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Because #BlackLivesMatter ?

Here's a daily dose of #medicaltyranny|

#Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” #Vaccine Record & Payment System

Courtesy of #billgates #Gavi #vaccine mania #mastercard #GeorgeSoros

#covid19 #nwo
No #Vaccine? No Life For You?

In early June, GAVI reported that Mastercard’s Wellness Pass program would be adapted in response to the #coronavirus.

The program will be coupled with a #Covid_19 #vaccination program once a #vaccine becomes available.…
#Covipass S AVE

With #coronavirus you globalists evil fks get to do whatever it is you want. You get carte blanche or a covipass.

We the MAJORITY refuse your enslavement program. #vaccineswork for #eugenicists

We told you so but you did nothing.
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▪️#PrinceHarry and Megan leave the royal family.
(I would too if I found out my own family had my mother killed, and were satan worshipping, child traffickers)

▪️#PrinceAndrew is accused for pedophilia and was extremely close with #JeffreyEpstein.
▪️Research #EpsteinIsland, #Lolitaexpress
(if you have a strong stomach)

▪️Research #Pizzagate
(if you can handle it)

Keep reading to the end, it gets good.
▪️#Wikileaks exposed #HillaryClinton for being a child sex trafficker (along with #Obama, #Podesta and many other people in power) and she conveniently deletes over 300,000 emails, and destroys a laptop and mobile phone she used while in office and gets away with it?
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How long until Irelands elite get entangled in the #Epstein scandal? Let's remember Denis O'Briens dodgy deals and close ties to the Clinton's and all Bonos
" humanitarian work" in Africa…

#Haiti #Qanon
Why do all these "Philanthropist" celebrities always have so much interest in poor children?
Bono and the Obama's are so close that their families vacation together
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I’ve stated, many times, for 2-2.5 mos: I believe the #covid19 #coronavirus #secondwave #2ndWave will be an actual #bioweapon released by factions w/in the US govt, & #BillGates (he has clearly stated he wants 2 depopulate the 🌎)

2 vids & a pic further support my concerns
Look at the devious grin on his face when he tells Colbert his next concern is a #bioweapon

That behavior is indicative of a #sociopath, or #psychopath exhibiting #DupingDelight or #DupersDelight
He knows what’s coming, & he believes himself to be far more intelligent than the rest of humanity.

