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1: IHRA definition of antisemitism:

"Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel."

2: IHRA definition of Antisemitism

"Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews."
3: IHRA definition of Antisemitism

"Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations."

Shabbat Shalom all!
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So people are trying to circle a square over @lisanandy and antisemitism.
Now I'm not saying she never spoke out, that would be a lie, and I'm not saying she wasn't personally disgusted.
But, and for the Jewish community it's a big BUT.
We can all talk pretty words, declare ourselves Zionist, and really think we mean it, theres purchase in the left doing this right now.
Corbyn is over, finished, gone, done.
The stain of #LabourAntisemitism hangs over the party, rightly so.
I mean we can ALL be zionist now.
But do we mean it?
Because Zionism in its most basic form means support for the state of Israel to exist.
That covers a wide range of possibilities taken advantage by the left.
It's not Zionism in reality.
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We don't often look at DMs belonging to accounts who shout "free Palestine" at us.

Invariably they are antisemitic, @zach_saeed did not disappoint.
@zach_saeed Then, of course, there are people like @StephenBottrill who think it is OK to be abusive to Jews in DMs.

Stephen is a bit obsessed with Jews, don't you think?
Why do people like @tbrock52 think we should have to listen to them?

Baffling really.
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*Thread* on ANOTHER @UKLabour official who had to apologise for being antisemitic & has carried on promoting antisemitism on her FB page

Julie Reed is a Cllr in Manchester & an antisemite

When she got caught out she issued this "apology" & vowed to "work with @JewishLewish" 1/3
You'd think with all this training from @JewishLabour & chats with @SocAgainstAS she'd at least delete the offending posts from her FB

Actually, they are still there & all she did was change her privacy, presumably so no one could expose her further. 2/3

Julie is a prolific antisemite who should be nowhere near politics. (a small sample of her views below).

Julie should NOT have been allowed to get away with this antisemitism by @UKLabour, she has clearly learnt nothing and her "apology" is FAKE.


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The fight against #LabourAntisemitism is the ugliest thing I've ever been involved with.
Its torn me to strips and affected every aspect of my life for 4 years.
To see @jeremycorbyn crushed is bringing me bittersweet joy, but I wont forget.
Those that stood silent, I wont forget.
Those that lied, I wont forget.
Those that tried to crush my voice, I wont forget.
Those that accused me of every evil deed I've lived my life to fight, oh boy I wont forget.
I am not a racist.
To remember is a duty.
It's a duty for every single Jew that was terrified, every single Jew that packed a bag on Dec 12 and every single Jew that felt the cold grip of antisemitism threaten their place in OUR country.
We must stand together, and we must hold those responsible to account.
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Would you expect the CEO of a racism charity to dismiss claims of racism as not real & designed to undermine @jeremycorbyn?

This appears to be just what @GedGrebby the CEO of @SRTRC_England has done.

We wonder, would he dismiss claims of racism from any other ethnicity? 1/8
We were utterly shocked and appalled to see that this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident.

It doesn't look like @GedGrebby supports @TheIHRA definition of antisemitism (the author never said this BTW) & Ged shares well-known crank Shaun Lawson's blogs to prove this.

Which other ethnicity does @GedGrebby deny the right to define racism against them?

It appears to only be Jews.

(BTW sharing Lawson's blogs is currently getting people sued)

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1: Dorset Eye is once again uploading lists of Jews to their website. This example is 'helpfully' called "Miscellaneous Jewish People"

We assume this is so we can be identified more easily? (we archived the page so you don't have to give them the clicks)…
2: Dorset Eye state they are a "community website" in reality they are fanatical fans of @jeremycorbyn who regularly publish antisemitism, including attacks on @chiefrabbi & they promote articles by Holocaust deniers like Sam Bentley.

Further info here.

3: Here is another one of their lists they publish, this one is entitled "Labour Party members LAAS"

We can only presume this is attempting to ID the members of @LabourAgainstAS most of whom are Jewish (70%)…
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Hugh would like to know if voters really care about Jews?
Anthony would like to make it clear that Jews are white.
Laura would like it known that the Jews are blackmailing the Labour Party
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1:THREADThe left is blaming the spate of antisemitic graffiti on the far-right, this kind of blatant antisemitism is the only type they recognise.

