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I think both #nifty and #banknifty have made short term TOP

I see 15% correction from here from trading point of view

Long term view (2 yrs) is super bullish (just to avoid confusion)

Unless some short covering comes in last hour, I will go with simple Buy PE in both indices
As said above, going home with simple ATM weekly Put buy on both the indices

expecting a good gap down tomorrow
Squared off all index positions. Will wait for day low to be broken. Then will take a call. Today short covering might not come, it's going to be sell on rise for intraday
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Alert: 1. long 🧵 ahead.

2. This is a study of a financially illeterate person having no finance or stock market background that's me.

Study the companies in details before any investment decision.

Not any recommendations,for educational purposes only. (1/n)
How much companies should one hold in his #Portfolio?
The million dollar question.

Over the years,after making huge losses in #market being a financially illeterate person, I started studying some great authors.
From their teachings, what I have learnt I can share with you.(2/n)
David Einhorn mentioned that as Joel GREENBLATT pointed out,holding minimum 8 #Companies in your #stock #Portfolio reduces D concentration risk more than 80%.

I personally never had a portfolio less than 8 #stocks .

But your study may vary as I am financially illeterate.(3/n)
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#Banknifty in focus.
#Hdfcbank 8 days of cons. A move past 1560-65.
#Icicibank 10 days of cons. A move past 717
#Reliance 6 days of cons. A move past 2400
#Hdfc 3 days of cons. Holding 2785-2805 & move past 2825
#Hdfc breaking out..
#Icicibank is poised..
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This is chart of #banknifty this expiry.
Do you know, using a simple concept of #PriceAction would have made you 65 lakhs with a capital of 1 lakh.

Read on..
This is first part of series of threads on Price Action Concepts.
Today we'll be dealing with..

Now the definition of these two you must be knowing, I'll cut the chase and deal directly with the best way to draw them .
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1. *Uday Kotak on FT Live today.* *_Key points:*_
2. We are somewhere closer to the Investment cycle
3. Private Investment will go up either in 2022 or early 2023
4. Supply constraints and sustained demand pickup will propel New Investment Cycle
@udaykotak #banknifty
5. We have now greater clarity on how Covid19 will do for the past 15 months and even if it is going to be there for a while, we have now ways to meet with it.
6. India fared much better than countries like NZ, Singapore on dealing with 2.0 wave
7. Credit Pickup will happen because the stressed sectors are already taken care of by emergency measures and PLI measures and other relief measures. So Financial Sector will have brighter days.
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Monthly Charts: After a long consolidation August closing was very encouraging >35600
Weekly Charts: Clear BO and closed >36500
Clear formation of Higher highs & higher lows

Hourly Charts:
Immediate support 36350-36450 zone & immediate resistance of 37100-37200 zone

BNF structure is bullish and soon we'll witness BNF touching its previous high of 37700, albeit Shakeouts along the journey
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Journey of most typical trader.

Before we move forward, kindly like and retweet if you find our content was interesting.
🎯 Swiping TV channels and anchor shouting that investors gained lakhs of crores in a day.
🎯 A friend flaunting that he has earned 5-10K today.
This 5-10K is the monthly salary of many.
🎯Inspiration from Profit screen shot of twitter traders.
After encountering with one among above case, you opened demat account and put 10K as initial capital.
First day of trade, you took very less quantity, say 10 quantity of a share. It came down but you held. at end of the day it went up above the buy price and you booked profit.
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Freak trade - A daylight robbery?

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It was a calm trading day on last trading day of the week and from nowhere price shooted up in some of the contracts disrupting everybody's self esteem!
If we go through past two month's history, this was the fifth/sixth price surge. Past surge were on
🩸On 5th July, Nifty Futures surged 805 points.
🩸On 28th July, Nifty futures made downmove of 530 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37000 strike price surged 2000 points.🩸Nifty 16450 for August expiry rose by 700 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37100 PE surged to 1921.
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#BANKNIFTY #37100PE Why did it happen and why it will be common?

