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Cert denied today in all 2020 election law cases.…
Denials with Dissents

1. Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Degraffenreid (formerly Boockvar), began with Application for stay filed September 28, 2020.  No. 20-542. (CU/CUF/TPC amicus brief in this case on November 25, 2020.)

2. Corman (formerly Scarnati) v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Petitioners are Pennsylvania state legislators, began with Petition filed October 27, 2020.  No. 20-574.

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This is history repeating itself. ET's have a nickname for our planet: "The Slave Planet". The same sadistic wealthiest groups of people are trying to control the population by enslaving them through systems: financial, Healthcare (sickcare), pharmaceuticals, education, debt...
Suppressing knowledge such as the full table of elements, ETs & IDs, dimensions, our etheric body, the quantum realm, advanced ET technology that can cure any disease or ailment, for quantum travel and to provide zero-point free unlimited energy, our true history, staged events..
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The Way of the Heart is a way of cultivating the decision to become identified with the Light that can shine away all darkness. Not by fighting with it, but by recognizing it, embracing it as your own creation, and choosing again.
The Way of the Heart is the way that I teach. And now we begin a focused in-depth study together, that this way might become established within your holy mind.
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POTUS tweet re: Biden missing “g” tweeted at 12:46
Drop 1246👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Happening Now… #WeAreTheNewsNow #FactsMatter #WakeUpAmerica #UnitedNotDivided #SaveAmerica #GreatAwakening
Drop 1246 on 23 April
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CIA 7 Dwarfs (Computers) Disruption
29 Nov 2017 - 2:21:16 PM
Snow White utilized/activated to silence.
This was not anticipated.
Control / protection lost.
Routing through various networks ('jumpers') randomly has created connection/sec issues.
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CLONES [Thread]

Já existe tecnologia para fabricar clones humanos?

Utilizam de sósias ou outros recursos para substituírem pessoas?

Vamos mergulhar fundo nesta Toca do Coelho?

Prepare-se para uma dose extra de #redpill

Fonte: Telegram @saiadamatrixbr
1) Teoristas da Conspiração dizem que a clonagem é real e ocorre desde 1945, intensificando na década de 80.
Um Clone é um ser biológico idêntico a outro, criado artificialmente através de reprodução assexuada e manipulação genética.
2)Existem 3 tipos:
a)REPLICANTES: Implantado no útero da mulher de uma única célula retirada do corpo original crescendo naturalmente. Tem sua própria alma, personalidade e tempo de vida normal.
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1. Andrew McCabe: Arrested at Guantanamo
2. Barack Obama: Executed
3. Michella Obama: Executed
4. Bill Gates: Arrested and held on house arrest
5. Melinda Gates: Arrested and held on house arrest
6. Mike Pence: Arrested at Guantanamo and might be executed
7. Mitt Romney: Arrested at Guantanamo
8. Anthony Fauci: Was arrested but helps Trump
9. Huma Abedin: executed
10. John Brennnan: Arrested at Guantanamo
11. George H. W. Bush: executed
12. George W. Bush: executed
13: Laura Bush: executed
14: Jeb Bush: executed
15: Dick Cheney: executed
16: James Baker: executed
17: James Clapper: Arrested at Guantanamo
18: Hillary Clinton: executed
19: Bill Clinton: executed
20: James Comey: Arrested at Guantanamo
21: Paul Ryan: Arrested at Guantanamo
22. Diane Feinstein: Extradited to China
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During prayer this morning I rejoiced because I'm not #homeless. The last time we had a politically motivated #financial recession, the pres bailed out banks & big corps instead of the citizens. Contrast 2009 with this year. And, yes, it should be obvious to any thinking person
that we have a severe economic disruption every decade. Why is that? Is it b/c there's a new admin every 8 years? Yes and no. Perhaps we should amend the law so @realDonaldTrump can remain in office until Jan 2029 so we can KAG permanently. Make it so, LORD God Yehovah!
@realDonaldTrump Americans are waking up to realize how blatantly demonic, lifelong politicians mess around with the country's financials to create the appearance of disaster so they can shuffle #money where they want it. This one backfired big time, though, b/c DJT loves the country and people.
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John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

cc: @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence @FLOTUS @SecondLady @IvankaTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @SecPompeo
If I had to describe #TheGreatAwakening, I would call it the tearing down of centuries of lies. A great veil of lies that all of us have been told, and believed, taught to understand, believed were true to some degree or another, but was all deception(s) to hide the truth of God.
If you were to claim certain untruths as truths, and present them to the world to be believed, and no one could explain any different, because they lacked the resources to perform the same experiments or measurements, how could the lie(s) ever be challenged?
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Spiritual Beings Are We| The Duel Of Dichotomy

It is through our experiences that we evolve.
Balancing in a free-will zone is the allowance of all things, even tyrannies. Is it true that we are endowed with the potential to create our own reality?

Is it a choice to allow someone else to create reality for us? Most people on Earth allow others to create and dictate their reality to them. Through frequency control, have we been steered to look outside of yourself for answers?

When new Gods appear, are we ready to worship them? Those who control frequency in this way are lost too, and you are their mirror. Is it possible that as you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring, everything changes completely?

