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Here's the part in today's DOJ Section 230 proposed changes, changes to the law, that #MAGA #Patriots should be very, very, very happy about.

Get it to a floor, either floor YESTERDAY!

What this means is that a Social Media company MUST treat EVERYONE fairly & must clearly & specifically ("with particularity") outline their Terms of Service so EVERYONE knows what is & isn't acceptable ... and these terms must be consistently & objectively applied.

If they don't, they are breaking the law & can be sued.

This is INCREDIBLE news.

Let's get this legislation voted-on, signed into law, and operating!



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Wheels churning...…

Such gratitude & appreciation to ALL Patriots in service [not profiting]. There is a reason profiting will put some last.

Aim: End of DS /criminal elite's crimes against humanity, harming innocent etal towards life/liberty sovereignty.
Meanwhile, BLM/Antifa are behind murders, violent riots, destruction!!

Q invites everyone to research, strengthen their own conviction for right of self-determination. This movement was never abt electing a President. Trump didn't put US into this position. DS did by harming US! Image
All those defaming the pure intent aim of Q / Qanon, will be checked at the reset. The meek receive first!

Blessed Qanons are patriotic, family values, God-based movement of good will #Love for ALL people's right of self-determination. Opposing oppression, injustice, corruption! Image
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Like many of you, I have absolutely no idea why I am getting these bans.

It's simply targeted harassment of conservative voices. And CANDIDATES!

Section 230 needs to be fixed. An executive order clarifying the need for social media ...

... companies to make an election, similar to deciding whether your tax return is filed jointly or singly, for example.

Platform or publisher. Very simple. Check the box. Make it public.

Then let the courts and high-powered litigation attorneys ...

... duke it out in front of a judge and jury.

A few multi-hundred million dollar settlements & these a**holes will knock this s*** off. Or go outta business.

Oops, I forgot to say good morning #Patriots!


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. Hello #patriots We are getting close very close to having to show #BLMAntifaTerroristsThugs what they are up against. the time Jefferson said “ Every so often the Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants”.
The democRats are using every trick they have to usurp the rule if law! STOP THE MADNESS the democRats have declared war on .@realDonaldTrump & we the ppl! Now is the time and this is the place. We can not allow thugs to threaten ppl in the halls of Congress!
. We the ppl must take a stand. We can be silent no more! If @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @MittRomney & other vote against our duly elected president then #patriots you know what must be done. Join us in the red tsunami on 11/3/20. @Crimsontider @senatemajldr @RepDougCollins
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RT🚨THREAD: Just a friendly reminder that #RBG was NOT the first woman member of #SCOTUS. That was Sandra Day O’Connor. She was nominated by Republican Ronald Reagan in 1981. Years AFTER Roe v. Wade was settled.
Yet another FIRST for Republicans, @GOP the first black senator,
Hiram Rhodes Revels, 150 years ago, in 1869. The Democrats tried in vain to block him from being seated. He joined the two first black representatives in Congress, Jefferson Franklin Long and Joseph Hayne Rainey, also in 1869, both Republicans. *✅ALL members of Congress were GOP
until 1935!*✅⤵️
Democrats didn’t have a member of the house, until 66 years later, Arthur Wergs Mitchell, 1935. The Senate, Carol Mosley Brown, 1993.
It’s the Democrats who have sought to disenfranchise voters. This was their game for 💯 years post reconstruction.
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I am from a country that host 71% percent of the child abuse content that is found on the internet, worldwide! The Netherlands is as bad as Sodom & Gomorra, there is ritual abuse as well, but the average Dutchman will never even find out. Hence my interview on Right On Radio.
In this interview, you will hear me explain how it is possible that Holland hosts these staggering numbers of child porn, what the survivors of ritual abuse are going through and what the role of the authorities is in the cover up of too many of these horrors.
Please, listen. Because listening is the first step on the way to understanding and understanding is the gateway to prayer. Because PRAYER, that's what the children and survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking need the most at this moment!
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Why is this an additive in the new vaccine? Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase...
for the substrate and enzyme, respectively. Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer – meaning lightbearer.

A variety of organisms regulate their light production using different luciferases in a variety of light-emitting reactions. The majority of studied...
in luminous fungi, like the Jack-O-Lantern mushroom, as well as examples in other kingdoms including luminous bacteria, and dinoflagellates.

Why? “they” can see who has been vaccinated? Is it for control who can enter a business or who cannot?
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I've been doing much thinking about how, if I need it, I raise money for my campaign.

Like you, it makes me nauseous thinking about this process, and I certainly don't want to use the, "I'm just $3,000 short of my FEC deadline!" pitch, because it's a lie.

(more) Image
I also don't want to use the, "7X match on your donation but only until midnight tonight!" pitch because it's also a lie.

The corrupt @ohiogop organization wants nothing to do with an insurgent candidate because they're fat & happy with ...

