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Bill Gates Gets Fast-Track Approval for a NEW Covid-19 Vaccine
Bill Gates the self-declared prophet of Global public health is back with New Vaccine to inject us.
Let us find out:


#BillGates #COVID19 #CovidVaccine… Image
1. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has funded the development of a new COVID-19 vaccine, SKYCovion. This vaccine has been gained regulatory approval from the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Image
2. This vaccine is developed in South Korea. SKYCovion combines a portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus spike protein with GSK’s AS03 adjuvant technology in a self-assembled nanoparticle vaccine. The vaccine is authorized for use globally, with a focus on underdeveloped nations. Image
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Post any rah-rah #Ukraine shit on my timeline or "#Russia is killing innocents". I have more intel on the intervention than 100 of you paid shills put together.

I may not be a #Putin fan but:

His army has rescued to date 35K children in @ZelenskyyUa's...RT
sex trafficking MEAT GRINDER. It's a full stop for me right there; I was in the face of the pedo cabal for years until funding ran out. You indecent assholes who defend #map or #pedophiles have never seen a toddler hung by their heals being sexually abused...RT
with a 14 yr old girl tormenter's bra being used as a gag to muffle the screams. And this is just the least of the horrors used in "pedo arenas".

@ZelenskyyUa bombed the #NordStream pipeline and the #NovaKakhovka dam FLOODING THE VILLAGES OF HIS OWN CITIZENS...RT @judyannaggie
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Washington State enacted a 7% capital gains tax levied on annual profits in excess of $250,000, and made a *fortune*, $600m more than projected in the first year, despite a 25% drop in the stock market and blistering #InterestRate hikes:…

1/ The Washington State flag; ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Capital gains taxes are levied on "passive income" - money you get for owning stuff. The capital gains rate is *much* lower than the income tax rate - the rate you pay for *doing stuff*.

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A thread 🧵 #35 of funny memes

This is how politics works… look how easily a father gets his son married to billionaire #BillGates daughter 😂 Image
My brain often goes off on its own, I need a GPS tracker to find it back Image
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PEDOPHILES RULE OUR WORLD: Elites who rule us also control most of the Pedophile rings in the world with CIA assistance. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Royal Bloodlines, Actors, Elites are all involved in child sex trafficking of 2 million children.

OVER 8 MILLION CHILDREN MISSING: Former UN Executive and Former President of the Club of Rome for Europe confirms that the Oligarchs who rule our world are Pedophiles who control the systems of global child sex trafficking also control the UN and WEF.

#PizzaGate is not a conspiracy theory. The elite politicians, bureaucrats, Hollywood celebrities are involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Even though it’s 15 years jail time for convicted pedophiles, most politicians got out easily.

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Life Is Not Fair, Get Used to It: 5 Motivational Quotes from Bill Gates

1/ Life isn't always fair, but that doesn't mean you should give up on your dreams. Use the unfairness as fuel to propel you forward. #MotivationMonday #BillGatesQuotes
2/ Success isn't determined by how fair life is to you, but by how you respond to its challenges. Embrace the difficulties and keep pushing forward. #TuesdayThoughts #MotivationalQuotes
3/ It's easy to get discouraged when life throws you curveballs, but remember that you have the power to make things better. Focus on what you can control and take action. #WednesdayWisdom #BillGates

