegoated in Western societies & to a lesser extent in Middle Eastern society. This has long, deep, pervasive roots, usually dating back to the early days of modern religions, but has morphed and transformed to new antisemtic forms as new political 3/n
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This article for @MiddleEastEye (which has alleged links to Hamas & the Muslim Brotherhood) appears to equate Jewish concerns of #LabourAntisemitism with “lynch mob justice”, & dismisses documented evidence of alleged antisemitism seemingly as part of a coordinated conspiracy.
Given what has been alleged about how incidences of anti-Jewish racism were ignored or poorly handled under her watch as @UKLabour General Secretary, it is unsurprising to see @Jennieformby1 promote this deeply offensive and highly problematic article.
The message from @Keir_Starmer must be clearer: that there is a policy of zero tolerance of anti-Jewish racism in the Labour Party under his leadership.
Until rhetoric is backed by actions senior figures like Ms Formby will continue to act with apparent impunity.
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.@guardian Have you learned nothing from the #LabourAntisemitism crisis? Israel is the 'tail that wags the dog?"' Seriously? Image
@guardian Also, your alleged Ben-Gurion quote was even refuted by @intifada Image
Guardian editors responded to our complaint and removed the reference to "the tail wagging the dog"
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Hugh would like to know if voters really care about Jews?
Anthony would like to make it clear that Jews are white.
Laura would like it known that the Jews are blackmailing the Labour Party
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A manifesto for the next Labour leader - how to make Labour electable again. (Thread)

1) When published, enact all the recommendations of the EHRC. Act decisively, without dither, delay or disputation.
2) Remove the momentum faction from all positions of power within the party. They are responsible for the antisemitism problem, it happened on their watch.

Expel anyone who made antisemitic comments, although I dare say that falls under (1). That includes Mr Corbyn himself.
3) Brexit - acknowledge that Brexit will be a fait accompli. Brexit policy must of course respond to developments over the next 5 years - that's hard to predict.

However, in general, respect the referendum. Pursue a close relationship with Europe, but be meaningfully distinct.
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Astonishing! @bbcquestiontime ends with a rant from a woman insinuating that Jews who would like a meaningful apology from Corbyn are being unreasonable. After all he's already apologised, why should he repeat himself? What more do they want? Why can't they just forgive?
She then explained that there can be no anti-Semitism because the black members of the shadow cabinet would have noticed it- as if having experienced anti-black racism makes you an expert in anti-Jewish racism. 2/6
In fact we are told there is no #LabourAntisemitism Labour anti-Semitism at all, its just a story cooked up by the media owners who want to protect their riches and power. And she's sick of it. For this she is roundly applauded. 3/6
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The latest installment in the Corbyn anti-Jewish racism saga sent me down an orthoepic route. Why, exactly, is Jewish Twitter so up in arms about his pronunciation of “Epstein” as “Ep-shtine” rather than “Ep-steen”? Why was I so shocked when he said it last night? (A thread) /1
First, a rider. This is obviously not about Epstein’s posthumous rights to correct pronunciation. He lost those rights when he committed his crimes. /2
No, the reason we care is because even in this primetime moment, Corbyn’s attempt to put the past behind him and sell himself as prime ministerial, he just can’t help himself inserting a subtle racist dig at the British Jews watching. /3
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Thread on a Labour parliamentary candidate, her husband and the subtle but dark links between @UKLabour and the world of Leftist antisemitism and conspiracy theories:

Johanna Boal is the Lab candidate in the forthcoming general election for the Beverley & Calderness constituency
Johanna Boal is a librarian and describes herself as a Socialist.
Johanna has not posted anything on social media about Labour’s antisemitism crisis. Nothing at all. No comment. Zero.
Which makes her pretty standard for a Labour candidate.

