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14 Jul
The first Black photographer for a @vanityfair cover shoot is @Dario.studio on IG. His muse is ⁦@violadavis⁩ & it’s stunning. But go to IG (I hate linking to it but it’s important) and see how he used his platform as protest. Go. Look. Now. instagram.com/p/CCn2JVBF2av/…
You’re not going to look. Here. I’m blown away. THIS is why #RepresentationMatters. This brotha, being the first Black photographer EVER in Vanity Fair cover history 😒 could’ve played it safe. But he swung for the f*cking Fences (get it?) with Viola as his “co-conspirator.”
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9 Jun
My mother just texted me that I need to turn on Rev. Al. I turned on the TV and he said "We have too many holy punks in the pulpit." I sat straight up.
Rev. Al going straight at @nflcommish & the @NFL: "Don't apologize; give @Kaepernick7 his job back. Don't come w/ an empty apology as you take a man's livelihood & strip him of his talents. When Colin took a knee, he did so for the families in this building." #GeorgeFloydFuneral
~@TheRevAl: "God took an ordinary brotha from the 3rd Ward housing projects, that no one thought much about. God took the stone that the builder rejected. They rejected Floyd for jobs & positions. God took Floyd and made him the cornerstone that is going to change the world."
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9 Jan
I've been struggling for a week about whether to share this, because it was a personal moment. But I think it may help someone with perspective, so here we are.

When I travel, there's always something nice waiting for me when I get home. Never expected, always appreciated.
This time, the gift didn't wait for me to cross the threshold. When I got off of one of my flights on January 2, my phone was blowing up: "Julián is out." It took me a minute to process, but I got it. @JulianCastro had ended his 2020 presidential run. I was blown.
My top 3 candidates have always been Kamala, Julián and Warren, in no particular order. They all had their strengths, but the only "weakness" that @JulianCastro had was that he wasn't getting the media attention others were. He had experience, solid policies, a path forward.
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6 Dec 19
Hi! I'm April. Inspired by Roxane Gay (don't @ her, she's busy), I'm doing an international mileage run this weekend. I leave tonight. Nah, I haven't packed. And I'm going to try and do it with just an overnight bag, not my usual rollerbag. Come along for the ride, won't you?
Wheels up!! ✈️✈️

My first time on @VirginAtlantic.

See you in the morning, London!
London! First stop is the @VirginAtlantic Revivals Lounge thanks to my @Delta status where I can take a shower and apparently get a facial and have something ironed. The water pressure is better than my house and this cute little room has everything I need. #TrierTaughtMe
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6 Dec 19
A quick #thread about how I understand qualifying for the Dem debates work. I could be a bit off but you'll get the gist. @TheDemocrats say you have to qualify two ways: unique donors (people donating to your campaign who haven't before) & poll numbers at a certain threshold. 1/
Let's use @JulianCastro as an example. Strong policies, working hard meeting folks all over the US. But the media are focused on whoever the flavor of the week is. Right now it seems to be Mayor Pete. Pete gets the coverage, folks find out more about him, his poll numbers go up.
When you don't get media coverage, you have to spend more money to be heard. This is how Tom Steyer qualified for the Dec. debate. NO media is talking about Tom, but he's rich so he can buy ads. Folks see the ads & when polled, they remember his name. His poll numbers increase.
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14 Nov 19
Hey, POC.

You know how at the job you think you’re about to get ahead, you think things are going well, somebody might be about to put you on, and then you realized you’ve been severely played by white supremacy?

That’s what’s happening to Kap right now.

They gave him hope.
My heart is breaking for Kap.

Because he’s going to show up on Saturday. Not just ready to practice, but ready to PLAY.

