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Thread on inward reflection in trading:

One of the most important yet underrated and unknown aspects of improving your trading performance is "Inward reflection"

90% of the trading happens inside your head, only 10% on the terminal.

As a trader looking to improve or maintain performance, it is essential to constantly introspect on how you feel before, during and after market hours on days of various performances.

Asking a generic question like "How to improve my trading psychology" is like walking into a garment store and asking " I want a shirt."

There is no one size that fits all.

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CMP 338

Target: 375/425/450
SL: 284/250 as per risk appetite
Timeframe: 12/18 months
Allocation: 2-3%

Buy 25% CMP & Rest on dips

Analysis in comments

Please do your due diligence

#StockMarket #Copper #Aluminium #NSE #BSE @Hindalco_World #nifty50 #sensex

⚙️Record Q3FY21 Revenue & Profit based on good market, synergies from integration & better operational excellence
⚙️Good Mgmt
⚙️Global leader in Aluminum
⚙️Global operations across 10 countries
⚙️Bet on Kumar M Birla

⚙️Increased demand in Beverage Can, Automotive, Logistics & Specialty (housing, electronics, packaging, construction)
⚙️Aerospace isn’t performing but post COVID, demand is expected to increase
⚙️Mgmt said no plans for another acquisition even if good
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India’s largest stock exchange halts trading after data glitches stop #Nifty50 and #BankNifty from updating

#nseindia #Nifty #NSE…

By @navdeepyadav321 Image
@navdeepyadav321 The National Stock Exchange (#NSE) of India halted trading during the early hours on Wednesday after a technical glitch in the index price feed.

#nseindia #Nifty #BankNifty
@navdeepyadav321 This came after several traders and investors took to social media platforms to report glitches and problems that restricted them from trading on the index. The live price quotes of all the 11 sub indexes compiled by the #NSE are also not updating.

#nseindia #Nifty #BankNifty
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Thread 🧵#StockMarket #Tips For Beginners 🇮🇳

In this thread find some stock market tips for beginners, especially those who have joined market recently during #COVID19 #lockdown and have only seen one-sided rally.

(If you like then please re-tweet to maximize reach)

1⃣ Save Regularly & Initially Invest Small Amounts 👇

#Investing in #StockMarket is comparatively risky as compared to investing in other avenues. Hence start with small amount and it should ideally be the amount which you can afford to loose.

2⃣ Initially invest via #MutualFunds 👇

It is the best thing to do initially, if you lack knowledge about #StockMarket #investing, start investing via mutual funds and only after learning the basics slowly jump to direct equity investing.

#MutualFundsSahiHai #MF
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A fruit seller sells fruits for his living, a garment seller sells only garments, tailor stitches cloths, cobbler repairs shoes, a singer sings...and this list goes on where these people hardly switch to another area for their living, no matter what the (1/n)
circumstances are, because they know their skills and area of expertise. Only stock market is a place where retail trader does every single possible trade as long as capital is there in his account. Be it option buying, option selling, future trading, equity, currency, (2/n)
commodity, dabba trading, satta and what not!!!.
Dear retail folks , my humble request, first write down on a paper precisely what you want to get expertise in. Dont put your feets on more than one boat. and believe me it works. Write down to the pin point precision what (3/n)
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2020 has been an eventful year. Ending with 148%.
#thor performed extremely well when markets tanked and volatility spiked.
A minor allocation of portfolio to such strategies will help in hedging during such volatility.

#Nifty #NiftyBank #NIFTYFUTURE #banknifty Image
Monthly % returns and actual pnl Image
Tested 30% drawdown twice, when consecutive SL hit exceeded backtest figures and slippages. Emotionally not responding to the DD helped in sailing through. #bankniftyfuture Image
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On this 21st of December, when the Nifty shed 400+ points in a single day, there was a lot of panic on the news etc.

I heard an analyst say that this could be because of the "December Effect" !

What is this December Effect and why you should know about it ?

The December Effect, more commonly known as the "January Effect" is a seasonal decrease in share prices in the month of December and an increase in prices in the month of January !

This is a very popular hypothesis but what's the logic behind it ?

#january #december
The logic behind this is that in Dec, investors sell there loss making shares to set off taxes against capital gains, causing the market to fall.

Then, in the next year buy those shares back, thus causing a rise in prices in January !

Sounds legit ! 🤔

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As Nifty crashed today VIX shot up by almost 25% intraday I would like to share some of my views.

1) In the year 2020 Vix shot up 20+ a few times which resulted in a downward fall for the coming few days and weeks.

#nifty50 #Nifty #NIFTYFUTURE #OptionsTrading

(1/6) Image
2) First time it happened was on 24th Feb.