But Johanna has posted on Israel. Not many times, but a bit.Twice as far as I can see.
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1/5 A thread on Labour MP Ruth Cadbury's (@RuthCadbury) involvement with a group of notorious antisemites who have organised an 'anti-Zionist' hatefest on 18 November. @GnasherJew @LabourAgainstAS @JohnMannMP @HarryYorke1
2/5 The keynote speaker will be Ilan Pappé, a radical anti-Israel extremist who travels the world advocating the eradication of Jewish national self-determination.…
3/5 One of the other featured speakers is Latifa Abouchakra, a virulent antisemite who believes that Jews use the Holocaust in bad faith.

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NEW: Shadow minister apologises over 'antisemitic conspiracy'
- @UKLabour's shadow immigration minister Afzal Khan has said he is "sincerely sorry" after sharing what he described as "an antisemitic conspiracy" on social media.
The post in question features a video of the US comedian Jon Stewart talking about the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and was posted when Mr Khan (@Afzal4Gorton) was a @UKLabour MEP in 2015.
Underneath the video the text prominently refers to an "Israel-British-Swiss-Rothschilds crime syndicate" and "mass murdering Rothschilds Israeli mafia criminal liars".
The post has been deleted but has been archived:
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For people who have been involved in politics for a longtime, this is not the first documented outbreak of #LabourAntisemitism amongst the Far Left of the party but this time it is different for many reasons which I will now explain. 1/8
The last time @UKLabour had a truly Socialist leader was Neil Kinnock, who also found himself attracting a great army of undesirable members (as is always the case) under Socialism, many of whom were #AntiSemitic but he had most of them expelled from @UKLabour. 2/8
It may even have cost him the chance to become PM, but fortunately we will never know. so now fast forward to the election of #Corbyn as leader of @UKLabour a man with an extremely well documented past for siding with terrorist organisations - in particular anti-Israel ones. 3/8
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Tom Watson 'undermining' Labour on antisemitism to 'attack leadership'
- NEC member Darren Williams, in a recording passed to Sky News, claims the party's deputy was trying to "promote his own position".
@EuanPhilipps, spokesperson for @LabourAgainstAS said:
"Darren Williams' comments fail to acknowledge the scale and depth of the Labour Party's antisemitism crisis.”

@tom_watson was right to attempt to intervene because the situation has been getting worse by the day.”
"It is bizarre that Mr Williams, who himself opposed the suspension of [Labour MP] Chris Williamson and the adoption of the IHRA definition, should attack Mr Watson for doing so."
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NEW: Twice-suspended @UKLabour & @PeoplesMomentum member @greghadfield is facing fresh complaints after he posted a series of tweets urging people to vote for suspended Labour candidate Alex Braithwaite.
@jeremycorbyn @SELabour @jonlansman @lloyd_rm
Greg Hadfield was first suspended in 2014 for 11 mths over claims he had bullied fellow members, including jumping out at @SELabour’s regional director from behind a bin.
He was suspended again in Oct 2016 for alleged intimidating behaviour & only reinstated in Feb this year.
During this time, he remained a member of @PeoplesMomentum, even serving on its steering committee and helping to draw up its slates when candidates for this year’s elections were selected.
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Newly-elected @UKLabour councillor still under investigation over antisemitism posts:
- Sam Gorst won his Liverpool City Council seat despite the probe & poor performance by Labour nationwide
@jonlansman @jeremycorbyn…
@LabourAgainstAS revealed that Cllr Gorst had written on Facebook that Ken Livingstone "must remain defiant throughout this antisemitism witchhunt", as the former London mayor was suspended by the party for his comments about Hitler and Zionism.
Cllr Gorst also defended Pete Willsman, who ranted about Jewish people being "Trump fanatics and all the rest of it" during a meeting of Labour's National Executive Committee. He wrote: "Momentum needs to back Pete Willsman and apologise to the membership."
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Jeremy Corbyn described century-old antisemitic book as 'brilliant' & 'a great tome':
- Imperialism: A Study' says 'international capitalism' is 'controlled…by men of a single and peculiar race', with 'many centuries of financial experience'
@EuanPhilipps, of the @LabourAgainstAS group described the latest revelation as “damning".
“A man with his apparent views on Jewish people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Downing Street, yet this week across the country Labour supporters will be urging British voters to endorse his party – a move that will only tighten his grip on power," Mr Philipps said.
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