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Porque quizas ahora es mejor la Hidroxocloroquina y no tanto el Dioxido de Cloro?. El Dioxido de Cloro ayuda a que el cuerpo se cure solo. Y lo logra. Es el mayor descubrimiento luego de la rueda.
Pero la Hidroxocloroquina ayuda de descalcificar la glandula pineal y posblemente, limpiar de metales pesados con los que somos envenenados constantemente....
La hidroxocloroquina no es tan rica en beneficios como es el Dioxidodo Cloro, Pero es quizas la Hidroxocloroquina, lo que mas necesitamos hoy para despertar. Sin una base fisica adecuada ( tierra-alma y cerebro- discriiminacion) la semilla no germina o sale debil el brote .
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This is my chronic condition (not my nose) and people want us to wear masks for hours on end daily ??? When we’re already suffering more than you’ll ever comprehend fuck you for not considering the many exemptions

She’s about to get her fourth surgery too... ImageImageImageImage
“I don’t have a choice at work. I can’t wait til the day we are mask free!”

Someone said those masks are terrible. ImageImageImage
Maybe take a look at other peoples experiences and stop saying if you can do something so can I. Wow really just like that? Because we’re all the same? I went vegan because I can but have you? But you can too so? Mhm it’s a manipulation tactic and we can see right through it.
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1/ Is this CO¥!D Pandemic merely a Trial Run by the Cabal?

Firstly, let me to state quite clearly, this Virus is real. Of this there can be no doubt. However, what if the “Pandemic” itself is not?
2/ Allow me to explain. We know that those with eyes to see, ears to hear and noses
3/ to smell, that there is something very wrong with this Pandemic.

Nothing about it adds up or makes any logical or factual sense, unless their is a reason or agenda behind it.
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Is wearing a mask related to an ancient ritual? ImageImage…

Covid 19 vaccine something you need to know 💉
The New England journal of medicine ImageImage
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2/ Copied:

""Via Suzanne Nolen

"An Anon once said in regard to what Trump faces: "What's the most difficult thing in your life? Multiply that times a billion. Now try to fix that problem on a public stage with thousands of brilliant psychopathic adversaries working against
3/ you.""

President Trump authorized the US Treasury to take control over the Federal Reserve. This is easily one of the biggest news stories in the last 100 years, yet many are completely unaware of it, because it was not reported in any real way on mainstream news outlets.
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2/ What most people do not realise is that there are two NWO Agendas in play here. One is the Greater Israel Project which many may be aware of, and the other agenda is the Luciferian one.
3/ The Luciferian agenda is to destroy America first, and introduce their Luciferian-Islamic Caliphate. These Luciferians through Obama, Clinton, Kerry et al, and many before, have sold off
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The easier it is for the transition of the Earth.

#Christ #God #Jeshua #Jesus #GreatAwakening #HeavenOnEarth Image
We would suggest that, because there is no separation, the more that souls choose to awaken and to heal, the less the need for shocking circumstances to get their attention.
The more mankind awakens, the easier it is for the transition of the Earth.
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1/ #QAnon #MAGA2020 #MAGA #KAG2020 #QAnon2019 #greatawakening #QAnon2020 @GenFlynn

1/ How the World is controlled & has been for thousands of years.

To understand this
2/ Thread fully we will have to examine & understand 1. The Heavens 2. The Memory of Water 3. Exactly what Consciousness is & 4. What Reincarnation IS compared with what people believe it is.
2/  #QAnon #MAGA2020 #MAGA #KAG2020 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump

Thousands of years ago
3/ our Elite Rulers were Priest Kings, Scholars, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Poets and so forth. These Elitists were fascinated by the Heavens, the Stars & movement of the Planets. Their
3/ intellectual observation of the Heavens led to the first Occult beliefs & the first
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1/ #CovidLie #COVID19 What are the chances that you can enter ANY 3 digit number + new cases into a Google search and find that specific number of cases? These are my own screenshots. #WWG1WGA [They] are perpetrating a hoax. Please RT. Everyone needs to know.
2/ #CovidLie #COVID19 Try it yourself. Google any 3 digit # + new cases and watch what happens. #WWG1WGA
3/ #CovidLie #COVID19 What will it take to wake you up? How is this possible? There are no coincidences. #WWG1WGA
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1) The Rodney King beating was a Masonic Ritual, same as George Floyd.

Here’s a quick look at the symbols and patterns surrounding the event and the bad actors involved.

Please share this, let’s wake people up! #QAnon
2) Rituals hit key dates. On March 3, 1991, Rodney King led police on a high speed chase through LA. Driving drunk and on probation, once stopped, King was beaten by police in this now infamous footage. A criminal martyr. Sound familiar?🤔 March 3 (33)
3) In the brutal footage, which was broadcast repeatedly for over a year as the trial progressed, King was struck 33 times with the police baton. Coincidence? Nope...
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#SEVENTEEN: Controversial New 9/11 Film Begins to Air on @PBS

#Truth is ALL Coming out. #Greatawakening.

LOVE IT. How many years have we had to be shushed. NO MORE

Share trailer! @AE911Truth
:SEVEN” is a documentary about the extraordinary conclusions of the University of Alaska Fairbanks's study on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 and the epic failure of our institutions to tell the truth.
9/11 Families, Experts Mount Unprecedented Challenge to NIST in New Filing
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“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu
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