(more) Image
... a RINO @senrobportman @senrobportman in 1 of Ohio's 2 US Senate seats.

The @GOP is no different.

Portman has over $4M in the bank ALREADY to fund his re-election campaign in 2022. A PAC I visited in DC says he'll easily raise $10M.

I have ...

(more) Image
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1. News: Florida Latin Restaurant Owner Slams Kamala Harris For Showing Up Unannounced After Visit Sparks Major Backlash From Latino Community (VIDEO)… #Biden #Harris
2. News: Biden Makes No Sense in Florida Roundtable Event, Rambles About the 2nd Floor of the Ladies Department (VIDEO)…
3. News: BUSTED: The Media Continues to Declare the COVID Crisis Is In Full Force Despite Data Around the World Indicating The Worst of It Was Over Some Time Ago…
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Thread by @WarNuse: 'The Unquenchable Flames And A Raging Fire.' Small Accounts Are Crucial To The Fight. Small Accounts Drive The Momentum. ldn't Have Our Accounts, The Visibility, Or Reach, If It Wasn't For The Small Accounts Distributing Our Work. The……
#FightBack #FreeFlynn #GodIsWithUs #Patriots
This Is My Tweet. There Are Very Few Like It, That's Why This One Is Mine.’'My Tweet Is My Best Friend. It Is My Life. I Must Master It As I Must Master My Life.’‘Without Me, My Followers Are Tweetless.... Image
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#911Remembered #GodBlessTheFallenHeros
Brave men and women are why we are the greatest country everFrom D-Day to Ground Zero only demonstrates how far we’ve all come together, yes it’s never perfect nor will it be. Because where there’s Good there must be Evil, the Good.. ImageImageImageImage
#911Remembered #GodBlessTheFallenHeros #Patriots
..Americans have&will forever drown the Evil ones.
Never a hesitation to run into danger if the opportunity arises.
It’s Humanity to its core, you act because it’s your nature.
God Bless the fallen hero’s, we will never forget! ImageImageImageImage
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4:47 PM
"Today we join millions of baseball fans and Puerto Ricans in celebrating Roberto Clemente’s life and his immense contributions to baseball and equality. He was one of my all-time favorite players – Roberto had everything!"
#ClementeDay #Retire21
#POTUS tweet 4:47 PM · Sep 9, 2020
Capital letters: TPRRCHRCDR=498 JG
Digital Soldiers
=an army:--power, strong.
strength in various applications (force, security, majesty, praise):--boldness, loud, might, power, strength, strong.

Think logically.
Ask yourself
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1. News: BRUTAL!! Trump Parody Video of Him Firing Obama Was Bumped, Never Aired at 2012 RNC — It’s Awesome! - Thread 9.6.2020 President Trump looks as young today as in 2012!… #Trump #Obama
2. News: WATCH: ‘Protesters’ Set Man on Fire with Bomb Thrown at Portland Police More Videos of Peaceful Protests…
3. News: EXCLUSIVE: Militant Leftist Tries to Kill Conservative After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa:

“Blood was pouring out of his ears & his nose. ”
(VIDEOS)… #Antifa #BLM #Riots #Terrorists
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*** BREAKING ***

No matter what NARRATIVE the media uses to spin the #Patriot vs #BLM confrontations in #Louisvilleprotest,

PATRIOTS are trying to discuss how to work PEACEFULLY WITH BLM to help get their message out without violence, looting, burning cities! ImageImageImage
The Black Conservative Patriot is live-streaming at the lead position of thousands of armed Patriots, and a lot of intense and heartfelt dialogue is being had.

Patriots are asking “How can we RESET this narrative today?” “How can we help you”. “We are not against you”
Thousands of #Patriots showed up heavily armed due to #NFAC saying they would also be at Louisville Kentucky and have made overt threats of violence.

There is a good chance for peace and collaboration if everyone listens to each other like they are right now.
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This is for my fellow Australian 🇦🇺 #Patriots 🙏🏻

I’ll be watching intently on Saturday 👊🏻

The COVID Psy Op !


The primary objective of this fake pandemic is obviously the relinquishing of our natural rights in order to achieve a globalist consolidation of power.
(1) By triggering subliminally programmed fear instilled through the organs of mind control mainly Hollywood and major news networks, they get the masses to surrender their self sovereignty completely in exchange for a fabricated sense of security.
(2) The Secondary underlying objective of this engineered pandemic is to halt economic progress leading to mass impoverishment of the population.

Population inherently create wealth.

By keeping people stagnant and at home creeped with fear not only the sickly get sicker but
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There's no doubt in my mind that President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump is one of best Military Strategists of our time.

Viewing his actions through the prism of the 33 Strategies of War indicates this brilliance!