Note :- it didn't happen due to margin rules.
normally what people are fond of selling the spot straddle and keep SL as total of the straddle and exit at end of day
Even some algos keep on enter-exit at market with same logic

i think us bhai ne bhi yehi soch k trade lia tha what bad luck happen with him was that where his sl was placed their was no seller available and best seller after his stop was at 1921
which was the high of that put, where the best order matched,these usually are arbitrage traders who place random bids to sell to just catch such price difference benifits.
yes, SL-L could have been better but now days everyone is fond of algos even algos have such glitches
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Use "ABC" of corrections to initiate LRHR trades.
Even a " Good Trade a day" would be enough.
Zigzag corrections - If understood correctly, it's a straight path to riches...
#Banknifty from "36375-538" zone, making a low of 36469 & now, @ 36739 so far

Learn "Elliott Wave Principle" - a free online book-link here-
Santhosh Kumar
Replying to
I was expecting a move towards 36375.. how should I interpret the corrective wave C (is it incomplete?)

-"Use simple channeling technique to identify a wave completion as well as the start of the next one".
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Learn & Earn "ABC" of Trading:
Corrections are primarily 2 kinds-Zigzag & Flat
Zigzag has sub-waves 5-3-5
Flat has sub-waves 3-3-3 or 3-3-5
Once you see A with 5 sub waves, zigzag in play; look for 50%-61.8% retrace to sell for targets 0.618 - 1 times "A"
Another Zigzag in play #tatasteel : pointed out yesterday by @asitbaran in @CNBC_Awaaz
Initiated a "Sell"; part booked on completion of 1st wave; would initiate again on retrace today for a LRHR trade to play the Big 3rd
#tatasteel : pointed out yesterday by @asitbaran in @CNBC_Awaaz
1st wave & 2nd in play;
A LRHR trade to play the Big 3rd @ 1433-39 with 1446 as SL
IF trades fail, doesn't mean yr strategy is wrong. Just yr reading of it is wrong. Reread.
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When Elearnmarkets was born, our goal was simple: educate and groom better Stock Market participants. It's the same, even today.

Here are some blog posts you can go through if you are trading in the Indian Stock Market:
( 1.) 7 common reasons why traders lose money in Intraday Trading:

Intraday trading needs good strategies and not intuition. Learn these factors which might be responsible for your losses.
( 2.) 10 Proven Strategies to Always Stay In Profit:

Booking profits is all about patience and grit. Learn these strategies to stay ahead of everyone.
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#Banknifty has consolidated yesterday and poised to make it's big move today, "Holding 36170" preferably and "36300" aggressively. Image
Remember to at least "Partbook" to protect profits
#Banknifty almost @ "37000"
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Thread on Options in Low Vix High Vol. Environment

At times when Vix is ultra low, premiums are less. As a seller it gets difficult to sell less premiums. If there is a fake move against your direction, it hits the stoploss or forces you to liquidate the position 1/n
only to see market going in your direction. Being a Positional Option Strategist on weekly option then becomes a challenge. How I am coping up with this change....? A thread...

I do not sell cheap options even if its positional 2/n
i.e. bear call spread of 20 point benefit against a max loss of 180 etc in #Nifty or 40 point gain for a 260 point loss in #BankNifty.