4/ The road to success is never easy or fair, but it's always worth it.
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A thread 🧵 #29 of funny memes Image
Doctor: don’t touch your shoulder Image
Doc: I have your results
You: Did I pass?
Doc: You will soon 😂 Image
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@vonderleyen The #Qatargate #Scandal: Could It Signal The #End Of The ‘#BrusselsEU’? | Apr 21
- A vice #president of the #EuropeanParliament and other EU #lawmakers have been #bribed by the governments of #Qatar, #Morocco, #Mauritania, and possibly other countries…
@vonderleyen Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between #Pfizer And #EUCommission Chief For Sale Of #Vaccines | Sep 18
- Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to #ransom making bizarre demands asking for #bankreserves, #embassy buildings and #military bases.
@vonderleyen The #EuropeanCommission's #refusal of public access to text messages #SMS exchanged between
@vonderleyen and the CEO of a #pharmaceutical company on the purchase of a #Covid19Vaccines
- CASE 1316/2021/MIG - OPENED ON Thursday | 16 Sep 2021
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Ieri #1maggio2023 c'è stata la manifestazione contro il #BioLab a #Pesaro.
5000 persone presenti (che hanno pagato 40 euro pranzo a sacco in media per esserci).
Non è andata bene, fondamentalmente un flop.
Le ragioni dei manifestanti sempre uguali 1/3…
Tra cartelloni e manifesti non sono mancate le bandiere, alcune anche francesi e spagnole. Presenti anche la maggior parte dei partiti nazionali del dissenso riuniti per manifestare alla protesta, oltre a una cinquantina di sigle. 2/3 ImageImageImageImage
Presenti anche i vessilli di 3V e di sigle contro il Green pass e free vax. Tra gli organizzatori anche il Popolo delle Partite Iva.
Presenti anche Cristo contro #BillGates e tutta una serie di pagliacciate ormai superate #novax 3/3 ImageImageImageImage
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In blocking @Microsoft's acquisition of @ATVI_AB, the @CMAgovUK made history: they stepped in to prevent a convicted monopolist from seizing control over a nascent, important market (cloud gaming), ignoring MS's transparent, self-serving lies:…

1/ A promotional image from th...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Cloud gaming isn't really a thing right now, but it *might* be. That was Microsoft's bet, anyway, as it plonked down $69b for Activision-Blizzard - a company that shouldn't exist, having been formed out of a string of grossly anticompetitive mergers that were waved through.

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Thread: #BillGates und die #Medien

Wer sich schon immer gefragt hat, warum Bill Gates in den Medien meist nur positiv wegkommt und so gut wie nie kritisch hinterfragt wird, dem empfehle ich die 6-teilige Artikel-Serie von Thomas Röper vom @SpiegelAnti aus dem Jahr 2022.

1/9 Image
In dieser Serie wird detailliert aufgezeigt, wie Gates durch #Spenden weltweit Einfluss auf die größten #Medienhäuser, sowie auf #Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, die eng mit großen Medienunternehmen verbunden sind, nimmt und so die #Presse positive beeinflusst.

2/9 Image
Zum Zeitpunkt der Artikel waren es insgesamt mehr als 300 Millionen Dollar, die er auf der ganzen Welt in Medien investiert hat. Dazu zählen nicht nur bekannte #MainStreamMedien, sondern auch zahlreich investigative #Journalisten und auch diverse #Faktenchecker.

3/9 Image
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Monopoly - Follow The Money 💰 Apr 7, 2021

This informative video gives an overview of what is happening in the world in just 1 hour. The video shows the modern global systems and focuses on the situation in the #Nederland. We believe that people from all over the #world will……
Follow The Money: Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits don't need to disclose who their donors are...
#BillGates #Soros #BillClinton #foundations #johnsonandjohnson #AstraZeneca #Pfizer #Moderna…
Follow The Money: Flashback 2021 & The Danger We Are In Now.
#WEF #WHO #UN #1080p…
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I think I got it to tell the truth.

"However, building a Quantum Computer with enough qubits and processing power to simulate the behavior of the universe or to control human civilization"

Welcome to Skynet. Checkmate #BillGates #Microsoft #OpenAI Image
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#Rothschilds family funded most wars on both sides starting from Napoleon period.

They first established banks in Germany, London, France, Austria and Italy and later started to spread their wings. 164 central banks are owned & operated by them.