Take Law #1: The Polarity Strategy Image
Law #1 The Polarity Strategy
No one can argue they don't know who Trump supporters are - #Patriots, #MAGA, Love the Flag, #LawAndOrder, etc.

His brilliance is in creating a sand box for his opponents or adversaries that sets them apart from who he has defined as his supporters t
Think about it...
1. "Crooket" Hillary
2."Sleepy" Joe
3. Fake News
4. TDS
5. Democrats (the way he says it)

This strategy has moved the current Democrats to be extreme as they find no strategic space to deferentiate themselves from his Agenda!

Share Brilliance!
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.Good morning #Patriots welcome to @JoeBiden America! Killing, riots, civil unrest. This is the democRats America. It will be coming to a town ear you. #BLMDomesticTerrorists & #AntifaDomesticTerrorists are paid to destroy property & kill ppl. This will be the new normal
In @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris @SpeakerPelosi & @chuckschumer New America. No 2nd amendment, no freedom too assemble (no church services), do away with the constitution. The democRats want to control our lives. Leave out “under God from the pledge of allegiance! You see how evil
Things are now! The only person between “we the ppl & anarchy is @realDonaldTrump we must VOTE TO SAVE AMERICA! VOTE @GOP @NancyMace @Crimsontider @dbongino @seanhannity @TeamTrump @NCGOP @GaRepublicans @SCGOP @GovKemp
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.The mob showed exactly who they were last night. @RandPaul & his wife were threaten by #BLMDomesticTerrorists & #antifadomesticterrorist to the extent they feared for their life. Had to be escorted by armed security. This is the new America under democRat rule! This violence
Must be stopped by any means necessary! If it means strong #patriots must do bad things, so be it! We can not leave this violence to our children & grandchildren. If there must be civil war, let it be now. I support the constitution & the rule of law. There nothing peaceful about
These democRat controlled mobs! This is how the democRats want to rule America! We must vote for rule of law. This election is for the soul of America! The silent majority can be silent no more. We either stand for something or die for nothing!
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1. 1st song in this video that the absolutely incredible @ChrisMacchio sings at #RNCConvention2020, sending goosebumps through your soul, is non other than the song from PAYBACK Scene in 🎥 “The Sum of All Fears”💥👊🏻
Next is Anon who found it...
2. It’s “The Sum of All Fears” “PAYBACK” music when they are killing off the people who are conspiring to destroy America. 🧨💥👊🏻
Well done @realDonaldTrump, Well done Maestro!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Nice find David! 👉🏻
3. I believe this is the same song that Chris Macchio shared as well.
As found in the movie 🎥 🍿 “The Sum of All Fears” in the Payback scene.
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In 2011, I felt alone. I spoke and a tribe of #17 women arrived. As a volunteer team, we built an org to change thyroid care.

Each of our lives have never been the same. Lyme disease mostly hit them. Maybe it was always there. Financial issues, divorces. it never ended
In 2014, my life deteriorated until 2015, I had to focus on survival.

I resigned in 2019 to speak.

I am so grateful to find the #digitalsoldiers and #patriots worldwide.

It was a lonely trek. But I have renewed hope beyond what I can say.

Thank you. I love each of you
PS. To speak freely without fear of hurting my past for my present lack of political correctness.
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1. News: “I Was Raped by Top Democrat Donor – I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil”

– Hollywood Actress Rose McGowan Goes Off on Joe Biden and Democrats - Thread 8.22.20… #Biden #Democrats #Hollywood #MeToo
2. News: Kamala Harris is PRANKED by Russian hoaxers who pose as climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father and offer Biden's VP pick 'dirt' on President Trump… #Biden #KamalaHarris #Harris
3. News: Kamala Harris spent her formative years in one of the ultra-wealthy neighborhoods in Canada.

Harris is NOT an African American, nor a descendant of downtrodden slaves.… #Biden #Harris
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A friend let me borrow his brand new truck to haul water up to the camp/cabin! 2020 with 1770 miles on it! God is so good!

I've been praying for a truck for self but God clearly has other plans.

I'm still praying for a truck as I truly have need up here on the mountain. Image
This is the old house at the mountain spring where I haul water from. Maybe 10 miles or so from camp. Bless your evening #Patriots. Image
I have no well and rely on rain water catchment. We are borderline drought up here. No rain means I must haul water from the spring some 10 miles away. But God is good. He does provide.
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When this is all over & we have won the war, I hope we can all meet face to face, no masks, hug one another & have a drink! It’s funny how much you can care about people you have never even met #soulfamily #Patriots #DigitalSoldiersWorldwide 🙌
One day we will celebrate together! And you can tell your grandchildren, or nieces, nephews that you helped to wake the world when everyone was still asleep and that is beautiful!! It’s a spiritual war, you’re all here for this time in history 🙌
It will be a festival, what shall we call it!! #TheGreatAwakening #wewokethefuckup #DigitalSoldiersunite #unity
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