HE HAS DUPED US! The “first wave” didn’t get all of us to believe the #propaganda of the #Plandemic but...
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#KRAFTFOOD & #Senomyx
What they have in common?
HEK-293=Human Embryonic Kidney
WHO Is in all #Sustainability projects? = #billgates
Who supplies #KRAFTFOOD #hek293? #PlannedParenthood owned by #GatesFoundation sounds familiar?? How #maxwell & #gates & #Epstein all connected?
#GhislaineMaxwell's CONTROL the #waterresources & food supply chains w/#gates & #UN helps them to Implement their coverted sick projects in 140 countries in the world. The real concept of #sustainability is to CONTROL the masses! #qanon #WWG1WGA
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Disney World is a child trafficking hub... they were NOT saving any children! #GhislaineMaxwell #Disney
#Disney and Ghislaine
Her father with Elton John
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#Germany Government Denounces #Coronavirus #COVID19 as "a Worldwide false alarm" in scathing new report that began as an accidental leak to the public from inside the govt. Decimates the LIES of #BillGates & #Fauci Drug Cartels…
-The dangerousness of #Covid19 was overestimated
-Probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond normal level.
-The people who die from #Coronavirus are essentially those who would statistically die this yr because they have reached the end of their lives
-Their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 different #coronavirus types currently in circulation). (& many other illnesses which give a positive on a PCR test)
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[1] Cuando la pseudociencia y las conspiraciones te cuestan la vida: El caso de la reciente muerte por #COVID19 del activista chileno anti-OGM y Director de la Revista de esoterismo/pseudociencia “Mundo Nuevo”, Iván Santandreu. | #coronavirus | Abro hilo.
[2] Desde que comenzó la pandemia, seguro han visto muchas conspiraciones sobre COVID: un falso origen con manipulación genética, torres #5G, #BillGates y el "chip", arma biológica para dominación mundial china/gringa/rusa/judía... propagadas x muchos foros de "extrema derecha".
[3] Si bien a primera vista estas conspiraciones pueden parecernos jocosas e incluso entretenidas, presentan el mismo peligro que las pseudociencias y la medicina alternativa: pasar de meras creencias o pasatiempos, a generar un peligro a la vida de las personas.
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EXCLUSIVE: #ContactTracing whistleblower warns of door-to-door
#forcedvaccinations & and #FEMA kidnapping campaigns of “dissenters” who refuse vaccines,
#coronavirus #COVID19
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former FEMA administrator Celeste Solum, who confirmed that FEMA is gearing up to medically kidnap and forcefully place American citizens into FEMA camps where so-called “anti-vaxxers” will be exterminated (that’s not a metaphor, they will be murdered by the state)
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US Program officer at #BillGates Foundation appears to possibly have been murdered in her swimming pool with daughter & father. She oversaw 17 BILLION in Federal Grants & budget spending & any time something like this, snif snif some Misappropriation @FBI…
People often tend to "go missing" or die very young, when operating budgets of 17 BILLION a year in tax funding. One deal with the devil is all it takes.
OH! 79 Nisha Patel accounts just on Twitter alone. Better WOAH the horsies on this story & back up the truck. High probability it's the wrong one.
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@Walmart @WalmartInc All the so called 'educated' in #Bentonville must have never read the packaging on these #Mask. Does not protect from #coronavirus #COVID19 or any other viral-bacterial germs. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump this Social Stupidity must come to an end. CONTD -->
USING THE FAKE NEWS TO PROVE MY POINT: They do have it right on this.
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El plan maquiavélico de la izquierda globalista con el Nuevo Orden para la #Agenda2030. Capítulo 1-El comunismo es lo peor para la libertad del ser humano. Tiranía,manipulación,pobreza y terror. Nos lo explican en directo desde #Venezuela.
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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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Broer van @hugodejonge, Marien, heeft gewerkt voor #Merck, grootste vaccinproducent vd wereld, met als grootste aandeelhouder: #BillGates. Marien werkt nu als ass. prof. in het Radboud ziekenhuis Nijmegen. En wie sponsort het Radboud al jaren mbt vaccins? #BillGates! PERVERS. Image…

O ja, #Marien de Jonge werkt ook aan vaccin mbt de bacterie genaamd #pneumokok. Drie keer raden waarmee men in de tweede helft van dit jaar alle 73-80 jarigen in Nederland wil vaccineren: pneumokokkenvaccin! CORRUPT?
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Draadje. Het bewijs dat #BillGates achter de #corona #pandemie zit, wordt steeds groter! Zojuist verscheen dit bericht over een mogelijk #vaccin dat eind 2020 klaar zou zijn. Mogelijk gemaakt in een samenwerkingsverband tussen #Nederland #Italië #Duitsland en #Frankrijk
2/4 Laat het nou net deze vier Euopese landen zijn, waar #BillGates de afgelopen jaren op bezoek kwam. Zie foto...
Waar zouden die gesprekken over zijn gegaan denk je? Over software? Over filantropie? Of over afspraken voor een #plandemie en de verkoop van 't #vaccin van #Gates?
3/4 Ik denk dat laatste...
#BillGates gaat bovendien flink cashen met zijn vaccin, want in een interview vertelde hij dat de #vaccin-markt lucratief is.
Voor elke dollar die hij investeert, krijgt hij er 20 terug!!
Oh, nog iets! Waarom die #Spoedwet er per se moet komen?
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#Hurricane #HAARP #WWG1WGA To any Anons interested, this channel has some great vids.…
h/t to @saudi_alice for the reminder about looking in to this...seems #BillGates was/is interested - or perhaps already has - obtaining/obtained a patent to control #hurricanes.…

#Satellites #MicrowaveRF #Chemtrails #Aerosols #WWG1WGA
Watching… and #ArtemisBonds was in the crosshairs...good news?