But, @UKLabour has many members who believe in the same antisemitic 9/11 conspiracy theories. HT @AmichaiStein1 #LabourAntisemitism
2: Let's looks at the members of @UKLabour who have made antisemitic 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Mohammed Yasin Regional organiser for Labour in the West Midlands blamed Jewish people for ‘all the wars in the world’ and shared 9/11 conspiracy theories.…
3: Sian Bloor @UKLabour readmitted her even though she claims @jeremycorbyn had the “full force of the Rothschild Zionist agenda drawing down on him” & she spreads conspiracy theories blaming “Jewish Israelis” for 9/11.…
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THREAD: #LabourAntisemitism whistleblowers reveal spike in cases after Jeremy Corbyn election…
Mike Creighton:'pre-2015, “while I do not have access to data bases, I cannot remember a single case of antisemitism. The sort of cases we dealt with were spats between two parliamentary candidates over leafletting. And even these were relatively few in number,”
Creighton: 'when Ed Miliband opened up the ranks by dropping the joining fee to £3, “people joined who did not share Labour’s values as a democratic socialist party. All sorts of people from the SWP and the Stop the War Coalition became members in order to elect their puppet.”
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1) Small thread: One of the direst things about #LabourAntisemitism wasn’t the racists: there are always going to be racists. It was how they were encouraged by Corbyn outriders like Owen Jones who repeated the idea that it wasn’t that bad: it was essentially a smear.
2/3 That Jews were being used by Tories & MSM. That our pain was being weaponised. That he NOW appreciates that’s not the way antiracists treat a scared minority (in his Guardian column) isn’t really good enough. There’s now a widespread theory that Jews were making it up.
3/3 and now we are being blamed for Corbyn’s defeat. People who should have known better failed us. They went along with the lie that it was exaggerated, a smear and now we are having to pay the consequence.
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A manifesto for the next Labour leader - how to make Labour electable again. (Thread)

1) When published, enact all the recommendations of the EHRC. Act decisively, without dither, delay or disputation.
2) Remove the momentum faction from all positions of power within the party. They are responsible for the antisemitism problem, it happened on their watch.

Expel anyone who made antisemitic comments, although I dare say that falls under (1). That includes Mr Corbyn himself.
3) Brexit - acknowledge that Brexit will be a fait accompli. Brexit policy must of course respond to developments over the next 5 years - that's hard to predict.

However, in general, respect the referendum. Pursue a close relationship with Europe, but be meaningfully distinct.
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1/ If you're angry about the election result and looking for someone to blame, blame yourself.
2/ If you wanted a Remain result and are angry that @UKLabour didn’t achieve a second referendum, but supported a leader who always wanted to leave Europe, blame yourself.
@UKLabour 3/ If you say you stand up for the working classes, but don’t listen when the working classes speak, blame yourself.
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*NEW* Leaked emails show a member of @UKLabour's ruling NEC interfering in #LabourAntisemitism cases.

@Telegraph published this article which didn't get much attention - it should have. This is the full unpublished story. 1/18…
Darren Williams, a hard left ally of @jeremycorbyn involved in @MarkDrakeford @WelshLabour leadership campaign.

We can expose he was lobbying for antisemites like Mike Sivier.

Mr Sivier is currently being sued by @RachelRileyRR for defamation.2/18…
As you can see from these leaked emails from Darren's PERSONAL email to @Uklabour complaints, Darren was none too concerned about Mr Sivier's antisemitism, just technicalities about whether he should be referred for sanction. 3/18
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@RabbiZvi’s thoughts on this week’s Parsha, Vayyetzei, Genesis
Jacob’s dream, servitude to Laban, marriage and flight with his family.

Two points I wish to stress:

The Rabbis say that Jacob lay down at night on the site of the Temple ויפגע במקום he encountered the Place…
That Place is where Abraham almost offered his son Isaac to God, where King David bought the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite and where King Solomon erected his Temple, as well as where the Sevond Temple was erected. It is the holiest place in the world for Jews. 2/6
The Holy of Holies where Jews face when we pray is now underneath the glorious Dome of the Rock, an early Muslim shrine. It symbolises the eternal hope of return to Zion, deeply integrated in our religion. Very relevant when fighting #antisemites pretending to be antiZionist.
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I just had the Labour canvassers round. I told them I couldn't vote for them whilst in this antisemitic state.

One denied. He'd never seen it. He couldn't believe it.

The other affirmed and confirmed. Apologised deep from his heart. /1
The denier shuffled away. The other stayed with me for an hour and a half. Shivering on the doorstep he listened to the pain, the devastation, the chaos that #LabourAntisemitism has wrought. He told me things, I told him things.

We shared our misery. /2
Our conversation was transformative in the moment. The time spent being human. He decided to no longer campaign in that constituency. I felt renewed by being heard, responded to with compassion.