3) As you can see just after few days VIX again shot up on 28th Feb and again on the following days which resulted in the March Crash.

4) Here is the Nifty Chart to see what happened on 24th Feb.

#nifty50 #Nifty #NIFTYFUTURE
(2/6) Image
5) As a non-directional trader trading only on Iron Condors my crash started from 24th February itself. Hence I would book whatever positions I have even if in loss and wait for a few weeks for VIX to cool down.

6) Sudden upmove in VIX again happened on 4th May.


(3/6) Image
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In Q2 quarter, we covered 54 companies. Since, Q3 is on its way it's time to sit back and go through all the conference calls.
We decided to present you with a Master thread of all the concalls put together at one place.😃

#nifty50 #investing

(Thread of Threads)

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I hope these filters can help you save time, money and energy as these have helped me in great sense to pick the best of best stocks.
The retailer friends waste time and money on finding the stock tips hence these filters solve their problem in right manner.
Please support my work by liking, retweeting and following my twitter handle. I'd try to add value to your lives and help you create wealth with great stock performances.
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Analyzed last 12 years of historical data to check if there are any patterns we can observe to find the best time to invest in stocks for long term. #Nifty50 #investing #stocks 1/10
This is how Nifty moved in last 15 years with three major corrections, in the year 2008,then around 2016 and then year 2020 due to Coronavirus. Only when we look back with hindsight bias we could say those were the best time to invest. But is there really any quantitative method?
200 day moving average is something that is widely used by many investors to check for long term trend. Where investors consider if stocks trades above 200 DMA, its in bullish phase and if it trades below 200 DMA its in bearish phase.
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With so many #IPO ‘s lined up in the coming’s my take ..

On whether..
You should apply for a IPO and 🤞🏼
Wait for it to list and then decide..

1) Trader mindset - Allotment in retail is like lottery. With ever growing no. of demats the over subscription rate just seems to be going up everytime! Why block 15K for a week and pray for allotment and then #listinggains(if any) when u can use TA make decent profits trading?
2) Investor mindset - #IPO ‘s give very good #opportunity for really good returns in medium to long term. So why miss it?

So I am going to wait for them to list. Do my research, combine TA with #FUNdamentals and choose a good entry point after the listing.
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How position sizing can affect your trading performance-

Assuming that you are trading a Trend-following system with Big RR and low win-rate.

For example, assume that you risk one percent per trade on a 100,000 account
and you have 20 straight losses.
That one percent is of your remaining equity and at the end of 20 losses, you would be down to 81,790.60.

Now if you got a 30R winner and you are risking one percent of your balance of 81,790.60, your new equity would be 106,327.9, Image
You’ve had 20 losses and one winner though you are still up 10Rplus your equity is up by 6.3R percent.

Now, let’s say you risk five percent per trade on your balance. At the end of 20 straight losses, you would be down to 35,772.89 or down 64 percent. Image
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🚨 RISE AND FALL @UrbanLadder 🚨

On November 14, Reliance Retail announced an all-cash buyout of 96% stake in @UrbanLadder for ₹182 Cr.

A #Thread 🧵

@dmuthuk @SahilBloom @FundamentalGems @FinKrypt @stockskibaat @stocks_in @nifty_baba @FinancialAdda @trdessai @join2manish
Think for a moment, how billion-dollar edtech startup shelled out $300 Mn to acquire a smaller company within 18 months of its launch.(@whitehatjunior)

Urban Ladder, which been since 2012 & built coveted private label, took a 75% cut in paper valuations.

#StockMarket #nifty50
The company (@UrbanLadder) focussed on a private business model, which was not bad idea & it also got them a good brand recall.

But the furniture retail space is tough market & everything depends on strategy” says a VC requesting anonymity.

#Share #sharemarket #banknifty
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@dmuthuk @RBI @FinKrypt @Rishikesh_ADX @DividendGrowth Image
The banking sector, in India, has been under stress for several years now.

Both the NBFCs and banking institutions (predominantly, public sector banks) have seen substantial deterioration in their asset quality.

#banknifty #nifty50 #nifty #NASDAQ #writerslife #writing
Over the past two years, we have seen many well-known names within these sectors.

The latest in the series being is the 93-year old #LakshmiVilasBank

#StockMarket #stockstowatch #sharemarket #Zomato
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In pandemic & election, many have financial anxiety right now.

Whether it’s because of job loss or uncertainty of future, in current economic situation many of us worried about money.

#BTC #finance #bitcoin #StartUp #investing Image
Luckily there are some simple ways to combat financial anxiety.

Tackling anxiety often means change of mindset & financial anxiety is no different than that.

#LifeGoesOn #LaxmiVilasBank #sharemarket #Reliance #nifty50 #Nifty


Remember that comparison is thief of joy.