He will show up & perform for a nearly empty field, give 100%, KNOWING that this is all a PR stunt & a sham. That MAYBE some coaches will look at the tape.
Kap can’t win here. He has to show up or the claim will be “He doesn’t want it.” If he gets in his head (COMPLETELY understandable) & doesn’t have a PERFECT workout, it will be “See, we told you he wasn’t good.” If it IS perfect & the coaches don’t call, what does he do?
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2 Oct 19
Lemme tell you how smart my Bella is. We go for a walk, come back, I close the door but leave it unlocked because Mini Me is expected. A couple of hours later, Bella starts barking. No biggie, maybe another dog has walked by. Then she comes in and gives me "that look." But....
When I ask her if she needs to go out, she doesn't do the happy dance indicating that she does. But she keeps looking at me expectantly. I ask her differently and she does the dance, then leads the way to the front door. I get there and... the door is open.
Apparently, the doormat had prevented the door from closing completely and it had opened. She wanted me to know. She didn't bolt out the door, she didn't really need to go out, she was warning me. Good dog, Bella!! {Yes, of course she got a treat.}
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29 Sep 19
S1:E1 of @Succession_HBO. This Asian man calmly told this entitled white dude to take all of his money and go f*ck himself three minutes into the show and walked out.
@Succession_HBO How does this dude simultaneously have a cleft in his chin and no chin at all?? And his father just gave him the what for. I just.... thank you, @FredTJoseph. I think I'm in. #Succession
I’m binge watching @Succession_HBO to get caught up and damn if that isn’t the homie @TheJakeChoi playing Lawrence’s partner on the show!!! Get that bag, Jake!! #SuccessionHBO
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29 Sep 19
Are there any people of color in significant roles on this show?
I just watched the premiere episode. Mmmmm....
Update: Mini Me is into @the_Politician. I, on the other hand, am now into @Succession_HBO. Generational divide, I guess. And we both now have shows to watch when the other isn’t around.
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25 Sep 19
I believe that one time is a fluke, and two or more times is a pattern. There is a systematic play afoot to silence Black journalists. It is intentional. You have to ask yourself why, and by whom. Follow along with me in this thread.
Back in April, @ministter of @MakeItPlain was initially suspended and then left @SIRIUSXM altogether. An incident occurred involving someone who identifies as A D O S. Some believe that group has ties to those who want to influence the 2020 election.
Around the same time, @MalcolmNance was silenced at @msnbc. Malcolm has been extremely vocal about those who want to influence the 2020 election. The hashtag #WhereIsMalcolmNance was created if you want to dive in further there.
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13 Sep 19
THIS is what folks are mad about?! I’m a Castro fan (this is not an endorsement) but the media has to relax. There’s no way this is “disqualifying.” Y’all just aren’t ready for anyone challenging the person you’ve already christened as the nominee.
Here's how I know that the Castro "two minutes ago" thing is manufactured outrage. If Castro had said THE SAME THING to Bernie, the media wouldn't have called it "disqualifying." The only people who would've been upset are Bernie supporters. And Bernie is older than Biden.
Similarly, if Biden (or any other candidate) had used Castro's "two minutes ago" line on Trump, every Democrat in America would be calling it a strong line.

If you want someone tough to go after Trump, they have to prove their mettle against their fellow nominees. Grow up.
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15 Aug 19
Already in America, millions of women are struggling to access affordable birth control.

Thanks to the Trump administration and Republican officials in states across the country, women face new barriers to basic reproductive health care.
#CVSDeniesCare 1/
Women are being deprived of the fundamental right to make the decisions that are best for their bodies, their futures, & their families.

Now, @cvspharmacy has decided to deprive tens of thousands of women of the right to make personal health care decisions.
#CVSDeniesCare 2/
Thanks to @cvspharmacy, women who use services like Pill Club, Nurx, and other providers could lose access to birth control altogether.

It’s no coincidence that CVS supports the same GOP politicians who are cracking down on women’s reproductive health care. #CVSDeniesCare 3/
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25 Jul 19
Diddy is allegedly dating Lori Harvey, who is half his age, and the ex-girlfriend of his own son.

Lori is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey, wife of Steve Harvey. Steve was allegedly having an affair with Marjorie while still married to his 2nd wife.

Do I have that right?
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23 Jul 19
There is no better resignation. Enjoy the THREAD.
But wait.... there’s more!! Manz went to his OWN page and continued the dragging after giving his now former boss the business **on his boss’ page.**
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15 Jul 19
There is literally nothing Trump can do that will alienate his base. I'm not sure what more people need to see that. And because this is true, it is a waste of time to attempt to reason with them, or get them to work with us. I'm talking about his supporters AND GOP legislators.
Trump is tripling down with the attack on The Squad this morning. Nothing on the Right is going to change. So...