Both of us changed. /3
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Astonishing! @bbcquestiontime ends with a rant from a woman insinuating that Jews who would like a meaningful apology from Corbyn are being unreasonable. After all he's already apologised, why should he repeat himself? What more do they want? Why can't they just forgive?
She then explained that there can be no anti-Semitism because the black members of the shadow cabinet would have noticed it- as if having experienced anti-black racism makes you an expert in anti-Jewish racism. 2/6
In fact we are told there is no #LabourAntisemitism Labour anti-Semitism at all, its just a story cooked up by the media owners who want to protect their riches and power. And she's sick of it. For this she is roundly applauded. 3/6
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People say, what would happen if Corbyn's Labour got into power? There's a precedent. Ilmar Reepalu, former Left mayor of Mälmo, Sweden. In 2008, despite police figures showing violent antisemitic incidents doubling, Reepalu denied there were any at all.…
When the 2009 Cast Lead conflict occurred, in an interview with Skånska Dagbladet Reepalu blamed violent antisemitic attacks (including assaults & firebombs) from a minority of Malmo's Muslim community on Jews not taking a clear stand against Israel.…
Reepalu lied again in an interview w/ the Telegraph,when asked about violence and Jews leaving Malmo:
"There haven't been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmö."
Remind you of anyone?…
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Jeremy Corbyn fans are currently targeting and viciously bullying a heavily pregnant Jewish woman because she wore a satirical tee-shirt pointing out that their hero, the jezziah, was a positive irritant and obstruction to both the anti apartheid movement and the Irish peace
These hypocritical cultists are screaming abuse at this sweet lady, and calling for her to lose her job, all for pointing out that their “saint jezza” is a hypocritical lying antisemitic misogynist fraud, who has never done anything other than seek to increase his own power
These rabid racists (because they are - to a person - spewing antisemitic filth too) have DONE EXACTLY THE SAME THING that she is accused of - photoshopped an image of the glorious leader stealing the limelight from the genuine AAM - and filled it with antisemitic hate
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The latest installment in the Corbyn anti-Jewish racism saga sent me down an orthoepic route. Why, exactly, is Jewish Twitter so up in arms about his pronunciation of “Epstein” as “Ep-shtine” rather than “Ep-steen”? Why was I so shocked when he said it last night? (A thread) /1
First, a rider. This is obviously not about Epstein’s posthumous rights to correct pronunciation. He lost those rights when he committed his crimes. /2
No, the reason we care is because even in this primetime moment, Corbyn’s attempt to put the past behind him and sell himself as prime ministerial, he just can’t help himself inserting a subtle racist dig at the British Jews watching. /3
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There is an unfortunate phenomenon, non-Jews pretending to be Jews. In Germany, they have the name “AlibiJuden”.

Every person in our community knows this, and we’ve frequently seen Holocaust deniers pretending to be Jewish.

Now we get it, we really do, it is absolutely horrible and goes against everything we are taught, to have to question people's Judaism.

These horrors rely on this, they know that the Jewish community find it abhorrent. 2/10…
It is a phenomenon found in Neo-Nazi circles as well as @jeremycorbyn supporters. 3/10
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The #LabourAntisemitism crisis continues unabated and it’s been a momentous, tumultuous, horrific week. Here are some of the main stories:
1) A few days after Zarah Sultana is picked to represent Coventry South it emerges she’d written she’d ‘celebrate’ the deaths of Tony
2) Blair and Netanyahu and also accused of using an anti-white slur against a Jewish student.
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Thread on a Labour parliamentary candidate, her husband and the subtle but dark links between @UKLabour and the world of Leftist antisemitism and conspiracy theories:

Johanna Boal is the Lab candidate in the forthcoming general election for the Beverley & Calderness constituency
Johanna Boal is a librarian and describes herself as a Socialist.
Johanna has not posted anything on social media about Labour’s antisemitism crisis. Nothing at all. No comment. Zero.
Which makes her pretty standard for a Labour candidate.

But Johanna has posted on Israel. Not many times, but a bit.Twice as far as I can see.
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1/5 A thread on Labour MP Ruth Cadbury's (@RuthCadbury) involvement with a group of notorious antisemites who have organised an 'anti-Zionist' hatefest on 18 November. @GnasherJew @LabourAgainstAS @JohnMannMP @HarryYorke1
2/5 The keynote speaker will be Ilan Pappé, a radical anti-Israel extremist who travels the world advocating the eradication of Jewish national self-determination.…
3/5 One of the other featured speakers is Latifa Abouchakra, a virulent antisemite who believes that Jews use the Holocaust in bad faith.

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