The fact that none of these countries have a #Rothschilds controlled central bank shows how powerful these guys are. Image
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Here is where the National Cattlemen’s Association says no there is no #mRNA in our cows:…. Below are clips (edited for time) from the testimony of the lobbyist from the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association before the #Missouri House. Hmmm - seems they aren’t……
CRITICAL - #BillGates #FactoryMeat is easier to hide #mRNA in than real food… this MUST be Banned. @SteveDeaceShow @AGHuff @RMConservative…
I am seeing websites scrubbing “#mRNA” from their discussion. Calling it other names like “particle RNA” or “RNA technology”. We need legislation everywhere but it MUST require disclosure & #InformedConsent for ALL #GeneTherapy… otherwise they’ll just keep changing the name.……
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#Twitter keeps blocking this article that explains the #Missouri #HB1169 & the integration of #mRNA vaccines into food. Why? #WeThePeople #DiedSuddenly #Vaccine #truth…
#twitter will not let me post what I want about this so I’m going to break it down and see where the issue is. #Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher is pushing the Rs in #Missouri to block #HB1169 - will he stand with #WeThePeople or #BigPharma?
The integration of vaccines into food has been studied and understood for many years - they are trying to hide it from the public. Especially the fact that they are now trying to do it with #mRNA #GeneTherapy #DiedSuddenly shots
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BREAKING NEWS: the lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH. WE MUST SUPPORT #Missouri #HB1169. It is LITERALLY the ONLY chance we have to prevent this… NO ONE knows the the……
Support local farmers - not #BillGates and #CCP factory farms that want to poison us
To be clear - at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”. While I would argue that it must be done under existing law I absolutely do not believe that will happen. If #Missouri will pass #HB1169 the informed consent and disclosure……
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Gotta love @jimmy_dore. How do so many people still not know about these criminals? How long does it take to sink in, people? I mean...It's not brain surgery. 😉
Workforce statistics do not reflect what we're being told.
#VaccineInjuries #VaccineDeaths
#Fauci opened the #Gates of hell.
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#BillGates the tech billionaire, the founder of Microsoft, likes to see the human population decline.

He’s pro #Depopulation
He’s pro #Vaccines
He’s visited #EpsteinIsland multiple times and he’s a #ClimateCult member

A 🧵 for your awareness only👇

They don’t like the bugs
No problem… burn down food plants

They don’t like fake meats either
No problem… buy their farmlands & starve them to death, they’ll buy
#BillGates #WEF #KlausSchwab
#conspiracytheory Image
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#ClimateChange is a natural process that occurs over 1000s of years. The reason they say #GlobalWarming is wreaking havoc is due to the human caused CO2 increase. CO2 is necessary for plants & trees to produce food. Due to excessive deforestation and burning of fossil fuels…… Image
If you haven’t watched this clip about #ClimateChange it’s a must watch🔥
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#RobertKennedyJr dice a Jimmy Dore che #BillGates finanzia l'OMS e sostiene il #GlobalViromeProject, che raccoglie e trasforma virus pericolosi in 150 laboratori biologici in tutto il mondo, e #JoeBiden sta concedendo all'OMS controllata da Gates
il potere illimitato di dichiarare #pandemie:
"Adesso hanno tutti questi #laboratoribiologici e Gates e altri sono coinvolti in questo progetto chiamato #GlobalViromeProject, in cui stanno cercando di raccogliere campioni di tutti i #virus del mondo
che possono essere usati come armi #PeterDaszak
e #USAID erano parte di esso...E poi stanno tutti lavorando in 150 #laboratoribiologici in tutto il mondo, quaranta in #Ucraina, in #Cina, in #Africa, stanno lavorando su Marburg, Ebola, Zika, Monkey Pox, Polio,
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#WEF | World Economic Forum officially began to advertise the Marburg virus, the PCR test and the vaccine against it🤔…

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates
#Marburg the Next #Pandemic | #WEF already launching #propaganda campaign for the next "#Catastrophic Contagion", the next #Plandemic | #MarburgVirus 🙆‍♂️
20-year-old clip from #AlexJones and Dr #RimaLaibow telling us about all that has been happening all these years

#WHO is already getting ready for the next planned "pandemic" ... they have already started introducing the global population to the existence of the next coming planned "pandemic" now!! -> Marburg Virus.

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates #ClimateScam
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Thread 🧵


1)Both China and the WHO involved in the creation of Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. Gates and CCP controlled WHO appoints criminal Tedros.

Gates paid Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Fact Checkers in order to censor and control all the information

Event 201 was sponsored by Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum to enforce a worldwide Pandemic response 5 months before the WHO fraudulently declared a global pandemic. It was a planned coordinated criminal effort worldwide

Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation bribes the WHO, NIH, NIAID, CDC, FDA, Medical Schools and Journals to control the health industry and public health policy.
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