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The world's been vaccinated. The only justification for lockdown is a variant the vaccine doesn't stop. There WILL be one: THE MEASURES ARE PLANNED OPPRESSION!
9 Jun
@OmbudServices I recently entered a meter reading on the E-ON Website, after being presented with a quarterly bill of £360. My rate 2 reading was higher than my rate 1 reading.

When I entered the details this way, the software said I'd got it the wrong way around and re-enter.
@OmbudServices I followed this instruction and entered the meter readings the other way around. Now E-ON are saying I owe them an additional £600.

I have contacted E-ON on several occasions to ask them the swap back the readings. The Indian phone operators sound helpful ...
@OmbudServices but the next day I just get an e-mail demanding the additional money. My reading has not been changed on their website and the website won't let me change it. I feel I have been scammed, being charged high rate fees for low rate electricity.
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