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(1/n) NSE Listed universe ownership trends:
- Total promoter ownership in NSE-listed #stocks⬆️by ~110bps (QoQ) to near 5 yr high of 50.9%
- FII ownership⬇️133bps (QoQ) to a 5 qtr low of 20.8% (highest sequential decline on a qtrly basis over last 19 yrs)
Src: NSE

(2/n) Top 20 companies by value of shares bought by promoters in the March quarter.

#investments #investors #stockmarkets #stocks #NSE #economy #lockdown2020
Ownership trend across key stakeholders by TOTAL market cap over last 3 years &
Ownership trend across key stakeholders by FLOATING stock over last 3 years

#investing #stockmarkets #investments #stocks #Nifty50 #Nifty #equities #trading
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A thread on how to Define correct Swing Highs / Lows for the purpose of Dow Theory analysis or drawing Trendlines:

Thomas DeMark in his book "The New Science of Technical Analysis" said that drawing
of trend lines is a highly arbitrary process. 1/n
A trend line is typically intended to connect
several Relative Highs or Relative lows. If there are two or more such points, the trend line can be drawn
precisely. (notes from Jack Schwager's book "The Complete Guide to the Futures Market").. 2/n
Relative high is a High that is higher than high on the N prior & N succeeding bars.
where N is a number of bars (can be anything as per individual's setup 5 / 10 / 20...)

if N = 5, Relative High is Current High > last 5 days & succeeding 5 days. Viceversa for Relative Low.. 3/n
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Further to my initiative of #LetsLearn where my objective is to de-code complex things & make things simple and available for analysis...
Today, I will try to make a complex looking chart into a clean & simple one (only useful for people who are PATTERN based trader/analyst)..1/n…

Further as disclaimer, the presented way will be more useful for people who have followed Martin Pring's book on chart patterns.. (images taken from Kindle version of the book)
The below are Candlestick charts of #NIFTY50.. a lot of times market moves inside a range throwing multiple Bullish/Bearish candlestick patterns and adds up the clutter in analysis (Pro Candlestick / Bar / short term traders wont have a problem) but for others it is a confusion..
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निफ्टी ५० आणि सेन्सेक्स
आपण कालच्या धाग्यांमध्ये समजून घेतले की शेअर मार्केट मध्ये एक्सचेंज हे एक व्यापाऱ्यांसाठी खरेदी विक्री व्यवहार करण्याचे एक केंद्र आहे. तसेच शेअर मार्केट मध्ये कंपन्या कशा प्रकारे लिस्ट (नोंदणीकृत) होतात.

आज एका मोठ्या प्रश्नाकडे वळूयात.👇
}}निफ्टी ५०, सेन्सेक्स या संकल्पना काय आहेत, आणि त्या काय दर्शवतात?

भारतीय शेअर बाजारात ५००० पेक्षा ही जास्त कंपन्या नोंदणीकृत आहेत दर वर्षी त्या मध्ये आणखी काही नवीन कंपन्या समाविष्ट होतात.

प्रत्येक कंपनीच्या प्रगतीचा कालावधी आणि अधोगतीचा कालावधी ही वेगळा असतो.👇
त्याच प्रमाणे तिचे होणारे उत्पादन, उत्पादनाची विक्री, होणारा फायदा, तोटा हा ही वेगळा असतो. त्या मुळे त्या विशिष्ट कंपनीच्या शेअर ची किंमत पण बाकीच्या कंपनी पेक्षा कमी जास्त प्रमाणात वाढते किवा घडते.

याचाच अर्थ प्रत्येक कंपनी आपल्या आपल्या प्रगती नुसार शेअर बाजारात 👇
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I am trying to co-relate #NIFTY #NIFTY50 and Jupiter's position in 2008 Vs 2020 . The findings are interesting whether one believes it or not Image
#NIFTY #NIFTY50 Peak was when Jupiter was in Moola star both in 2008 and in 2020. Remember Jupiter traverses the same Zodiac once in 12 years
The second peak ( Wave 2 end in EW terms) happened approx 15 days before Jupiter turns retrograde . Which in 2020 happens on 15th May.
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Market Observations

NIFTY 50 Stocks that are trading above 13 MA on Monthly Chart




9/50 stocks are trading above 13 MA.

It is a decent number.

If you see these are the Sectors


I am allocating a Fund and giving an Equal Weightage to all of these sectors.