What are you prepared to do? How will you work to get GOP legislators out of office? How will you ensure ever American is registered to vote? Become strategic.
There's no reason for Republicans (legislators or otherwise) to speak out against Trump's most recent instances of racism. There has been no fallout. There will be no fallout. So why feign outrage if no one on your side is pressed?
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9 Jul 19
"The single largest grouping of people who are descendants of slaveholders is African Americans because of the institutionalization of rape of Black Women during slavery. Most Black Americans could say we're descendants of slaveholders." ~@jelani9 on @TheBeatWithAri w/ @AriMelber
It is obscene for @senatemajldr to compare himself to Barack Obama with respect to descendants of slaveholders. The foundation of the question of reparations is to repair the damage that was done, beginning there & passing down through successive generations. ~@jelani9 #TheBeat
It is obscene inversion of a very traumatic and morally troubling aspect of American history. Barack Obama has inherited race as a headwind; something that had to be navigated in his life. MitchMcConnell has inherited a tailwind. ~@jelani9 on McConnell comparing himself to Obama
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27 Jun 19
Warren goes with the purple jacket tonight. Julian is shorter than I realized. #DemDebate
Klobuchar used an entire shelf of dry shampoo to poof that hair.

Beto coming with the Spanish and significantly over time. Mayor Pete gotta drop the Dutch tomorrow. #DemDebate
Question: What is your thought about Income Equality?

Tulsi: I’m a vet.

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18 Jun 19
Tune in NOW as I livetweet a conversation between @ProcterGamble @saturdaymornco, @lpolgreen, @badassboz, @damondjones @kmcartwright and @VerizonMedia as they #TalkAboutBias at #CannesLions and
premiere a courageous and ground-breaking film, “The Look!” @Cannes_Lions
~@ProcterGamble has created #TheLook to spark constructive conversations on the very real issue of bias & increase understanding so that people can change their behavior. Here at #CannesLions, P&G is showing a sneak peek at the film. You can see it online beginning June 26.
There should be equality in the world, but there isn't because memories, including those images we see, create bias. We have a responsibility to use our voice in advertising to help eliminate bias & create true inclusion. ~ Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, of P&G. #TheLook
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16 Jun 19
I’m at @Cannes_lions all week long! Every day at 5p local/11a EDT/8a PDT, I’ll be hosting the Cannes Can: Diversity Collective Daily Culture Update at @InkwellCannes! This is an update of everything culturally relevant that inspired us at #CannesLions & more. #AprilInCannes 1/
The CC:DC Daily Culture Update will go live on YouTube & FB Live for the creative world to gain insight on what happened in #CannesLion and the #InkwellBeachCannes. The briefing will inspire you on the next culture and creative trends being set around the world! #AprilInCannes
At the top of the hour, join us at @InkwellCannes for the first Daily Culture Briefing! We’ll be broadcasting LIVE at the link below as part of @Cannes_Lions. #InkwellBeachCannes #CannesLions2019 #AprilInCannes facebook.com/CCDC-Inkwell-B…
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8 Jun 19
I took Mini Me’s phone away.

You would’ve thought I dropped her in the middle of a rainforest.

After the interpretative dance to SWV’s Weak, she has now turned to attempting a split in the family room.

Her lack of entertainment is INCREDIBLY entertaining to me. 🤣
She is now having her own spelling bee. Just... spelling words out loud while I’m trying to watch Maddow.

Since she’s giving herself the words to spell, you would think she’d be doing better.
Look at this child. She’s losing it. 🤣🤣
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3 Jun 19
On @MSNBC NOW, @K_JeanPierre talks about the @MoveOn moment at the #BigIdeas conference with @KamalaHarris when that man rushed the stage.
"I've spent the last 24-36 hrs processing this because it was a scary moment. I was thinking the VA Beach massacre happened the day before & we lost 12 souls. White supremacy hate crimes have increased in the last couple of yrs. I was thinking 'what is going on?'" ~@K_JeanPierre
"You see 3 WOC standing on stage, including a WOC running for POTUS. And we're talking about race and the gender gap. A white man with all of his privilege comes on stage and steps into our personal space. It was scary. The only thing I could think of was to act." ~@K_JeanPierre
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