It’s really easy to look at Instagram & think that someone else has more money than you & by extension a better, cooler Life.

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#BSE #Sensex 271 month (22+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing PE was 29.1x in Oct vs 28.1x in Sep
vs 19.5x in May 2020. Bottom of 15.67x on 23rd March

Trailing PE 23 year avg is 19.3x

Highest PE for any year in Oct and in FY21! valuations not cheap!

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
#BSE #Sensex 271 month (22+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing PB was 3.0x in Oct vs 2.9x in Sep& Aug vs 2.4x in May 2020; highest P/B in FY21

P/B is below 23 year avg of 3.3x.

Lowest ever is 1.7x in Oct 1998

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
#BSE #Sensex 271 month (22+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing Dividend Yield was 1.0% in Oct, same as in Sep, Aug & July

Dividend Yield lower than 23 year avg for 1.5%. Higher div yld means low valuation.

Highest ever was 2.5% in Aug 2004

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
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Is it possible to predict probable Top and Bottom on #Nifty #Nifty50 using #INDIAVIX ?

Lets find out.

#INDIAVIX is a measure of market’s expectation of volatility over the near term. VIX is computed using the order book of the underlying index options i.e #NIFTY.
@rohit_katwal VIX is denoted as an annualized percentage. Higher the VIX, higher the expected volatility.

When Nifty goes up, VIX reduces. When Nifty goes down, VIX increases. Its an inverse relationship. Why?

In my past tweets, I mentioned IV is demand and supply.
@rohit_katwal Puts are bought as hedge. When fear is less in the market, demand of puts is less and hence prices are low and hence low IV which results in Low Vix. When fear sets in, market dips and demand for put increases with increase in IV, VIX increases.

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I welcome all the first time visitors to my profile. I am posting some tweets and information which you may found useful.

My name is Rohit Katwal and I am the founder of Katwal Asset Management.

Kindly Retweet so I can reach to more fellow traders and connect with them.

You can find more information about what we do on my blog cum website

I keep my trading journal live for fellow traders to access. If some tweet about my trade is missing, it will surely be updated in my Live Journal here
Whenever I close a week, trades are moved to past journal which can be accessed through the link…

My Telegram Channel can be accessed through: t/me/rkatwaltradingupdates
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This is why I am trading with side ways bias. #alligator is sleeping. Expecting random gop-up and gap-down. I might get whipsawed in some trades but one right trade will give decent profits. #Nifty50

Last thursday, whole community was bearish. What changed? Thoughts welcome.
#Nifty has given a pretty strange run in last 5 trading session. I mentioned on last Thursday that I have seen Index turn completely opposite post expiry. Quantitative was bearish but oversold so I kept sideways stance. +t
These are some wrong trades. Considering points, damage was minimal. Swing of #BankNifty was pretty bad today. Almost like 28 Sep. I covered it at -24k loss and covered it via Intraday Expiry trading. I am still trading with sideways bias so holding an 11400 iron fly. +
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#BSE #Sensex 270 month (22+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing PE was 28.1x in Sep up from 27.3x up in Aug & 19.5x in May 2020. Bottom of 15.67x on 23rd March

Trailing PE 23 year average is 19.3x

Highest PE for any year in Sep! valuations not cheap!

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50 Image
#BSE #Sensex 270 month (22+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing PB was 2.9x in Sep same as Aug vs 2.4x in May 2020

P/B is below 12 year avg of 3.3x.

Lowest for Sep is 1.9x in 1998, lowest ever is 1.7x (Oct 1998)

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50 Image
#BSE #Sensex 270 month (22+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing Dividend Yield was 1.0% in Sep, same as Aug & July

Dividend Yield lower than 13 year avg for 1.5%. Higher div yld means low valuation.

Highest ever was 2.5% in Aug 2004

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50 Image
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Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

All posts are for educational purposes.
Adani enterprises
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#Nifty #Nifty50 Analysis for coming week based on my positions.

I am holding complete sideways positions for tomorrow. Despite fall on Friday, I am still sideways.

Market has been revolving around 11500 for many days. I am not sure which way the market can swing 1/n Image
So I am holding positions to both sides with hedge. There are 4 positions open right now, and I will have to cover atleast 1 or 2 of them either cost to cost or minor profit/loss incase I sense a direction coming. Currently I am keeping my mind open to any direction. 2/n
Quantitatively, Data is sideways for #Nifty and bearish for #BankNifty. Which makes bias sideways to bearish. Banking sector can turn Nifty bearish, or a sudden sideways counter move can pump market up. So it can be totally mess. So all eyes on market tomorrow. 3/n
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