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Starting Stocks selection for tomorrow, Sharing charts and levels today with charts for tomorrow and Positional Charts.

1. Index Charts
2. Bullish Breakout
3. Bearish Breakdown

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01. Index- #Nifty 15Min chart after long time able to break range and now consolidating between new range 10,450/10,400 levels.

Levels for Tomorrow- 10,540/10,500/10,440/10,400/10,340
02. Index- #Banknifty after breakout index trading between middle of Resistance (22,500) and support (21,600) levels.

Levels for tomorrow- 22,400/22,200/21,700/21,450
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Stock market quotes for Dummies

1)You get recession, you have stock market declines. If you don’t understand that’s going to happen, then you’re not ready, you won’t do well in the markets. – Peter Lynch

2)No price is too low for a bear or too high for a bull. – Unknown
3)In the short run, the market is a voting machine. But in the long run, it is a weighing machine. – Ben Graham

4)The four most expensive words in the english language are, “This time it’s different.” – Sir John Templeton
5)Learn everyday, but especially from the experiences of others. It’s cheaper! – John Bogle

6)Everyone has the power to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth grade math, you can do it. – Peter Lynch

@PassivefundsIn @IndiaEtfs
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FNO Analysis Thread dated 28th June...
Nifty IT and its major constituents...bullish...break above 200 SMA...
#ICICIBank ..asc triangle...look for BO above horizontal line this week...
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Why is the price to book value (P/B) of a company important? Lets say a company's net worth is 1000 Crores. If P/B ratio is 2, it simply means the market is valuing the company at 2000 Crores.

So higher the P/B ratio, riskier and over valued the company is.

#StockMarket #Nifty
Good companies will always be overvalued (P/B > 1). The question is how overvalued it is. Will you purchase a stock whose P/B ratio is at 15? Its a bubble waiting to burst.
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There is only one chart that you should see in current market scenarios. The daily rise in #COVIDー19 cases in each country. All the stock market bullishness, IPOs, investments, stake sales you see around doesn't signify any recovery.
#StockMarket #DowJones #Nifty
Who will businesses sell their products to if the consumer demand is not going to shoot up significantly? Why are the stock markets rallying then?
No institutional fund holder will like to sell at loss. Especially when they can afford to stage a coordinated pump to artificially inflate the prices to stage a bullish recovery to convince the retail investors enough.
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How to take maximum advantage of the stock picks & Index Levels (lvls) posted on daily basis Here & Telegram channel (see link below) -…

“To anticipate the market is to gamble To be patient & react only when the market gives the signal is to speculate”
1.For stocks –

A. Out of all F&O 150 stocks approx. it’s impossible to exactly pinpoint this one stock will go up or down on this particular day.

B. But it’s possible to select 5 to 8 stocks which have high probability of going up/down on the particular day.
C. What we can do is keep these stocks in Watchlist & observe the price movement at opening whether stock is going up/down & then either buy and sell based on the direction of the stock for Intraday and exit when we make good profits.…
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Starting Stocks selection for tomorrow, Sharing charts and levels today with charts for tomorrow.

1. Index Charts
2. Bullish Breakout
3. Bearish Breakdown

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#Nifty trading near resistance line 10,120/10,160 levels, if #Nifty break 10,160 level and sustain above this we can see major upside towards 10,240/10,300 levels or if #Nifty break 9,960 level we can see the major downside.

#BankNifty levels trading near resistance level 21,000/21,200 levels if #Index tomorrow not able to break these levels we can see some reversal or we can see support near 20,000/20,450 levels.

