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Chatt gaya Andhera, Nikal gaya suraj, Khill gaya kamal, aur bikk gaya burnol!! Ab aage ki ladai ke liye ready ho jao! The battle of Dharma🚩🚩🚩
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11 Jun
Discovery, drama, destruction & demolition of Congress in One thread!

They did partition just for power
They accuse others of Division

They gave Jumla of Gareebi hatao
They say others jumlebaaz

They massacred Sikhs
They call other Maut ka soudagar

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They did Bofors, Coal-gate, 3G, National herald
They did many such corruptions!
Rajiv was a pilot
His dad Feroz was just an editor & MP
His mom was PM whose salary is not too high

So how are they billionaire?
Don't tell me Antonia maino earned in barπŸ˜‚

They call others corrupt!
They illegally occupied 10 Janpath
They ask where will Migrants go!

They said Kargil was BJP's War
They call themselves Indian

They question & doubt surgical strike
They blindly believe Pulwama 300 kg RDX

They trust Chinese intrusion
They question when they go back!

Cont.. πŸ‘‡
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18 May

LIFE after Lockdown 4.0
Prediction & precautions in one tweet

Take this or leave this
Its my take, my Prediction and I stand by it!

This will be the last thread of Lockdown season 1 of Coronavirus!
It covers everything πŸ™
Relaxations & Lockdowns

As u know the last Prediction of Dilution of authority to states hits Bull's eye!
The same will continue..

States will now decide relaxations of local areas & contaminated zones.
They will take calls on all local markets & decide on zones after 31st also
States will decide on local transportation, restaurants, offices, shops & other post 31st May too!

Centre govt may decide only on core issues of national importance and relax rules post 31st May!
They will relax rules for trains, metros, domestic flights & other means of tspt
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12 May


After successful Prediction of Lockdowns & central decisions, including today's Announcement of Migrants, Financial package & No Lockdown Announcement

Lets proceed as PromisedπŸ™

(This is just Prediction)
1. Financial Package

India Announced its biggest financial package & economic reform since Independence
20 lac crores
It will be spent on poor, Migrants, farmers, but for the 1st time middle class will b in the 1st row
MSMEs, small industries, interests etc will b taken care of!
2. #AatmanirbharBharat
#SELFRELIANTINDIA focus of this financial package will be to encourage manufacturing & maximum mobilisation of small industries to make them grow!

It will also take care of start ups which may be having hard time dealing with this cash crunch!
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11 May
My take on Lockdown, season Special!

Govt of India took initial & great step with Announcement of Lockdown & Modiji left no stone unturned!
1st 14 days of Lockdown was a successful event like never before in 1.35 billion population!
However Single source failed India!
With single source being on Rampant, 2nd lockdown was announced but it was disturbed midway around 25th of April, which was a biggest mistake!
Continued & strict Lockdown would've really worked!

Sometimes under pressure decisions are biggest mistakes!
But the worst was awaiting
While other countries were already on the peak of it, India had just started

With 25000 cases in 85 days
& Another 25000 in 9 days
India had just arrived then!

But again on 3rd May, ease of restrictions took place with 3 zones in place citing economy crisis & Migrants
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23 Apr

Ek fact se ye haal hai

And I m shocked to know that many of Indians don't know the past & harsh facts associated with Bar dancer!!

Lets enlighten some of them for better understandingπŸ”₯
Father of bar dancer was a dog in Mussolini's army, yes same fascist army, not only that
He was proud of fighting against Russian reds alongside Hitler

Bar dancer had a serious relationship with an Italian footballer called Franco!
Franco auto biography was banned in India
Franco was not very famoes, however Bar dancer's mom was ok with thier relationship and they were about to get married in few months
Then enters our Hero from India in her life!!

He went to Trinity College using family connections & bar dancer was in same city
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25 Nov 19
Hearing begins in Supreme Court #MahaPoliticalTwist
After questioning the need of judicial review
SG hands over letter of Invitation to Supreme Court in which governor invited Devendra fadnavis to form the govt!
SG says "Ajit Pawar handed over letter to Governor on 22nd with Support of 54 MLAs of NCP"

Ye kya tha
Chutiyapa chal raha hai literally πŸ˜‚
Now 53 MLAs are with Sharad Pawar in hotel!πŸ˜‚
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20 Sep 19

Except Ratan Tata no big industrialist wants to work for India
Self profits ahead of nation?
After 300000 crores also they want more?
Shame on reliance industries that rather than thinking out solutions & Bailing out India of chinese products

Rather than bringing big machines & creating employment
Foreign reserves surplus
Make in India program
Low cost good quality products
Increased facilities & infra

Companies like these are focusing only on profit, safe game and destroying Indian economy & growth

They are selling

Smaller goods
Household products
& Not only stopped innovation but also destroyed all small businesses who use to sell the same things earlier!

They bark about giving employment
Here is the expose on a case:
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24 May 19


@INCIndia @RahulGandhi @divyaspandana @sardesairajdeep @_sabanaqvi @ShefVaidya

Simple steps

Congress should've changed party president, closing eyes will never solve problems
Congress should've banked on experience
Cont πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
@INCIndia @RahulGandhi @divyaspandana @sardesairajdeep @_sabanaqvi @ShefVaidya They should've opted for likes of Pranab da & other such faces who have some credibility

Congress can never win if they become a family party
Not today
Not in 2060 also
Because India now rejects dynast politics & losers in top position

Just imagine Pappu speaking in UN
@INCIndia @RahulGandhi @divyaspandana @sardesairajdeep @_sabanaqvi @ShefVaidya New India believes in powerful leadership & that was missing in congress
Even SP, BSP gained
They don't sell potato chips on stage
So they gained

Congress failed to convince or get convinced in alliance making
They totally messed it up
Sabka sath was never understood
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