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17 Apr 19
Are you following big name accounts & wondering how to tell a patriot from a #paytriot? Follow me down this rabbit hole & hopefully gain some insight & power to decide for yourself. Thanks to @MaReQ for farming 8ch & reaching out.
@occulturalism @paulacblades001 @QBlueSkyQ
We know where Praying Medic stands on questions & digs: he blocks the accounts that bring visibility to problematic points of fact, as explored in this thread:
He focuses on accusations rather than the facts being presented & questions being asked, & calls the diggers “trolls.” Real trolls (paid?) boost his credibility. I used to follow him. I drop this to compile some evidence & let you decide for yourself. prayingmedic.com/2019/04/09/pos…
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16 Feb 19
Yesterday I opened a letter from SSA: the judge denied my disability claim. This letter inspired me to share info, & hope that a signal comes back, so here is the longest thread twitter will allow abt my #toxicinjury.
I brought a number of diagnoses to the table. I can demonstrate allergic reactions to a number of chemicals+ ADHD, ASD. I must demonstrate that even if I worked in such a place, I would be too sick to work from exposure on the commute or even at home.
Beyond appealing this claim, I feel backed into a corner. I live depending on a man who’s cared for me but is ready to go back to his fam home in Armenia. My fam is scattered & none of them comprehend chemical safety to guard health. Staying with them would bring worse illness.
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8 Feb 19
Well I just finished moving these over from mega.nz/#F!XtNhURSb!1M…
I got a little carried away...
... sorry there are TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY memes in the 2019 folder alone!
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5 Feb 19
In my last #QAnonMemeDrop thread, I noted that the new memes were hard to find because they were unorganized. Well 😆👍👍😄
It starts with info from the US code, #basedBenCarson, with the proclamation that #RoevWade will be OVERTURNED #SaveTheChildren but from here, brace yourself...
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4 Feb 19
Mars in Aries as Atmakaraka pushes through any situation with military precision & ultimate strategy. Look to matters of security, partnerships, & clandestine affairs to come under improvement or necessitate resolute action.
Mercury in Aquarius as Amatyakaraka guides career & close accomplices. This is the perfect mode for the #SOTU as Aquairius represents the common fate of humanity and our collective spirit; meanwhile, Leo represents the public stage and the full light of the Sun. #DarktoLight
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30 Jan 19
3.2/2 #WhereAreTheyNow? Not on Twitter... not recently.
3.2/3 The Hill and the NY Post reported on her work for a Muslim journal, her mother's work for that journal, and its ties to MB in 2016.
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29 Jan 19
Maybe that should be (A) body double (how many could there be?)
From here, let's move on to thread #3, where I address questions raised by Q in the 2nd post, and more points of fact related to #QAnon
3.1: Mockingbird
3.2: Huma
3.3: Soros
3:1 Operation Mockingbird.
Even Wikipedia will tell you something about it, even though it doesn't disclose the whole truth: more than wiretapping, several journalists in major network news and multiple media formats were on the Pickle Factory payroll.
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19 Oct 18
I've felt this way for a long time: that most people were on autopilot, moving about their day like they're programmed to, with no indication of originality or diversion from their programming.
That feeling prompted me to study MKUltra Mind Control programming on the cultural level, to study just how hypnotic induction and subliminal messaging embedded in news and entertainment media infects the psyche, asking: can the effects be reversed? If so, how?
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16 Sep 18
I heard the MEGA meme folder was back, and I tried it!
It's BACK, bb's!
And I missed the April MOAB but I'm going to drop these memes here anyway (bc there are others w/o the date) & tell y'all abt a dream I had back around then.
I dreamed I went to a college campus & many students walked around everywhere in celebration. AntiFA/Marxist sympathy ran low & the few left in the "resistance" seemed more like angry emo teens than protesters.
Ivanka Trump walked toward me with a small wooden crate, which she set down. I approached her, and she smiled really big at me, opened the crate, and pulled out a little ballistics missile.
I said, is that the mother of all ballistics missiles?
She said, it sure is!
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3 Jun 18
I won't speak to yr culture, but history, not thru "American" eyes but thru the lens of historic record.
Countless ethnic groups and subgroups, from Ibernians to Huns, all occupied different regions, negotiating & sometimes warring much like Native American tribes, until..
...the Roman Empire swarmed over Europe from south to north, assimilating, decimating (killing 1/10), or exterminating ethnic groups in turn (remember the Iceni & Queen Boudicca! U have a fkn statue!). End result: less diverse groups under a Roman banner as the remnants of each..
...tribe/nation banded together to form their own regional identity (ex, Celts, Britons, Franks, Teutons, etc.) STILL made up of tribal units bc the Romans failed to completely exterminate tribal European values and systems.
And let's not forget the Moorish invasion of Spain.
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14 May 18
This thread is a brief story outline of how I woke up, and how I was #redpilled. For muh followers, a little story of my #GreatAwakening, in tweets, to show, y I am a real person. Tell me if you catch the abbrevs, or if u don't. Tag me if u share a story. Godspeed, #patriots.
1. When I was younger...
a)Feb 1998: read 1984. Picture of Big Brother on TV screen as I walk into class freaks. me. thefuck. out.
b)May, 98: see Matrix cinema premiere. Sudden paradigm shift. Intuitive knowing: This is more real than fiction.
c)June 3, 2000: BCT, USNG. FtJ,SC
2. Down the Rabbit Hole:
a)Sept 22, 2000: AIT. FtG-369.MDMA, read Crowley,Gardener,Cunningham, magic, astral projection, questing. Tarot. Neophyte.
b)Nov, 00: GWB announced 43. Intense premonition of going to ILLEGAL WAR if stay in mil. USNG builds SANDBAG walls. NO WAR for me.
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