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If you're reading this taht means you have lost money and popped your cherry! Congrats! Now how do you regain! Change your approach! Right now! Nope! wont come back as fast as it went! But surely will come back and more wont get blown! Read along to regain! #nse #bse #nifty 1/n
2/n If you lost money in penny stocks reading @moneycontrolcom forums! Congratulations! You were a victim of Halucination! Those people think they are smarter than the #FIIs and #DIIs and buy truck loads of #nclt stocks, #rcom, #idea, #vakrangee #pcjewellers #ruchisoya
3/n and etc etc thinking they will become rich overnight. And Upper Circuit! who doesnt like it? You want to buy it you perhaps already bought it and then the stock started hitting Lower Circuit then you went to the forum and started reading opinions opinions about the order book
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#Nifty Monthly @10116
-Prices face confluence resistance at 10350-10700 which is the upper band & price resistance zone
-Historically the upper band has often acted as a Bear resistance level and new Bull Run has started only on a break & close above the upper-band(yellow line)
-The Upper band (Yellow line) has too marked important lower tops previously and currently Nifty has tested the upper resistance band.
-The current structure would indicate a bullish sentiment and confirmation only on a monthly close above 10700 levels.
-The previous bear market retracement rallies have retraced 50-61.8% of the previous fall and made a lower top
-Nifty 50-61.8% retracement level is around 9910(50%)-10500 (61.8%) which can be another resistance factor
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(1/n) NSE Listed universe ownership trends:
- Total promoter ownership in NSE-listed #stocks⬆️by ~110bps (QoQ) to near 5 yr high of 50.9%
- FII ownership⬇️133bps (QoQ) to a 5 qtr low of 20.8% (highest sequential decline on a qtrly basis over last 19 yrs)
Src: NSE

(2/n) Top 20 companies by value of shares bought by promoters in the March quarter.

#investments #investors #stockmarkets #stocks #NSE #economy #lockdown2020
Ownership trend across key stakeholders by TOTAL market cap over last 3 years &
Ownership trend across key stakeholders by FLOATING stock over last 3 years

#investing #stockmarkets #investments #stocks #Nifty50 #Nifty #equities #trading
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here is a thread of few of my #banknifty tweets.

It started on 15th may where I saw intermarket #divergence

here I saw my confidence in long #banknifty

koi 50 point wala newbies nahi hu......mard jaise profit leta hu ya chota sl.

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If Stock Trading is your Business, Leverage is Funding.
#stock #trading #funding #leverage #Nifty
Leverage is like Living on a High Debt in Business.
If one cannot service Debt with High Income, one should not opt for high Leverage from a Broker.
Why blame the broker for offering high Leverage.
It's their business to earn more brokerage.
Let us manage ours.
Leverage is Essential. Learn to Live with High Leverage.
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Since the starting of current pullback, whenever a bearish candle comes up, the next day price is not even going closer to the previous day High of Bearish candle, so as per the current ongoing pattern, tomorrow expiry should be below 9600, even below 9550 possible.

Already we are Holding Short in Nifty 9600 CE at 41.4, for the day we would like to Sell 9500 CE on rise after opening & 9400 CE,9300 CE on price rejection after a decent rise.

We also would like to Sell NF in 9360-9400 range.

Bearish view for the day
Covered 9600 CE at 0.45, sold yesterday at 41.4, now no plan for Selling today Expiry CE's, very low premium, R:R not making much sense, will look for NF if goes above 9320.
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I am trying to co-relate #NIFTY #NIFTY50 and Jupiter's position in 2008 Vs 2020 . The findings are interesting whether one believes it or not Image
#NIFTY #NIFTY50 Peak was when Jupiter was in Moola star both in 2008 and in 2020. Remember Jupiter traverses the same Zodiac once in 12 years
The second peak ( Wave 2 end in EW terms) happened approx 15 days before Jupiter turns retrograde . Which in 2020 happens on 15th May.
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Thread: Technical Analysis of Nifty (8th May 2020)

Detailed Analysis Below:
The Recent price action on Nifty 50 indicates bulls are failing to sustain at high levels and we are witnessing the demand drying up. On the high side Nifty needs to break the barrier of 9500 decisively to regain the upward momentum.
10000 will act as very stiff resistance since in past we have seen nifty took support of 10000 and climbed back to 11000-12000 now as we are below 10000 from couple of months this is going to be a major trend reversal point.
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Reversal Patterns Simplified📒