Let us call this 'Vision 2021 Fund'

Each sector gets 20% of Funds

FMCG has 3 companies
Pharma has 3
Consumption has 1
Telecom has 1
Energy has 1

5 Sectors, 9 Stocks, and 1 Fund

That is 'Vision 2021 Fund'

You already know 'The Logic' behind entering these stocks

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Chart Observations for Titan Stock (attached):

1) Mean Reversion rally most likely in place to fill Gaps
2) Analysis mentioned on Weekly (Incomplete) & 30 Min Charts

Open to Discussion & Views #TITAN #Nifty50
- By incomplete I mean the Weekly candle is not complete yet*
- this Rally is to fill the Gaps & Retest the Breakdown levels hence be careful!
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Observed some interesting things in quantitative data of #Nifty Nifty today, sharing whatever little I could understand.
Please follow due diligence before taking any action on it, do refer to other indicators that you normally do.
#NIFTYFUTURE #nifty50 #banknifty Chart is prepared using @Opstra from definedge.
This OI chart shows #Nifty open interest for past six months, as you can see today’s OI is highest across entire period.
Charts made using @Definedge @definedge
The above charts displays today’s change in COI, which is 11.17 % higher, price change of nifty future 7.87% and Future price of 9101.8, i.e. at a discount of Rs. 97.

Charts made using @Definedge
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The Friday panic low of 8472 could very well be the bottom of the Nifty for a long time.
The spread of COVID19 and panic because of that will continue to haunt us for some more time, but there is a possibility that the markets will not react as it has been for some time.
Nifty may consolidate between 9600-10300 for some time, a closing below 9600 may bring back the bears on the driving seat and 9400-9100 may be seen.

10300 is near 200 DMA, can act as resistance and if crossed 10600 can be expected.
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******What not to buy *******

Don’t buy psu stocks - Govt does charity, not for profits

Don’t buy low PE stocks - Market give low PE for some reason (cyclical, CG, low growth, poor mgmt, unscalable, sector headwinds, etc.)

#Lessons #StockMarkets
Don’t buy infra stocks - market leader L&T gave negligible returns in last decade, low margins, sector headwinds

Don’t buy commodities stocks - it is for traders, cyclical, hard to buy at bottom and sell at top


#sensex #nifty
Don’t buy high dividend yields stocks - if the company is paying all profits as cash, it implies that they don’t want to invest in company due to low growth

Don’t buy stocks where promoter holding is quite less - it should be minimum 50 to 60% if not 75%

#nifty #stocks
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#PATTERN #student @basiclearner

Food for thought....

1. Insider trading data.
2. Average Target.
2. Chart. Daily & Hourly
3. Nov 19 Option Chain.
4. Dec 19 Option Chain.
5. Delivery % data.
6. Short covering in Futures... basis +ve
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Thread on Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) of NIFTY(SPOT) in relation to trade activity that took place on 16/10/2019

If found useful "RT"

Tagging @prodigal_trader and @ST_PYI for their reviews
POINT-A: The day started with an UP-BAR and that too combined with GAP-UP which locked most of the traders who held SHORT trades from last trading session but remember this move was not enough because who has more money will always over-rule and thus SMART HANDS initiated "SELL"
Bars following POINT-A: If you have a question "Why SMART MONEY initiated SELL?", because they must have seen that still many RETAILERS are either holding SHORTS so to make them feel "complacent" and trap the FOMO RETAILERS who were left to "SHORT INDEX" and make them participate
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15 Points Study:

1. EOD Chart. Candle Volume Chart.
2. RSI & ADX on daily.
3. Change in futures Open Interest.…
4. INDEX Option Chain.……
5. Primium Decay…

6. FII/ DII net traded value in Cash market.…

7. FII/DII net traded value in derivative.…
8. Participant wise Open Interest (no. of contracts) in Equity Derivatives as on EOD.…


10. Participant wise Trading Volume (no. of contracts) in
Equity Derivatives as on EOD.

11. Open Interest PCR.
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#Nifty low-IV strategy - I will call it "Krauncha Vyuha" Crane-shaped strategy.

lf stays between 10900-11400 then ThetaDecay max profit at 11111 for 31k.

If goes above 11400 then minimum loss

if goes below 10900 - exponential profit.

Vega High+ve, Theta & Delta slight -ve.
For educational purpose here is the Greekvalue #Nifty
#nifty #nifty50 booked partial profit on downside from options strategy, (exited 2lot of 11100 CE sold) now position looks like below. If nifty tries to touch 11k again, will do the same Crane Shape by selling 11100 CE
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long thread on where to look for excess returns in #nifty50 india index , data from 31 jan 2008 1/n
plain nifty returns , 701bps CAGR !!
top 10 marcap weighted portfolio re-balanced at each year end , at 2008 31 st jan , the portfolio is
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Bearish Engulfing Trade Setup in #nifty50
1. Engulfing Candle Trade Setup:- Why Engulfing Pattern is very popular and works most of the time.
2. What’s the Bearish Engulfing setup :-
i) There must be a uptrend prior to setup.
ii) High of candle is above previous candle high and low is below previous candle low.
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