The #WorldBank was effected by this as well...seems to be more good news -- gambling on the weather & it's fixed? #TskTsk…

#WWG1WGA #Chemtrails
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Today I had my first experience with a “morally superior” #Democrat in a mask after she glared at me for several seconds in a grocery store aisle. “You have a problem?” I finally asked. She wheeled her cart away from me, & yelled over her shoulder, “Wearing a mask is an act of
2/ KINDNESS!” I replied I’d wear one if I thought there were a real problem, & not some hoax. Her jaw dropped behind the mask & she angrily stomped off. This mask wearing has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE #VIRUS This is HOW they IDENTIFY each other. They have security, MORAL SUPERIORITY
3/ and they feel FREE to say & do things they would NOT without the afforded anonymity of the mask. This is a #Democrat ‘s ultimate weapon: they get to be as rude & impertinent as they want while feeling socially justified, even vindicated, wearing a mask.
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Trust that #CCP, #WHO and #BillGates are using the #Riots as cover for bailing out from loss of credibility. Don't let the bailout work.

REJECT CCP's very sophisticated destruction of Western science & science orgs by INFILTRATION and CONTROL.

Next: #SterilizationVaccineGate

What this is, is the allegation by an insider that there has apparently been much more success in using vaccines as a method of directed autoimmune response than has been admitted publicly. It's ingenious tech - very smart.…
Note that the idea of using vaccines to sterilize people is not automatically "bad" in a 100% honest world, but when one considers the #CCP, which basically asserts government ownership of PEOPLE down to their organs, then such technology cannot be trusted to social engineers.
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The #FakeNewsMedia likes to use the words “peaceful” and “protests” in the same sentence to describe this 👇
If these #AntifaTerrorists are truly fighting for change with the #BlackLivesMattter movement against “#SystemicRacism”, then why wouldn’t they start by burning down all the #PlannedParenthood centers that are committing #Genocide within the Black Communities?
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“Organizing for Action, an off-shoot of Barack #Obama’s first presidential campaign, partnered with the #Soros-backed Indivisible Project for “online trainings” on how to build #protest movements in the Trump-era” #AntifaTerrorists #QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
3/ Is #Alinsky’s #RulesForRadicals used by extreme Leftists Train Agitators at Peaceful Protests?

Is #Obama behind #AnitfaTerrorism? #BLM #Soros…
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US pays $450M to World Health Organization
China pays $40M, controls WHO.

New measures:
►Terminating our relationship with #WHO
►Re-shoring #SupplyChain
►Protecting our Financial Systems/Markets from Chinese
►Espionage measures: revoking visas

I believe China uses shell corporations & hedge funds to hold large amounts of stock in U.S. Companies.

Overlap with Venture Capital, Investment Bank financing in Private-Public-Partnerships which have scooped up much of America's Infrastructure. Ex: #LOOPCapital

#PPPs #PowerGrid #ChinaChinaChina #wellhellzbellz
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1) A thread on #ContactTracing. Yes, it's here. We are watching the #NWO #Agenda21 script play out right in front of our eyes. First we'll show what this is, then I'll share an Anon's opinion of what is really going on. No fear....
2) First, THOUSANDS of #ContactTracers are being hired all over the country. The evidence of this is clear.…
3) Now, who would be attracted to such an invasive job? How EXCITED your neighbor might be to be able to decide the future of your kids and other family members through #ContactTracing! 🙄 Controlling flags, grass length and noisy dogs is just not enough!
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There's an attack on natural medicine e/g #silver

WHY? 🤔Is #medicalmafia using #covid19 to implement tyrannical hypocrisy?

Chemical Engineer PhD @3rdrocksunblock talks #silver #duke, #fauci, #Billgates w/ me.

I reached out to the FDA for an interview however Press Officer stated no one was available.

What he could share was that #OperationQuackHack was launched in March 2020 and is spearheaded by the Cybercrime Investigations Unit of FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations...
and the Health Fraud Team within FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs.

"Here, “hack” was meant to refer to using various approaches to disrupt the activities of those who are selling false cures on the internet," says Press Officer.

Um, excuse me? Come again?
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You know the guy everyone hates because they don't know him but their TV does. Without him we are fucked, TRUST ME.

While the msm works tirelessly to make @realDonaldTrump out to be a buffoon, over the last week he did the following, but you probably won't hear about it:
1. Made #vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines

2. Defunded #WHO forever and wants an investigation into its operations
3. Cancelled the Democrats #HR6666 bill, known as the #Covid19TRACEAct that was the basis for #BillGates's diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.

4. Cancelled Bill Gates project known as #ID2020
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