🔵There are two types of reversal patterns in candlestick
1.Bullish 🐂
2.Bearish 🐻
🔵Bullish reversal pattern mostly occurs in downtrend or during intermediate corrections of uptrend,
Vice Versa for Bearish reversal pattern

Reversal Patterns Simplified📒

Bullish 🐂
🔵Some common bullish reversal patterns identifed by traders on charts are
1.Bullish Engulfing
2.Three White Soldiers
3.Morning Star
4.Piercing Line
5.Inverted Hammer
🔵All patterns to be confirmed with price move & other indicators

Reversal Patterns Simplified📒

Bullish Engulfing
🔵Its a reversal pattern in which second candle (Green) completely engulfs the real body of the first(Red) candle
🔵On the second day price opens lower than the previous day low & close above previous day high

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Delta (denoted as ∆) is the Options Greek that tells us the sensitivity of options price in response to the rate of change in the underlying. More specifically, delta tells us about the options expected price change relative to a one-point change in the underlying.

For example, a delta of 50% means, for every one-point change in the underlying, the options price changes by 0.5 points and similarly, a delta of 25% means a 0.25-point change in options price for every 1-point move in the underlying.
But Delta (∆) is not constant for any given strike price, it is dynamic and keeps on changing depending on the moneyness of the option strike with respect to the underlying.
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1. Japan #Nikkei

Trading near #Resistane level (Recent Support) & also strong resistance zone 20,400/20,800 level. Index also formed #ShootingStar at resistance means overall structure fully bearish. Index will be bullish only if able to break 20.8K level.

2. China #SSE

Trading in #UptrendChanne pattern and now sign looking for a bearish move, we can see upside movement count. towards 2,900/2,940 levels as per chart support near 2,820 level.
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24 March 2020..... India equity markets made low of 7511 and next 35 days 2348 points recovery.

So let's see which all sectors participated and which lagging behind.

Violet line indicates ... Nifty 50 Index
Green line indicates respective Index.
Yellow line indicates... RSI(14)
My chart reading says..

Participating sectors... NIFTY financial services, Pvt bank, Metal, Energy, Auto, Infra & IT

Laggards..... Nifty consumption, FMCG, Pharma, Media, Realty, PSU Bank

So one can decide where to long and short in May series.
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#NewPosition - Short in #Nifty May Futures at 9845 Image
#Nifty May Future Short trade reason:

Nifty fell from 12250 to 7500 in only 6 weeks. That's a 'sharp & brutal' 40% fall & confirmation that we are in a bear market.

1/n Image
Because we fell harder, the bounce had to be sharp too. Study past 30%+ corrections & you'll see markets have bounced 50% or more almost immediately. And, that 50% level we hit this Thursday.

But, hang-on. We don't go short because it has reached here. Need more evidence.

2/n Image
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Some observations on the indices and two stocks I am closely tracking
#Nifty #BankNifty #Reliance #BajajFinance
Nifty fut has the lowest Cumulative Open Interest (COI) historically(1.08cr vs 200dma of 1.7cr), really a unique scenario. I am guessing this means moving Nifty fut has become child's play, expect a massively volatile next three days leading up to the expiry
BankNifty fut on the other hand has piled on COI, #BigMove predicted anytime but signal still not ON , expecting 20400 to be a resistance, major selloff if we get breakdown of yesterday's low of 19380
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Comparison of #Nifty & 10000 CE
When Nifty created a higher low from 7511 to 8055 then you can see even after 500 points rally, 10000 CE price dropped from 87 to 16 (81% drop), that shows clearly that everytime is not a option buying time. Image
After that when Nifty moved up from 8055 to 9131 then after 1100 points rally 10000 CE price appreciated upto 97 that is roughly 10 points higher than the price when nifty was trading near 7511 level on 25th March,2020
In layman terms, Nifty rallied 7511 to 9131, that is great up-move of 1600+ points in a few days and Nifty 10000 CE appreciated by 10 points only!
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Stock Markets will teach something new to everyone.
Everyone means everyone!

History never repeats on Wall Street.

This time it will be something new.
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