Any strategy I create, my priority is to make a strategy with Max_Loss:Max_Profit ratio of 1:1. 3/n
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Sharing a few #BankNifty & #Nifty strategies, that we deployed last week. Purpose is to assist retail traders to shift to lower risk trading. These and more similar ones were shared with followers of channel and my premium group, i2gainPremium.
any queries with respect to these are welcome on Twitter and our telegram discussion group
This #BankNifty period spread gave cool 9% in one day - Wed - Thursday, though we could grab some 5.6% only, closed the position around 2:30 P.M.
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#BankNifty outperformed broader #Nifty after a long time, looking at the momentum today, we may see it touching much higher levels in next few days. Please refer to following quantitative and technical post market reports for details.
#HDFCBank #icicibank and #SBIN led the rally today, look at #KOTAKBANK #AXISBANK & #indusind too.
Important levels are mentioned in following note.
Subscribe for Free :
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#Nifty OI shed 9% on a day the saw Nifty future lost 0.83%. Clear signs of long unwinding at higher levels. Future segment participants are not as bullish as they were . . . .
#Nifty50 #BankNifty #Niftybank
#Nifty IV gained over 18%, as the index moved in opposite direction. Further expansion of IV is possible.
#Nifty50 PCR dipped further to 1.23, well in the lower zone of the range, oversold markets. (ignore 22 Aug data in the chart).
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Today's strategy
1. Well today's strategy was framed on Wednesday itself.In last 3 weekly expiry of Aug month, bank nifty struggled at 36200-300 levels.
2. Nifty gave a breakout above 16000 on 3rd Aug and Bank Nifty above 36000 on 4th Aug.
3. Now from 16000, Nifty touched a high of 16701.85 on 18th. Aug but Bank Nifty was not able to close above 36200.
4. This repeated failure of bank nifty to give closing above 36200 showed it is clearly getting weaker every day and as the monthly expiry was starting from today
there will be unwinding pressure from smart money who went long on bank nifty at start of Aug expiry. Clearly time was running out for them.
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#BankNifty OI and index future declined today. Looking at small change in OI on a day when Index has closed weak (lowest level of 12 sessions), can we read it as undecided participants ?
#NiftyBank #Nifty #Nifty50
#BankNifty PCR at 0.69 is lowest since July 28th, such low levels of PCR are seldom seen, indicating oversold markets.
#BankNifty IV raised to 17.5 from 15.82 on Friday, this is on expected lines for a day like today. One can keep an eye on IVs tomorrow, decline only will ensure sustainable rise and vice versa.
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Today's Strategy
1. Bank Nifty opened at 36225 which was high for the day. What gave conviction to sell when bank nifty opens up 300+ pts ? Well there was good news on HDFC Bank as RBI had revoked it's ban on issue of new credit card.
But I knew that Hdfc bank was the only bank which was strongest in bank nifty( apart from ICICI) and it had rallied from 1410 to 1515 in past 20 days.When a stock rallies 20 days prior to news it means the news is in the price already.
Smart people already bought HDFC bank at 1410 expecting this ban revocation. So if it's opens up 2.77%, all good news in the price and there is no further news for buying it. Infact smart people who bought at 1410 will book profits
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🩸FIBONACCI retracement and GOLDEN RATIO - PART 2

Before we move forward, kindly like and retweet if you find our content is adding something to your knowledge.
We have described how interesting Fibonacci numbers and ratios are and how it's been formed in PART 1 of this series. In PART 2, Lets see how we take trade based on fibo.
🎯How to draw Fibonacci levels?
Drawing Fibonacci retracemnts are fairly simple. The main point we look into is, If the direction of retracment is up or down side.
✅ If the trend is up, choose lower point and a higher point. Connect lower point with higher point using Fibo tool.
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Before we move forward, kindly like and retweet if you find our content is adding something to your knowledge. Image
🎯Journey of fibonacci traces back to ancient Indian mathematics. However, Leonardo Pisano Bogollo, an Italian mathematician is considered as father of fibonacci numbers.
🎯Fibonacci numbers are sequences of numbers starting from zero arranged so that the value of next number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Sequence starts with 0,1 always.

Sample of Fibonacci sequence is as below:
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233......
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#BankNifty has been moving within the broad range for some time, but it is perhaps at weakest level since it entered this range on May 23rd.
#niftybank #nifty #nifty50
Join for detailed BankNifty analysis and charts.
For past nine sessions, it has been trading below a long term support line that was supporting it since Sept. 2020.
#BankNifty #niftybank
Join for detailed BankNifty analysis and charts.
Prolonged underperformance with broader Nifty 50, is a sign of weakness only.
#BankNifty #niftybank
Join for detailed BankNifty analysis and charts.
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Trading strategy 1/n
1. Shortlist stocks above 100 DMA
2. Spot the ones that take support at 10 DMA
#nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy #forextrading #forex #ICICI #buyback
Trading strategy 2/n:
3. Limit Buy 2% below the 10 DMA support
4. SL at 1.5 ATR or exit after 5 trading days or when 3 day RSI above 50 #nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy
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